Joanna Southcott: Unpublished Manuscripts


Joanna commanded to ask the promise of Satan's destruction (1794)

A Communication given to Joanna in the year 1794 with the promises of the Lord to her

The words of the Spirit as follows.

Hast thou forgotten Herods promise

To the damsel he did vow

To the half of all his kingdom

He would freely to her give

Why art thou so greatly puzzled?

I swear as my soul does live

To the Half of all my kingdom

I will freely give to thee

Now demand of me the promise

And I’ll quickly answer thee.

Joannas Petition in 1794 which she was ordered to make in verse.

Oh! Great God how shall I answer

My heart thou dost already know

That thou wilt stand by thy servant

Satan's kingdom to overthrow

Pity now, Dear Lord, I pray thee

All the weakness of mankind

Let thy Spirit now awaken

All the dark benighted minds

Jews and Gentiles now adore thee

Heathen nations may thee know.

Answer of the Spirit

Hast thou ended the Petition

Now I’ll answer, so it shall be


No, dear Lord I have not ended

Satan must be conquer’d too

As the Head of John the Baptist

When his Tongue was bored through

He did wish men to be happy;

And thy Holy name adore;

Satan wish them to be wretched

And in Hell for evermore

John the Baptist did exalt thee,

And thy Glory did prefer;

Satan, he doth despise thee,

And thy name he doth abhor,

In my Writings it is mention’d

Thou his Blasphemy didst hear

Then now dear Lord wilt thou not conquer?

As a Lamb that newly slain,

Reign in Glory, over Satan,

Pity now the sons of men;

They are fall’n now from Glory

It was done by Satans arts,

Now then let him fall before thee,

Think upon thy dying smart

By thy cross and bloody passion

By thy suffering on the Tree,

In pity heal this sinful nation,

Bring them all to Calvary,

That with an Eye of love behold thee

See their Glorious King appear

When the Story all is told them;

Wilt thou cry ‘tis finished there

Mans Salvation to appear

The Spirit

Hast thou ended with thy story

I will quickly now begin

If thou wish to go on further

I will stop and go thou on


Oh! my God, I now do tremble

To ask further I do fear

Oh! thou desire of every nation

Wilt thou come and conquer here.

Awake the Hearts of all thy servants

Now their Privilege for to see

Wilt thou go before our Enemies

Save our King and Country

Oh! let not the Heathen nations

Say where now is Israels God?

Let thy Glorious Spirit shew them,

Thou art still our strength and rod

Now to conquering and to conquer

In our Land wilt thou begin

What I now have failed in asking

Do not fail in giving here.

But dear Lord do more and better

That I ask or can conceive,

I am unworthy now to utter

What thy goodness waits to give.

By my Ignorance Lord I dare not

By my blindness cannot ask

But Oh God! thou didst command me

To go through the mighty task,

Wherein I err, dear Lord forgive me

Let my Heart and Soul be thine

To thyself and cross now bind me

Keep me Lord and I have done

Answer of the Spirit

Now thou sayest thou hast ended

Now I answer so it shall be,

For this nation I’ll defend it

From the Foreign Enemy.


Then followeth the continuation of the Spirits Answer in the 53rd page Strange Effects of Faith to the 55th Page. The reader will observe the claiming the promise as is here written in verse, was for some reason omitted to be printed until we come to the Spirits answer in the 52nd page as above. Then the answer to the petition goes on by the Spirit to the 55th Page, which the reader is requested to read with attention, as it is a promise of Great Magnitude Yet to be accomplished.