It is expected that every person who reads these Explanations, should read the verses alluded to from their Bibles, as they are often purposely omitted here, that every sincere lover of truth may read and search for themselves at the same time, and so become acquainted with the chapters; for frequently there are other verses explained, which follow the verses here pointed out. And it is to be hoped, that by attending to these Explanations the mind of man will no longer be enslaved by the tyranny of opinions; therefore let all who read weigh them well, with the Bible in their hands, and the wisdom of the Lord will then be in their hearts.


1805 .

Daniel ii. 44.-Chap iii. 17, 25, 29.-Chap. iv. 3, 11, 31.-Chap. v. 26.-Chap. vi. 26.-Chap. vii. 9, 11, 22.-Chap. viii. 17, 19.-Chap. x. 14.


"Now I shall begin from the visions of Daniel. Are men so simple as to think they are past, or that those visions allude only to those days for the Jews, when he tells you they were for the end? Neither were they understood by Daniel, for what types and shadows, or for what prophecies they were. But know I have already told thee, the meaning of the vision that was seen by the king was for the end; not for the end of his reign; but for the end of time, when all should be destroyed but the Kingdom of the living God. For know what is written: all the powers of men should be consumed and broke in pieces when the God of heaven set up his Kingdom, for him to be worshipped throughout the world. Now mark what followed in the reign of these kings, to shew the power of God: the children were cast into the fiery furnace; Daniel into the lions' den; Belshazzar having the hand-writing appear to him, and destroyed in that night; Nebuchadnezzar was driven from men, and did eat grass as oxen. Now mark what happened in Daniel's days, to shew the visions of the end. Now I shall tell thee the mystery of the prophecies of the book of Daniel; the wonderful manner the children were preserved in the fiery furnace; and Daniel in the lions' den, by the strength of their faith, not fearing the threatenings of their king; but following on to obey the Lord: they all stand on record to shew you the end; in what a powerful and wonderful manner the Lord will protect his people, when he comes to bring in his Kingdom of Peace; that they that obey him may possess it. But now look forward from the words of Daniel, and the wondrous works that were done in his days; have they been done in any age since? Look to my Gospel and see what followed my disciples after my death! then know, these wondrous preservations, that were set as signs for Daniel, have never been accomplished yet, in any generation since: look at the martyrs; were they preserved in the midst of fire? You must answer, No; neither hath this great deliverance been to man since; therefore I said, the visions of Daniel were for the end: then as all his visions were for the end, all these wondrous deliverances are for the end, to shew in what manner I shall preserve my people, and in what manner I shall destroy their enemies. Know how they were destroyed that sought the destruction of Daniel; and those whose malice was kindled to heat the furnace the hotter for them, were destroyed by their own fury, and burnt by the fire of their own anger: this thou seest was done to the enemy, who fell by their own malice and cruelty, and by their own invention; yet this hath not followed since; but know it is for the end.

"Now mark the chapters and the vision of Daniel, with the vision of the king, that I have mentioned to thee before; and know what became of the king afterwards; he that saw that vision with the other was turned as the beast of the field; he ate grass as the ox, till he knew the Most High ruled in the kingdoms of men. Now mark the words of the king, after this visitation had been to him, that he was made as the beast, till his senses were returned, and made truly sensible of the power of God; then he gave all honour and glory to God, whose dominion is an everlasting dominion, and his kingdom from generation to generation: this was allowed by the king after he had seen the wondrous works of the Lord, and his vision was told by the prophet Daniel that what he had then seen was for the end. Now mark, after this vision, he saw the wondrous works of the deliverance of the Jews in the fiery furnace. Now let men mark the book of Daniel: after his vision, which he told the king, that what was shewed him was for the end, by my deliverance to my people; and what fell upon him, was to shew him what the end of pride would be; and what all men must come to, to confess me to be the true and living God, as he did after his afflictions. But do men vainly suppose these wondrous visions, and wondrous workings were only designed to convince that king? Then to what purpose was it done? for see how soon his son Belshazzar went on in the same practices as before, to worship the gods of gold and silver.

"Now pen thy own observations, and I shall answer thee again; for it was I that worked deeply in thy heart, to observe what is unnoticed by man."

In reading through Daniel, it appeared to me almost incredible to believe, if I did not see the same spirit in mankind now; for when I saw that in the second year of the reign of king Nebuchadnezzar he had a dream, and when he could not remember it himself, he sent for all his astrologers and soothsayers, for them to shew unto him his dream; but all their wisdom was baffled, for they could neither tell him the dream nor interpret it, which raised the king's anger, and he commanded all the wise men of Babylon to be slain. But Daniel had a vision from the Lord, to shew him the dream and the interpretation thereof; for this was done by Daniel to shew the king there was no wisdom in his astrologers, or wise men; for though they were threatened to be put to death for want of knowledge, as they could not even presume to have that knowledge; this in the first place shewed the king the impossibility of any such knowledge coming from man; yet the king did not say that Daniel had told him a wrong dream, when he told him he had the vision from the Lord. This, in the first place, appeared marvellous in my eyes, after the king's seeing there was no knowledge in his wise men, who worshipped the images which he had set up; and yet wisdom and knowledge were found in Daniel who worshipped them not. How could the king make the decrees he made afterwards that all those who would not worship his images should be cast into the burning fiery furnace? Here appears great inconsistency in man to threaten such severe judgments against those who worshipped the God of Daniel, from whom he confessed the truth was told to him, and which saved the lives of his wise men, who worshipped his images, and whom he was before going to put to death for want of that knowledge; and yet these wise men, after their lives had been so saved by Daniel, were equally ready to condemn the Jews, until they had at last provoked the king to have the furnace heated seven times more than it was wont to be heated. Here shews the ingratitude of the wise men, whose lives were saved by the God they had set the king against; and here shews the madness of the king, after he had acknowledged to Daniel, that the God he served was a God of gods, and a Lord of kings, and a revealer of secrets; yet when the three Jews told him that he alone was the God they would serve, who was able to deliver them, his anger was then kindled to cast them into the fire; thus his malice would have consumed them, if the Lord had not worked wonders and miracles, that were not common, to preserve them; but when he saw the wondrous work of God, that they were not consumed, he made a decree, that every people, nation, and language, should be cut in pieces, that spoke against the God they worshipped. Here the king seemed truly sensible of the true signs of the God of heaven. After this, he has another vision, which he tells Daniel of; and Daniel tells him what shall befall him if he does not break off from his sins, and know, that the heavens do rule, and that the Lord by more severe judgments, will make him know the heavens do rule, and told him what should come upon him; yet still his heart was hardened through unbelief, and he boasted of his greatness, and said-"Is not this great Babylon, that I have built for the house of the kingdom, by the might of my power, and for the honour of my majesty?" Thus was his boasting, till a voice from heaven said, the kingdom is departed from thee; and he was driven with the beasts of the field. Here we see how fast the wondrous works of the Lord came one after the other; and yet immediately followed his son, to call forward and praise the gods of gold, silver, brass, and iron, which had proved his father's destruction, till the hand-writing appeared before him; then too late was he troubled and his knees smote one against the other; yet in this confused state he calls forward the same wise men; he trusted to the same soothsayers, that his father had trusted to at first, and called forward; but like his father, he found there was no knowledge in them; they could not make known the hand-writing unto him; yet Daniel, that worshipped the God whom they despised, told him the interpretation, and that the kingdom was taken from him. The truth of his words followed; for in that night the king was slain. Now all these things were known unto them, the wise men, the soothsayers, and the kings; yet Darius took the Kingdom, and after possessing it, incensed by these wretched men, whose lives Daniel had saved, by the power of God; yet they contrived to have Daniel forsake the laws of his God, or be put to death; so they made intercession with the king to make decrees that whosoever worshipped any god, or asked a petition of any god, save the king, should be cast into the den of lions; thus they contrived to seek Daniel's life; but how strong was Daniel's faith! after he knew the writings were signed, he prayed and gave thanks to his God as before. Here his enemies, by their mad and malicious envy they had against Daniel, seemed to have him in their power; forgetting what happened to them who cast Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego into the fire, they proceeded with all their envy to have Daniel cast into the den of lions; as the king for his own honour could not break the decrees; though he rejoiced exceedingly when he found the Lord had delivered Daniel. But here these ungrateful wretches, whose lives Daniel had saved before, met with their just deserts: as the king commanded Daniel's accusers to be cast into the den of lions, with their wives and children; who broke their bones in pieces ere they came to the bottom of the den. Here ingratitude met with its deserts, and Daniel gained himself the more in favour; and the king made a decree, that in every dominion of his kingdom, men should fear the God of Daniel. Here in these chapters the world appears in its true colours, that no judgments, no signs, or wonders, will convince the hardened and unbelieving; for had they not been hardened through unbelief, the judgments they had seen before, and the wondrous working of the Lord, would have deterred them from going further; so their presumption must spring from unbelief, which I should think could not be in any but such heathens as they were, if I had not seen the same again in the Jews; and the same spirit I see now in these days: and this spirit I am convinced will continue as long as the devil hath power to work in the hearts of the sons of men to do evil, and be at enmity against God; for they will be at enmity against his followers. It is fruitless to attempt to pen the deep ponderings of my heart, in reading through Daniel; the depth of which I never looked into in my life before.


