Joanna Southcott: Unpublished Manuscripts


Ezekiel XLVII of the Vision of the Holy Waters (May 12th, 1796)


While I was putting my writings together, the weather was cloudy with some rain, but the afternoon was sunshine. When I had put them into the box, I was answered to open my Bible. It was Ezekiel XLVII of the Vision of the Holy Waters


Now thou hast ended I’ll begin

Hast thou a heart like Solomon

Then all thy fears thou wouldst dismiss

And in thy Saviour put thy trust

Whatever others do believe

Their knowledge cannot thee deceive

That as ‘tis written all is done

And now to reason I’ll begin

Mark thou this day the first of May

Or else the 12th appear

In order everything doth lie

And all may now see clear

What days are hastening on

If they the Seals behold

Remember now the box is come

Last year to thee was told

I’ll jest no more, the time is oer

For it must be nailed up

Unless that man to thee appear

Before that May is up

And tell thee plain that they do mean

To stop thy heavy hand

For as the clouds are like the rain

I’ll bring in all your land

The clouds shall come so fast on man

And like the rain shall burst

If men mock me they all shall see

To say they’ll see it first

Ere they will come to judge thy hand

It must be like the Jews

When they from Calvary demanded

Ere they’d believe the news

That I was come their Priest and King

The Saviour of mankind

Did I stoop then to ignorant men

That they the truth might find

If things before did not appear

Enough for them to see

The temples veil being rended there

And wonders followed me

To shew them plain I was the man

But as they still did doubt

I blinded their eyes for to chastize

And scattered them about

That every land may now see plain

What unbelief hath done

Thou marvellest that I’ve chosen such men

That act so much like them

This is to thee a mystery

But it I shall explain

It was to try what in man lie

That I chose these two men

Who now stand out so full of doubt

The rest would all comply

And if they longer do contend

My arrows they shall fly

For just like thee they all shall flee

If thou art forced thereto

It is by man when I will come

If thou art forced to go

Before that here the truths are clear

But thee I will protect

Thy Brother I did send before

His footsteps I there direct

So do not fear what dangers there

A Joseph will be kind

But Ill end here and say no more

But to the purpose come

The healing waters will appear

That now shall heal your land

For as the Vision did appear

If so by chance these did come

To bring the mysteries to their view

I’ll spread it oer the land

Now every soul I shall reveal

For thou hast sealed my word

Such treasures there no man did hear

The Coming of the Lord

To man ‘twill be they all will see

A Heaven begun below

Could they see clear whats coming here

One hour would now seem two

Or else they’d say like Hicks that day

They’d wish to go to sleep

Before the time or to resign

The pains they now do take

Because that then they will take none

To care for earthly food

An easy burden all will bear

I’ll send them all that’s good

Because that man I’ve punish’d long

But made life to stay

How short you see the life of some

And quickly pass away

Though virtue here it oft did bear

I say a heavy load

But all your offspring will appear

And judge a faithful God

Then the last day to all I say

Your kindred all will meet

For to resound the Saviour’s sound

And own he finish’d it

So Ill end here and say no more

The night is hastening on

Could’st thou but see the Canaan shore

That’s now in store for man

Eager you’d be the truth to see

And make the seals to fly

You’d want no more but trace the shore

To see if it was nigh

When learned men do but begin

To trace the writings through

You’ll find your harvest hastening on

A Glorious harvest too.


Webmasters note: Ezekiel 47 describes a vision of waters flowing from under the theshold of the house of the Lord in the kingdom of God. It became a river, bringing life to wherever it flowed.