< 145 >


The Strange Effects of Faith;



MADE IN 1792, &c.





I SHALL begin this book with informing my readers, I am sorry to say, few have discerned what they read, as they expected to see some wondrous things this May and June;[1] not calling to mind, that in the first book it was written, the ten days must be turned into ten years, before man should see it clear; and in the second book it was written, that, what was spoken one year should not appear till the next, (in the very page where it was written of May and June,) then the ten years will be up; that all is fulfilled at the appointed time, that was written in the prophecies; not appearing the year it was spoken, but fulfilled the year after.  Therefore I said in my last book—


“Let May be over, and June but appear,

Then weigh well my writings, and with all compare;

Ye men now of learning, judge how all doth stand,

And if you’ve discernment you may judge your land.

The doors I’ve to open to bring to your view,

From the ten years was spoken, you’ll find it all true;

< 146 >

What doors could be deeper to bring to your sight,

If by your own judgment you now prov’d it right?

But now from these writings you all shall see clear,

I’ll begin in this century to shew you all here,

The doors that were bolted so strongly for man,

When out of the garden of Eden he came;

So deep from his knowledge I’ll bring to his view,

I now shall unbolt them, and you’ll see it true;

But sure like the Bible this all must come round,

And none but my sheep can e’er judge of the sound.

But now I’ll speak plainer, and come to the fall:

I opened your side, and I clos’d it from all;

For deep was the sleep that I cast upon man,

And deep is the mystery—the bone must return,

So closely united in heart and in mind,

Or the man to perfection you never can find.

So now I will open the door from the fall;

Then sew no more fig-leaves, they’ll not cover all.

Ah!  why from my presence yourselves do you hide?

Remember the bone that I took from your side;

Your blame then upon her and me it was cast,

And this is the door that I now shall make burst,

To cast her temptations on Satan and men,

And in her next volume her history must come,

How she hath been tempted, and how she withstood;

Then I ask you, what spirit to her you’ll allude?

See how often her senses by man have been cast,

Then you’ll see how many their senses have lost,

Who judg’d by her virtue her senses were gone;

You’ll find in her history it so fell on them.

So first upon man I have brought back the blow,

And next on the serpent my fury shall flow;

Then you’ll see the woman was took from my side;

In heart so united the Scriptures apply’d.

So know from this woman the fulness is come,

You’ll find I am present in the woman’s form;

That is, in her form all this doth appear;

But sure ’tis my Spirit to make it all clear;

For by her own wisdom she cannot effect,

No more than another, the way I direct.


“Now I shall come to the fulness of time, of the woman made under the law.  When the woman was first created, she was made to complete the happiness of man, and to be his helpmate.  The tree of knowledge was planted in the garden of Eden.  The woman was taken from the side of man; not of the dust of the ground, but of purified

< 147 >

clay, the bone of man, while he stood in perfection, to complete his happiness.  The tree of knowledge, was the knowledge of God, and the knowledge of the devil; the good and evil fruit both hung on the tree.  Then as man was divided into two parts, if the same hand that brought him the knowledge of the evil fruit, does not bring him the knowledge of the good fruit, he may still blame his Maker for ever forming him the woman, as the source of all his misery; and man may charge his God foolishly; for all standeth as though I ordained it to bring on man’s destruction; but now be it known unto thee, O man, I ordained and placed the whole for man’s preservation, well knowing the depth of Satan, that he would begin upon earth, as he did in heaven; and tempt man as he did the angels, till he had drawn him into the same destruction; then how could I screen the man? for what would Satan say?


“If all alike the path is straight,
Then all alike must come,

I ask you, in the judgment-day,
How I could screen the man?

Now I’ll begin for to explain,
And make the mystery clear;

Out of the dust I made at first
My perfect image there;

I breath’d in him, it then was seen,
My Spirit, bright and fair;

And lord below, you all shall know,
I did my likeness make;

A paradise I plac’d him in,
To make his bliss complete:

The trees around, you know, were found,
Whereof I bade him taste;

The tree of knowledge I forbade,
For well I knew his case.

Had dust increas’d in paradise,
Satan had found a way,

As he in heaven did first begin,
The angels did betray.


“For now to man the time is come
To judge the world below,

< 148 >

And now the mysteries I’ll explain,
Why I ordain’d it so.

In heaven’s high courts, enthron’d above,
The rebel there was plac’d;

And well he knew I lov’d the Son,
Distinguish’d from the rest;

Which swell’d his pride to throw aside
My Son’s united reign;

This Satan’s malice caus’d to swell,
And made the heavens unclean.

He then began as god and king,
And thought to reign in heaven;

A mutiny he there did gain,
And he from thence was driven.

All heaven in disorder stood,
And parties fast increas’d;

Had I not cast him headlong down
The tumult ne’er had ceas’d.

No sword of war did e’er appear
More dreadful here below;

But loud the sound made heaven resound,
As tumult quick did shew.

Satan the king, declar’d by some,
Was then pronounc’d in heaven;

To shew them of his bloody reign
A kingdom soon was given.


“Now I’ll explain what I do mean;
I claim the heavens my own;

And soon I banish’d him from thence
And did him then dethrone.

To try again his future reign,
I soon created man,

To fill the place that Satan left,
And paradise command.

Now I’ll begin to shew to man
How I made him at first,

And perfect like the heavenly plan
I order’d all the dust.

I made the man in my own form,
In my own likeness stood;

I made him lord of all below,
And gave him all was good;

I made my plan so much for man
For to resemble heaven;

I took the partner from his side,
That unto him was given:

So like my Son, the woman came,
The partner of his soul.

< 149 >

And so my plan I plac’d for man,
In my own likeness all.

I and my Son were both as One;
I took him from my side;

And so the woman I did form,
Which I pronounc’d the Bride,

For to bring forth a glorious earth,
As I had made in heaven;

I made the angels as the birth
Of children you have given.

I shall explain what this does mean:
I brought up children there,

And they against me did rebel,
Let every soul see clear.

Now I’ll begin in words more plain,
As this doth puzzle thee;

But surely ’tis for learned men
The mysteries to see,

How soon the earth was then drawn forth
So much to be like heaven,

To try the king who wants to reign,
A power to him was given.

When down below, let mortals know,
I did the rebel cast;

And now the mysteries plain I’ll shew,
How every thing was plac’d.


“The tree of knowledge of good and evil was the knowledge of God and the devil; therefore I forbade the man to eat it, and pronounced him dead if he ate thereof.  This command was given to man; and to try the whole, I left the man to himself; the woman to herself; and the devil to himself; all were left to their own will and power, to obey, or disobey; and the man and woman stood in perfect obedience, till the serpent began upon earth, as he had done in heaven, to work by arts to betray the woman.  For as his malice came, for you to judge the earth, I have shewed you my plan, why I created the whole, and why I placed it on conditions.  Could you call me just with Satan, that was once an angel of light, and had long been a companion of God and angels in heaven, to cast him from heaven, and chain him down in hell for his rebellion in heaven,

< 150 >

before I had tried his reign upon earth?  He wanted to be a king, and have the power in his own hands; many of the angels he had influenced to judge him fit for a king and governor, and they joined with him, till I cast them all out of heaven; and blasphemy soon burst from Satan and his angels, in the like manner as he came to thee, against the Lord, and the Son of God.  Then I created man, and gave Satan power as a god of this world, and fixed his reign at six thousand years, wherein I laboured: and one day is as a thousand years with the Lord, and I am the Lord that hath spoken it; one thousand years of rest.  I have said, my Spirit shall not always strive with man:  I have been striving with man ever since the fall; I have felt for man; I have pitied man, well knowing what powerful adversary and enemy he had to work with.  But let men know I am their King, their Captain, and their Conqueror, to fight all their battles for them, if they join with me.  For when I bring the tree of knowledge to all their view, the Lord is good, wondrous, and wise, in all his ways; just and right in all his works; and the same hand that plucked the evil fruit, and brought it to the man, will assuredly bring you to the knowledge of the good, that ye may not charge God foolishly, for giving you the woman to complete your bliss: and by her it shall be completed, as I promised man at first; or Satan must outwit me, if she does not bruise his head.


“So she and I the cause will try,—
And let the stars appear;

If in the land there twelve do lie
To judge the star is here;

Then they shall see the mystery,
How all’s enroll’d in heaven;

And every mystery I’ll unfold,
To them it shall be given.

For here’s the marriage of the Lamb
That shall them all unite;

< 151 >

Their lamps with oil I’ll surely trim,
And make them all burn bright.

For Cana’s wonders shall begin;
I’ll make your water wine;

And greater wonders shall be seen
Than were wrought at that time.

When you appear to see it clear,
To know it came from heaven,

Then every seal will be reveal’d,
And to your hands be given.


“So, shepherds all, now hear your call,
And judge your long-lost sheep,

Whom men conceiv’d was lost to all,
Her tracks were gone too deep.

You hear the sound that doth abound,
Like simple shepherds gaze—

“We see what tracks do now appear,
“And are lost in th’ amaze;

“If’t be from heaven to us ’tis given
“To judge the world below;

“And is this the pearl hid from all?
“The truth we’ll surely know,

“And now act wise; if she disguise,
“We’ll soon find out the cheat;

“But if from heaven the sound is given,
“ ’Tis our Emmanuel’s feet

“That do appear; his tracks are here,
“So wondrous in the sound;

“His tracks were gone so long before,
“They all were buried down.