"Now I shall answer thee of Daniel. It was I that worked in thy heart, to make the observations thou hast made; for thy observations go deep to the end; as thou sayest Daniel saved the wise men at first, by the wisdom and power of God; yet their ingratitude brought on their own destruction. Now I shall answer thee of mankind. The book of Daniel, I have told thee, stands for the end; and know what I said in my Gospel-they should see the things spoken of by Daniel; and now mark what is spoken by Daniel, after he had seen all the unbelief that followed in man. Though they had seen all my wondrous works in the deliverance of my people, and the judgments that followed upon their enemies and what befell their kings; yet, they continued the same, till Daniel was cast into the den of lions; then after he was delivered from the lions' den, mark his vision of the horns that were plucked up by the roots, which had eyes like men, and mouths speaking great things, till the ancient of days appeareth. Now mark in what manner he appeareth, with his garments white as snow: the hair of his head like the pure wool; his throne like the fiery flame, and his wheels as burning fire; thousand thousands ministered unto him; ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him; the judgment was set, and the books were opened; the voice of the great words which the horns spoke, till the beast was slain, and his body destroyed. Now mark from all these visions that Daniel saw, after he was freed from the den of lions-then cometh the horn of salvation to man, when he cometh to slay the Beast, and bring in his everlasting kingdom of peace. Mark what is said further: I saw in the night visions, and behold one like the son of man coming with the clouds of heaven, and he came to the ancient of days, and there was given him dominion, and glory, and a kingdom, that all people, nations, and languages should serve him; his dominion is an everlasting dominion, which shall not pass away; and his kingdom which shall not be destroyed. Now I shall answer thee why he appeared like the flames, and his wheels as burning fire; yet he is attended by thousands and thousands, coming in Might, Majesty, and Power, to claim the Kingdom, to destroy the Beast, and to establish his Kingdom for his Saints, who shall take the Kingdom, and possess it for ever and ever.

"Now to answer I'll begin:

The book of Daniel thou hast seen

Wherein the heathens they were placed;

Amongst them were my people cast;

To shew my wonders, I began

From dreams and visions they had seen,

That all their wise men could not see,

And from the king concealed to be,

The dream that he had got at first,

Though it so much disturbed his rest.

Now to the nations I shall come,

And bring the vision unto them;

For they no more do know, than he,

What's coming on fulfilled to be.

In vain the wise men they do call-

The vision's deep I tell you all;

Because I said 'twas for the end

To bring it round 'twas my intend-

And every nation is like he,

Greatly perplexed, and more they'll be,

Until a Daniel can be found,

But mark the end and judge the sound,

The way that Daniel did appear,

To save the wise men, thou know'st there;

And though their lives he then did save,

A mystery deep to man I give-

For all must see what followed on:

The fiery furnace heated by them.

Now here the thing goes deep for all:

When I at first to man did call,

And much like Daniel did appear-

But now thy thoughts within I hear:

Can I with Daniel e'er agree,

To place my likeness then in he,

As I was cast and he was saved?

No likeness here can'st thou believe.

But now the shadow I shall clear,

What is of Daniel mentioned there;

But unto Isaac thou must come

To bring the shadow of the man;

And the shadow thou may'st see.

How Daniel stood a type of me,

Because that Isaac was at first;

Know how the likeness it was cast;

For Isaac was condemned to die,

And there's the shadow strong of me;

And Daniel was condemned the same;

The lions first began in men,

That by their malice did appear:

His death like Isaac he might fear

When in the den that he was cast:

But here's the mystery come at last;

Their malice could no further go,

I sent my angel, you do know,

The lion's mouth to shut it there.

But he from man did disappear

I tell you all, condemned to die,

Then there the shadow deep doth lie:

For know I was condemned to die-

But here the mystery deep doth lie.

The lions did in man appear,

And to the cross they brought me near;

And so, I say, my life was cast.

And know the guards how they were placed

To roll the stone and put the seal-

But here the mystery I'll reveal:

The lions could no further go;

My angels came, you all do know,

And shut the mouth of every man;

So I like Daniel rose again.

Then now the shadow you see clear,

The way that Daniel I compare

To be a shadow first of me,

As Isaac was, you all may see.

Now from the shadow I'll go on

The way that Daniel first began,

The Jews were scattered, all do know;

Their sins had brought on them a blow,

To have their city to be cast;

And that's the way that Daniel burst

Amongst the heathens to appear.

The righteous Jews I then did spare

For signs and wonders of the end,

To bring all round as I intend

And now I'll tell thee of the king;

The knowledge of his dream was gone,

That all the wise men could not clear,

Till Daniel did to him appear-

And perfect so 'tis now with man;

Surrounded now by dreams they stand,

And so they all did stand at first.

Now mark the shadow how't did burst:

When on this earth I did appear,

Their wisdom like his dream was there,

That they no more could understand,

How for the end I came to man:

And for the end I did appear,

Which all the wise men could not clear:

And so the children they did die,

By Herod's malice, all do see,

Just as the shadow was before:

Thou know'st the king had cast them there;

But then his rage did not go through-

I'll bring all mysteries to thy view,

Then to the substance I shall come,

To shew the end to every man.

The shadow first began in him,

That men in Herod they did see;

Because the wise men him deceived:

He said the children should not live,

As they concealed from him the whole:

You see the children they did fall.

So now the shadow all must see,

The way the end turned back must be.

Mark how the king did then go on,

After the dream to him was shewn:

He boasted as he did before!

Another dream was shewn him there,

The way his end would surely come-

And deep's the vision now for man;

The heathens all must fall like he;

For with the beast compared they be;

And like the beast they'll now go on

Till I begin to cut them down.

The shadows they are past before;

And mark when Herod did appear

With all his boasted pride to swell,

He was destroyed, you all know well,

Yet still the heathens did go on

To persecute as he began:

For though my wonders they did see

Greater than Daniel's for to be,

Mark every step I did go through,

For to awake the stubborn Jews;

But all my labour was in vain.

Like Daniel's visions you see plain,

The way men's malice still went on:

The more my miracles were shown,

The more they were enraged to see

The wondrous working then of me,

Now thou hast marvelled at the first

How e'er mankind that way could burst,

After the wonders they had seen!-

How I preserved the sons of men;

And how the heathens I destroyed;

Yet still, their malice they enjoyed

To bring their fatal ruin on.

