Joanna Southcott's Unpublished Manuscripts

The communications in the following pages are transcribed from manuscripts belonging to the Panacea Society in Bedford. The Trustees of the Society have allowed them to be transcribed and made available to the public. Most of the communications that Joanna gave were written down by followers, copied and distributed to other believers who then copied them and so on. Many of the communications were included in Joanna's 65 published works. Later, followers such as Lavinia Jones and Alice Seymour published certain manuscripts that had not before been published, although these are now out of print and almost unobtainable. Many notebooks belonging to believers are now in the possession of the Panacea Society, and an exercise is underway to identify those communications which have not been published to date. This is a continuing project and manuscripts will be published as time permits..

Many thanks to Kate who is doing the transcription, to the trustees of the Panacea Society for their permission and encouragement and to the Southcott Society in the UK and New Zealand for their help.

The Communications are being published in batches usually based around specific topics.

Those in progress so far are:

a) Communications relating to the beginning and end of Joanna's ministry

b) Communications relating to George Turner

c) Communications relating to the conception of Shiloh, Joanna's marriage and answers to her detractors


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