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The Strange Effects of Faith;


Remarkable Prophecies,

MADE IN 1792, &c.


Of Things which are to come.




I SHALL begin this book with the Judgment-Day for man.


It is written, the Saints must judge the earth, from the foundation of the world—“And this century (the first in the 1900th before it is completed) is fixed for man to sit in judgment, to judge between me and my vineyard.  Therefore I have called by my Spirit, and by the mouth of all my prophets: Come, let us reason together, saith the Lord; though your sins are as scarlet, I will make them as white as snow.  Turn unto me, and I will turn unto you; I will heal your backslidings, and love you freely.  For now be astonished, O earth!  I have a controversy with my people:—and as the echo of verse gives the sound of one line to another, so have I, by my Spirit, echoed back in verse to the words of man.  O simple and foolish

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 generation! from the fall of man to this day, what iniquities have you found in me, that you seek after other gods to your hurt?  You blame me for giving the woman power to answer all her controversies with you.  For now I will pull down, and raise up; I will kill, and make alive; I will wound, and I will heal; I will destroy, and I will save; I will establish my covenant I made with man at first.  The spirit of deep sleep hath been upon you, and wisdom’s words have been sounding in your ears; but ye have put sweet for bitter, and bitter for sweet; ye have called good evil, and evil good; and, like Jacob’s sons, all hath appeared a pleasing dream unto those that believe or see any form or comeliness in the words before them.


“But now, as I have told you, the saints must judge the earth, I shall come to that purpose, and lay before you the manner in which they must judge the earth,—when they hear the voice of the Spirit of the Lord speaking in the woman, in every age of the world, both to men and devils.  To men, because they always destroyed the good fruit, as soon as it came; or rose up in anger against it.  This has been in every age of the world; but now every thing hath got its time; and bounds are fixed for all.  He that said to the proud waves of the sea, hitherto shalt thou go, and no farther, hath fixed his bounds for man.  And now I will come to reason with man.  Suppose I had never made the woman; and man had stood in perfect obedience at first; do you vainly imagine the devil would use no other arts to betray man, as he did the angels in heaven, who gave themselves up to his temptations?  Would not Satan find the same way to work on them now, if there was no woman?  Sodom and

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 Gomorrah will rise up in judgment against mankind, who blame the Lord for giving the woman; for their sins were not with woman, but men with men, for which they were destroyed; and this sin the devil would tempt man to commit, if there was no woman in the world, and dust had increased as worms in the earth, or as worms increase by the breath of a fly; for by the breath of my mouth I would increase a whole race of mankind.  And had this been the case, do you not think the same subtle arts that infused rebellion into the angels in heaven, would infuse rebellion into men on the earth?  If the whole world was rendered a paradise unto them, Satan would soon find a way to swell their pride, that the servant would be greater than his master; and the very men who gave themselves up to disobey the laws of God, and rise up in rebellion against his prophets, would rise up against those men who lived in innocence; and earth would soon become in the same rebellious state that heaven was, when the devil influenced the angels to conceit they were great and mighty, and ought to worship no superior power.  Thus he began in heaven, and thus would he begin upon earth; and man, whom I created, must have been cast for ever with the devil and fallen angels that listened to him.  Therefore know, O vain man! the very way you think I placed every thing for your destruction, was placed for your redemption: as every art of Satan was known to me, I therefore laid my plan to catch him in a net by his own feet, and to cut him down with his own weapons, to prevent man from perishing everlastingly.  For I well knew, if I made man flesh and blood, and let him fall a prey to the wrath of the devil for ever, he would say with Cain, my trouble is greater than I can bear;

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 therefore I felt for man, whom I had created to inherit this life.


“But as this might cause doubts to arise in men’s hearts, and they might question, why I made man so subject to the arts of the devil, that the powers of darkness should have any power to tempt him?  I answer:  How could I prove I had created a better race than fallen angels, if man was not liable to the same temptations as they were?  Now answer for thyself, O man! wherein my ways are unequal, to deal justly with men, and devils that fell from glory?  You complain of being tried and tempted.  Have not the just suffered the same temptations, and much greater persecutions?  For not saints, but sinners, have always judged and condemned the saints; but now the scenes are changed: and the saints must sit in judgment on the bench of justice between me and my vineyard, between my dealings with men and devils, and the justice of my sentence on all flesh.  For if the just, in every age of the world, fell a prey to the unjust, will you say my ways are now unequal, to give it up to the judgment of the just?  O ye foolish and unwise! were ye left to sit in judgment on this great judgment-day, who fear not God, nor discern his footsteps, ye would soon bring the day of vengeance on your own heads; and being blind leaders of the blind, ye would fall into the ditch together.  For Satan would soon fill your weak heads, that it was some cunningly devised fable of the woman, to clear her fall, and cast it on the devil; and so ye would do as the people of old did, who heated the furnace seven times hotter than usual, to burn themselves by coming near it.  For Satan would soon cast a film over your eyes to make you blind; and under pretence of

< 245 >

 taking it away again, would say, this was a film that was laid before you, and so make you stark blind.


“And now I will answer men, after the manner of men.  If children were now their own carvers, they would cut their fingers: and men would make as great a sacrifice of themselves for the devil, as I made for man on the cross; for as this is cast by man, so it must stand for ever.  For now are the sons of God coming to present themselves before the Lord; and should Satan come amongst them, I will answer him in the woman.


“Now trace all my footsteps back, and see how I have directed to bring it to trial for just men to sit in judgment on it.  Where is the man who can condemn, when from my Spirit the church hath been warned by thy hand?  And where are thy accusers, or those who have compelled thee to stay thy hand?  Or, who have called for justice? or, who have pleaded for truth?  None but my servants, whom I have chosen; none but my people, in whom I delight; who have strengthened the hand that hangs down, and confirmed the feeble knees; who have said to the feeble mind, be strong; who have added to their faith, virtue; to virtue, brotherly kindness; to brotherly kindness, charity; charity towards God, and charity towards man.  And the ways of good men are ordered by the Lord; and I, the Lord, have established their goings; for their feet are shod with the preparation of the Lord; and I, the Lord, work in the hearts of my people, to will and to do of my good pleasure.

< 246 >

“And now remember what I told thee at first, that they should be a willing people in the day of my power; for I have hearkened and heard what each man has said to his brother; and they shall be mine in the day I make up my jewels; and I will spare them, as a man spareth his own son that serveth him.  For I was hungry, and they gave me meat; thirsty, and they gave me drink; naked, and they clothed me; in prison, and they administered unto me: for as much as they have done it to the least of my disciples, they have done it unto me.  Thou hast been hungry, and they gave thee meat, and thou livest now on their bounty; thou stoodest in want of clothing for thy father, when he died, and they have sent clothing unto thee.  My other friend is in prison, and they have administered unto him; that is, by their writings they are trying to deliver him.  Now all this is done unto me; for it is by me, and through me, you are both come to poverty and want.  Now all this is done, that the Scriptures might be fulfilled: and now cometh the end—Come, ye blessed children of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world.  For such men as these were my disciples; and had they been in my days, they would have followed me, as my disciples did; and those who mocked in these days, are such as mocked in my days.


“And now, ye fools, who despise prophecies! was it not for prophecies, how could I try all men in the end?  How could I bring a blessing on my friends, or how could I bring a curse on mine enemies, if I was not to try them by prophecies, as the prophets were tried?  For I said, all the righteous blood should come on this generation, from the

< 247 >

 blood of righteous Abel, unto the blood of Zachariah, son of Barachiah, whom they slew between the temple and the altar.


“Now the blood of all has fallen on the Jews; and was it not for prophecies, how could I try the Gentiles? for I shall deal alike with both.  And now I shall try all; and it must come back on all that mock the prophets of the Lord.  For, now I shall begin with man, and end with the devil: for now he hath tried men upon earth, as he tried the angels in heaven; and he hath found men as firm in their worship to God, as the angels were in heaven; and those whom he has drawn away, he does not find so firm to him, as the angels were that fell: when men see him, they hate him.  But how could I do justice to fallen angels, if I had not given them a fair trial upon earth of the power they wanted?  I knew their nature, or I never should have cast them out of heaven.  But would they not say, I judged them wrong, if I had not proved the truth of my judgments?  So all shall find I am clear when I judge, and just when I condemn.  Mercy, men will find, is my darling attribute; judgment is my strange work.