Then to my Gospel now I'll come;

They saw my wonders at the first,

They saw my Bible how 'twas placed;

They saw the wonders I did do,

And some thou know'st believed them true;

While others hardened did appear-

So marvel not of Daniel there,

The way the heathens did go on;

Because the Jews had done the same:

They saw the blind receive their sight;

They saw the lame to walk upright;

The dumb to speak, and deaf to hear;

They saw the wonders did appear,

When I the dead did then restore;

And how I fed the hungry poor!

By miracles the whole was done:

And on the seas I came to man.

Now if these wonders you see clear,

Just like the fiery furnace there,

It might have stopt the rage of men

To quench the flames that were in them;

And so to some it did appear,

To quench the flames in many there;

Yet still, in rage did some go on,

These miracles to them were seen;

Yet still their fury did appear

For to go on as they did there.

And from the heathens all may see

What blindness in the Jews there be;

For they went on as equally blind,

Like Belshazzar: call to mind

When he had seen the wonders first,

The way his father had been cast,

And all the wonders did appear,

He still went on as heretofore,

Till the hand-writing he did see,

The kingdom it was took from he.

Now this the Jews did all discern,

The way their ruin did come on,

In every age how they were cast:

Still in like manner they did burst,

As in all ages heretofore;

Yet still they'd Daniels to appear,

That in my Gospel they were found:

They heard my Word, and judged the sound,

That I was then the Son of God;

And in the fire with them I trod,

To hear the fiery zeal of men,

Who hot with rage from hell did come:

Yet still unhurt they did pass through,

While I was here, you all do know;

Because my Death did first appear

Before their Cross did follow here.

So weigh my Gospel, and you'll see

How much with Daniel 't doth agree,

In every chapter there is penned-

But now I'll bring it to the end:

Thou knowest how Daniel he was cast;

The lion strong in man did burst;

And see how I was cast the same,

After the wonders I had done;

And though all this was done before,

More than in Daniel did appear,

From all the chapters thou dost see-

Mark well my Gospel, how it be

More full of wonders than the first;

Yet still thou knowest that I was cast

By all the fiery zeal of man.

Then to the Cross I bid them come

And see the wonders that were there,

And how the darkness did appear;

The temple's veil was rended there;

The graves were open at the time;

And many men in heart and mind,

Impatient waiting there for me;

As from Darius thou may'st see,

Impatient waiting for Daniel there;

And so my followers did appear,

Who grieved to see me at the stake,

And hearts with anguish then did break:

Yet still they trusted, as a God

I should arise, as I had said-

And so to them I did arise!

Then let the sons of men grow wise-

As Daniel's foes were slain at first,

Upon Jerusalem I did burst,

And all my foes were slain the same;

Yet still they did not know my name.

So here the past I've well gone through

To bring the likeness to your view;

Then now the present must appear,

To shew the end, how I shall clear

The every mystery unto man;

Like Daniel I did rise again;

Like Daniel's vision all must see

The words the angel said of me-

That sure again I should appear

As in the clouds they saw me there;

So in the clouds I should return.

And now to Daniel's vision come:

The horns of men do now appear,

As I have told thee here before,

In unbelief for to go on,

As in all ages they have done;

And so their horns do loud appear-

The words of men are every where

To sound aloud in unbelief,

And so they will bring on their grief:

For now 'tis drawing to the end,

To shew my Bible how 'tis penned;

And for what types the whole have stood,

That men may trace the ways of God;

And every footstep deep discern,

The different ways of God and man.

Now from the vision seen at first,

Thou know'st the way the shadow's placed,

But now the substance shall come on,

And every vision shall be known

Will fall on man where's unbelief;

They'll see my hand, and feel their grief,

I tell them all, is hastening on:

These visions here are deep for man-

But from the king I first shall go,

Where I my wonders first did shew.

Those that desire to know my mind,

But with the beast their hearts do bind;

That is in pride, I say, to swell,

And judge all power is in themselves;

Yet where's a heart in ought that's good?

The vision must be understood

From heathen nations to appear;

I'll cut them low, and strip them bare,

Until the mysteries they do see,

The visitation is from me:

For fast their sorrows will come on,

I tell thee now, in every land.-

But let the other king appear,

That mocked from all he'd seen before;

And mark how hasty was his end!

And now I tell thee my intend,

To strip as I have said before-

The beast is Satan, you see clear,

That I shall prove it in the end,

From the hand-writing he must bend.

But from the shadows that are past

The fire of men did kindle fast,

To cast my followers in the flames;

And there the Son, you may discern,

Was seen to keep them at the first,

Then mark the End, how this must burst;

As from the flames you all may see,

The way't destroyed the Enemy.

They thought to heat the flames for them,

Not thinking that it would consume

Those that did heat, when they came near-

The type is deep, for all to fear;

For now the flames, you all may see,

It is from hell they heated be.

Blinder than all the heathen lands

Do the professed Christians stand,

I tell you now, in this last age;

And all must see from Satan's rage

The fire of men is kindling fast;

And on their heads the flames will burst,

If in this manner they go on,

More blinder than the heathen lands.

And let them read my Bible through,

Ponder like thee, then they would know

What unbelief doth now appear,

Like all the nations heretofore.

But now weigh deep how I must come:

From Daniel's vision deep discern;

See all the horns that did appear;

But now mark deep what followed there:

These horns were plucked unto the root-

Then let the sons of men stand mute;

If by the root I pluck them all

Their boasted wisdom great must fall.

For to the Ancient now I'm come;

That is, of days, you must discern;

Then if the Ancient do appear,

It is of days, the whole to clear

My every plan, was made at first;

And know that way the beast is cast:

And now from Daniel's visions see,

The beast was slain, was shewn to he.

Now let the learned men appear,

Tell me what beast they judged was there,

That must be slain, when I do come?

A throne of fire, it must be known,

'Tis said, was kindled then with me-

Now let the blind begin to see:

When that in Power I do come,

The fire with me, it must be known

Is surely shewn for to appear,

And all my foes to burn them here.

The heated malice that's in man

Upon their heads will surely turn;

Because they're kindling flames from hell;

Against my Kingdom do they swell.

But know, the wheels will all come round,

The fiery streams will so be found,

I say to fall on every foe,

That wish to let my kingdom go;

That is, to have it not appear,

They'll find my flaming anger's near.

For all these wheels stood for the last,

To shew the way my throne should burst:

For though ten thousand saints I see,

That are above, and now with me,

Are like the saints below to plead,

And wish to strike the serpent dead;

And yet there's thousands still I know

The way the horn they still will blow,

To have the serpent still remain,

Until they see that he is slain,

But know the judgment how 'tis set;

And how the books are sealed up;

And how the end it must appear,

For me to come in triumph here,

The way the vision it was seen,

That in the clouds I sure must come,

To have the kingdom given here.-

How will the learned men appear

To say that kingdom is in heaven,

That I must come to have it given

Here by the sons of men below?

This is a mystery none do know;

Nor none by learning can explain.

Once more I ask the sons of men

Why I in clouds must so appear?

Or what dominion I must share,

That I must come for to receive?

'Tis said-the Ancient this will give,

When I in clouds of heaven do come;

Once more I ask the sons of men,

What kingdom is it I must share,

To have all nations serve me here,

And the dominion all my own;

The beast before me to be slain,

And all the kingdoms to be mine,

And worshipped here by all mankind?

Now here's a mystery unto men,

That they do not discern;

Nor in what Manner I must come

To have the kingdom mine;

Nor how the saints must it possess,

When I have made it clear,

To enter in my promised rest,

And take my kingdom here.

Then surely, men, your thoughts are vain,

If you place this above,

That I shall give it unto men;

Though they shall taste my love

In heavenly joy, none can destroy,

Yet there the kingdom's mine;

But here below the vision shews

My kingdom I'll resign,

I say, to men; they shall obtain

This kingdom as their own;

The beast before them shall be slain;

His power I'll all unthrone:

Then men will be wedded to me,

My kingdom for to share:

But from the vision all must see

The way my coming's here:

With anger here I must appear,

The visions shew you first,

The way the wheel did first appear

For to bring round the last;

So every man may fear my name,

My coming for to see,

That now do mock my every word;

My fire kindled will be

To turn on men that do begin

To mock as heretofore.

