Joanna Southcott: Unpublished Manuscripts


St Peters Church, Type of the Lady (Given 1793)

In the year 1792 I was in St Peters Church and in the middle of reading prayers at the Altar in the time of administering the Sacrament a lady came in dressed in close mourning. She walked up to the Altar. Every person was looking at her. Archdeacon Moore went and spoke to Bishop Buller after the Sacrament was over. She walked down through the Altar again. Every eye was after her as she walked during the reading of the prayers; when the people came out of the Church they said they thought her deranged in her mind.

It was explained to me that when I wrote to the ministers they would judge me the same. The dream of 1792 and the type of the Lady was explained in the following manner.

Now the mystery I shall here explain

This is the very woman in thy dream

That from the Castle did to thee appear

And up and down alone she walked there

Thou sawest the woman nothing was but bare

And up and down did in the Altar go

The people gazed as thou the truth did know

Soon after that the steps thou didst behold

All tumbling down the truth Ill now unfold

Because the mystery doth to thee appear

I say the substance now is hastening near

For in deep mourning every one will be

Another year brings on the mystery

And full as 'mazed will many thousands be

Who do not wholly put their trust in Me

Therefore I tell them 'tis high time to warn

To guard from danger now it ends the storm

Remember how the cross did then appear

And how by Soldiers I surrounded were

And how my side was pierced with the spear

And unto Isaiah thou must come

The day of Vengeance then was in my heart

That every foe I said I’d make them smart

And on Jerusalem it did begin

Now with all nations I shall make an end

For horse or rider I will never spare

I say there’s coming on some fatal years

But Oh, thrice happy now will be the man

That lives to see the storm all overblown

For deeper mysteries then must still go on

They reeled and staggered and fell to the ground

Because the voice of God was in the sound (SEF178)

With that bold answer I said I am He

But after that they nail’d me to the tree

And with me to assist I had often none

As my disciples they were fled and gone

Forsook thou knowest I was in Pilates bar

Denied by Peter, John stood by himself

Now just the Same when I come here again

Denied by Peter, none but John remain’d

And all the winepress I did tread alone

And now with all I see it is the same

For what I feel thou’st little know

I see thy secret tears in anguish flow

Because the wine press thou hast trod alone

And to thyself in secret thou dost mourn

But in the green tree this was surely done

And to the dry tree this is hastening on

Therefore with boldness thou must now endure

Put on thy breastplate and thy crown is sure

The helmet of Salvation thou hast got

And the whole Armour on I bid thee put

For all that see thee now will stand amazed

As on that woman they did strangely gaze

Because the Bible they ne’er understood

How in the woman stands the crimson blood

Nor yet these texts were they e’er applied (SEF222,230)

That no one falsely might the Bride assume

Till every thing together I make clear

Conceal no longer that the Bride is here

But as thy weakness I do surely know

I say my Spirit shall before thee go

But now self confident thou’lt not be

Another day brings on the mystery

I say unto thee they will trembling come

But who they are is to thee unknown

I said my wounds they’d open all afresh

And crucify me as the Scripture saith

Can the foot suffer and the hand not know

The pains and anguish it doth undergo

In sore affliction doth the head not feel

The pain and anguish that he cannot heal

And now I tell thee so it is with me

Pity thy suffering cannot see thee free

Because it could not come unto my word

That thou’st not trod the winepress like thy Lord

Because the servant is not greater sure

Then thy sufferings patiently endure

Because the heavier stroke is still behind

The bitter draught thou in the end will find

But then I say thy strength will be much more

And better able thou wilt be to bear


The following lines were spoken by Joanna:


Dear Lord enable me always to stand

To bear the stroke directed by thy hand

And in my sorrow Lord I will rejoice

For to obey my Loving Saviour’s voice

If that in me in ought it is fulfill’d

I do rejoice to do my masters will

Give me thy love, I care not who does scorn


Now stop thy hand, the manchild shall be born

This was the anguish I spoke of before

That travail pains thou long for man must bear

But they are deliver’d e’er they feel the pain

Deep is the mystery that doth lie behind

Thou knowest the fruit came by the womans hand

The woman bore the fruit without the man

Without the woman there is no man can

And now I tell thee why I put it so

Because my wisdom they shall see and know

Into my Bible let them look deep

No secret will I ever from thee keep.


Webmaster's Note: The references in parentheses eg (SEF178) appear in the original notebook and have apparently been added by the copier. SEF refers to "Strange Effects of Faith" the first series of books published by Joanna.

There appears to be a break between the line:

Give me thy love, I care not who does scorn

and the following one:

Now stop thy hand, the manchild shall be born

signifying a change in speaker - this is shown by a line in the original notebook. This is consistent with the narrative.

This communication shows that Joanna was aware of the appearance of the manchild, and the significance of the woman in the Fall, from the very beginning.