“Now I have shewed you my strange works in creation and preservation.  That in creation all the arts of hell were known to me; and I placed all for man’s redemption; he being pronounced dead, under the fall, as to the knowledge of God, man hath room to look for redemption in and through the merits of his Son, who took upon him the nature of man, and found the devil had confidence enough to tempt the Lord his God.  Then was I not clear he would tempt man, in a state of innocence, to

< 248 >

worship him, and offer him the kingdoms of the earth, as he offered me?  But how fatal must have been man’s cause, if he had fallen in that manner; to rebel against the Lord that formed him, and sent every blessing unto him: then he must have fallen like the rebellious angels, and have perished like them; but herein I have laid my plan to redeem man from the power of darkness.  When they see the evil of their ways, and turn unto me, I will turn unto them, and plant them into the noble vine; for I am the root, and they shall be the branches.  But if they reject my voice, and despise my just dealings; I will cut them off from the vine.  So now hearken and hear, all ye families of the earth!  I have begun, and will go on, till judgment is turned into victory.”


The following lines were explained to me, from Jeremiah, chap. ii. verse 21, 22, and Zephaniah, chap. iii. verse 15.


“Yet I had planted thee a noble vine, wholly a right seed: how then art thou turned into a degenerate plant of a strange vine unto me?

“For though thou wash thee with nitre, and take thee much soap, yet thine iniquity is marked before me, saith the Lord God.”

“The Lord hath taken away thy judgments, he hath cast out thine enemy.”


These two chapters were shewn to me by a friend, who had opened the Bible at the above-mentioned places, wishing to know if my writings were from the Lord.  They were much distressed in mind on reading the first verses, fearing the judgments were pronounced against themselves, but found comfort

< 249 >

 on reading the last.  Those passages were explained to me in the following manner.


“I will put away these judgments from those that believe; but all these judgments will fall on those that do not believe:  For the Gentiles were planted a noble vine, a pure and right seed.  But how can they be called noble, that despise the very thing that makes them noble.  To make them noble, is to cast the enemy of the Lord.  All these judgments will fall on them that despise this calling.


“So ’tis your land hath this to fear,

What to their sight I then brought near;

But those that tremble at my word

Will find the goodness of their Lord,

To put these judgments all away—

O ———! ———! this I say,

That, as this chapter doth appear,

You all may hope, and all may fear.

If like thy friends they do begin,

To say they fear from what they’ve seen;

Then all these fears I’ll put away;

These judgments will not come to ye.

But if these things ye do not fear,

But say, “We’re nobly planted here;

“For Christ hath plac’d in us the vine,

“And nitre in his blood doth shine

“To wash away our every guilt,

“And ’twas for us his Blood was spilt;”

Then all these washings will not do;

My Blood I never shed for you;

And all your soap will be in vain,

To wash away your every stain:

And let the stain of man appear,

And then I’ll fully answer here.

At first my honour man did stain,

And with his Maker did contend,

That it was I brought on his guilt,

To give the woman, as he felt

< 250 >

A change in him that did appear:

He did not say, “The serpent there

“Tempted the woman for to take,

“And I with her the laws did break;

“Because he said, we should not die,

“But soon as gods appear to be,

“And good from evil for to know;

“We ate the fruit the truth to shew

“We had no knowledge of a lie,

“As he declar’d we should not die;

“Nor do we know how he could speak,

“Unless thy power did undertake

“To make him speak in words so clear.”

Then they’d condemn’d the serpent there,

And from his power man must die.

This is a mystery, thou dost cry;

Because his knowledge must be dead;

Man knew not how his arts were laid.

But here, thou say’st, thou’rt puzzled more,

How Satan all the blame must bear:

If both on him had cast the blame,

Thou say’st, to man, what death could come?

Why then the death must been to sin,

And know the evil he had done;

And dead to all his powers he’d be,

As the good fruit was on the tree,

Which I would give them both to taste,

And then the serpent must be cast.

But here, thou cry’st, thou’rt stumbled more.—

Could I not then in man appear

That very way to cast the blame,

And put the serpent then to shame?

Yes, so I know it could be done;

I might in power then work’d in man,

And never left him to his will;

And so the serpent’s heart to chill.

But then his arts I well did know,

And how he meant to cast the blow,

From which I’d meant to screen the man;

No will nor power was in him;

For in them both I then did rule:

His arts are more than man can tell;

Therefore I left them all alone,

And Satan form’d himself in man,

And quickly cast the blame on me.

I took my challenge then from he,

< 251 >

That if ’twas so I’d bear the blame;

And to the woman next I came,

Who cast it on the serpent’s head,

And to the root the axe was laid,

And to the root it now must come;

For I’ll begin to answer man:

I gave the serpent up his will,

To work in man, my heart to chill;

And all his will for man did bear,

Until they pierc’d me with a spear.

So Satan he had every will,

And all my friends their hearts did chill.

But had these things come all from man,

My Blood must sure been spilt in vain,

And brought on man a more sad curse,

And man for ever must been lost—

And lost for ever man must be,

If I’ve no friends the truth to see,

That when I have gone through the whole,

It next on Satan so must fall.

So here you see is a noble vine,

To take my challenge for mankind,

When he in man so proudly spoke,

And instantly in man did mock,

To say, the woman I gave he

Had given the fruit forbade by me;

And so by her he disobey’d,

And so on me the blame was laid.

I answer’d then the blame I’d bear,

And in the field I would appear;

But knew my second then must come

To take the sword out of my hand

And plunge it in the rebel’s heart,

And so turn back the every dart.

If justice did my Blood demand,

To take my challenge from his hand;

Then sure my second now must come,

And plunge the dagger back again;

And say, “My Lord was not to blame;

“From Satan all the mischief came,

“Who first betray’d me with a lie,

“I was not then pronounc’d to die,

“And good from evil I should know,

“And every lie from Satan flow,

“Which brought my Lord upon the tree,

“And bore the death pronounc’d for me.

< 252 >

“And since for me he did appear,

“His Father’s promise must be clear,

“That all thy lies must bruise thy head,

“If I’ve an advocate to plead.

“Therefore my cause he now will plead,

“And bring his Blood upon thy head;

“Or he must bring it all on mine,

“For hearkening to the lies of thine.

“It was my sins that made him bleed,

“For hearkening to the lies thou’st said,

“And so the sword went through my soul;

“And wilt thou triumph over all?

“Then I must have no foot to stand,

“No advocate is nigh at hand;

“No Father’s promise for to claim;

“My Saviour’s Blood was all in vain;

“And I must sink beneath the curse,

“If now my Father’s words do miss,

“To have my seed to bruise thy head;

“My Father’s words are all my stead,

“And trust his words he will fulfil,

“And not uphold the murderer still.

“As Satan first a murderer came,

“He knew that death was in the name,

“Of eating the forbidden fruit;

“He cast his eyes so near the root,

“While I in ignorance did appear,

“And of his arts was unaware.

“I knew no angels that had fell;

“I knew no arts that came from hell;

“I knew no power that could appear,

“But what came from my Maker dear;

“And all I thought must then be good,

“As ’twas pronounced by my God.

“And in that shape thou didst appear,

“In what was good, pronounced there;

“And good to evil thou didst bring,

“And in the serpent plac’d a sting,

“Whereby thou stung’st me to the soul;

“For of my children, I know, all

“That were like Abel, met a Cain,

“And so my Lord the same did find.

“Thus, like a champion in the field,

“He took his challenge, and did yield

“To bear the blow that thou hast given,

“And now his triumph is in heaven,

< 253 >

“That he did die to conquer all;

“Then sure I know his sword must fall

“For he to give it to my hand,

“And vengeance now for to command.

“As he hung bleeding on the tree,

“My Lord and Saviour died for me—

“ ’Tis thee and I must bear the blame;

“His murder sure from us did come.

“So take the weapon in thy hand,

“And now thy challenge I will stand.

“A coward thou didst first appear;

“The weakest vessel thou saw’st clear

“Was took from man—one single bone,

“Not form’d in power like his own;

“And so advantage thou didst take,

“In coming like a poisonous snake,

“To rob my soul of every bliss,

“And poison all my unborn race.

“So on thy belly thou must come,

“Thou’st not one foot to stand upon,

“To say thou actest like a man

“Of honour and of honesty.

“I ask what challenge thou canst give,

“To answer for thy base design?