“So in amaze we well might gaze,
“To see the sheep appear,

“Whose footsteps we could never trace,
“Which way she wander’d there.

“Beyond our heads are mysteries laid;
“They mysteries are to all:

“The Prophets knew not what they said,
“If this is now the call.”

Now I’ll explain what I do mean:
They did not understand

What was the fulness of the time;
They judg’d it then at hand.


“When the fulness of the time was come, God sent his Son, made of a woman, made under the law.  Now I ask you, what fulness of time was then, when the Jews were cast out, whom I

< 152 >

pronounced my chosen people?  What fulness can you make good was done at that time?  But now I will tell you the fulness of the time is, to fulfil the Bible; to bring men out of darkness into my marvellous light; to redeem you from the fall; to call the Jews from all nations, whither I have scattered them; to bring my sons from afar, and my daughters from the ends of the earth; to have the heathens for my inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for my possession; to pour out my Spirit upon all flesh; and bring in one thousand years of rest for man and me; and then the fulness all will see—that I am in the woman’s form, and brought this knowledge unto man.  Now call my words to your remembrance:  If the days were not shortened, no flesh could be saved; but for the elect’s sake they will be shortened: the elect was man; and, for his sake, the six thousand years will be shortened, to give a fair trial to men and devils.


“So now be clear, seven thousand years—
Six thousand’s Satan’s reign;

So long as he is chain’d before,
So long I’ll free his chain.

Then certainly the judgment day
Must surely follow next,

When I shall sever from my throne,
And all my judgments fix.

An awful day you all will see,
Just like the seat of war;

The heavenly trumpets first will sound;
My angels must appear

With every music in their hands,
And every trumpet sound;

The music, striking every ear,
Shall reach the earthly ground;

From shore to shore my thunders roar,
And earth’s foundation shake;

Confusion must to all appear,
When I begin to take

The cause in hand so deep for men,
And bring them from the dust;

< 153 >

In perfect order all must stand,
As they were made at first.

The graves must open and awake,
And earth give up her dead;

The foaming billows, they will roar,
Where are some millions laid,

But such a sound will then rebound,
And trembling saints will stand,

To see that awful day appear,
When I the earth command

For to appear, and meet me here,
And soul and body meet;

In perfect form as now they’re known,
The likeness will be great;

But in the bloom of youth appear,
I say, they all shall come,

Much brighter than they ever were;
But shall resemble man—

Just as your pictures do appear,
Some likeness to your view;

But I shall make the body fair,
In brighter colours too.

Thus must begin the awful scene,
And all you’ll call to mind,

How in the bodies you have been;
And memories quick you’ll find.

When face to face, from every place,
Acquaintance all will meet;

And every age, I’ll now engage,
Will their companions greet.


“Thus will appear the righteous here,
With hearts inflam’d with joy.

But when the sinners do appear,
This will their peace destroy,

To meet the foe, that here below
There did their ruin seek;

The murderers will their sufferers know,
And tremble at their feet.

The scenes of war will then appear;
For men in ranks must stand,

And view each other face to face,
As you do now view man.

When this is done, war will begin
And enmity appear;

Men’s consciences will burn within,
To meet their fellows here,

Whom they ill-us’d, or abus’d,
By any artful hand;

< 154 >

For none can fly that awful day,
But must together stand.

O what a scene will then begin,
When every rank turns round!

And perfect like the seat of war
That day will sure be found:

For face to face, as in a glass,
You surely all must meet;

And as the day of battle is,
You’ll find the battle great:

No glittering sword that goes abroad,
No cannon that doth roar,

Will strike more deep in any man;
For every shot is here,

And every dart to wound the heart
Of those that are unjust:

That day will make some millions smart,
For so to meet you must.

An awful scene will then begin,
And fast the shots will fly;

You’ll want no armour then of men,
For every armour’s nigh;

Because in men it all will come,
And every wound go deep;

Much louder than the cannon’s roar,
Will then the sinners weep.

Then must appear in terror here
The kings by whom ’twas fix’d;

The King of Glory in the air;
The prince of darkness next;

Because as king he did begin,
Wanting to reign above,

And so his reign he fix’d in men;
Then judge which king you love.

As men began by the French king,
The traitor you will see;

The traitor here doth now appear
A bloody king to be.


“A meeting then will soon begin,
And men will Satan hate—

“But how shall we throw off his reign?”
The mutiny will be great.

“The King above, we did slight his love,
“We cannot mercy find;

“The king below, with him to go,
“He will in fetters bind,

“So what to do we do not know,
“But down our arms must fall;

< 155 >

“O let the rocks and mountains come
“To hide us now from all!”

Then who shall fight?  Not small nor great,
But these two kings must stand.—

I made them all, both great and small,
And plac’d in every land,

I say, these men that thou hast slain—
Now Satan hear thy doom;

And canst thou raise them from the dust,
To fight against me, come!

No; men will lay their armour by,
As dead men they’ll appear,

While loud hosannas from my saints
The echo they will hear:

“Bless’d be our King, and bless’d his reign;
“He’s worthy of a God;

“The Prince of Glory once was slain,
“And wash’d us in his blood.”

With every sound will they abound,
“Thrice blessed be his name!

“His garments once were dipt in blood;
“From him our armour came;

“He fought the battle for us all,
“Wounded our deadly foe”—

And endless ages shall rebound,
From heaven and earth below;

While hearts within in love will burn,
And happiness complete.

Then will the sinners silent mourn,
And tremble at his feet,—

“Ah, happy men!” will they begin,
“Had we their footsteps trod,

“In triumph we should now appear
“With our victorious God;

“No burning conscience should we feel,
“But hearts inflam’d with love:

“Then sure his worth is now set forth
“By all the host above.”

For saints will praise, and angels gaze,
And trembling sinners fall:

Thus will I come with armies strong,
Till I have rescued all.


“The sinners’ smart will wound my heart,
For to destroy their foe;

And shew him of his bloody reign,
While he hath reign’d below.

So he and I the cause will try
In that tremendous hour,

< 156 >

No more I’ll hear the sinners’ cry,
But free them of his power.

I’ll shame him then by sinful men,
As he did cause their fall;

And prove no heaven could be in him—
He’th made a hell for all,

When he was king; and see his reign;
In man it must appear;

Therefore I did let go his chain
To reign six thousand years.

The one you’ll see preserv’d for me,
That all may prove my reign;

And justice must in all agree,
That he is justly slain;

For justice here must now appear
To chain him down below;

The banish’d prisoners then I’ll clear;
Their time is up I know!


“So I’ll dispute, while man is mute,
And all shall hear my sound;

I’ll cut the branches from the root,
And then the stump I’ll bind

In fetters strong, alone to burn;
Because his rage will swell,

To see his fall, condemn’d by all,
Will kindle flames in hell.

But then be clear, no man is there,
That trembleth at my rod;

I mean to make the mystery clear:
And all shall find their God

Did ne’er design the human kind
Created for such woe,

As here to die, in hell to lie,
In fetters bound below.

No, no; that day, to man I say,
Satan will find the cheat:

An army strong he’ll bring with him—
But here the lines go deep;

For when he comes with armies strong,
In hopes to win the field,

He’ll find his men such cowards then,
That every man will yield,

No more to rise, (let men grow wise,)
Against the laws of God;

For when their leader I chastise,
They’ll find my laws are good,

And all are just; let sinners trust;
For I shall shew their end;

< 157 >

And down in hell their king shall dwell,
With his own host descend;

That is, be clear, his angels here,
Whom he did drive from heaven;

But man is mine; he must resign;
For he shall be forgiven.

Then I’ll bring forth a glorious earth,
And place them here below;

But sure I have a paradise
Where all my saints shall go,

In true perfection to enjoy
A never-fading crown;

For then their peace can none destroy;
A heaven to them is found.

But those below, they’ll find it so,
Will greatly differ here;

A heaven to some on earth will come;
But anger will appear;

Concealed long, some hearts will burn,
Their murderers to see;

And conscience burn, ’twill make some mourn,
And spoil their harmony.

So that complete the sinners’ state
Will not be in the end,

Like those that do my favours seek—
’Tis deep all thou hast penn’d:

But man I’ll free from misery;
If sorrows do abound,

That one the other can’t forgive,
Your grief will then be found.


“So I’ll end here, and say no more,
But weigh the matter deep;

If happiness you wish to share,
Your conscience void now keep:

Not give offence; for recompense
Will meet you on that day,

When I have made a heaven below,
My wonders all display’d;

Wonders will be, you all will see,
When Satan’s hurried down;

Such blasphemy will come from he,
And horror shake the ground:

Thunder will roll from pole to pole,
And lightning fast will fly;

More dreadful war than ’twas before,
When he rebell’d on high.

So wars began, and war will end,
And such a war ’twill be,

< 158 >

In hell in war they will contend
To all eternity.

