Joanna Southcott: Unpublished Manuscripts


Answer to Joanna when the 6 broke the Seals. (1796)

When the Six broke the seals I was answered as follows:

This was the truth thou wast foretold

But did not understand

But now the perfect truth behold

And bring it to your land

So perfect here it will appear

Like Leechís coming he

I tell thee it is unaware

Your danger you will see

The chosen men but half are come

Nor were they warned then

Just so I tell thee by your land

You will not all go through

To see the shore when dangerís oíer

The bars Iíll take away

And perfect thy paper stands

Iíll make the troubled Sea

That is your land will so become

To go from shore to shore

No barriers in your way shall stand

When I have ended here.


Webmaster note: The relevant section from Book 1, Strange Effects of Faith, page 10 is reproduced here:

"I was ordered to meet the six men, and read to them how some particular chapters of the Bible were explained, with a few prophecies, and some remarkable instances of my life. Every man was to keep silence for the space of an hour. This they did; and great is the mystery explained to me, as the watch was laid on the seals, by which were inclosed the names of the 12 men. When the hour was past, I demanded their judgment; and quitted the room while they consulted. In some time, they came to me, saying, they had agreed, and must see the prophecies. I said, they should, if they judged them to be of God. They came again, saying, they must know who the ministers were. A third time they came, and said, they must break the seals on the ministers' names. I told them that should only be done in presence of the twelve themselves. But curiosity made them break the seals; and, thus breaking all their wisdom, they said, it was from the Devil, or myself, for they could not perceive it to be of God; and therefore they tried to persuade me to give it up, forgetting what I had read to them, and that they had fulfilled my writings.-The meaning and mystery of this meeting I shall explain another time.

Next day, I was persuaded to yield to their wisdom; but I was answered, that it should be fatal for me; for the Lord would not resign to their wisdom; therefore I should not give it up to them.-Thus I ended with the dissenting line."