“Such coward prove to me and mine,

“To cheat my soul with such a lie

“As causeth my children for to die,

“By reason of thy cursed sting?

“And now to reason I’ll begin:

“Did heaven create me for thy spoil,

“Create a race for thee to foil,

“That hath no footing here to stand?

“How dar’st thou interfere with man?

“Or didst thou the world ever form?

“Or didst thou e’er create the man,

“Or take the partner from his side?

“How dar’st thou ever rob the bride

“Of innocence that there was plac’d?

“I know my Lord I did disgrace,

“By listening to the arts of thine:

“And now with shame I must resign

“To own his anger then was just;

“And so my grief did ever burst,

“From age to age his anger bear,

“The weaker vessel full of care,

“While thou didst triumph in my grief;

“But now my Lord will give relief,

< 254 >

“To place the weapon in my hand,

“And as thy challenger to stand,

“And justice I may now demand.

“And now I ask how thou’lt appear?

“Thou robb’st thy God, thou robbest me,

“This world was never made for thee.

“Then how cam’st thou to interfere,

“Unto God’s footstool to appear,

“To rob the footstool of thy God,

“When all he had pronounced good?

“Yet good to evil thou didst turn,

“And did thy God impose upon;

“Then well thou may’st impose on me,

“The weakest vessel thou didst see,

“Which good from evil did not know,

“And by thy arts receiv’d the blow,

“Which I’ve a right to return back,

“As I the evil fruit did pluck.

“And now thy lies I’ll make them good,

“And know that evil in thee stood,

“And all thy arts I well do know,

“And back on thee I’ll cast the blow,

“For well I know thou canst not stand,

“To give the challenge from my hand,

“Could’st thou no better arts command

“Than like a serpent to appear,

“With lies that thou could’st never clear?

“And yet I now will clear them all,

“And from thy mouth thou now must fall.

“Thou saidst the evil I should know;

“And now the truth I’ll prove it so,

“For every evil is in thee,

“And so thou hang’st upon the tree,

“And all the good with it was plac’d,

“And so the first must come at last;

“And so my Lord he did appear,

“As on the cross I may compare,

“That it was taken from a tree—

“Thou bad’st me pluck that fruit for thee,

“To fill my soul with envy here,

“To turn on thee the fatal spear;

“And so thou bad’st me pluck the rod,

“To prove, when I did know my God,

“Him I should love, and thee should hate,

“And so thou bad’st me pluck thy fate;

< 255 >

“For if my God I now do know,

“He promis’d to turn back the blow.

“So where’s the honour thou canst boast,

“But like the serpent lick the dust,

“And on thy belly for to come?

“Thou hast no foot to stand upon,

“For all thy words did thee condemn.

“For well I know my God is good,

“And mercy unto me has shew’d,

“To keep me from thy every power,

“Or else my soul thou would’st devour.

“So here I own thou didst not lie,

“The fatal truth was pluck’d by thee,

“And by thy words thou must be cast,

“And man’s redemption must be plac’d,

“As ’twas my heavenly Father’s will

“Man’s happiness I should fulfil.

“And dost thou think to rob thy God,

“Of performing the words he said,

“Because thou hangedst on the tree?

“Then know that fruit was pluck’d by me.

“And now I say I’ll pluck the whole

“Till down the evil fruit shall fall,

“And then the good may all remain;

“And from thy words I’ll still maintain,

“That like as gods men may appear,

“The evil fruit I’ll shew them clear,

“That thou didst bid me for to taste;

“I’ll shew thy arts, how all was plac’d,

“And then my judges let them come,

“I’ll take my trial first from man;

“And then discover which they’ll blame,

“ ’Tis me or thee they must condemn.

“And now wilt thou in man appear

“Thy innocence in aught to clear,

“To say thou art not justly cast,

“Then sure from hell such men must burst,

“And him I’ll prove an evil fruit,

“Who came from thee to save the root,

“From whence all mischief first did spring,

“And on my Lord to cast the blame,

“Which he had got no right to bear;

“His innocence I now will clear.

“If simply I drew in the man,

“And on my head the blame doth stand,

< 256 >

“Then I must throw it back on thine.

“And now I bid thee look to Cain,

“How soon a murderer he became.

“I know thy power was in my son;

“For when the fruit did first appear,

“Then good and evil I saw clear;

“Then good was murder’d by thy hand:

“And now let men the trial stand,

“And see how they will now appear,

“Thy innocence in aught to clear.

“Then man must say I am a devil,

“And all my nature it was evil,

“And so the woman now I’ll blame,

“As from her fall we so became.

“Then from my fall I’ll answer here,

“An Abel will for me appear,

“To prove I had not tainted all,

“As the good fruit in him did fall.

“So here’s a child by me will stand,

“Though murder’d by his brother’s hand,

“To prove I had not tainted all,

“If I’m condemn’d, then man must fall;

“For let my children all appear,

“I’ve Moses and Elias here;

“I’ve all the prophets of the Lord

“To prove the good fruit I have bear’d;

“But as their murderers will appear,

“Will man condemn me them to clear?

“Then surely I’ll condemn the whole,

“And bring my seed before you all,

“Because you murder’d then my Son,

“That never was begot by man,

“And in his mouth was found no guile.

“I ask you how you him can foil,

“Perform the miracles he wrought,

“By Beelzebub as you were taught?

“From Satan’s arts to fill your brain,

“He all these wonders did maintain.

“Then now I bid you do the same,

“Or else I’ll put you all to shame,

< 257 >

“And prove the fault must be in man,

“Though you receiv’d it from my hand;

“And from my hand there did appear

“All those that did reprove you there;

“And from my hand in Pilate’s hall,

“You know I did reprove you all,

“And told you then the man was just.

“And if in me you say you’ll trust,

“Why had you not my hand obey’d

“And freed the just, as then I said?

“If you will cast the blame on me,

“For the bad fruit was on the tree,

“Why did you all refuse the good?

“The prophets’ blood is on your head,

“The blood of Abel and of Cain;

“And tell me if the fault was mine,

“That he his brother then did kill?

“You men may judge this as you will;

“But I for Cain will answer now

“Why he his brother Abel slew;

“Because in him he saw the good:

“Then how can you the fault allude

“To say you’ll cast the blame on me?

“Then the good fruit was on the tree,

“Which you was eager to destroy,

“The evil fruit for to enjoy.

“For now I say I’ll challenge man:

“When unto you in vice I came,

“You all was ready and obey’d;

“I’ll bring my guilt upon your head,

“Because you did refuse the good,

“And to the evil you have stood;

“For Naboth you did place on high,

“When I had robb’d you did comply;

“And ne’er no sin did I invent

“But man was willing to consent,

“To murder and adultery,

“To bid you sin, too soon you’d fly;

“One smile of mine that came from hell

“Would kindle flames in you to swell

“Until you burst them all abroad,

“And perish in the devil’s road.

“When I the prophet’s blood did claim,

“It soon was given me by men;

“And there’s no vice that you withstood

“But always did refuse the good;

< 258 >

“For when my children did appear,

“And the good fruit in them was clear,

“Your murderous hands destroy’d them all.

“The martyrs’ blood I now shall call,

“How they were cast into the flames,

“And all the prophets I can name.

“So here’s a challenge now for man;

“If on my head you cast the blame,

“Then I will cast the blame on you:

“All vice that I did tempt you to

“In every age was eager done,

“And will you say you e’er did shun

“Because a Joseph there was found,

“Reject my vice in every sound?

“Then down my vice I say must fall.

“Had you wisely rejected all

“My every vice that I had plac’d,

“Your prisons had not you disgrac’d,

“But higher honour to you bring,

“Exalted by your heavenly King.

“So here’s the fruit that’s good to boast,

“But by his brethren he was cast.

“Then how will you say I am to blame?

“You hated good fruit when it came.

“So now I bid thee answer, man,

“If on my head thou cast the blame,

“Why all my vices thou pursu’dst,

“And all my virtues e’er withstood

“As things despised in thy sight?

“If I had children walk’d upright

“Thou sought’st their lives for to destroy,

“That I no comfort could enjoy

“From the good fruit was on the tree.

“If man condemns then answer me,

“And see what reasons you’ll assign

“For hating all the good was mine:

“Had I no children for to boast,

“Wherein the good you see was plac’d,

“Then you may sure condemn me all,

“And say I brought the fatal fall;

“But as I’ll prove I’d many good,

“You in their virtues might have stood.