So I’ll end here and say no more
Of that great Judgment Day,

In colours faint I’ve given thee
Of what it then will be;

Such battles fought, such victories wrought,
And Satan’s pride will burst,

Condemn’d by all—‘What! must I fall,
‘And man preserv’d at last?

‘Then I can swell no more in hell,
‘The angels will me blame—

‘What! must I see such destiny
‘As setteth hell in flames?’—

So now at last ’twill kindle fast;
For then the fire will burn;

It is from them the flames must come,
And on their heads return.”


In this manner is the Day of Judgment explained to me, from the rebellion in heaven to the last day of judgment.  I shall give a few lines of my own judgment on it.


All this is worthy of a God;
And may I thus believe,

On Satan so to cast the rod,
As he did man deceive.

Thy power, thy wisdom, and thy might,
We all shall worship too;

When he doth bring all this to light,
’Twill be a glorious view.

Men’s hearts enlarg’d to speak his praise;
For who can set it forth?

It may rebound in endless days,
But none can judge his worth.

My soul too low I know must go
To fathom things so deep.


I shall leave my own thoughts of the justness of God on the day of judgment, to wiser heads than mine, and deep divines, who I know will write from it, when they are clear it is from God.  But I shall answer a few objections, that some have already made on hearing it.  They did not believe

< 159 >

that sinners would ever be saved from hell in the day of judgment; as it was written, “Go, ye accursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels.”  But that accursed thing was the devil.  And these were answered me from our Saviour’s words: I will separate the sheep from the goats; the sheep on my right hand, and the goats on the left; but though hand joined in hand, the wicked shall not go unpunished.


“But on my right hand all my sheep shall sit;

And on the left the goats I’ll not forget;

For if I died to be the sinners’ friend,

They all shall find I’ll prove it in the end.

What in my heart did I for Judas feel,

To see his conscience like the flames of hell!

And in despair he died a wretched end,

And said he sinn’d for to betray his friend:

And in the end his friend I’ll surely be,

Condemn the power that first betrayed he.

So here the doors are open now for man;

The day of judgment it is nigh at hand,

When men in judgment they must surely sit,

And tell the woman if her thoughts are right;

And in her history what in her they blame;

Then after that her trial must come on.

But if the sixth book it doth first appear,

The four-and-twenty elders must see clear

That I am present in the woman’s form,

When that the sixth book you do deep discern;

When all together you do deeply weigh,

Then know to man is come the judgment day;

And then to heal the nations I’ll begin.—

And now I’ll bring you to a deeper dream,

Which I command thee for to pen it here,

And then the mystery I shall make it clear.”


In the Christmas holidays of 1794, after I had seen the vision at the close of that year (being perfectly awake when I saw the vision in the Christmas), this dream was brought to my view:

I thought I was at a door; and, looking in the heavens, saw them full of sheep, lying in the air like a flock of sheep on the mountains.  In the midst

< 160 >

there was one of the size of a bullock, but covered with wool, like a sheep, remarkably long and white as snow, and the head like a lamb; the others were of the common size of sheep, lying round the large one; but all had long white wool like snow; and their faces like lambs; some were the size of lambs; and all lay in the air round the large one, and the heavens seemed covered with them: so that some appeared near to the earth.  In the morning when I awoke, it was said to me—


“Arise, and write, the day-light now is come;

My Spirit’s waiting to direct thy hand.”


It is now concealed from me how it was then explained, as my writings are sealed up from me.  I only remember these words.  When I had written, “the light came from the moon;” I was questioned, “Where dost thou see the moon?”  I threw down my pen with astonishment, as knowing I did not see the moon; but judged it so from the light, as I dreamt it at midnight.  I was answered—


“What thou hast written, I well know is true;

’Twas I that brought this vision to thy view.”


I cannot recollect how it was then explained; but it was in such a beautiful manner, that my eyes were drowned in tears, while I penned what was then revealed of Christ and his flock.  It is now answered in the following manner.


“Then Christ and his flock now together must stand,

And prove from this vision my kingdom’s at hand;

And white as the wool my flock shall appear;

And the light from my lambs you shall all see it clear;

My Spirit’s descended so far from my throne,

And so near to the earth now my Spirit is come.

And surely around me I’ll gather my sheep,

And now in the air you with safety may sleep;

No light from the moon there need to appear;

I’ll enlighten my shepherds to light you all here;

So walk in this light before it is gone;

My flock must not tarry: ’tis time for to come;

Because that this vision’s conceal’d from thy view,

How it was explain’d thou little dost know;

< 161 >

No, no; ’tis my shepherds must search out the dream;

Then you’ll find it true as I then did explain.

So of dreams now and visions another now pen;

It was of the moons; thou must give it to men.”


If I remember right, it was the same Christmas, I dreamed that I was in bed, out in a remarkably large open field.  I thought I saw one moon over my head, shining very bright, and another, very large, at the end of a field, with the head of a man in it, like a Turk’s head.  I cannot recollect how it was explained; but I then thought it wondrous.  I shall pen the words, as it is answered me now.


“Then now I will answer.—In wonders appear

Two moons, they were shining so bright in the air.

Thou sayest in one there appear’d the Turk’s head;

The field is the world wherein thou wast laid;

The head of the man in the moon did appear;

And the wisdom of Satan in some will shine clear;

And now in his wisdom so bright some will shine,

And give light to the world that walketh in him.

I told thee the sun was an emblem of me,

To give light to the world, that clear you may see;

But sure as the moon that shines in the night,

Then unto the darkness the moon is a light.

And now by men’s conduct thou surely wilt know,

From the sun or the moon, where men’s wisdom doth flow;

For those that do gather their light from the sun,

They’ll surely see clear which way it doth come;

But those that do gather their light from the moon,

It is but in darkness their wisdom can shine;

Because that the moon cannot lighten the day.

Ye men now of learning, mark well what I say:

For deep you will find is the vision to all;

The sun must be risen to judge of your call;

Because that in darkness there many will shine,

Contend that these writings were never divine;

The wisdom of Satan in man will appear,

And point out such light to deny it all here;

And so by man’s conduct the truth thou wilt see,

How true were the words I then answer’d to thee,

That now from thy memory I hourly conceal’d;

But unto my shepherds must all be reveal’d;

For then they will gather their light from the sun;

When the seals they are broken the day-light will come.

< 162 >

For now I do tell thee to pen one dream more,

And then let the learned together compare.”


I shall now mention one dream more.  In 1794, I thought I saw a pump, the handle of which was so very high, that I could scarce reach it, and it was so hard I could get no water from it.  I thought I lay down under the handle, and all on a sudden the water gushed out, and ran down in a large stream till it came to a very deep pond, where there was muddy water, which frothed amazingly when the clear stream came into the pond; and the pit was large and deep.  I was answered—


“And is that all thou knowest of thy dream?

This simple mystery I shall soon explain;

For in thy dream thou know’st the pump was high;

But in it here’s another mystery;

When for to pump it thou didst find it hard—

’Tis plain thy words they little do regard;

Therefore in silence thou must surely wait;

Because the handle is most high and strait;

But by itself it certainly will go,

The living water shall gush out, you know,

And in the pit it certain will run down;

(Thou know’st the fountain it was under ground;)

And then it foam’d, it must to all be known;

But here’s a mystery thou canst not explain;

But yet the mystery I’ll explain to thee;

For in it there’s a double mystery.

I say the pit resembleth that of hell,

Where the infernal host do surely dwell.

And will the living waters thither come?

It is a mystery to thee unknown.

No, no; I say, it is not what I mean;

The living waters are the living stream,

That like a fountain will come from on high;

But yet the sinners will it all defy;

And as ’tis flowing, sin will sure abound;

They’ll froth with fury for to hear the sound.

Thou know’st thou saw’st the scarlet dye appear,

Amongst the waters thou didst see most clear;

And how it came thou didst inquire to know;

Thou saidst the waters would be hurted through.

So that thy dream thou hast not wrote it all,

But for thy answer is thy eager call.

< 163 >

This is a folly I do see in thee;

But in it here’s another mystery.

Now for my answer thou dost always wait;

In that the mystery I say is great;

For as the foaming with the waters came,

So will the tumult be in every land;

For saints and sinners they will not agree—

The water dirty did appear to thee,

That in the stream it did so lie below,

And make it foam when living waters flow;

So with the wicked it will certain be;

They’ll foam with fury, and the truth you’ll see.


But this was the dream that I shew’d thee at first,

And so in the end all my glory shall burst.”


This was a dream in 1792.  I had been powerfully visited by the blasphemy of Satan, which made me earnest in prayer, that the Lord would cut short the powers of darkness.  I was answered—“I will shew thee, in dreams and visions of the night, what I will do with him.”  The same I was answered when I was going to bed.  I went to sleep, but seemed as full of life and sense, as though I had been awake, when I heard the most heavenly music I ever heard in my life, louder than an organ, but much sweeter.  With this heavenly music I saw my chamber door burst open, and a man leading in a pig with his mouth tied round with a cord, and the man led him in with a halter.  Two men, or angels, I thought, stood at my bedside, with heavenly music in their hands, while the other led forward the pig, which seemed to breathe forth threatenings against me, and the smoke ascended from its nostrils.  I thought I trembled in my bed, and was earnest in prayer to God to save me from his power, as I thought in my dream it was the devil.  As I was in prayer he was led away, and the heavenly music ceased, and all was silent.  Some hours after, in the same night, I heard the like heavenly music the second time; and all appeared before me as at first; only I conceived the pig seemed more

< 164 >

furious; but there was no other difference than that between the former and the latter.  I then awoke, much confused.  This was in 1792.  I cannot recollect the whole of the circumstances; but remember it was Satan’s being bound.  I shall here insert the manner it is explained; as I could not explain it myself.  I was answered—


“Why doubtest thou that all from heaven descend,

As thou canst not answer one word thou hast penn’d?