In every age this hath been seen;

But now the End draws near,

That I shall turn-my foes shall mourn-

My fury fast shall fly;

My kingdom now is hastening on,

My Coming it is nigh,

That I shall claim this Earth below,

And make the Kingdom mine;

And those who wish to have it so,

To them I shall resign

My kingdom here-they'll see it clear;

My saints shall it enjoy.

From Daniel's vision you see clear,

Whom I must now destroy-

Those that begin for to condemn,

As they condemned at first.-

I ask men if a woman's hand

Could in this order burst?

From prophecy is said to ye

This woman did begin,

And told you of the destiny

You hitherto have seen:

Like Daniel here her ways I'll clear,

What you did never know:

She told you all what would appear,

The truth she plain did shew;

More plainer here for to appear

Than Daniel's vision seen,

Before your view, to prove it true

Her prophecies began;

Yet you went on in malice strong,

As they went on before.-

Now to my Bible she is come

To prove the truth is there:

What she hath said, be not misled,

And yet your flames do burn;

Then see the wheel beyond your skill,

What on your heads must turn;

For at the last the whole is placed,

I tell you to appear;

For I'll go on in words more strong-

The Ancient now is here:

That is to thee a mystery;

But I shall make it good-

It is the Spirit I do mean,

Where you must all allude.-

So I am come in Spirit strong

To free you of the Fall;

And claim the Kingdom for my own,

And so redeem you all,

That now will flee, and turn to me,

And judge now what's in store.

"Now I have shewed thee from the book of Daniel what the end must be; and from the wheels being filled with fire, how every thing must come round, upon the unbelievers in this age, as it came upon them that went to destroy Daniel, and the children in the furnace; but know these wondrous deliverances did not continue in all ages; yet they stand as a type of the End. And know from Daniel's visions of the beasts rising, fighting, and conquering one the other, perfectly so will nations arise to fulfil my Gospel; for know, I said there would be wars and rumours of wars to shew the sign of my Coming; and Daniel's visions shew you the same: For know, the ram, and the he-goat, alluded to kings, who would rise up in fury one against another: And know it is written-The Vision is for the time of the End, and what shall be in the last end. Now all these beasts that arose, are the wars and tumults that be in mankind, till I come to bring in everlasting righteousness. These things are begun; these things will go on, till I shall come, like the wheels of fire, to devour and to destroy, and to take the kingdom for my own. Now go to the following prophet, and I will explain further, them both together:"

Hosea i. 2-"The Lord said to Hosea, Go take unto thee a wife of whoredoms and children of whoredoms."

Chapter ii. 2-"Plead with your mother, plead; for she is not my wife, neither am I her husband."

Ver. 20, 21.-"I will even betroth thee unto me in faithfulness: and thou shalt know the LORD. I will hear, saith the Lord, I will hear the heavens, and they shall hear the earth."

Chap. iv. 1.-"The LORD hath a controversy with the inhabitants of the land, because there is no truth, nor mercy, nor knowledge of God in the land."

Ver. 6.-"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee."

Ver. 9.-"There shall be, like people, like priest."

Chap. vi. 9.

Chap. xiv. 9-"Who is wise, and he shall understand these things? prudent, and he shall know them?"

"Now I shall answer thee from the prophet, which thou hast pondered through in thy heart, in what manner the prophecies were given to him; which thou sayest, in these days, men would not believe were prophecies from the Lord; yet, as prophecies from the Lord, they stand on record. And now I will tell thee why I ordered thee to put thy parables in print of the same likeness-to bring men to their Bibles, and to shew there is no variableness, nor the shadow of turning in me. For the parable thou hast put in print of the adulterous lady, is like the parable placed by the prophet. And now let the worldly wise men answer me, which appeareth most prudent to their wisdom, to bring a parable of an adulterous woman, or to order the prophet to take an adulterous woman? But thou sayest in thy heart, it seems to thee more right, to bring the parable of an adulterous woman, than for a man, that was a prophet of the Lord to be ordered to take one. To this I answer-I ordered the prophet to take a woman of whoredom; but here is a depth beyond thy understanding, when I bring all things to the End: for as a woman of whoredom departs from her husband, so did the Jews depart from me. But know what is said in Chap. ii. 2.-"She is not my wife, neither am I her husband." Now mark what follows; though she is compared to an adulterous woman, following after every lover; yet know it is said-"I will hedge up her way with thorns, so that her lovers shall not come near her." Then in her distress she saith-"I will return to my first husband, for then was it better with me, than now." Now I shall ask mankind, what way could I lay out their iniquities and transgressions before them, in departing from me, than by comparing it to a woman's departing from her husband? And what way could I point out clearer to mankind, that I would receive a people that was wandering from me, than by ordering the prophet to take a woman that was wandering after other men? But do men vainly imagine, these types and shadows, that were set in the prophets, alluded to their days only? I tell thee, no. Had they alluded to their days only, and not designed for a future day, they would never have been penned to stand upon record. The prophets never understood what they wrote; nor in what manner they would be all fulfilled; nor for what ends they were designed. Now I tell thee, as the prophet was ordered to take a woman of whoredom to be his wife, just so did I take people of whoredom, to call them in by the Gospel. Now consider what the Gentiles were, but a people of whoredom, having no husband; and such were the people that I called in. But know the reason why I ordered the prophet to take to himself a wife of whoredom; because I said the land was filled with whoredom, and they were departing from me. Now here stands the type of the Gentiles, and the departing of the Jews: For when I called in the people that was filled with whoredom, having no husband, so I cast out them that were my people, professing that I was their husband. But now mark further in the chapter, and I will answer thee what appeareth so puzzling to thy head.-After I had ordered the prophet to take the wife of whoredoms, and the children of whoredoms, because they were departed from me, I said they should cease to have the kingdom of the house of Israel; for I would break the bow of Israel, and no more have mercy upon the house of Israel; but I would have mercy upon the house of Judah. Now come to my Gospel, and see how the Jews were entirely cut off; how the kingdom was taken from them; in what manner they were scattered! The people that were first my own chosen people, as a wife is chosen by her husband, so were the Jews chosen by me; but see how they were perfectly cast out, by wandering from me when I came amongst them. But know, as it was said of the house of Judah, that I would have mercy on them; so it was with many of the Jews, and they were mixed with the Gentiles, which were the people of whoredom, as having no husband; that meaneth, they had no God like the Jews to trust to, in power to protect them. Here the thoughts of whoredom may go deep; as there is no bond to protect, nor any power to defend; so it is with an adulterous woman; and so it is with an adulterous nation, that have no God to look unto for protection, and for direction: this was the state of the Gentiles, when I called them in to be a people, that were not a people; to be a beloved, that was not a beloved; for I called them in to be a husband unto them, that they might bear sons and daughters unto me. Now mark the name I said he should call the son: Jezreel; and I would avenge the blood of Jezreel upon the house of Jehu, and would cause to cease the kingdom of the house of Israel. Here thou art stumbled in thy mind. But now remember what Jehu did, after I had anointed him king; how he departed from me, and followed the golden calves that were in Bethel; he took no heed to walk in the laws of the Lord God of Israel; neither departed he from the sins of Jeroboam, which made Israel to sin: then how dost thou marvel, that I said, I would avenge the blood of Jezreel upon the house of Jehu, and take the kingdom from them? and this befell the Jews: and in this state they now stand, having no kingdom, nor a nation of their own; but are a scattered people, while they see an adulterous nation called in to be a people; and they stand a proverb of my just displeasure-But from their proverb let all men take care, and know what is said in the end: though I cast out Israel as a people, and would no more have mercy on them then; yet I said, the number of Israel should be as the sands of the sea, that could not be measured nor numbered; and it shall come to pass, that in the place where it is said unto them, ye are not my people, there it shall be said unto them, ye are the sons of the living God. Here are mysteries too deep for the learned; words that no man can understand; how the children of Judah, and the children of Israel should be gathered together in one head. Here thou hast looked to the remarks of men, whose remarks, as men, I will not condemn; but I will tell thee the remarks that must be made here: Ephesians i. 10-"That in the dispensation of the fulness of times he might gather together in one all things in Christ, both which are in heaven and which are on earth: even in him: ye were sealed with that Holy Spirit of promise, which is the earnest of our inheritance, until the redemption of the purchased possession, unto the praise of his glory: the eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that ye may know what is the hope of his calling."

