Joanna Southcott: Unpublished Manuscripts


On the Rose of Sharon June (17th 1796)


Joanna had a violent pain in her head and indulged herself by laying down on the bed. Mrs Woolland and Mrs Minnifie walked in the garden at Heavitree, and brought in a full blown rose and two cherries and what they called a lovely stranger. Simple as this may appear I was asked to draw a full blown rose and a cherry on each side which was explained by the Spirit in the following manner:-


"Now draw the Rose of Sharon here

And soon the mysterires Iíll make clear;

Now mark the rose, see how it stands

And place the cherries as I did command,

Now by thy wisdom this is done,

The Rose of Sharon soon shall come;

It was thy friends that brought them here,

The mysteries deep I soon shall clear.

For in this manner stands the rose,

And soon the mystery Iíll disclose;

White as the flower in thy breast,

Iíll make all souls before I rest.

The stalk is drawn, the rose is here,

The lovely stranger shall appear;

And on both sides the cherries are,

The Rose of Sharon shall appear.

But yet thou sayíst I promised long,

I heard the language of thy tongue,

That did pronounce what thou didst think

My promises, are on the brink.

So like the rose Iíll circle all,

That on my name for mercy call;

And like the cherries placed by thee,

I place mankind as close by me.

For thy bowels now do yearn,

And wish to see the sinners turn;

And now to writing thou art come,

Thy pain did make thee to lay down,

Until thy friends did raise thee here,

Now I will make the mystery clear;

They pullíd thee up, as thou didíst see

Just so my followers all will see.

My friends, like thine, will not give up,

For me in anguish now to sleep;

But pull my hand by fervent prayer,

Till I shall come and join them here.

So by that way it will come round,

That Rose of Sharon will be found;

Deep in thy heart thou felt it go,

And I tell thee why Ďtis so:

Because my power came with the word,

In different ways you serve the Lord;

All men like thee cannot go on,

I never command it should be done."