But here is the vision I shew’d thee at first,

And here is the vision that shall surely burst.

The music from heaven shall surely appear;

And loudly the music shall strike in your ear,

That I am approaching, my kingdom is nigh;

Then surely the rebels will bitterly cry;

A noise that’s most dreadful some thousands will make,

When the pillars of heaven begin for to shake;

And earth’s strong foundations will sure tremble here,

When Satan is bound and that sight doth appear.

Against thee his malice he’ll try for to vent,

And I tell thee in sunder he surely would rent,

If I had not bound him, as close as thy dream;

My angels do guard thee to keep thee from him:

For now I do tell thee, could Satan get free,

He’d vent out his malice he hath against thee;

But like as thy dream do my angels appear,

By day and by night they are guarding thee here.

So all men are simple to judge that thy hand

Could write in such manner, did I not command.

No—if thou wert mocking, all mortals would see,

Satan would be catching, and soon baffle thee;

For I would not guard thee, nor keep thee from harm—

Ye judge of your Bibles, but do not discern,

As soon as impostors are risen in my name,

The devils light on them and put them to shame.

And now, if you’d wisdom, you all would see clear,

Thy life would not last, or my Bible must err,

To say that your thoughts are all open to me;

Then surely thy writings I plainly do see;

Then surely some wonder to you must appear,

If you judge that my Spirit hath not spoken here;

And weigh well the writings that came from her hand,

If you judge not from heaven, in wonders you’d stand;

Unless to all knowledge you’re totally dead,

The heavens are silent, and Satan is fled.

This must be the language of every heart,

< 165 >

That judg’th ’tis not God doth these secrets impart:

For sure like thy dream must the tempter be bound,

Or all men would see how he’d quickly confound.

So now from these lines let the learned weigh deep:

And now I shall answer how thousands will weep;

Because that the tempter I surely shall bind,

So much like thy dream, all my shepherds shall find,

That when they come boldly to judge of the word,

And say, “We’ll see clearly if this be from God;”

Then the heavenly music shall sound in your ear—

“The voice is from heaven, we’ve nothing to fear.”

And then of the earth they’re the first I’ll redeem;

And much deeper mysteries I then shall explain,

When you see the woman in wonders appear:

And wonders from heaven you surely will hear;

But this is a mystery you cannot discern,

Nor yet understand in what way I do warn;

Because from the woman I’ll make it all clear;

And return back the bone, for to shew you all here

How Satan you’ll conquer, and Eden regain;

And how it was lost she shall shew you all plain;

And then all the mysteries you all will see clear;

And wonders from heaven to all shall appear;

Because I’ll fulfil it so much like thy dream—

And now from another the whole I’ll explain.”


[I have omitted inserting, before my dream at midnight, that I was awoke with the most dreadful noise I ever heard in my life; and was answered, it was like the noise of hell when the devils are chained down; then I slept and had the two preceding dreams.]


In 1797 I dreamt I felt myself almost dying, and whether awake or asleep I could scarce tell; but I felt myself so shocked with pain, that I said I could not live any longer; and thought I felt my spirit depart from my body, and was carried through the air to some wondrous buildings, the most curious I ever beheld, and too remarkable to pen.  I thought there were galleries, filled with and surrounded by soldiers.  Before the galleries there was a large court-yard, in which stood a remarkable large oak, well spread, and well

< 166 >

grown, the leaves of which I thought they had gilded all over with gold, and tied ribbons all over the tree, in token of some great victory they had won.  There were officers there, with swords glittering with gold, and ribbons tied to them; all which seemed to bear the appearance of some great victory; and when I awoke I thought I should hear of some; but it was answered in the following manner:


“Then now the victory I’ll explain,

And tell thee all the war I mean.

My servants shall like soldiers come;

The tree of life shall be made known,

In golden colours to appear;

The ribbons shew the victory there.

So on thy bed wilt thou lie down;—

The day at last for me is found,

That I an earthly judgment meet:

This awful day must finish it.

But how, thou’lt cry, can I appear,

Though in my heart I wish’d it near?

But now the awful day is come,

That in my heart I wish’d for long.—

So much like Peter thou wilt stand,

Though boldly launch’d by my command,

To warn the jury to appear;

But then thy faith will sink in fear:

O save me, Lord, will be thy cry;

Can such a simple worm as I

Before such learned men appear?

I sink! I sink! will be thy fear:

But when these fears do thee alarm,

Like Peter, thou shalt find my arm;

And in the galleries thou shalt see

The glorious victories wrought by me.

The soldiers are the men of God;

The glittering sword, the Spirit’s word;

In golden colours shall appear

The tree of life, that day I’ll clear,

And every sign I’ll then make good,

I bought your ransom on the wood.


    “So let the judge and jury come;

The tree of life shall be made known

In golden colours to appear;

And all shall find my Spirit near,

< 167 >

That is descended like a dove;

And all I’ll fill with heavenly love;

And then the waters I’ll abate,

When I return your loving mate,

To bring the olive-branch of peace,

And make your jarring discord cease.

For sure a Thomas will be found,

That’s jealous of the heavenly sound;

And if in doubts he doth appear,

My hands and side I’ll shew him there;

For then the mysteries I’ll explain;

Because I know they are but men;

And you shall know what days are come,

And find me in the woman’s form,

To make your perfect bliss complete;

And you shall find your helpmate’s great.

For this was first my Father’s will,

And it you’ll find I shall fulfil;

And then my Father you’ll not blame,

When I the serpent put to shame.

I took my trial first from man,

And so the serpent next must come

To stand the trial just like me.

If you look deep I’ve honour’d he,

As he in heaven did affect the king;

Then so his trial now I’ll bring;

And he must surely fall by man,

Then all shall see the heavenly plan.


    “So let the glittering swords appear;

My shepherds must my armour bear,

And come like soldiers in the fight,

And then I’ll make them men of might,

And every victory they shall gain;

The heavenly war they must maintain.

So here these dreams they do go deep;

My shepherds must not careless sleep,

To say “We now do see it clear;

“What need have we for to appear,

“To bring these mysteries to our view?

“It is of God, we well do know;

“For all’s beyond a woman’s head,

“Did not the Lord her spirit lead.”

But here, my friends, is your mistake;

Out of the sleep you must awake;

Whilst others judge it but a dream,

You must awake, and see it plain,

That you as stars may rise and shine

To lighten the benighted minds,

< 168 >

That they may wake out of their dream,

When you can prove you have seen it plain.

Besides, some mysteries are behind,

Until that day you cannot find,

Till I unbolt the perfect door,

What I have got for man in store.

So let not faith to keep you back,

Nor unbelief to climb the rock,

Because you fear that you may fall;

Your anchor’s fix’d; I’ll keep you all.


    “So now I’ve ended with thy dream:

And now from visions I’ll explain,

And prove my prophet Joel true,

And bring the vision to your view.

The vision first was seen by man,

Just like my Bible all’s the plan,

That in the heavens to him appear’d;

But he the mystery could not clear,

Nor yet no man could see it plain,

Nor shew the vision what it meant;

Till it came to the woman’s hand,

I had conceal’d it all from man;

To make the prophet’s words more clear—

The prophet was the woman here.

So now the vision I’ll explain,

And shew it with the former dream.”


After I had written out the dreams shewn me in 1792 and 1794, I received a letter from a worthy minister in London, with an open vision he saw in the heavens, as he was reading the burial service over the dead.  He sent me a representation of the vision, neatly engraved.  I must beg the worthy gentleman’s pardon for putting it in print without his approbation; but I trust a gentleman of his good sense and learning will forgive me, when I tell him, the Lord hath commanded me; and I had not time to write for his consent.  So I shall insert the vision perfectly as he sent the words to me, and after give the explanation, as it was explained to me.  I shall conceal the reverend gentleman’s name.


Description of an OPEN VISION.—“There appeared in the heavens an ill formed beast, standing

< 169 >

on the continent, and afterwards marching upright at the head of an immense army, issuing out of a cloud; the beast stretched out his fore paws, as if swimming, much agitated, and pointing to something at a distance.  All marched gently but boldly on, and appeared to cross the sea, making for an island, which they invaded in a very short space of time.  The sea then assumed the appearance of a barren heath, and every thing seemed to have fallen before them.

“The beast having arrived in the middle of the island, put on the form and colour of a leopard; and lay down, as if to take his rest, when the army disappeared, and all things about him wore a most beautiful appearance, like fertile land, when the sun is rising upon it; and immediately (the leopard keeping his position) a small cloud arose from the middle of the space, and moved gently to the side, followed by a buffalo and a crocodile; both which, as they drew near the cloud, were invested with its shape, and lost their own.