"Now I shall answer thee of these words. Know the hope of a thing is not the fulfilment of a thing; so if you weigh my Gospel through, you will see from my own words, and from the words of my disciples, they had many things to hope for, that should be fulfilled in their time, that were not then fulfilled. Now mark from the words I told thee to compare with the words of the prophet: "In the fulness of times to gather all in one, in Christ, which are in heaven, and which are in earth." Now if all things be gathered together in Christ, that are on earth, let men answer me, how they must remain for ever in the power of the devil? For know, it is written-"the world lieth in the power of the wicked one." But know from my Gospel, the apostles were assured, that that wicked one would be destroyed: and this was the hope they taught men to wait for-the fulness of times. Now I shall tell thee the fulness of times from the apostle's words. Before the foundation of the world, God had chosen man, that he should be holy and without blame before him, in love: We through the Spirit wait for the hope of righteousness by faith. Then let men observe, though they had received the power of the Holy Ghost, they had not that perfection they were looking for-the powers of darkness were still pursuing them. So if men would open their eyes, and get understanding, they would see the ancient of days must come, to make that perfection in man, that he ordained before the foundation of the world; then cometh the fulfilment of the prophet's words-the children of Israel shall be as the sands of the sea, that cannot be numbered; and the place where it was said, ye are not of my people, there shall it be said, ye are the sons of the living God. Now mark the Law and the Gospel together; what was spoken by the prophets, and what was spoken by the apostles; then first come to the Gentiles: they were not my people, as the children of Israel were; yet the children of Israel were turned out, and the Gentiles were taken in. Now mark what is said by the apostle: "If the casting away of them be the reconciling of the world, what shall the receiving of them be, but life from the dead?" Hear these words ye men of learning, and ye that boast of your understanding: doth not my Bible affirm, that the fulfilment thereof is called the restoration of the Jews? But what restoration doth that mean? Not a Jew outwardly by form or name; but a Jew inwardly by faith: and know by faith the promise was made to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Now when that promise is fulfilled, and my Gospel is fulfilled, know it is said-a life from the dead: then if it be a life from the dead; that is, the restoration of faith; know by faith they must be restored from that death, which was pronounced on man in the Fall; and renewed by the power of God, who is able to make you whole, through the death of his Son. Mark further the apostle's words: Blindness in part is happened to Israel, until the fulness of the Gentiles be come in, and so all Israel shall be saved; as it is written-"there shall come out of Zion the Deliverer." Now let men look deep and tell me, what that Deliverer means? Is it God, or is it man, that shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob? O, ye blind guides, read your Bibles, and weigh them together; and know, that Israel shall be saved in the day of my power; that are the Israels by faith, as Abraham was; and then shall all the wild olive branches be cut off, through unbelief. For he that is planted in as a true branch, must be planted into the vine; that is, in Christ, for redemption: For that is the Israel that shall be saved, when I come to bring in my Kingdom; and then, I tell you, the children of Israel, which are the children of faith, will be as the sands on the sea shore, which cannot be measured. Who can measure the depth of faith? Who could measure Abraham's faith, when he offered up his son Isaac? Who could measure the faith of the Jews, when they were cast into the fiery furnace? Or who could measure Daniel's faith? Who could measure the faith of the apostles? And who can now measure the faith of believers? And who can number all the proofs they have for their faith? Yet, all these things are but shadows, to what the substance is hastening on. And now mark deep, all ye professors, how few amongst these believers are judged by you to be the true Israel of God! I tell you, none. Are they not looked upon as madmen and fools? therefore I tell you all, you will see the time hastening on, that it will be allowed by all men, in the place where you have said unto them-they are not my people, there shall it be said unto them, ye are the sons of the living God! Now I shall call you back to the apostles: they were judged as madmen and fools, as ye are now; and yet know, their names on record stand as the sons of the living God, by their faith in the Gospel. So the shadow began by them; but now it is time the substance must come; that the children of Judah, and the children of Israel must be gathered together in one head. For I now tell thee, of all nations, kindreds, and people, those that are not gathered together, as branches to be planted into the vine, will be cut off; but those that are of the true Israel of God, relying on his promises by faith, are the people that will now be preserved: for I now tell thee, the restoration of the Jews doth not so much allude to the Jews, that they all will be converted and brought in, as it alludes to the restoration of faith. Know that faith is a gift of God; and by faith are ye saved, and that not of yourselves; and it was by faith Abraham obtained the promise. Now tell me, since my Gospel was established by faith, and my apostles were destroyed, when has there been that strong faith in man, that was recorded in the Scriptures, of the faith of these Jews whose names I have mentioned, besides Moses and Aaron, Joshua and Caleb, and all the righteous kings that reigned of the Jews, where is their faith seen now amongst mankind at this day? And where is the faith amongst professors that my Bible will ever be fulfilled; that I shall destroy all the works of the devil, and bring in my kingdom of peace? This faith is dead in man: yet this faith I must restore to man, to have the faith of the faithful, that what I have said I will accomplish; then I must restore to the Gentiles the faith that was once in the Jews, that I shall do marvellous things amongst them. Now this shadow of faith is already begun; and I tell thee, it shall hasten on, till I have finished my work in righteousness. And now I shall come to the adulterous nation, whom I told thee I took in as my people, when the Jews were cast out; but let them know, though I have taken them in, as a man takes an adulterous woman for his wife; yet if they will now depart from me, and will not rest on my Promises, nor rely upon my Words, but follow after other lovers, and put their trust in men; let them see if men will deliver them; for then I will say, I am not their husband; for if the natural branches were cut off, let the wild olive fear: and now I tell thee, as a wild olive must all those be, that rely on my Gospel, believing I died for the transgression of the Fall, and yet are denying the justice of my Decrees, the truth of My Words, the Promises that are left on record, and that I died to destroy the works of the devil, by which he is working daily in man. Now mark, from this chapter, Hos. ii. 6, 18, 21. I will hedge up her way with thorns; then she returneth unto her husband; and then is the time that I make the covenant with her, with the beasts of the field, and the fowls of Heaven and with the creeping things of the ground: I will break the bow, the sword, and the battle, out of the earth, and will make them to lie down safely.