“But as you did not, answer man,

“What made thee lay such wretched plan,

“To put my children all to death

“That I brought forth by noble birth?

< 259 >

“You cannot say that came from me;

“From Satan’s arts they all did flee;

“And when to you he did appear,

“You did no more discern it there

“Than I discern’d his arts at first;

“And well I know, if I am cast,

“The serpent will betray you all,

“And so mankind would surely fall.

“For was no woman to be found,

“I know that sin would now abound,

“Unless you strike unto the root,

“And men in silence must stand mute,

“To say these reasonings now are just”—

‘We own the serpent must be cast;

‘For if the good fruit does appear

‘We know the evil fruit is near,

‘That surely doth from Satan come,

‘As on the tree the fruit did hang;

‘And he must hang upon the tree,

‘His poisonous blood destroy’d must be;

‘For now we know he cankers all,

‘And like the crocodile doth call,

‘Till he secures men for his prey.

‘What to the woman can we lay,

‘When we see man as much deceiv’d

‘As she was then for to believe

‘That they as gods should surely be,

‘By subtle arts that came from he?

‘And he by arts hath man betray’d,

‘Or could mankind so wrong been led

‘To put the Son of God to death?

‘Consider what the woman saith:

‘The miracles that he had wrought,

‘By men nor devils could be taught;

‘For ’tis not all the powers of hell

‘Could act like him, we all know well,

‘Nor all the learned sons of men;

‘For earth and hell may try in vain,

‘And all the powers we know would miss’—

“And so proud Lucifer may boast

“In simple fools that are so vain,

“To think that hell in power could reign,

“To turn the water into wine,

“Give sight to him who was born blind,

“Or yet the hungry thousands feed

“With fishes few and little bread;

< 260 >

“And see what numbers did appear,

“That by my Son were feasted there;

“As you approve the Son was mine,

“And to your words I’ll now resign.

“But you affirm he came by man;

“Then answer now my written hand,

“And in my Son in words I’ll stand,

“And now will answer in his stead,

“And in his name I’ll now proceed.

“Did ever man to you appear

“Such miracles to work them here?

“You say that Moses did the same,

“And turn’d the sea to be dry land.”

But know he was a type of me;

These things were never wrought by he,

For it was I that wrought them all,

And there my Spirit it did fall,

For to uphold his every hand.

The seas could ne’er been parted by man,

No more than man can now appear

To do the wonders he did there.

So all these wonders came from me

And now the brazen serpent see,

Who on the pole was lifted up,

And so my cross to you did drop.

For as a serpent on the tree

Ye hung me up, and nailed me:

A brazen serpent was your cry,

To say I came from God on High,

When from the devil you declare

My miracles performed were.

So here’s the brazen serpent plain,

As I from hell you did contend

Perform’d the miracles I wrought,

And boldly I my God did mock;

Then boldly now I’ll answer here,

The living serpent did appear,

And gave you all such fatal sting,

And death upon you he did bring,

Because he stung you to the soul,

Despise the brazen serpent all;

< 261 >

For as the serpent was of brass,

With brazen confidence you said,

That I assume the Son of God,

And by the serpent to you shew’d

The miracles that I had done;

I knew before what you would form,

And so my prophet lifted me up;

I knew your hearts how they would drop,

Because your hearts I all had tried—

The miracles were all denied,

That Moses shew’d you all before;

Your golden calf did then appear,

And trusted to another god,

That satan to your ears had bor’d.

Now your forefathers all trace back,

And then you may behold the wreck

That brought your fatal destiny,

And the good fruit you all may see,

It always was despis’d by man—

Let Moses and Elias come,

Let all my prophets to appear,

You always did condemn them here.

Then now I ask where man can boast?

The good fruit you have always cast

The evil fruit for to embrace,

And so your Lord you did disgrace,

To say a bastard he’d uphold;

Let all my miracles be told,

They never could be work’d by man,

Nor work’d by all your hellish plan,

Whom you with Satan then agreed,

From men and devils that proceed.

But now I’ll fully answer here;

Let men and devils now appear

And all my miracles perform.

Then you the Son of God may scorn;

But if these things you cannot do,

Let all be brought before your view,

And let your Beelzebub appear

And see if he will answer here,

That he can work the same by man,

Then I’ll resign my every hand;

< 262 >

Or let these empty fools appear,

Who said from hell they worked were,

For to call in a heathen land,

And make the Gentiles understand

There surely was a God in heaven,

By whom the promises were given,

He had a Son to do his will,

And made the woman to fulfil

What he at first did her design,

A helpmate great for all mankind,

And in the end complete his bliss.

And from her seed I’ll answer this:

Her seed is sown a noble vine,

To change your water into wine,

That in my altar doth appear.

Let men and devils answer here:

If I’m a God that made the earth,

According as the scripture saith,

Did I not know all this before,

The miracles that did appear

Would so bring in a heathen land,

That to his Gospel they would stand,

And honour as the Son of God,

To wash them in his dying blood?

Did I not know the heavenly form,

His death would be kept up by man;

And how to him they would appeal

His blood nor merit might not fail

To wash away their every guilt,

And say for them that it was spilt,

And mix his goodness with mine own,

And both in one address my throne,

And so address the Trinity,

One God united in the three?

Then now, ye fools! ye may appear

To say, “One God we worship here,

“And all his knowledge we allow.”

Appear, vain man, and tell me how

I gave such power unto man,

Who said he from my throne did come:

If he had told you then a lie,

His miracles they all should die,

For I would not give it to man

To mix with me upon my throne.

You know that Moses I forbade,

No worship to his bones be laid,

< 263 >

And of his death you did not know

Where to his body you might go,

Because you should not worship there;

But now the mystery you see clear.

And now to David you must come:

Did he not tell you of the Son?

And all the prophets did the same.

But will you say I never came

So perfectly as Isaac spoke?

You know you all regard me not,

Though bruis’d for your iniquity,

In casting first the fault on me,

And on me laid the blame of all;

And Jews and Gentiles both I call.

From Noah’s sons you Jews appear,

Your fathers’ nakedness is here;

And will you backward ever go

To cover all as they did do?

Or will you like the elder come,

Their nakedness for to discern?

Then all your sins I’ll put away,

If ye the elder brother be,

Or like the elder brother see

Your fathers’ nakedness to be;

The grapes have made your fathers bare,

The wine destroy’d their senses there;

Your younger brothers were to blame

To cover all your fathers’ shame—

“For how can we now cover here?

“He, drunk with anger, did appear

“To cast a curse upon his son,

“For no great evil he had done

“To see his father so appear;

“He only laugh’d, as we may here;

“And if our curse so soon must come,

“We are all lost, and all undone.”

But here your reasoning thoughts may say,

“The curse that was pronounc’d by he

“Could never fall upon the son,

“Unless the Lord had done the same”—

No; here’s a mystery that goes deep;

Had I not given up to it,

His words had never curs’d the son,

Had I a blessing sent to him

To baffle all his father’s will.

But Jews and Gentiles now stand still—

< 264 >

This was a simple type of man,

To shew when power was in his hand,

How he that power would instant rule,

And soon destroy his children all.

As Noah had me right obey’d,

And built the ark, as I had said,

I gave him will, I gave him power,

And now you see the fatal hour,

When man in power began to rule,

How soon his anger let him fall

To ruin all his unborn race,

And every child thereby disgrace.

So now I ask what man can boast,

When power in him by me is plac’d?

In pride and passion he’d soon swell,

And send his children fast to hell.

Because offence he could not bear,

Too soon his anger did appear,

Which I in anger granted he,

That in the end you all might see

Man is unfit to have the power;

Their children they’d too soon devour,

As Noah did unto his son.

And now to reason I shall come:

If I like man should so appear,

To curse my children every where,

Because that they have laugh’d at me,

Like Noah’s son you all would be;

And so you all would find a curse,

For Satan’s arts in all are plac’d.

When I the world completely drown’d,

One upright man there sure was found,

Whom I preserved in the ark;

But Satan never miss’d his mark,

And like a ravenous beast of prey,

He watch’d my children every way;

When I destroy’d the world of sin,

He study’d then how to begin

To make it bad as ’twas before,

And soon to Noah did appear

To make him drunk at first with wine,

(This nakedness is in mankind)

Which was discover’d by the son,

And Satan quickly laugh’d in him

His father’s anger for to heat,

And so for both he laid his net

< 265 >

To catch the simple in his snare—

I ask what woman then was there?