“The Vision N.N.E. Time about four minutes.

“The above Vision was also seen, and particularly noticed by E. Wynne, schoolmaster, of St. Mary Hill, on his road to Wapping, in the company of several gentlemen.  The above E. W. noticed, that the beast, when it was lain down, momentarily panted, as if at its last gasp.  T. W. the publisher, had, at this period of the vision, taken off his eyes for a few seconds.

“The army and the beast, as represented at the head, appeared to be about six feet high, and the quadrupeds bore an exact natural proportion.”


I shall now come to the explanation of the vision.  As the men are drawn in a bow in the cloud, pursuing the beast, it is explained in the following manner.

< 170 >

“When the world was drowned, the beast had so powerfully worked on man, till he had drawn all men after him, and the deluge of rain made the world become like the sea.  At that time the Lord said he would destroy man from the face of the earth; but man, that was made of the dust of the ground, and created in paradise, was not destroyed; the Lord preserved more in the ark than he created at first.  But after the deluge ceased, the Lord said he would no more suffer the waters to drown the world; and, as a sign unto men, he set the bow in the clouds.  In the prophet Joel he saith, when he cometh to pour out his Spirit upon all flesh, “Your young men shall see visions, and your women shall prophesy; and ye shall see signs in the heavens.”  And in the Revelation it is written, “They shall overcome the beast, that is the devil, by the blood of the Lamb, and the word of their testimony; therefore, rejoice, ye heavens, and all that dwell in them; but woe to the inhabitants of the earth and sea; for the devil is come down in great wrath, because he knoweth he hath but a short time.”  Now I have shewed you, from the written word of God, how all is spoken on the record of the Bible.  The bow was placed as a sign of preservation for man; and the Revelation shews you how to overcome the powers of darkness by the power of Christ.  Now I have shewed you, from the Bible, how all was spoken; and now, from this vision, you see how all is placed.  The bow, that was set in the clouds for man’s preservation, is now drawn with an army of men pursuing the beast; at the end of the vision the beast lay down, much agitated, as if to take his last repose.  Now let men know, the men who were in the clouds, are men on the earth, who, by faith in the blood of Christ, will pursue the beast, and overcome him by their words and testimony of the truth.  The leopard denotes men, that Satan will

< 171 >

draw to join with him.  The crocodile denotes all the arts of the devil; as the crocodile makes a noise to get men to come near him, and then devours them, and so does the devil: but now the crocodile hath no power to approach man, if he be advised of his arts, and shun him; neither hath the devil power to draw in man, or hurt him, if he be aware of his wiles, and shun him.  But this vision shews you, what arts Satan uses to betray man; for Satan is now much agitated, and so he will continue.  He has arts like the crocodile—


    “And like the ravenous beasts he’ll now assume,

And like the crocodile with arts he’ll come;

But men will conquer by the heavenly train;

And know, the rainbow was a type for men,

That at the last preserved they shall be;

The beast I’ll conquer, and the men I’ll free;

And at his last gasp he is surely come;

And the whole armour you may now put on.

Deep is the vision must to all appear—

Rejoice, ye Jews; and let the Turks to fear;

For in that nation I shall end the war.

The barren heath in Turkey doth appear;

Their minds are barren; all is barren there.

And yet thou’rt puzzled, how these things can be:

The beast arriv’d the fertile land to see,

And all my army they did disappear.

This is a mystery thou canst never clear;

But now the mystery I will here unfold,

And prove the truth is by a woman told;

But by thy wisdom, as a woman, here

No more than man canst thou the mystery clear.

To see the beast possess the promis’d land,

And all my army silent for to stand,

Or at that very time to disappear;

It is a mystery that no man can clear.

But now, I tell thee, I will clear the whole;

And know, my army they went on so bold,

And did pursue unto the promis’d land,

That for the Jews I surely shall command;

But as the beast alone he did see there,

In his possession you may now see clear,

That certainly it was the heathen land

That now the beast has got in full command.

< 172 >

And now I tell thee that thy pen goes deep—

And with the beast they all together sleep;

But I shall soon awake them from their dream,

And then the vision you shall all see plain.

Now if men judge it of some curious head,

To see the vision, as they simply said;

Then Solomon in wisdom must appear,

To shew the vision with the Bible clear.

Wise fools, I tell you, here the moon does shine,

If you will prove these writings not divine:

From Satan’s wisdom you must draw your light,

To shine in darkness, and you may shine bright,

To bring forth reasons you cannot make clear,

When once the Sun of Righteousness ris’th here;

Then all your light will vanish soon away,

When I do bring to man the perfect day.


    “Mark all these dreams and visions seen before;

And from each other all concealed were,

Till I command the truth to fly abroad,

And then the vision must to all be know’d;

For, like the vision I shall now go on,

And fix my army in the sons of men.

So now together you may all compare,

And judge what senses are deranged here,

To bring such wondrous things before your sight,

In such a form, and every path is straight:

Unless I tell ye, you are all sun-blind,

And at the noon-day you the walls can’t find;

Then sure like bears you may begin to roar,

And mourn like doves your blindness to deplore;

In places desolate you’ll surely be,

And soon like dead men will your folly see:

For now you’ll find will come the midnight hour,

When all mankind will feel the Bridegroom’s power;

And you, whose lamps are ready now prepar’d,

The midnight hour will bring your full reward;

For with the Bridegroom you may enter in;

That is, my kingdom you shall surely win;

And you will find a glorious midnight hour

To meet the Bridegroom; and you’ll feel my power,

To shut you in secure from every foe:

Your names are written, and your names I know.

But when the foolish virgins do appear,

Who mock’d the warning of the Bridegroom here,

I tell you plain what then will be your fate;

Like foolish virgins you will come too late;

Because your names, I say, I do not know;

You mock’d the warning, and despis’d the blow,

< 173 >

That I pronounc’d against the mockers here;

And now the midnight hour to them appears,

That back on mockers must my fury fall.

So now take care, I warn you, one and all;

The midnight hour for all is nigh at hand,

That on your head the prophet’s blood must stand,

As they asunder did Isaiah saw:

And now observe the Gospel and the Law;

And Jeremiah in the dungeon cast,

And now the midnight hour for all shall burst;

For now asunder I shall saw the whole,

And back on mockers shall my fury fall.


    “So here’s my warning in the date that’s new;

The day’s I’ll shorten; and like man I’ll do:

As men asunder did Isaiah saw,

So now asunder you shall see my law;

Unto the one my promises are great;

Unto the other—they shall meet his fate,

And Jeremiah in the dungeon cast;

And now the dungeon must for mockers burst.

Look to the blood the Romans they did spill,

And how the martyrs did their fury feel;

Back on their heads you see I brought the blow,

And now the midnight hour you all shall know.

As ’twas by mockers I was crucified,

And ’twas by mockers my disciples died;

And will ye say my Gospel you do know?

Then on your heads you’re bringing now the blow;

For Abel’s blood must unto men appear;

The day of vengeance now is coming here,

That all their blood must now on mockers fall.

Now from that woman I do tell you all,

Who say your Bibles you do now see clear,

And yet despise the warnings I give here;

Just like the blind my Bibles you do see—

Write out her words, and then I’ll answer thee.”


These words were in answer to a proud, ignorant woman, who came into a house where I was; and, speaking of the prophecies, said, “She did not want any one to tell her better than she knew; for the Bible was plain; and all our Saviour’s words were true; and wars and rumours of wars, and the Revelation, were all fulfilled.  She had read them, and understood them all; and the day of judgment was at hand.”  I shewed her the open vision,

< 174 >

seen by the clergyman.  She asked, “If it was not the gentleman’s imagination?”  I said, No; he must have had more wisdom than Solomon, to imagine such a thing, to draw so lively a picture of the last days; so consistent with all the Bible.  But I found the woman, with all her boasted wisdom, had no idea at all of the last days.  She was ignorant and opinionated in her own knowledge; so I left off disputing with her; for I found her so wise in her own eyes, that there was more hopes of a fool than of her.  Her folly was answered me in the following manner.

“Thy observation was just.  There is more hopes of a fool than of such, who think they know every thing, and know nothing.  If she knew my Bible, she must know all these things that thou hast written; and the vision shewed her must first come to pass.  And he that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me, scattereth; for now is coming the end.  The day of judgment for man is already come; and this new century I shall begin for men to sit in judgment, to judge the woman and her writings; and all will find such a trial, as has never happened, since my being judged at Pilate’s bar.


    “For all will find the trial great;

For different passions this will heat,

When men in judgment do appear,

For to condemn, or for to clear.

As different passions will arise,

Some men of learning will chastise,

To prove their judgments not betray’d,

And cast it on the woman’s head,

That some mad fancy fill’d her brain—

“We judg’d it wrong for to contend

“With one we thought so very low;

“Therefore her folly we let go,

“Thinking her folly it would die;

“But now we see ’tis rising high;

“And now our wisdom we may blame,

“If we can’t put her now to shame.

< 175 >

“Then deeply we did not discern,

“If ’tis from God the Spirit came;

“But to this we will not submit,

“Until we see the truth more great.”