"Now mark from this chapter, what promises are made to man; but when were these ever fulfilled? In thy heart thou sayest, never; and all mankind must own the same. There never was a time when every lover of pleasure in this world, that men delighted in, who were wanderers from me, that their pleasures were so hedged up, that they could not come near them; but now I tell thee, I shall go on to hedge up the way so with thorns, that they who will not turn unto me shall be compassed round on every side with seas of sorrow, and seas of grief; but they that turn unto me, I will speak comfortably unto them; for now is the time, that I will go on till I have broken the bow and the sword out of the earth, and all my people shall lie down in safety: For now I will hear the heavens-a meaning thou dost not understand; neither is it understood by any man, that I shall hear the saints, and the martyrs, and all the just that have suffered persecution for my sake: now I will hear them that are in the Heavens; and they shall hear the earth; that meaneth, they shall hear the desires and the petitions of those that are on the earth; and they that are united in one Spirit; and I the Lord will hear and answer; and I will be their God, and they shall be My People, that are now looking to me for salvation, and for redemption, to be redeemed from all the power of death, hell and sin. Now weigh these two chapters with the prophecy of Daniel, and the chapters I told thee to mention of the apostles; then see the explanation, and judge for yourselves, ye men of learning. Now come to the third chapter Hos. After the decrees were passed upon the children of Israel, that they should abide without a king, and without a prince, then they should return to seek the Lord their God, and David their King; and should fear the Lord and his goodness, in the latter days. Now mark, they have been without a king, and without a prince; but what David have they to seek after as a king for them, unless they look unto me, who said, I was the root and offspring of David, whose government should be on My shoulders? Then now look unto me to be your king; for the latter days are come: and I have a controversy with the inhabitants of the land; for I ask them what truth, or what mercy there is in man? And now the knowledge of God is despised in your land: I have called, and no man answered; yea, I have held a controversy with man by my Spirit; I have warned, I have invited, I have threatened; then now judge for yourselves, from the chapter, what must befall you. If ye reject knowledge, I will reject you: for My People perish for want of knowledge; and knowledge is despised amongst you. Ye ask counsel of stocks and stuff; but what counsel can they give you? O ye blind leaders of the blind, will ye say these threatenings were to the Jews, because they rejected the knowledge that I gave to my prophets? Then judge for yourselves, if ye have not rejected the same? Then now judge from your own laws-Do not your own laws stand from one century to another? Will ye say that a man shall be hanged for murder in the year that is past, and not in the present? You will answer, No; the law is established for a continuance to them that break it; and so stands my Bible for Jews and Gentiles. And now mark through My Bible: when did I bring any judgment on the Jews without warning them before? And doth not Nineveh stand in judgment against them? and the same against this generation? Mark Hos. xii. 3.-"He took his brother by the heel in the womb; and by his strength he had power with God: yea, he had power over the angel, and prevailed." I shall first answer the words, that thou hast pondered in thy heart: the Lord hath a controversy with Judah, and will punish Jacob according to his ways. Here are words that seem puzzling to thee-why I should punish Jacob according to his doings, and in the following verse, say-"He had power with God; yea he had power over the angel." These words are not understood; no more by the learned, than they are by thee. Now I shall answer thee: He took his brother by the heel in the womb, and by his strength he had power with God. In this Jacob sinned not; yet the mystery of Jacob there lies deep; for as he took his brother by the heel in the womb, and after that gained the blessing of his father, and prevailed with the angel to defend him, and to know who he was, when he was going to meet his brother Esau; so I tell thee, in the womb of providence, men must take hold of the promise that was made to them; then like Jacob they will have power with God to prevail; for the honour of God is to fulfil his Word. Here Jacob prevailed as the shadow, when he took hold of his brother's heel; but know what followed after, when he robbed him of his birthright. Here thou sayest the mystery is great; though I have already told thee. Esau stands but a type of the devil; therefore have I said-Jacob have I loved, and Esau have I hated, before they were born; and know, I told thee, Esau was before Jacob, so Satan fell before man was created: and here cometh the depth of the womb of providence! But now I know thy heart is pondering-which way did man take hold of Satan's heel, as Jacob did of Esau's. Thou sayest, if it alludes to the beginning, man seemed rather to take hold of the heel of Christ, than of Satan; as he cast no blame on Satan in the Fall, but on the Lord, and on the woman; and thereby, as Jacob robbed Esau of his birthright, so man robbed God of his honour: thus it appeareth to thee, that the meaning of it alludes to the Fall-

"Here are the pondering thoughts of thee,

And now the twain let all men see:

Just as the two did first appear,

Thy pondering thoughts that way I'll clear;

It was a folly first in man,

To bruise my heel he did begin;

But now, I know, thou dost ponder more,

The way that Esau I compared,

Never to stand a type of me,

But 'twas of Satan I did say.

Then sure thy thoughts cannot be right.

To bring the mysteries all to light;

But to thy thoughts I'll answer here,

The heel of Satan did appear,

In every footstep he did come,

Thinking to break the bliss of man,

And so the woman he betrayed;

As Esau in the womb was laid,

I say, with Jacob to appear,

The Woman he did strong ensnare,

You know, to tempt her at the first,

And so the Man with her did burst;

Then you may say he took his heel,

And held with her.-The mystery still,

I tell you all, lies deep behind,

The way that I shall place the twain,

Jacob and Esau to appear:

I hate the first, 'twas said before;

But yet the second I did love,

Now from the type I this shall prove:

Like the beginning were the two-

Satan the first before my view,

And Man the second he did come,

Whom I had placed in my own form;

Then now from Jacob, all may see,

His brother's heel, 'tis said to be,

That he took hold of in the womb;

And here's the type I'll bring to man.

But now to bring the mystery round,

There is no way it can be found,

To make the mystery out now clear,

But from the brazen serpent there,

That I did Moses so command,

For men to look and heal their wounds:

Then from the brazen serpent see

How with the serpent did agree.

The perfect likeness of the first,

For to be healed, as man was cast.

For by the serpent you do say,

His subtle arts did her betray;

She looked on him, and plucked the fruit,

As he was tempting near the root,

That was of knowledge for to know-

That way the Woman found her blow;

That is, I mean the sting at first:

And like a serpent I was placed,

I say, to heal the sting the same.

Now mark the likeness how it came;

And from the likeness all may see

The way that Man took hold of me,

When Satan twisted in such form,

To say-as Gods, they should become.

So here the man took hold of me,

When Satan twisted round the tree,

To say as gods they should become-

You all know where he cast the blame;

Yet this was never man's design,

To free the serpent at that time;

Because by ignorance all was done;

Then to the Woman all must come-

'Twas she that cast it on his head;

And so the serpent she betrayed,

As he betrayed her at the first.

Now mark the likeness, how 'tis placed:

It was not Jacob did go through,

By his own strength, you well do know,

Ever to rob his brother there,

No; 'twas his mother did appear,

I tell you all, the thing to form;

The way she wished to bless her son,

You all do know, she did contrive:

Her husband she did then deceive,

And so her elder son the same-

And now I know thy heart's inflamed;

For thou art puzzled more and more-

The other son she could not bear:

And as the children were her own,

Thou sayest the mother must be wrong.

And wrong indeed she sure must be,

Had not the type been set by me,

To shew the mystery of the Fall,

The way the Woman placed the whole:

For Satan did to her appear,

Just like a child, in love to her,

Which he pretended at the first;

But soon her anger it did burst,

And yet her love was still for man-

She never did him there condemn;

Nor yet her Maker, at that time;

But on the Serpent was her mind

To cast the whole, the Man to free,

And owned the fruit was plucked by she;

Because the serpent her betrayed,

And so she cast it on his head,

Which broke his power then from man:

Though he, like Esau, still went on,

To have his princes to appear;

But now his end is drawing near.

Now all thy pondering thoughts I see:

Which way can Satan ever be

Compared to Esau, as a child?

I know, therein thy mind is foiled;

But I shall tell thee how 'tis so;

She plucked the evil fruit you know,

And then, thou know'st, she bore a son,

That full of evil he did come;

Then Esau might with him compare-

Discern the shadow, how 'twas there;

The way at first the whole did spring,

('Twas from the Fall it did begin)

To place the likeness of the child;

Because the Woman so was foiled-

And so the first born it was cast.

But mark the Promise how 'twas placed

From Abraham's Seed, to clear the whole;

'Tis there the type stands deep for all.

But had it come another way,

No likeness in it there could lay,

To bring the mystery to the Fall.

But now look deep, I tell you all,

And see how Jacob did begin,

When in the womb the whole was seen:

He took his brother by the heel.

