Joanna Southcott's Unpublished Manuscripts


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 Title of Manuscript and date

Type of the Lady in St Peter's Church 1792 (1792)

Joanna commanded to ask the promise of Satan's destruction (1794)

On the Vision of Candles and spacious room in 1794 (1794)

Joanna's observations from the sermon of Mr Eastlake on Solomon's Song (1794)

Joanna compared to a Clock (1795)

On Channon being harrassed by the Devil (03 January 1795)

On a dream of her Brother John when Joanna is milking (1796)

On the Roman Powers (1796)

When the Six broke the Seals (1796)

A Communication concerning Creation, Baptism, and Redemption (1796)

On Ezra 2:65. Singing men and Women (February 1796)

On 1 Kings 15 and John 10 answered (11 February 1796)

On the death of Mrs Woolland the Baker's wife, whose death was foretold in 1794 (22 May 1796)

Ezekiel 47. Vision of Holy Waters, Sealing writings (12 May 1796)

On the Rose of Sharon (17 June 1796)

On a dream of passing a Church singing (02 July 1796)

On Sun drawing Water, Wooland's Wheel (23 August 1796)

On Peace and Quietness (1797)

On Sealing up the King and half the Nation (1797)

On Meeting on Seas foretold 3 months beforehand (1797)

On Rev 19:7 explaining meaning of the Lamb (1797)

Letter refused by Lord Hawke, filed in 1813, by J.P. Foley, signed by the 'Seven Stars' begins, ''We have searched into every truth

(29 May 1802)

Instructions concerning private meetings in consequence of Sibley's introducing a stanger based on Acts 10 (15 April 1812)

Why Communications not made Public (28 April 1812)

On the Reign of Christ: 1st and 2nd Beast (28 May 1812)

On the 64th and 65th chapters of Isaiah, and 24th Matthew: Answer to what people said on allusion in same (30 August 1812)

Concerning the contention at Sheffield (23 April 1813)

Concerning Ann Moore, the Famine, etc (12 May 1813)

On the Purposes of God in the Creation of Man (21 May 1813)


On Turner's Communication etc (19 January 1814)

Some person to arise to fulfil Scriptures (21 January 1814)

Letter by order of the Spirit to Mr Pomeroy (25 February 1814)

On Satan not a creative Being (11 April 1814)

On the Cot or Cradle (16 May 1814)

On Blessing and Judgements answered from Isaiah 34 and 35 (31 August 1814)

On the Messiah - a letter (14 September 1814)

Questions and answers for the Whig Newspaper as appeared in that Paper on the Messiah, the Comforter, etc (14 September 1814)

Joanna Southcott's answer to the Reverend William Walishorn's pamphlet which he published against her (07 October 1814)

On Joanna's Pregnancy. "Can any man say…" (16 October 1814)

Communication: "Every one's faith will fail" (07 November 1814)


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