Joanna Southcott: Unpublished Manuscripts


On a dream of passing by a Church singing (Taken from the Sealed Writings)


Copy of a Communication given to Joanna Southcott July 2nd 1796

I dreamt I was going along by the Church and heard singing in a most lively manner. I thought I pass’d it and saw myself in the air in rich apparel, but soon lost the sight. I thought I was caught up to fly along and carried to a beautiful street.


The Answer of the Spirit

Now as the pills was brought to thee

To make thy body whole

Just so my pills will surely be

To cleanse the sinsick soul

And now thy dream I will explain

And to the purpose come

The Churches will awaken’d be

And sing the heavenly song

When Zion’s God her sons recall’d

From long captivity

It seem’d at first a pleasing dream

Of what they long’d to see

So pleasing will this dream appear

That Zion may rejoice

And hear the music in their ears

‘Twill be a pleasing noise

To those that do believe in me

Their hearts will be like thine

And in the heaven these beauties see

The mystery lies behind

Or much like thee they’ll soar

Above the earth to stand

The glories of Jerusalem

‘Twill soon appear to man

But now to thee I shall return

‘Twill in that manner be

For in the air thou will appear

And all these glories see

But soon of them thou must lose sight

And down to earth must come

And bring such mysteries to light

As ne’er was seen by man

Or first like thee I say they be

And that is fast asleep

But now I bid thee to lay down

For I shall be awake.