With God and man, I tell you still,

The type of Jacob there stands deep:

When Satan to the Woman crept,

So much like me for to appear,

In words that she could never clear;

Then sure of man, you all must see,

Mistaken took my heel that way.

But now to answer I'll go on:

He took my heel, to have me come,

I say, for to be bruised at first;

But know the Promise how 'twas placed

For to be cast on Satan's head,

For to be bruised, as I have said;

Then there the Promise let him hold,

Know, from the likeness, what is told,

The way the shadow I've placed there;

Then so the substance must appear;

And yet, thine eyes, thou canst not see

How Jacob took the heel of me,

The way that Esau I compare,

A mystery thou canst never clear;

But I shall surely clear the whole,

And prove the truth from Adam's Fall;

That first he took the heel of me-

Thou say'st, can I the Esau be?

But I do answer-'twas not so:

And yet the likeness, thou dost know,

I told thee how 'twas placed before:

And know how man did place me here

Worse than an Esau to become-

That way my heel was bruised by man.

Then now from Jacob thou may'st see

The mystery deep, that puzzled thee.

Why Jacob I should punish here;

And now the mystery I'll make clear,

Which no man living can discern,

The way nor manner I do warn,

Before I've made the mystery plain:

My heel was took by sinful men,

For to be nailed unto the tree-

An Esau first they made of me,

Which came from Adam at the first,

The way the fault by him was cast.

But now the Esau I shall clear,

The way that I the whole compare;

Though Jacob did the blessing gain,

But mark what followed to remain-

The way that Esau did pursue:

So Jacob felt, and feared his blow,

When Esau's anger did begin-

Thou know'st how Jacob fled from him,

And how he feared for to return

To see his brother, it is known,

Before the angel did appear.

Now Jacob's wrestling I shall clear,

The way he wrestled first with me:

He from his brother first did flee,

And then from Laban fled the same,

And wrestled for to know my Name.

So here's a type stands deep for man,

The way that Jacob did go on:

But now from Esau you may see,

His grandeur great appeared to be.

These are but shadows placed in man,

To see the end, how all must come;

But if the shadow I compare,

It is like Jacob, I say, here,

That all my Promise was at first:

Like Jacob did their sorrows burst,

On me and my disciples come,

While Esau's grandeur still went on,

I tell you, in the sons of men,

Till I began to cut their reign.

But, from thy pondering thoughts, I see

I cannot clear the mystery,

In every step to clear the whole,

To bring the Jacob to myself,

And make the Esau to appear

The perfect type of Satan here.

Now I'll begin to make it plain,

And shew the mystery of the twain:

A double mystery must appear,

I say, to make the likeness clear,

And bring it round to God and man;

For there, I say, the type must stand.

So if by man I first go through,

I'm placed like Esau; all do know

The way I'm hated here by man;

As Adam first did cast the blame,

And so that way he took my heel:

The type, like Esau, I must feel,

Or there's no way to bring it round,

The way that justice can be crowned,

That I in justice must be clear:

And mark how Jacob did appear

To suffer first from Esau's hand;

So I did suffer first for man;

And so like Jacob I did flee;

Though Esau's curse was laid on me,

I tell you, by the sons of men;

And to this day it doth remain.

That sure like Esau I was cast;

And by the Jews, that way I'm placed,

For to be curst by God and man,

If that their faith you now discern.

Now this, thou sayest, thou'st clearly see,

The way that Esau's placed in me,

For to be judged now by man:

Thou seest the shadow it is strong,

The way that I am placed here,

Perfect like Esau to appear;

And so that way they took my heel;

And so my anger they did feel,

And all my punishment did bear,

As man that way did place me here.

But now the mystery I'll bring round,

How the true Jacobs shall be found;

For in the womb, when at the first,

I knew the serpent, how he'd burst,

Unto the Woman to appear,

To break the words were given there:

But I was then close to his heel

That he hereafter it should feel:

Though man, like Jacob, first did fly,

He felt the rage, and it was nigh,

An Esau's malice to pursue:

And Cain, thou know'st, that way did go,

While men like Jacob did become,

To feel the angry rage of him.

But now the mystery for to clear:

Though man as Esau placed me here,

They'll find, as Jacob I did come,

I say, to intercede for man;

'Tis I've the power with my God,

Though first I felt an Esau's rod,

And with him they did place me here-

See how the shadow doth appear,

And how the shadow stands in man:

You see how Jacob's sons went on,

And how their father they provoked

To bring on them an awful stroke,

Which from his dying words you see,

How he did curse their cruelty.

So I may say the same of man:

The shadow you do not discern,

No more than David to appear,

In every thing for to compare,

The perfect likeness here of me,

But thy weak head, I plain do see,

Cannot discern how 'tis brought round,

Though I have shewed in every sound

The way I'm likened to the two-

Jacob and Esau, all do know.

But now I'll make the words more clear;

I know thy senses are drowned here,

So I shall place it to the first,

When the creation it did burst:

Satan, thou know'st, did first appear,

When my command was given there;

Unto the Woman he did come,

Her happiness for to unthrone;

Then I, like Jacob, close behind,

And from her words, a way did find

To gain a blessing then for Man:

Then to his heel I close must come;

And from the Promise, all must see

The way like Jacob I must be:

And so like Jacob to appear,

An Esau's malice first to bear;

And so his malice did go on

Till to destroy my Life they came.

But I was placed as Esau there,

When I was cast, let man see clear:

And so like Jacob placed the same,

To those that loved, and feared my Name.

So here's the shadow of the Fall:

When the creation I did call,

I gave the Promise great to Man,

And said, I'd made him in my form.

But see how Satan did appear,

For to destroy the happy pair,

Had not mine hand been close behind

To intercede for Man;

And by her words I was confined

Like Jacob for to come,

First to go through, you all do know,

Like Jacob to appear;

Because my sons they then did come,

That I the grief should share:

On me 'twas cast; see how 'twas placed,

And what I first went through;

But now discern, ye fallen race,

The way I have placed the two.

Then now I'll come to Abraham:

I made the Promise there-

In Isaac should the earth be blessed

And all the families here;

From Isaac see the type to be,

That I placed of the first,

Jacob and Esau, you do see,

And now the end must burst,

Like Jacobs here for to appear

And intercede with God:

But it is I who dwell on high-

The power, it must be knowed,

Must be in me, the end to see;

The strength is not in Man.

So from the Fall discern it all,

The way I've led you on.

But I'll end here and say no more;

Read back the lines are penned;

See how your judgment will appear,

And then I'll place the end.

For puzzling first thy mind did burst,

And so I led thee on:

It is to see what is in thee,

I brought this round to man

In such a form-you don't discern;