While other men will see more clear—

“It is of God, I now do fear;

“And if it be so, I must submit,

“And cast my wisdom at his feet.”

While there are some will see it plain—

“It is from God, I’ll now maintain:”

And strong the reasons they’ll assign,

To prove the writings all divine;

While some are blind and cannot see

They’re spoken by divinity—

“It surely was some curious head

“Such different tongues together said,

“For Hebrew, Greek, and Latin’s here,

“To see in English now to clear.”

So different are the minds of men;

And so I say they will contend,

Until they bring the standard near;

And then the mysteries I shall clear;

For then the woman all will free,

And of the earth judge she must be.


    “So here’s the judgment-day for man,

To free the woman, or condemn,

For saying I am in her form,

And prove the fulness now is come:

And me they’ve crucified afresh,

According as the Scripture saith;

Because the Spirit it is me

That they did persecute in thee.

’Tis not thy conduct they do blame;

Upright and just they all do own,

And all thy principles are good;

Then to the Spirit they allude,

Wherein thy conduct they do blame;

And so you put your Lord to shame.

But as by ignorance this is done,

I shall forgive and wink at men,

If now their love and courage rise,

To justify, or to chastise,

And bring the woman’s trial on;

Then sure the serpent’s next must come;

For I shall follow next to thee,

Until I’ve set the nations free.

I first was judg’d at Pilate’s bar,

And next the woman must appear,

< 176 >

And then the serpent next must come

To take his trial just like them;

And this you’ll find will prove th’event;

Then judge how near is my intent

To bring my glorious kingdom down,

And let the tree of life be found.


    “But here’s the judgment-day on earth,

To judge of what the woman saith.

Now in the earth there’s nothing new;

But here’s a wonder to your view,

That in the earth was never seen

Since earth’s foundations were first lain,

To take my Bible and explain,

As ne’er was understood by men;

And gave the following challenge here,

That every mystery she will clear:

When to the purpose all will come,

To justify, or to condemn,

Then she will make the mystery clear,

And prove the tree of knowledge here;

That by her faith she reach’d so high,

And the good fruit she brought so nigh,

Whereof she bade you now to taste—

The bad is fallen, the good is plac’d,

Which now hangs hovering on the tree,

And all shall find ’tis pluck’d by she.

So, fallen man, canst ascertain

What madness now hath fill’d thy brain,

To judge that e’er a woman’s hand

Could give such challenge unto man?

No, no:  In man I’d soon appear,

For to confound and shame her here,

Did not the challenge come from me;

You are but men, you all shall see,

Whom I’ve pronounced to be dead,

As you the woman first obey’d;

But if your life you’ll now regain,

I tell you all to do the same,

And now obey the woman’s hand,

And paradise you may command.

If you can judge the heavenly sound,

Such woman ne’er on earth was found,

To give such challenge unto man,

And say, that I am in her form;

And if you come to see it clear,

Then in her form I will appear,

And you may judge it by her hand,

That never can be read by man,

< 177 >

That is, to make all mysteries clear:

And so you’ll find my Bible here,

That you no more do understand,

Than you can read the woman’s hand.

There are some things you can read plain,

And so my Bible is to men;

So perfect like the woman’s hand

You’ll find my Bible all does stand,

That in the woman I’ll make good,

And so I’ll prove it by her word:

But in the heavens I’d cease to be,

Than let a woman act like she,

If I did not command it here,

And fully spoke as doth appear;

Whatever nonsense to your view,

I said like man I’d surely do;

And nonsense doth in man appear:

And I shall make the mystery clear,

And then my foolishness you’ll see

Is wiser than you mortals be.

To try the talents high of men,

Here every tongue you may explain,

Hebrew, Greek, and Latin too,

And every tongue bring to your view;

Here France and Spain, and different coasts,

And English language is not lost.

So all these tongues together weigh,

Then speak the truth, or prove the lie;

For I will shew you every tongue

That can be spoke or taught by men.

When you your reasons strong assign,

I’ll answer men that speak divine;

But for the fools, I’ll answer here

In words that they can never clear.

So write the words were spoke by man,

And then I’ll answer thee again.”


These words following were spoken by a man, who came into the house, and, reading my books, said, “It was a parcel of jumbled nonsense.”  I was desired to come and answer for myself; but knowing the man was ignorant, obstinate, and opinionated in his own wisdom, judging himself one of the elect number, and that all others were lost; I knew it was fruitless to contend with him, and therefore kept silent, till he disputed our Saviour’s never putting

< 178 >

off the godhead, and putting on the manhood.  I then went out, and asked him, if our Saviour did come down from heaven a perfect God as he was there?  If he did not take man’s nature upon him, born as man, labour as man, act as man?  If he was not perfect God, and perfect man?  The man replied, he was not; neither did he put off the godhead, to put on the manhood.  Some one coming in, put a stop to our discourse.  His saying it was nonsense was answered in the latter part of the words spoken in verse; and now I shall answer the other, as it was answered to me.


    “Poor, simple man! what, did I then appear

Invested in the godhead perfect here?

Remember how mount Sion it did smoke,

When unto Moses in the bush I spoke;

Israel did tremble, nor my face could see,

And Moses’ countenance was chang’d by me.

So earth must tremble had I then come down

With all the godhead in the heavenly form;

For in the godhead I could not appear,

To bear the mock of fools and sinners here;

For all must stagger and fall to the ground,

As they did once when I was in the sound;

But then the godhead I did quickly change,

And took the manhood, which to you is strange,

That very God and very man could be—

Were not the angels sent to comfort me?

What need I comfort in the godhead’s form,

Invested in all his power, if all was on?

Or to my Father had I need to pray

To let the fatal cup to pass away,

If ’twas his will to have it to be done,

And drops of blood in agonies to come?

Or on the cross what need had I to cry,

My God, my God, hast thou forsaken me?

Then all the prophets surely must speak wrong,

If in the godhead I to mortals come,

Invested in the heavenly Trinity,

To dwell with man; O how could this agree?

Or yet what judge could I e’er be for man,

If all their form I had not yet put on?

And all their nature I did then assume,

And all my power did from the Father come;

< 179 >

For all the godhead I had laid aside,

And all man’s strength and nature then I tried,

And found the arts of Satan how they swell;

And deeper mysteries I to man shall tell.

Had he not fell in Eden then at first,

I am their Judge, and know he would at last.

The kingdoms of the earth were offer’d me;

And unto men the kingdoms, they would see,

Would soon be offer’d, as the full reward

To worship him, and not their God regard;

And by his influence he’d men throw away;

Then all must perish in the judgment-day,

Had not my wisdom so ordain’d my plan,

To cast the serpent and to screen the man,

That to perfection he’s pronounced dead;

And bring his murder on the tempter’s head,

That by the woman at that time was cast;

And now’s the time I’ll make the woman burst

To claim the promise she had got of me.

When Mordecai and Esther do agree,

That when men do like Mordecai appear,

And pray for Esther she may persevere;

Then all the royal robes you may put on;

The glittering sceptre shall to all be known;

Then Esther’s banquet you with joy may see;

And on the gallows Haman he may be,

Or else the serpent in the room of man,

And so proud Lucifer his end must come.

These lines I’ve spoke, the learned men to try

If they can see the hidden mystery;

If not, the mystery I shall make more clear.—

The end is come; and let the dream appear.”


This is a dream sent me by a reverend gentleman from London; not from himself, but another gentleman, who has had many visitations from the Spirit of the Lord, told it to him in the following manner:—

He thought he was in the temple of God, which appeared to be unfinished, in a city; the inhabitants whereof, when he asked the name of it, called it New Jerusalem; that he stood on a high place in it, and saw a man walking below, whom he thought at first to resemble himself, who took up a sword lying on the pavement, and brandished it

< 180 >

several times, saying, The Sword of Gideon, and then laid it down again.

This dream was sent me by an elderly divine; and the vision by a young clergyman.  Now here is the explanation of the dream—


    “Of Gideon’s sword, and brandish’d it shall be:

And now the mystery I shall shew to thee.

For Joel’s words together all are come;

The dreams and visions have been seen by men;

And here’s the woman that doth prophesy;

Then judge my prophet, give him not the lie;

Or else now prove all this was done before,

And then I’ll prove my prophet he did err;

Because my Spirit was not poured out

Upon all flesh; the Jews do surely doubt;

And heathen lands my Spirit do not feel;

But now the nations I shall surely heal.


    “So all together you may now weigh deep,

And then you’ll find I’ll save my frighted sheep.

From Gideon’s sword, you are to understand,

My sword is drawn to conquer every land.

Of times to brandish, I shall now explain:

The mutiny in France did first begin,

Where men in anger brandish’d first the sword,

Destroy’d their powers, according to my word;

For at the end you know that Rome must shake,

When once the Revelations they do break,

That is, their prophecies for to come true;

And by their fall the truth you all may view.

If men of learning do but weigh it deep,

The sword was brandish’d, and the powers do weep,

Which made the sword to brandish all abroad,

And every nation feels the glittering sword;

If not already, it will so come on,

And every land will find my sword is drawn,

Till men I’ve conquer’d, and they all submit

To lay their jewels humbly at my feet;

That is, their faith to trust in me alone,

Then on the other must the sword come down.

