Joanna Southcott: Unpublished Manuscripts


Joanna compared to a Clock. (1795).

(Some copies dated 1796.)

As a clock I’ve placed thee in the land

To let them know how every hour stands


Answer of the Spirit


Then now the hours fast are hastening on

That thou must let them know what will appear

For I shall warn before the clock does strike

And all thy prophecies they’ll find are great

And great I say they’ll find them in the end

When they have deeply weighed what thou hast penn’d

Then sure the remnant that is left behind

Will find I am a God both good and kind

Unto my followers that believe my word

That they shall find redemption in my blood

Redeemed from Adams fall and every sting

I say of sorrow to be took away

In mans redemption doth my promise lay

Throughout my Bible if you right discern

The Serpents curse foretells how I do warn

In the beginning there the Promise stood

And my avenging heel shall make it good.