Joanna Southcott: Unpublished Manuscripts


On 1st Kings 15 and John 10th. Answered Feb 11th 1796.


Feb 11th 1796. Friday. Joanna was ordered to put her pen in the Bible and she found it in 1st Kings 15. She was ordered to write out the words of a Mr Burrell or Heavitree who said we had nothing to do with the Old Testament since our Saviour was upon earth as it was of no use but only with the Gospel as we had nothing to do with the Law.


Answer of the Spirit

Now I bid thee stop thy hand

To reason I’ll begin

The folly that is in your land

From him may plain be seen

For as my Servants did of old

Tis careless thrown aside

Then here my Gospel must be told

And now it is applied

Since no one will the warning take

From judgements I did send

Then soon my fury it will break

I’ll make them bow or bend

Just as the proverbs thou hast read

I say ‘tis hastening on

The hypocrites must be destroy’d

And to the righteous come

For wisdom shall preserve the Just

But fools shall be destroy’d

For in your land no Counsel is

My Bible’s null and void

Now like the folly of that man

The hearts of all I see

And to the Gospel thou must come

And I will plead with thee


The second pen was found in John 10th and the 3 pens placed like a compass.


Answer of the Spirit

Then as a compass I’ll begin

See how it doth agree

The wicked Kings I first destroy’d

As all men now may see

But unto this does no man look

And none do lay’t to his heart

What now is written in my book

The truth I’ll now impart

Out of the way they all are gone

And Solomons despised

Then to the Gospel let them come

And now learn to be wise

And to the door now enter here

If you my sheep will be

For to the Gospel let them come

And bring their fruit to me

For if the law is all fulfill’d

The Gospel it must come

The hearts of all men I shall chill

That wont their Shepherd own

And let them enter at the door

And wait my voice to hear

For all my sheep I now shall call

My Shepherds must appear

My blood I never shed in vain

For those that will me own

I ask them how they can explain

And to the purpose come

That thou art by the devil led

Thy lines do not agree

But get the Jews the same they said

And all despised me

Then now my Gospel is made good

As I did say before

The servant as his master stood

I need to say no more

For in the green tree this was done

And now ‘tis to the dry

And to the purpose all must come

And shew their reasons why

They say a devil thou hast got

That doth direct thy way

But a good woman thou art thought

Their language it doth say

Then here the goodmen are deceived

As they all said before

For none my Gospel did believe

That good men all would err

And from the wise and prudent men

That I should this conceal

And to a babe before ‘twas done

I should it all reveal

For when my king down was to come

I said a child should lead

To bring the lion to the lamb

This is not null and void

Nor till the law is all fulfill’d

The end can never come

I say ‘tis written "by a child"

That by a child it must be done

To bring the haughty low

For to the manger all must come

If they my mind will know

Then stubborn hearts I say must stoop

If wisdom they will learn

For all the fools will be destroy’d

But that they dont discern

Therefore I chose one that was low

Mens pride for to abase

And humble must the Spirits go

That wish to know my grace

Pride was the ruin at the first

For Satan ne’er would stoop

And now I tell thee at the last

He makes mens pride to break

To think that such a one as thee

Should greater wisdom shew

Than ever was revealed by man

Will they allow it so?

No, No, their pride he does swell high

Mens folly I do see

To higher titles they will stoop

But never stoop to thee

For to the day they say they’ll trust

And wait till it does come

And think I shall preserve the just

But do not understand

The humble must enjoy the earth

I said the meek should be

The meanness of your Saviours birth

Was all a mystery

To shew man what must after come

In my appointed time

That with the poor is all my store

The rich I do decline

Unless that they will stoop so low

For to enquire the way

And to the manger they must go

If they the Babe will see

To whom all things I have reveal’d

Of what is hastening on

And how they all preserv’d may be

When dangers fast do come

For fatal days are coming on

To such as do not know

To guard against the rising storm

‘Twill prove their overthrow

The days of recompense are come

That every soul shall see

Write out the things are in the land

And then I’ll answer thee



Note added by copier in notebook: The powder mills took fire at this time.