For it I’ll brandish in the enemy;

The powers of darkness shall my fury see—

For in the end I’ll plunge it in his heart,

And he like man shall feel the fatal dart;

For that’s the way that I shall sheathe the sword;

And then all flesh shall know the living Lord

< 181 >

Hath drawn the sword, and drawn it not in vain,

When they do see their deadly foe is slain;

And I shall make for men a glorious peace,

Their foe I’ll conquer, and their jarring cease.

So Gideon’s sword you find will end the war;

And those that lap the water now appear,

And all the rest may wait in peace to see

The sword of Gideon make all nations free.

And now the fleece of wool I’ll make it dry,

And wring, I say, the tears from every eye.


    “So here’s the perfect meaning of the dream;

Ye men of learning, judge, and now see plain,

That first the dew was on the people cast;

And tears from thousands like the dew will burst;

While all the lands were barren and seem’d dry,

Scanty of food hath been my children’s cry;

But now the dew shall on the land appear,

Trust me, my children, and dry up your tears;

And judge no more came from a woman’s head,

But mark the fountain and the way it spread;

Then men of wisdom they may trace the hand,

And now the prophet Joel’s words command.

But if in doubts mankind do now appear,

With the beginning you may all compare:

The woman stands a wonder now to man;

And sure the woman’s senses must be gone,

If she in wonder does not gaze on all,

If now you’re blind and cannot judge your call.

If all together you do deeply weigh,

You must discern the dawning of the day,

That as an echo in the verse appear’d,

It is my Spirit echo’d in her ear;

For as in verse you have a different sound,

There is an echo in the words abound;

And so my Spirit it doth echo here—

The sound’s from heaven, and with the lines will bear;

When all together you do perfect weigh,

You must be blind, if you don’t see the day

That is broke, the day-light it is come—

The Sun is risen in the Woman’s form;

As in her form all this to you appears,

But judge my Bible, and you’ll find I’m here;

Though not in wisdom, yet I am in power,

Or men and devils would her soon devour,

If like a husband I did not protect,

To save the wife that he did so direct:

And if in debt she runs by his command,

You know the husband must the trial stand.

< 182 >

So now the trial I will stand for all;

Bring forth the debts that on her head do fall,

And every debt that’s forged in my name,

Then as a husband I will bear the blame;

And as a husband I the debt will pay,

That you will clearly prove was forg’d by she;

But it is time her promise to demand,

While you can prove ’twas forged by her hand.


    “So now the godhead doth to you appear

In perfect manhood, you may all see clear;

For as a man in reason I’ll begin,

But as a God in power I’ll make an end;

And as a man I brought in the new date

Who cut the seals, and sign’d their names to it.

By my command all this was surely done;

But yet no power unto them ever came,

To testify the writings were from heaven;

And as man the words to all were given.

So nought but manhood doth to man appear,

But now the godhead you shall all see clear:

That as a God this year I’ll surely end,

And man with man in thee I shall contend,

Till all my jewels will fall at my feet,

And say, thy wisdom, Lord, we must submit;

For by our wisdom, if we baffle here,

One word out of a thousand we can’t clear,

To prove the writings from a woman’s hand,

And see our Bibles, how it all doth stand.

In such a manner I shall bring it here,

Till like a God you’ll say I do appear.

As sown in weakness all was done at first,

But rise in power when the seals you burst;

For judge, and jury, witnesses must come,

Look on the woman, whom you did condemn,

When in a court of equity ’tis brought,

Produce your seals, and every name was wrote,

And then the mystery you will all see clear,

I’ve chang’d the manhood and the godhead’s here.

In simple weakness all was done at first;

But now in power and wisdom all must burst.—

“To what perfection is our weakness come!

“Such day as this was to us all unknown!

“And yet with joy we all may bless the day,

“That we pursued the woman to obey

“The heavenly wonders—What do we now hear?

“We see the shepherds must the sheep now clear;

“We put our seals to what we did not know;

“We wrote our names, as she did command us to;

< 183 >

“As simple sheep we simply all obey’d;

“And here the cost is on the woman laid”:—

And then your seals I bid you all to burst,

And then the serpent he may lick the dust;

For in the end his curse he’ll surely see,

That he is cast, and man that I will free;

And then your names you may with joy behold,

If I enrol them in a book of gold,

And on that book at last to put my seal,

Then Satan’s arts no longer shall prevail.

So here by faith the harlot now is freed;

I do not say they’re guilty of the deed;

But yet a-whoring they do go from me;

I tell thee plainly, deep’s the mystery.”


I received a letter from a clergyman, who disputed my saying, that the Holy Ghost was never seen, and it was written he was seen descending like a dove.  His observation I grant to be true; and, as many may stumble at it, as well as him, I shall answer for it myself to the world at large.


I did not mean, that he was never seen in any shape, or form; for the Holy Ghost, or the Spirit of the Lord, moved upon the waters; and in the days of Pentecost, it is written, there appeared cloven tongues like as of fire, and it sat upon each of them, and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost.  But will any one say, the Holy Ghost was in person, as a man, divided in so many parts?  The Lord can infuse his Holy Spirit in any form or power he pleases.  But none of these arguments prove, that the Holy Ghost was ever seen in form or fashion, like a man, as our Saviour was upon the earth, and as he appeared to his disciples after his resurrection, or as the Lord appeared to Moses on Mount Sinai.  So none of these reasons do convince me the Spirit is wrong, that told me the Holy Ghost is the Holy Spirit of God and Christ, whom the Lord can send in any form or power.  The devil sent his spirit in the form of a serpent; but we

< 184 >

cannot suppose he was bodily in that shape.  The devil infused his spirit into the heart of Judas; but we cannot suppose he assumed his full form, and entered into him.  Now, if we weigh these things deeply, and call to our recollection the words of our Saviour, the Holy Ghost was the Comforter, whom the Father would send in his name, to bring all things to our remembrance; it would shew us plainly, that the Holy Ghost is the power of God’s Holy Spirit.  If it was a person distinguished by himself, you must say it is the greatest in the Trinity; for our dear Redeemer said, whosoever speaketh against the Holy Ghost, shall never be forgiven in this world nor in that which is to come.  Then if it was a person in body, like the Father or the Son, separated by himself, the greatest in the Trinity, how should the Father have power over it, to send it to whom he pleased, how he pleased, or in what form he pleased, if it was not, as it was said to me, the Holy Ghost is the Holy Spirit of God, whom he said in the last days he would pour out upon all flesh?  The Holy Trinity was always a mystery to me; I never dived into it, till it was explained to me, that it was the Holy Spirit of God.


Now I shall answer other disputants concerning last May, as they expected to see some great thing happen, not discerning how it was spoken.  It was spoke this year, but was not to appear till next.  Yet few discerned what they read; and many began to say, where is now the prophet? or where is the God in whom she trusted?  And my friends began to grow jealous, before I shewed them their error, and asked them, how they could prove it true, if it had come this year, when it was written it should not? or what mysteries were to be explained another time? or how it could be written, it required learning to discern how it was spoken? or

< 185 >

how they should reflect in May, what they said in May? or how they could agree together to condemn the prophecies, if all had come clear to their judgments?  This I have explained to the public, that they may weigh prophecies deeply; and then they will see the truth of every word.  The Lord does not speak plain to men’s judgment; for his straight paths often appear crooked to man; and he makes things that were not, as though they were; and though the words had not been spoken by man at the time I penned them, yet they were spoken to me, as judge of that prophecy, when the ten years are up.

But now I shall beg to answer for myself in one particular.  As many ignorant people have said, I had published for the lucre of gain; and though they despised prophecies, and judged they knew enough of the Bible, without the revelation of the Spirit of the Lord; yet if they could get money by it, they should be glad to do it.  To such I answer, that their minds must be worldly, selfish, and devilish; not caring how they dishonour God, cheat man, and rob the public, nor what a hell they get at last, so they have a present reward for the moment; and but for a moment would such arts last; divine vengeance would soon overtake them.  To rob God of his honour, and forge things in his name, that they had no grounds to believe came from him, but merely to impose on the public; such people, with all their boasted wisdom of religion, know no more than the wild Indians, the Pagans, Turks, or Infidels.  If they knew anything of religion, they must know they were kindling the wrath of God, the malice of hell, and their names must be had in everlasting reproach amongst mankind.  This ignorance I have found in boasters of religion in a christian land; and they judge me another such as themselves.

I shall now answer for myself.  The thought of

< 186 >

gain was never in my view, and what I thought I was commanded of the Lord, I obeyed; but so far from any gains at present, I now stand one hundred pounds worse than I should, had I never took pen in hand, and I can prove it to the world.  Then where are my gains?  What I have laid out, is for the Lord, in my judgment; and if it prove so in the end, be assured, the Lord will reward me double fold.  Then you may say, you wish the Lord had visited you instead of me.  But remember, you despised the visitation of the Lord; and said, you knew enough of yourselves, without regarding what the Lord should say, or what he hath spoken concerning us.