You all may answer, you read none;

The father and the sons alone

No sooner escap’d from out the snare,

Nor perish’d with the deluge there,

Than all together they begin,

By Satan’s arts to fall in sin:

For when the father curs’d the son,

You know not how his heart did burn,

And thought his father so unjust

Such heavy sentence for to cast.

So sin and anger did abound,

Though all the world of sinners drown’d;

But still there was the man of sin,

With all his poisonous darts within,

To set the hearts on fire for hell;

And so his mischief ever will,

While in this world he has got power

He studies the unwary to devour.

For should I now in wrath appear,

And burn the stubble everywhere,

And set this world all in a flame,

And save no more than fear my name,

I know that fear would not abound;

Too soon the tempter would be found

To work by arts and to betray,

And draw my children fast away.

Trace all the judgments I have sent

In ages past that have been penn’d,

And yet the world is full of sin;

And now to reason I’ll begin.

The Jews a proverb they do stand,

And scatter’d now from land to land,

Without a house, without a home

That they can boldly call their own;

And there’s no nation they can boast

That is their own, they’re so outcast,

And all their judgments they do see,

And yet they do not live to me,

According as their law was plac’d,

But live in sin, like all the rest.

< 266 >

I know their arts, I know their lies,

And how to cheat they’ll all disguise;

I know the form they all do make,

And know the truth they all forsake,

And all my judgments are in vain,

While Satan’s arts in man do reign;

I see no peace there will appear

While Satan’s witchcrafts are so near,

Until I rid him from the coast,

And then may man in virtue boast.

So let the Jews for to appear,

And my demand to answer here,

And say they worship now one God,

As it was written by his word;

And say their conscience now is clear,

They do not lie, nor do they swear,

They do not cheat, they do not steal,

My Sabbaths they do never fail

To keep it holy to their Lord;

They love and fear their only God,

And by the law their conscience free,

No sin they do commit against me;

But perfect as my laws have stood,

They live in all things perfect good,

And upright men they say they be

In every law that was given by me.

Now if these things they all can clear,

They need to have a Saviour here,

For their transgressions to atone,

If they can prove that they have none,

But live as men before their Lord,

That have each evil word abhorr’d;

For by my law they are not free

Unless their lives so upright be;

And if their conscience now is clear,

To say, “No sins in us appear;”

Then they do want no Saviour’s blood,

If in my laws they’ve perfect stood;

But if their conscience do condemn—

“We broke the laws that thou hast nam’d;”

Then now I say I’ll break them all,

And vengeance shall upon them fall,

Unless they instantly do turn

And see the evil they have done;

“We have no merit for to plead

“If that our sins are on our heads;

< 267 >

“In guilt we know we must appear,

“Unless our Saviour comes to clear;

“And this we have been waiting for,

“Thinking he would for us appear,

“To be our prince, to be our king,

“And David’s throne to us he’d bring.”—

Then read your Bible back once more,

And answer all my questions here,

And tell me who was crucify’d,

To bear the sin of man, that died,

And you regard it not at all,

When I did bear the blame for all;

And who was smitten then of God,

And bore for man the fatal load,

That bore the burden for you all,

That from the woman then did fall.

I answer now, ye sons of men,

These things by man could not be done,

Had I not blinded then your eyes;

Could man the Son of God despise

To put him to so shameful death?

Consider what the Scripture saith;

If you had known what you had done,

You all must with the devils come.

For how the man could I e’er free?

No war was kindl’d then for me

As angels kindl’d it in heaven.

And how could men be e’er forgiven

If they had known what they had done,

To crucify God’s only Son?

But as their blindness did appear,

Because man’s blame I said I’d bear,

As man did cast the blame on me:

And here’s my travail all shall see,

Wherein my soul is satisfy’d,

To see the woman’s claim apply’d,

How man will clamour for his blood,

And say that promise always stood;

And when that promise I fulfil,

The serpent’s heart I then must chill,

And all these things must bruise his head,

And all in public must be laid.

For here’s the Judgment-Day for man,

To judge the earth how all doth stand.—

And those that can’t afford to buy,

I know my friends will give away;

< 268 >

When they have prov’d it came from heaven,

Unto the public ’twill be given,

And then men’s hearts I soon shall try,

And fast my arrows they shall fly;

For if men now do mock the word,

They soon shall find my glittering sword,

To cut the rebels to the heart

That will not now turn back the dart;

For every mystery I’ll make clear,

And prove the Day of Judgment’s here,

Wherein the saints must judge the earth

According as the Scripture saith,

Spoke by the Spirit and the Bride;

And all my laws are here apply’d,

And every law I’ll now make good;

I bought your ransom, as I said,

Upon the fatal cursed tree;

Did Satan pluck the fruit for me,

Or tempt the woman so to do?

Bring all the mysteries to your view,

How in the garden all was plac’d,

And then discern how all was cast;

The good and evil fruit hung there,

The serpent’s arts did soon appear

To tempt the woman it to take

And eat the fruit, my laws to break;

And boldly he appear’d in man

To answer then the fault was mine,

To make the woman to appear;

And well I knew he mock’d me there:

But was the power in Satan’s hand?

Did I not know how all did stand,

That if the woman he betray’d,

In her I’d surely bruise his head?

And now in her I will appear,

And all her promises shall clear

That she hath a right for to demand;

And now the trial she must stand,

And shew the evil and the good,

And ask to which you’ll now allude,

To pluck the whole from off the tree,

That nought but good fruit there must be.

For to her hand I’ll now resign,

And tell me if the fault was mine

To give the woman to your hand,

Because the serpent did command

< 269 >

For her to pluck the evil fruit?

And now she strikes it to the root;

And let mankind as close obey

As Adam did that very day,

Then I no more the man will blame,

If he with her alike condemn,

And say the woman I had given;

He saw it wisdom then in heaven

To take the partner from his side,

Whom God in wisdom calls the bride;

And as the serpent did appear

To rob the bride, as you see clear,

Your laws will now condemn the man

That robs your wives, and so become

For to bring in a bastard race,

And so your families disgrace;

But if the woman free consents,

And with the man is fully bent

With her betrayer for to go,

Divorcement you’ve a right unto;

But if by arts she is betray’d,

And no deceit in her was laid,

As he at first had made her blind,

And drown’d her senses, for to find

A way to get admittance there,

And every truth she shew’d you clear,

And you should prove as blind as she,

And in like manner to agree

There was no evil in the man,

You see no arts in him could come,

When both alike you were betray’d,

When all is clear before you laid,

And if the bride do first condemn,—

“By arts I was impos’d upon,

“For now his arts I plain do see,

“By all his arts for to rob me,

“Is all the gold he offer’d here,

“And all his arts I now see clear

“Is for to seek my overthrow,

“Is all his friendship now I know.”

Now if the wife doth this see clear,

And then discern his every snare,

Then if in violence he goes on,

I ask the husband how he’ll stand

For to support a faithful bride,

When all the arts of man she laid

< 270 >

So clear and open to his view,

Despise the sins he did tempt her to?

Will not the husband feel alarm’d

To keep his wife from future harm,

And jealousy within him burn?

And now to reason I shall come:

A man of honour will appear,

Condemn the man, his wife to clear,

And from his house he will forbid

A man that doth with arts proceed

To rob the virtue of his bride,

When she the whole before him laid.

So now your Bibles you trace back,

For in that manner I have spoke,

In age to age, I say, to man,

And to that purpose now I’ll come.

For all the arts of Satan here,

I in this manner may compare,

And those that freely do consent,

To say, “Our minds are fully bent

“With this betrayer for to go,

“We do not wish his overthrow;

“His ways and arts we love too well,

“To have him banish’d down to hell.”

Then like a husband now I say,

Such brides I all will put away,

And Moses’ laws I’ll now fulfil,

And all such brides their hearts I’ll chill;

For my divorcement now shall come,

And this you’ll find in every land.

For mark the words I said before,

That like a bridegroom I’ll appear,

And as a bridegroom now I’ll be

Of honour and of honesty.

