Joanna Southcott: Unpublished Manuscripts


On a dream of her Brother John when Joanna is milking (1796)


The following Communication was given to Joanna Southcott in 1796. I dreamed of my Brother John who was at the time dead and I went into my Brother's ground a milking in two different fields. I thought I took a ladle of the mass what comes from the acorn, and eat my milk and after that I wished my Brother John to taste it, as I tasted it, and it was so sweet and good I wished to have it all, but could not get it from him.


Answer of the Spirit

And now the dream I will explain

And to the purpose come

The Milk that was so very sweet

Must unto thee be known

It is the Milk from heaven come

Thy Brother he is there

And when the sweets with him thou’st taste

Thy joys will then appear

But soon thy Milk thou’st surely eat

For back thou must return

And with thy Brother wish to stay

For then the heart will burn

Thy longing soul will wish to abide

And leave the Mass behind

But like thy pail thou must return

And say not thou art dead

Because thy Ghost will come again

Then lay thee in a bed

And let them keep thy body warm

With oil anoint thy feet

And wait with patience then they’ll see

The Mystery is great

For then the Comforter will come

Much like the Holy Ghost

For like thy Father now I say

For Women I do feel

I know they’ve suffer’d much for Me

And I their wound will heal

For all they dreams I shall explain

For all will ripen fast

The sunshine soon will call them all

Just like the morning blast

When thou return’st thoult surely mourn

The empty pail to see

And wish thy Brothers milk to steal

And in his room to be

But this I tell thee is denied

For thou must tarry here

Till all my Bible is applied

Thou art the Bride most clear

For deeper mysteries are behind

Than ever yet was found

And deeper mysteries thou shalt find

Then e’er was known to man

For of the Woman I was born

Mans nature to assume

Why hast thou now put down thy pen

Then take it up again

For now the mystery I’ll explain

Why women have my heart

Because I know when Satan came

Her husband made her smart

And equally guilty sure he was

And that mankind shall know

And if true pardon they obtain

They all shall own ‘tis true

Another day I’ll tell thee more

Thy nature soon will shake

For when my key unlocks the door

The bolts will surely break.