And, that the public may be further satisfied I do not write for gain, I shall make this remark, that it is well known to all my acquaintance, that I can maintain myself by my trade, as decently as any woman of my line of life would wish to live; and should have placed myself in business years since, had I not been ordered to leave all, to follow on to know the Lord, and then I assuredly should know him.  So I have done as the merchants do, ran all at a venture; and I have done as Peter did, launched into the great deep.


And boisterous waves have swelled high,

And oft I’ve felt a Peter’s cry;

But though I’ve launch’d into the storm,

I hope to meet my Saviour’s arm,

Who oft has blam’d my unbelief,

When I, like Peter, sank in grief.

But now what dangers shall I fear,

If on the seas my Lord is near?

Then he will keep me in his arms,

Though men and devils raise the storms.


I have given my answer to that part of the world who have said, I print for gain; and now I shall give the answer of the Spirit to these words.


“Now let these boasting fools appear,

To write or act as thou hast here;

Then they must have an arm like me,

And so confound the Trinity.

< 187 >

But they wish, and wish in vain;

A hand like thine they’ll never gain;

Because their pride, I well do know,

Would swell too high if it was so;

The prophet Balaam they’d become;

For Balak’s gold they all would long.

Then how such heart could I obtain,

The heavenly victory for to gain?

The oath that I did swear to thee

Could never gain the victory;

For gold they’d ask as their reward,

And earthly grandeur their regard.

Then all my plan must be in vain,

To act like man in Herod’s reign,

When to the damsel he did swear,

Whate’er she ask’d he’d grant her there,

Unto the half of all his crown,

Because his kingdom so is found.

So now the same I offer’d thee,

One-half, like man, I’ll give to thee.

So hear together both the sound;

Let men or devils this confound:

The damsel’s malice did appear

So influenc’d by her mother there,

That envy swell’d her wretched breast,

For my disciple she did thirst,

And every grandeur threw aside,

Revenge was all her haughty pride;

If she could have the Prophet’s head,

All other grandeurs might be dead.

And now to thee ’twas just the same,

When powerfully the Spirit came,

To tell the oath that I had made,

And half my kingdom offered,

Revenge was all that swell’d thy breast,

And pray’d that Satan might be cast,

As John the Baptist was before—

And now the mystery all see clear:

For in a charger this was done—

And now this charge I give to man,

To give the damsel up her will,

And then my oath I will fulfil.

And now her will you may demand,

And on her head like stars now stand;

Then you shall see the glittering crown.

Beneath her feet the moon is found,

That in the darkness giveth light,

And in the day loseth all his sight.

< 188 >

So here’s a mystery deep for man,

I’ve shewn you all my heavenly plan;

And let my shepherd to appear,

That did inquire thy combat here:

How thou could’st e’er destroy the foe,

Or in what manner wish to know;

I gave this answer from thy pen:

The combat must begin by men;

The damsel ask’d, and men fulfill’d.

And now, ye learned, try your skill,

And then I’ll speak in words more plain,

How with them both you must contend.

So here’s the answer to the world:

Had thy desire been for base gold,

Such promise I would never make;

So now, ye fools, see your mistake,

You all may wish, and wish in vain,

Her hand and heart you’ll never gain;

While all your wishing is for gold,

Your hands and hearts does Satan hold;

And now his purse you may command,

If you by arts can forge her hand;

But never let her hand appear,

Nor yet her name, I charge you here,

Unless herself she does command,

While on this earth her life doth stand;

To print her writings I forbid,

Unless by her ’tis so decreed.”


Now as I am come to the conclusion of my fourth book, I must beg liberty to answer for myself to the public.  Some say I have written nonsense, which they cannot understand; while others say that my writings ought to be burnt, as I am setting the world at variance; the father against the son, and the son against the father; so floods of oaths and curses are poured out against me on the one hand, and the greatest approbation of my writings is given me on the other, as being beyond the power of human learning; and that none but the Spirit of God could indite such writings.  Now as men say, I ought to print what they could understand, I must bring you to understand the 12th chapter of the Revelation of St. John: The dragon was wroth with the woman, and cast out floods of water against

< 189 >

her; and so doth man against me.  You are not to suppose this dragon meant the devil, that he could do it of himself; no; it is in the heart of man, he must do it; and in man it is already done.  And the earth helped the woman, and swallowed up the floods; and so the earth hath helped me; and I have worthy friends, and malicious enemies.  Let both read the 12th chapter of the Revelation, and conscience must bear them witness, “We are making the truth of the prophecies, and pouring the whole on our heads.  But how is she travailing in birth, and crying to be delivered?” may be your inquiry.  “If we are making good the one, how will you prove the other?”  I answer, I am still complaining to be delivered; for till my writings are proved by the standard fixed for me, I shall never be delivered, nor can the wound of my heart ever be healed.  For what I have already seen, is through a glass darkly; but then I shall see face to face, and know in whom I have believed, and my burden will fall from me, and not before.  So the same Spirit that made the Revelation at first, hath brought it round and placed it in such a manner as to make that chapter plain and true, if men have any understanding at all.  I have many friends and many foes; the world helpeth me, and persecuteth me:  So man is the earth that was made of the dust of the ground; and if one man opens his mouth and casts out floods, another opens his mouth and swalloweth them up, as you will see when the truth is proved.  So here is the noon-day sun before you; and will you say, then we are sun-blind, and cannot see it?  I answer, the fault is yours, and not mine; for I have made the crooked path straight before you: and remember the days of Noah and Lot, which are full as plain; but if men will shut their eyes against the day-light, the fault is not mine.  Will men find fault with their Bibles, because they cannot understand them?  The

< 190 >

ways of the Lord were always past men’s finding out, and his footsteps were hid in the great deep.  So let not men find fault with their Maker, because they cannot find out his words nor wisdom.  Who is the man that can direct the Almighty? or who can find him out to perfection?  Those that did judge my writings nonsense, I must be plain to tell them, do not understand good sense.  Did they come from myself, I would not say one word to justify them; I should blush to praise my own works; but knowing every truth in them, that they are from the Spirit of the Living God; therefore I will take upon me to say, they are spoken in wisdom greater than ever was in man, and brought round in such a manner to fulfil the Bible, that it is impossible for any Spirit to bring it so close to the Bible, that did not in the first place inspire men to compose it; he that was the author of one, is now the finisher of both, whose unerring wisdom men have taken upon them in every age of the world to find fault with.  But I am ready to stand the trial, and meet my judges as they are fixed for me, and my trust is in the God of my salvation: in the fire he hath promised to be with me; and the waters shall not drown me; but had I learned the foolish nonsense of this world, then the people of the world would have understood it; but as the natural man knoweth not the things of God, for they are spiritually discerned: then let not men judge of things they know nothing about, nor exercise themselves in things too high for them.  I have already told you my writings must be judged by learned divines; and the sheep must be led by the voice of the shepherds.


So now your charges you may load,
And let your shots to fly,

You all will find I have a God,
And every armour’s nigh,

That will confound in every sound:
His armour I’ll put on,

And then he’ll shake the earthly ground,—

< 191 >

    I mean the hearts of men.

When they appear to see it clear,
Confounded all will be,

That did pretend to baffle here,—
“We cannot answer thee


One word of a thousand.  It is the Lord’s doing, and marvellous in our eyes.”

But now I shall answer those who say, I am setting the world at variance.  I am sorry to say, I never remember the world in peace since I knew it; for I may say, forty years have I been grieved with a crooked and perverse generation, in a world where I never saw any true happiness nor peace in my life.  And now I will call every man to bear me witness from his own conscience, if perfect peace and true happiness were ever in his dwelling for a long continuance at home; and what do we now see but tumults abroad?  In these things men’s own consciences must condemn them.  I never kindled the hatred of the son against the father, nor of the father against the son; but the son hath been opposite to his father’s will ever since I knew the world.  Let men look into their own hearts and families, and conscience must bear them witness to the truth.  So let no man say, when he is tempted, I am tempted of God, when he is drawn away by his own lust to do evil.  But would men hearken to my writings they would forsake the evil, and learn to do good, and be flocking unto Jesus Christ, as doves unto windows, crying out, with the trembling Gaoler, “What shall we do to be saved—to inherit the crown that is before us, looking for, and hastening to, the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ?”


As a report prevails, that my writings are not of myself, but extracts from other books; it is proper for me to observe, I shall not say what a hardened wretch such judges must think me, were I capable, of selecting from other men’s works, and, by giving

< 192 >

them a new dress, insinuate to the world they were revealed to me by the Lord.  But as I must stand the trial, whether such books can be produced or not, I now forbid every one from printing any of my productions, unless employed by me; and I hereby challenge the world, by asserting, there never were such writings since the world was created, as mine are.  I have explained to you in this book the nature of Christ’s second coming already in the Spirit, according to the Scriptures.  Now judge for yourselves how long Christ remained upon the earth before he expired on the cross, and said it was finished, and recollect how many miracles he had previously wrought.


Now if these books you can see clear,

You’ll know the Spirit of Christ is here,

Or the greatest impostor ever known;

Then judge what a trial for me is to come.

Therefore every Printer I hereby forbid,

No more than I publish, my name for to spread.


[1]  In 1801, when the First Edition was printed.