But if my brides do now complain,

(For men and women both I mean)

That Satan like a man appears

With every art invented here

To rob their hearts, and steal away,

And like these treacherous knaves doth lay

In every ambush for the bride,

I am the husband now apply’d,

< 271 >

That will take vengeance of your ill.

Some men of honour they did kill,

Such men as did insult their wife,

To rob her of a virtuous life;

And now such man I’ll surely be

Of honour and of honesty,

And shew my rage through jealousy,

As men by jealousy have done;

And to that purpose now I’ll come,

To free my brides that do complain,

(I speak of women and of men)

For Dinah’s brethren all shall see

Are now within the heart of me;

And as the elders did appear,

I say again Susannah’s here.

Just so the devil I do know

By vile arts seeks your overthrow,

And those he cannot tempt to sin,

I know his malice burns within,

And what false witness he doth bear

Against my brides that shunn’d him here;

And now the mysteries all I’ll clear.

As in thy heart thou dost complain

These mysteries all do shew thee plain,

That if I now would act like man,

The serpent’s ruin now must come;

For where’s the man that will appear

To have his wife so tempted here?

If she to him did but complain,

Thou say’st he’d free her of her pain,

Because his wife he would protect;

But here’s a mystery thou know’st not.

Let man with man now bold contend,

His wife’s a harlot he’ll maintain,

And he can easily make her so;

The husband’s prudence may let go

His every art, to try awhile,

To see if he his wife can foil

By any art he can adopt:

And when he finds that vain’s his plot,

His love and anger will arise

Against the man that did devise

Such wretched schemes to rob the wife;

And love and anger end the strife:

In love unto his wife declare,—

“The villain’s arts, I now see clear,

< 272 >

“Were but her virtue to destroy,

“That I no comfort might enjoy

“With one whom I did love so dear;

“But all his arts I now see clear,

“And as a man of honour here

“I’ll make the villain for to fly,

“No more his honour he shall try,

“As she with prudence hath withstood,

“These very arts that he pursu’d.”

So this may be the case with man,

Where subtle knaves have laid such plan

Against the virtues of a bride;

And here the field is open wide.

No sooner had I form’d the man,

Than Satan’s arts began to burn,

And said he’d cast them out of heaven—

And must the place they left be given

To such a foolish worthless worm,

Who like the angels soon would turn

To rise against me and rebel;

Or else with pride they soon would swell,

That they were gods as great as me,

And like the devils I should see

How in a short time they’d become?

I plac’d no better in their room

Than what before I had cast out,

And of their virtues he did doubt,

I had not made a better race

To fill the fallen angels’ place.

So instantly he did complain;

I gave the trial then, like men,

Whose wisdom I have mention’d here;

But now my brides I’ll surely clear,

And like a husband now I’ll come,

To clear a race that he condemns,

Whose virtues he has ever tried

As man by arts can try the bride.

There are no arts that man can use,

But Satan first did them infuse;

And there he thought that he could boast,

As they their virtues all had lost,

And in his hands he had them there,

To try my children every where.

And thus I let him to go on,

To shew what virtue was in man,

Whom he at first so much did scorn,

Taken from earth a simple worm.

< 273 >

And now these worms he soon shall see

Are fit companions for to be

Join’d with the glorious heavenly host,

And in their virtues now I’ll boast,

In what they’ve suffer’d all for me,

And now a husband let him see.

My friends they did not fear to run

When he infus’d the thoughts in some,

What dangers may fall on their head

For doing as the Spirit said.

So here the tempter miss’d his aim,

And in the end you’ll all see plain

Which way the tempter laid his dart

To wound the men of upright heart.

For well I know the just will turn,

And soon repent of what they’ve done;

And so the mysteries all will see,

What virtue in my children be,

And all my children gone before,

And all together you compare,

I’ll prove I’ve made a better race

Than those that did in heaven transgress,

To fill the angels’ vacant seats,

Enlarge the heavens in praises great;

For men and angels they will join

In praises heavenly and divine,

And my delight shall be in men;

They’ll find their love was not in vain,

To run such hazards for my sake,

And know their lives were at the stake.

So now let all together come,

The dead their names I’ll raise to man;

The evil fruit must disappear

When I the blood of Abel clear,

Who still for vengeance loud doth call;

So it must now turn back on all.

I tell all you that are like Cain,

The evil fruit have had their time;

And now I see they’re dead-ripe come,

I’ll raise the winds and blow them down;

But as the good fruit doth appear

The wind and weather they can bear,

Because they are not dead-ripe grown,

And they will stand against the storm;

Besides in blossoms some appear,

I have much fruit to ripen here,

< 274 >

And well I know that it will stand,

And every bounds I fix’d for man;

The evil fruit have had their time,

To pluck the good fruit that was mine,

And some they pluck, and some they pull,

And now I say I’ll shake the whole;

And those that will not boldly stand,

And answer to thy written hand,

To say my sentence all is just,

Like evil fruit shall all be cast.

For now I’ll turn it back on man,

If they do mock thy written hand,

The blood of Abel now shall turn,

And Cain shall perish in his room;

And all the prophets’ blood the same

I’ll bring on those that mock my name.

As men the furnace did prepare

For to destroy my children there,

Just so I’ll heat it now for all

That do despise the heavenly call;

And as the lions did appear,

The mockers shall in pieces tear.

For I will now preserve the good,

As in the flames they firmly stood,

And in the lions’ den were found

Preserv’d unhurt, though compass’d round

By hungry lions, wanting prey;

And now like Daniel all shall be,

That do not fear the wrath of man;

Like Daniel now they all shall stand;

For all the days I’ve now gone through,

And saw the fruit how all did grow;

And was my labour then in vain,

One thousand years to work with man,

From every day was mention’d here

Till the six thousand did appear?

Then see how near they all are up—

It was the sixth day I did drop

To hang upon the cursed tree;

Then sure that day must shorten’d be

From the sixth hour to the ninth—

Great is the mystery to mankind.

< 275 >

For as the ninth did then appear,

To change the darkness that was there,

So shall this century be for man;

Their rocky hearts I’ll rend in twain,

And all the graves then now shall burst,

And raise the names of all the just,

And range them all before your view.

And in their days the same you’ll do,

That do despise the calling here,

And on your heads shall all appear,

The blood of all that you have slain;

They all were murder’d by such men

Who now appear these things to mock,

And now on them I’ll bring the stroke,

As down the kettle[1] then did fall,

You shall perceive I’ll bring on all;

But those who do not it despise,

My Blood, before them, as it lies,

Shall wash away their every guilt,

They’ll see their names though it was spilt;

Through all the dirt it will appear,

And then I say I’ll wash them clear;

But those that now do mock the call,

This caution I shall give to all,

That as the dirt does now appear

Your sins before me now are clear;

For in one Spirit all was done,

And in their days if you had been,

The prophets you’d have mock’d the same.

No greater Prophet ever came

Since earth’s foundation it was plac’d,

And all yourselves you must disgrace,

To think that e’er a woman’s hand

Could give such challenge unto man,

And devils boldly challenge here,

If from her hand did all appear,

< 276 >

Her wisdom must outshine you all,

If deeply you do weigh her call;

And if she does so wisely speak,

And men like adders mind it not;

Then men like adders will appear,

I know their sting, I know their spear;

But I’ll turn back their every sting,

And like a husband will begin,

In love and jealousy appear,

And on the mockers turn the spear,

Who mock the virtues of the bride,

Whom men and devils both have tried,

And yet in virtue she doth stand.

Answer the challenge from her hand:

Do I not know, do I not see

The challenge she hath given thee,

I say, vain man, for to appear,

And Satan boldly challeng’d here?

And in the end I’ll challenge all,

If on her head the blame doth fall;

That is, I mean, if men do blame,

The serpent I shall put to shame.”




As I have shewn you in verse, how the Spirit spake in the woman throughout the world, and it may appear marvellous in your eyes, I must call your attention to the Bible.  You say, as in Adam all died, even so in Christ shall all be made alive; and when the fulness of the time was come, God sent his Son, made of a woman.  Now, how do you prove your Bibles, where you say, that death passed on man, came first by the woman?  Then it was by the woman all died, and by the woman all are to be made alive.  You say, by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners, and by one man’s obedience many were made righteous; yet you say, by the woman’s disobedience many were made sinners; then by the woman’s obedience many must be made righteous; if in the woman all died, even so

< 277 >

ye must be all made alive.  Now I shall come to the purpose.  Ye cause your Bibles to become a mystery, and all is a mystery; for ye say, all came by the woman, and yet ye say again by the man sin entered into the world.  Now I ask, how you prove it?  But this I will prove, that all came from the man at first: He was the first in creation, not made of man, but of God; and the bone was taken from man to complete his happiness.  But Satan found arts to rob man of that happiness, by breaking the bone; that is, she fell, and broke off all the happiness from man.  Now Christ is compared to the second Adam; then there must come a second Eve, to bring the godhead and manhood to a perfect likeness.  For as the bone was taken from man, and made woman in man’s likeness; then Christ, who is the second Adam, must have a bone taken from him also, to fulfil the law of God and the Gospel of Christ, that the bone that is given to man as a bone of Christ, cannot be broken.  For on the cross the bones of men were broken, but the bone of Christ was not broken; and he said, I come to do thy will, O God!  It was the will of God to make the woman to be a helpmate for man, and to complete his happiness—“And by her it shall be done; for if Satan had his will at first, I will have mine at last.  So all men shall know my word shall not be broken, nor the bone of that man, Christ Jesus; for now shall mortal put on immortality; that is, the bone of man, that was formed after the manner of man, as Christ was born after their manner; though he came from God, yet he came into the world after the manner of men, not after the manner of Adam, but born of a woman after the manner of men; so now the woman, who came into the world not as Eve did, but after the

< 278 >

manner of women, even so Christ came after the manner of men.”  Now, to be clearly understood in this mystery, at his first coming, he came in the form and fashion of a man, but in the power and spirit of God.  At his second coming he promises to redeem the fall; then he must come in power, and in spirit, to the woman, and imperfection must put on true perfection; and the bone of Christ, that is the spirit of Christ, must come in the same likeness as the bone of man did; and this must first be completed, before man’s redemption can come, or the fall of man be repaired.


“So now let learned men dispute
And prove their Bibles clear,

The bone of man to all is come,
With every knowledge here.

So let your knowledge now appear
That I pronounced dead,

But by my bone I’ll prove it here
I am the Living Head.”


Here I shall drop this subject for the present; a word to the wise is enough, for the wise to weigh their Bibles deep.


And next I shall come to the Revelation, which is a wonder in heaven and on earth.  And here is a wonder of me, and a wonder of men.  The distress of my mind causeth the wonder in me, as many mysteries confuse my mind; but the many truths ought to change my doubts.  So I am a wonder to men and angels, and men are a wonder to both, how they can read such writings, and judge them the productions of the devil, from whom nought but blasphemy proceeds.  Another wonder is, how any man can judge it from myself, and see the

< 279 >

Bible so plain before him.  These wondrous thoughts must lead them to the Revelation, where the mystery is revealed—the prayers are daily before the throne, crying to be delivered—


“While saints amaze, and Angels gaze
To see the heads of men,

They do not see the mystery,
The Revelation’s plain.

Such words from hell do angels tell
To an enlighten’d race,

While others judge it from thyself—
“The woman must disgrace

“The learned men, we see it plain,
“Gross darkness doth appear;

“The wonder now to heaven is come,
“How man so much can err!”

These are the wonders now above
Enlighten’d saints to see,

How strong my Spirit here doth move;
Can man so darken’d be,

Not to discern from whence it came?
The wondrous Angels fly

To tell that man knows not my name—
The glorious Trinity

Hath now agreed, the serpent’s head
Must fall by that weak hand

That he so artfully betray’d,
And man’s redemption come.

This wonders all to see such call,
And man so long stand out;

Had Adam done it first of all,
Then man might well dispute;

But he did not; now see your lot,
Like Adam all go on;

He cast on me his destiny,
Then now to me ’tis come.

The woman here doth now appear
That I have given to men;

And now I bid you persevere,
And judge her written hand,

And answer then, as he began,
“The woman us beguil’d;”

Then I’ll appear to answer here
The serpent must be foil’d.

< 280 >

So cast on me your destiny,
To give the woman here;

Improve your call, I tell you all,
I’ll act like Satan there,

Who claim’d my word, condemn’d his Lord,
For to bring on the fall;

For man must die, was his reply,
And death was pass’d on all.

Then now ’tis life brings on the strife,
Behold an infant cry,

The mother’s pain doth all remain
When it is brought so nigh.

Ye sons of men, could you discern
The lines that here go deep,

You’d see what birth must bring you forth,
And all like children weep,

That you stood out so full of doubt,
Refus’d your Maker’s call,

From Satan’s head too soon betray’d,
And so brought on your fall.

But now be wise betimes to rise,
The fulness now is come,

That in disguise, before your eyes,
I’m in the woman’s form;

But like the Jews you hear the news,
My wounds you open here,

’Tis all afresh, the Scripture saith,
My Spirit doth appear.”


Here I shall end with the Revelation for the present, and come to the Law and the Gospel.  To be more plainly understood, I shall come to the brazen serpent, Numbers xxi. 8, 9.  “And the Lord said unto Moses, make thee a fiery serpent, and set it upon a pole: and it shall come to pass, that every one that is bitten, when he looketh upon it shall live.—And Moses made a serpent of brass, and put it upon a pole, and it came to pass, that if a serpent had bitten any man, when he beheld the serpent of brass, he lived.”—Now I shall bring this to St. Matthew’s Gospel, ch. xxvi. ver. 64, &c.  “Jesus saith unto him, Thou hast said: 

< 281 >

Nevertheless I say unto you, hereafter shall ye see the Son of Man sitting on the right hand of power, and coming in the clouds of heaven.—Then the high priest rent his clothes, saying, He hath spoken blasphemy; what further need have we of witnesses? behold, now ye have heard his blasphemy.—What think ye?  They answered and said, He is guilty of death.—Then did they spit in his face, and buffeted him; and others smote him with the palms of their hands.”—They also mocked him on the cross, saying, “He saved others, himself he cannot save.”


“Now I shall answer those passages of the Old and New Testament together; the shadow and the substance.  The serpent of fire, that I commanded Moses to lift up in the wilderness, and which was made of brass, was my foreknowledge, how my Son would be lifted up.  They condemned him for blasphemy, for doing his miracles by devils; and blaspheming the name of the Lord, by saying he was the Son of God.  So they placed him on the cross, as a serpent that had acted in every form as a serpent of fire; for fire is a body of heat, and so they judged my Son a body of heat in the form of the devil.  Brass is considered an emblem of boldness, and for boldness they judged him.  Now the brazen serpent saved all that looked up to him; but himself he could not save, because, being in the hands of men, they turned him in what form they pleased.  Just so was my Son: He saved all that looked to him for redemption, but himself he could not save.  If he would destroy the works of the devil, he must cut him down in his own likeness; for to cure the sting of sin, he must come, as I have said, in like manner with the serpent—I will bear the blame the man

< 282 >

cast on me, and thou shalt bear the blame the woman cast on thee, and then I will cure the sting of sin.  So look unto me all ye to the ends of the earth, and be ye saved.


“Bind up the testimony, seal the law amongst my disciples.”  Isaiah, ch. viii. ver. 16.

“For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace.  Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end.”  Isaiah, ch. ix. ver. 6, 7.

“The Lord will cut off from Israel head and tail, branch and rush, in one day.  The ancient and honourable, he is the head; and the prophet that teacheth lies, he is the tail.”  Isaiah, ch. ix. ver. 14, 15.

“And they set up over his head his accusation written, This is Jesus, the King of the Jews.”  Matthew, ch. xxvii. ver. 37.

“The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.”  Revelation, ch. xix. ver. 10.


“Now I will bring these mysteries together.  A Child was born unto all men that believed in him; and on the cross his government was written, the King of the Jews, and they have had no king since this.  That was the government that was to be on my shoulders, the destiny that Pilate wrote, whom they called my judge.  This was the prophecy that was written on my cross; and for their unbelief, their honourable men, their wise men, and prophets, were cast out; for they would not have a prophet but such as prophesied lies unto them; so

< 283 >

all were cut off in one day; for the wisdom of their wise men is perished, and the understanding of the prudent man is hid, for they do not understand their prophets.  They prophesied of my first and second coming, but did not say, one was my first, the other was my second; so they expected at my coming, to see my government and my kingdom established.  Now I will tell them, the meaning of the words; my government being on my Cross, was to govern myself, and be brought as a sheep to the slaughter; and as a lamb before the shearer is dumb, so I opened not my mouth.  If ye will govern the world, ye must first govern yourselves, and set an example for others to walk by.  So I set an example before all men, to bear patiently my destiny, that my adversary may bear his.”


I shall drop this subject for the present, as I intend filling my book with different subjects; and shall here insert a letter I sent to a reverend gentleman in June, 1799.


“Rev. Sir,

“As I heard you enquired about me at a public parish meeting, I must refer you to a private meeting, and call your attention to the Revelations.  Were they made to be fulfilled and understood, or not?  As I heard a minister once say in his pulpit they were designed for eternity to explain, for no man living could ever find them out.  Sir, I grant that no man, by learning, can ever find them out; had they been plain, impostors would have risen to fulfil them, and rendered the perfect truth of them more difficult to be discovered, than it is now; for now the crooked paths are made straight before you.

< 284 >

“I shall begin with the wonders John saw in heaven.  Are they to be fulfilled in heaven, or on earth?  If you say, on earth; I answer, then the wonder of the woman travailing in birth, and crying to be delivered, must take place on earth; and the wonders which were seen in heaven by John, must come on earth to men.  If you say nay, they are past already, as some simply dispute of the Virgin Mary and our Saviour; I ask, when was this vision seen, was it before our Saviour was born, or since?  Your answer must be, since.  Then I ask, if Satan could appear in heaven to Christ to destroy him there, or the Virgin Mary could be travailing with child after Christ ascended into glory and all was finished?  Then if you cannot make it good that it is passed, it must be to come.  You will then be ready to ask me, who is the Man Child that is to rule all nations with a rod of iron?  This I am ready to answer, when an explanation is demanded.


“Now I will call your attention further.  When John saw Michael and the angels fighting against the Dragon, and the Dragon was cast out, was Satan then in heaven?  You will be ready to answer, no; Satan was cast out before man was made.  Then it must be casting from earth to hell.  You may say, why then was it written, he is come down in great wrath, because he knows his time is short?  I answer, his casting is first from heaven: though he is not in heaven, yet he is the power of darkness and prince in the air, you may see him in the moon; though some have simply said it is a man, but the Spirit of revelation or divine inspiration has revealed to me it is the devil: therefore it is said of the wonder of the woman in the Revelation, “The moon

< 285 >

was under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars.”  You may then be ready to ask me, who are the twelve stars?  Sir, I answer, the twelve chosen men, who strengthen my hands.  Therefore the moon will be turned into blood before the great and terrible day of the Lord, but that terrible day is for devils.


“Now I have given you a short account of what is very clearly explained to me, I must call your attention to the twenty-four elders.  Do you think it means, Sir, in heaven or on earth?  If you judge it in heaven, whom do you judge to be the prophets, apostles, or martyrs?  Do not all the host of heaven fall down and worship him?  But if it is fulfilled on earth when was it done?  All must be fulfilled on earth, which John saw in heaven.  I will tell you who will be the twenty-four elders, when I know who are the twenty-four men that will prove these wondrous things.  After my hands have been strengthened by twelve men, they will gain other twelve; then they will see what no man ever thought, and what never entered into the heart of man to conceive.  When they see the wondrous wisdom of God in creation and preservation, his love to man, his mercy and goodness over all his works, and how he has condescended to lay before men why he has done all things; then will the twenty-four elders cast their crowns before him, saying, “Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory, and honour, and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created: wise is the Lord in all his ways, just and righteous in all his works,” will be the language of every heart, and well it may.  The Bible ends with the Revelation; and when the Bible is

< 286 >

revealed, they will be convinced they have been dead while they were alive, as Adam was pronounced; yet, as we call life, he lived long after, but he was pronounced dead.  Just so is every man under the fall: but as in Adam all died, even so in Christ shall all be made alive.


“Now I must call your attention to the 5th chapter of the Revelation, respecting the seven seals.  In 1792 I left my writings at Plymtree; and when they were brought to me, they were sealed up with seven seals, undesignedly by me; but whether designedly or promiscuously done, I know not; but they were written within and without, and I was ordered to put them in Mr. T.’s possession, and no man can read them: and what is sealed on earth, is said to me to be sealed in heaven.  I am now ordered to write to five different ministers, by sending a letter, sealed up, to each of them.


“And now I must call you to the 6th chapter of the Revelation; as these five seals are explained to me, but the sixth seal is not explained at present.


“I must beg you will weigh your letters together, as they are all on different subjects.


“So now your parish meetings call,
And quit yourselves like men;

The tree of knowledge comes to all,
And the good fruit must come.”

< 287 >

The following letter was sent in the year 1799, to a very dignified Clergyman.


Right Rev. Sir,     Exeter, &c.

I trust, from the amiable, worthy, and good character I hear of your Lordship, you will pardon the liberty I am going to take, in sending you the following lines; the weightiest subject that ever entered the human brain—such an instance has never happened to any human being since earth’s foundation was laid before; the deepest inspired penman, the most learned divine, nor the deepest philosopher that ever wrote, never had such thoughts of divinity or philosophy, as have been revealed to me by the Spirit of Revelation; and what Spirit that is, must be judged by men.—Will your Lordship be astonished, when I tell your Lordship, in 1792 I was foretold all was coming on the earth?  Perfectly as I was foretold, all has happened in every nation; but the end is not yet.—When the truth of my writings began to come, I was encouraged strongly in faith, that has been impossible for man to destroy, although their arguments have often shaken my faith, by telling me it came from the devil; but the answers given me to their words, and the wondrous manner in which the Bible is explained, truly convinced me their judgment was wrong; and as throwing oil into the fire makes the flames burn the greater, the very way men went to chill my faith, confirms the truth of the Bible and the truth of my writings, as being foretold how every man I was ordered to write to would act.  And who can tell the heart and thoughts of man, but God alone?


Now, my Lord, will you be astonished when I tell you, the end of all things is at hand, and the powers of darkness must be destroyed from the face of the earth, by that weak hand that he first destroyed?  Here your Lordship may be lost in wonder, how Satan shall fall by a woman’s hand.  Mysterious as it may appear, yet very clear it is explained to me, by my perfect obedience to the commands of the Lord, who made the same promise to me as Herod did to the damsel; and I was ordered to ask in writing—and my petition and request was, If I had found favour in the sight of the Lord, that Satan might be cut off from the face of the earth, as John the Baptist was.  I was answered, the Lord will grant my petition, and give me my request; and I should seal it up with three seals, and carry it with me to the altar when I received the sacrament—I did; and was then answered, what I have spoke by my Spirit, sealed with my seal, I will now seal with my blood.—But it is said to me,

< 288 >

“It is man must raise thy hand
And tell thee to grow wise,

Like Herod’s damsel to go on,
Then all shall gain the prize.

When men begin, as she did then,
And like Herodias burn,

To wound the foe, as she did do,
I will like Herod come.”


The man strengthened the woman’s hand by the fall, and he must strengthen her hand to bring it back.  What God designed at first, he will accomplish at last.  It is not all the powers of hell can frustrate the designs nor purposes of the Most High.  The Lord made the woman to complete the happiness of man, and by her it must be done.  For as the sun riseth in the horizon, and shineth over the face of the earth, and then setteth in darkness, and riseth again in the same place; and dust returns to dust; and wave returns to wave with ebbing and flowing; yet all centre in the same place—so must man centre at last, as God placed him at first, in perfect happiness; and by the woman it must be completed.  Christ died for man’s atonement, and rose again for our justification.  Therefore now give ear, O heavens! and be astonished, O earth! the Lord hath a controversy with his people, and the saints must judge the earth.  That day of judgment must take place, when my writings are proved; such writings as never were before since earth’s foundation stood.

Will your Lordship marvel if I tell you, it is a sign to me, why the Lord hath done all things?  I have written to the Rev. ———, the Rev. ———, and the Rev. ———; but I am told, the Lord will never permit my writings to be proved, till I had written to you.  If your Lordship will give me liberty, I will wait on you, to tell what grounds I have for this faith.

From your dutiful and humble Servant,



[1]  Just as I had written, “these things to mock,” my meat kettle, which was on the fire, fell suddenly off, and in my stooping to take it up, I threw my writings before it, which involved them in smoke, ashes, and water; fortunately, however, on getting dry, I found no part of them obliterated.