But draw your judgment here,

And now observe how I do warn,

Before I make it clear."-

"Now, Joanna, I shall answer thee. To try your judgment, I ordered you to draw it; as thou judgedst in thy heart I had brought it round by too long an explanation, that I might have brought round in a short compass; perfectly so are men by thy writings; for I tell thee, there are many who judge the sense can be brought round in a smaller compass. But now I shall come to reason; as objections kept rising in thy heart, so I know they will arise in many, if every mystery is not worked round and cleared up, which cannot be in a small compass. Now I shall come to the verse that puzzled thee at first:-I will punish Jacob according to his ways; according to his doings will I recompense him. Here are words thou dost not understand. I shall bring Jacob to the spiritual sense, according as I have placed it in myself, and according to the ways that I laid my plan in the creation: I was punished for the transgression of man; according to my doings will my recompense be. Now recompense you may place two ways; for evil, or for good. If a man does evil, you may recompense that evil on his head; if he does good, you may recompense that good on his head. Now I shall make it more clear to thy understanding, by a reward-as it is written, I shall reward every man according to his works. Then there must be a reward of evil, as well as a reward of good: so that according to a man's doings, his reward cometh the same, as a recompense. Then mark what followeth: If a recompense followeth Jacob for good, he cannot be blamed in the following verses-for taking his brother by the heel; and by his strength having power with God. But where is the man by strength, as a mere man, can have power with God? I tell thee no man. He may have power to intercede with God, by a strong faith in prayer; and he may hold God to his promise, as Jacob held the angel; this by strength of faith and prayer may be done by man; yet still, like Jacob, he is but halt; and not receiving immediately what he hath been wrestling for, like Jacob goeth lame. So that, as a man, he hath not the power with God, as it is described by Jacob; therefore the power must be, as I have told thee, in the spiritual Jacob, to wrestle with God and prevail for man. Now as I have told thee I was punished for man's transgression; but know what my doings were, for the glory of God, and the good of mankind: I gave my Life for Men, that they might take hold of the promise, as I took hold of the Woman's words. But do not ponder in thy heart, that as I took hold of her words to cast the blame on Satan's head, that I must call him a brother, as Jacob called Esau. I tell thee, No; these things only stand for types and shadows, to shew from Jacob and Esau, what the end must be to those Jacobs that have my Spirit; for though man is persecuted by the devil, as Jacob was by Esau; yet know the blessing rested upon Jacob, and that blessing must rest upon Jacob in the end; but as I was punished for the transgression of man, so is man punished for his own transgression; and the very men that were like Jacob, felt their persecution, and punishment, from those that were like Esau. And how can I free the punishment of man in this world, as long as they lay their blame upon me? For I tell thee, the blame of the Fall is laid upon me to this day. And now I tell thee by my Gospel, though they allow that the Lord laid on me the burden of all; yet the condemnation of the Fall they do not allow is to be removed by my Death. Though I have so clearly explained it to them, and my Bible stands plain before them; yet I tell thee, there are many who judge they are wrestling Jacobs by prayer, and think they shall be prevailing Israels; but I now tell them all, as I was punished for the transgression of man, so will they be punished now for their unbelief, as the Jews of old were; for though the Jews had power with God, and many of them as great as Jacob; (look to Daniel, and those in the fiery furnace) yet those Jacobs did not continue after, though they were of Jacob's seed; yet as men they departed from Jacob, as his sons departed from him; therefore the seed of Jacob are punished on the one hand: for though their voice is like Jacob's by a profession of words, yet their conduct is like Esau; and so they go on to cheat their father with words, as Jacob did. But thou sayest in thine heart-then herein is Jacob condemned: I tell thee, No; comparing the likeness is not condemning the substance. But I knew thy thoughts: thou sayest, when I condemned the grain of wheat that I compared to man, I condemned man also; to this I answer, I compared myself to the serpent; and so I have compared myself to Esau, as men have compared me to them both; but does this argue from the comparison that I have compared myself to, as suffering all these reproaches of men (by the unbounded love I had for men, to come down and die for their transgressions) that I am like the serpent, tainted with all his vices, with all his evils and cruelty? If so, I would never have shewed my love to bear this reproach, to be so likened by man; and yet, by my love, I stand on record in this perfect likeness, by the Jews, and by thousands of professed Christians; and like Esau am I judged by man, whom the Lord hates: this I have told thee, is what I am likened to by man; and by my submission the likeness appeareth; but shall I rest here? I tell thee, No: My voice is like Jacob's; and my fury shall be like Esau's, to destroy those that now go on to rob me of my honour, that is now due to my name. Satan's malice pursued me like Esau's with much fury, to seek my life: and now I say, with much more fury will I go on to seek his destruction. Therefore the type stands deep in Jacob-Thy voice is like Jacob's; and thy feeling like Esau's: and so my voice shall be like the voice of a God; and my fury shall be like the fury of Satan who entered Judas to betray me, and worked strong in the people to crucify me, and preferred the murderer before me. But now let the murderer fear; for my anger and indignation shall arise like Herod's, who destroyed the children when he was mocked by the wise men. Now all these things will I recompense back on his head; for as I and my followers have been mocked like Jacob, and persecuted like Jacob; now my voice shall be like Jacob's; and they shall feel that my power is like Esau's. For know, Jacob, after he had put on the form of Esau, he felt the wrath of Esau; so when I put on the form of man, I felt the wrath of man; I felt the persecution of man, I felt the persecution of devils, while I had that form with me to appear to man, in the likeness of fallen man. Thus I suffered like Jacob, and was compared to Esau; but now they shall find my voice as a God, and my fury against mine enemies, as the fury of Satan was against me and my followers. Here they shall find me the spiritual Jacob, whose ways, by man, have been judged like Esau's: and like Esau's fury will I appear, unless men, like Jacob, will fall before me. Now let all men consider where the type of Jacob and Esau stood, and from whom they sprang: from Isaac, to whom the promise was made-that in Isaac all the families of the earth should be blessed. Then to fulfil that promise, know the shadow stood in Jacob; but the power and the substance must be in me; therefore I shall come, as I have told thee, with power and voice as a God, but with the anger and fury to recompense to every man, like the fury of the devil, and like the fury of man, that worked against me. Now weigh these words with Daniel's wheels that were as fire; then know these wheels must come round; and so I tell thee all this shall come round, to reward every one according to his works. For now will I perform the oath, that I sware unto Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; it shall rest on the heads of the Jacobs that now lay hold of the promise, and rely on the Woman's words, as Jacob relied on Rebecca's; for there stands the promise in the beginning that men must now rely upon. Here I have shewed thee the mystery of the chapter that appeared so puzzling to thee, how the verses could be joined together; and yet, I tell thee, they are joined together, both spiritual and temporal. And now I tell thee, I have a controversy with Judah. Now mark what Judah was to be, from his father's dying words: his hand to be in the neck of his enemies, and his father's children to bow down before him: for the sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be. This I have explained to thee already; then marvel not, the controversy must be with Judah; for where is the Judah, or where is the man, that hath any knowledge of my coming, or the fulfilment of my Bible? And where is the man who can explain my Bible, before I come in the Spirit to explain it, and reveal the mysteries that are concealed from man? Therefore I tell thee I must have a controversy with men, that are like Judah; for ye are not all like Joseph, who believed in me from the first. Now mark from Judah; he interfered for Joseph, that he might not be slain. But thou sayest in thy heart, Reuben was better than Judah; but now thou hast seen what Reuben did, and what his father said of him; therefore thou must mark from Judah, he did not know the design of his brother; therefore he interceded to save Joseph's life. But thou must mark further of Judah, how he acknowledged his own guilt concerning his daughter-in-law: there is a mystery beyond thy thoughts, or the thoughts of any. As all things stand for types and shadows; so the type of Judah stands deep there; but I do not tell thee it is Judah, as that man, that the controversy is designed for in the end; but to them that are like Judah. And now I will tell thee what likeness there must be of Judah; he interceded for his brother, that he might not be destroyed; and by selling him, left him to the protection of heaven, that if his dreams were true, he knew he was in the hand of providence to have them fulfilled; therefore he acted with more wisdom than Reuben. Thou enquirest how? To this I answer; after they had told their minds that they meant to destroy Joseph, and to kill him, how could they ever be reconciled to their father, or one to the other after the thing was made known? Was there not room for further evils, and cause for murder one with the other, if he had went to his father and told their designs? Thus I have shewed thee, Judah's wisdom was greater than Reuben's, to commit his brother to the protection of heaven; for here he had a free scope for the fulfilment of his dreams; and this was brought round by the wisdom of Judah, through the power and wisdom of a God, who worked in Judah's heart, in this manner to interfere. And now I will tell thee of all the Judahs: they will act like him, to give a fair trial to the visitation of the Lord, as Judah gave a fair trial for his brother Joseph; but mark further of Judah: when he was convinced by his daughter-in-law of his own error, he said, she was more righteous than he: and thus the Judahs will be convinced, when the whole truth is laid before them, as she laid before him the signet, bracelets, and staff. Here I have shewed thee of Judah, the shadow of mankind; therefore his father prophesied of Judah, the sceptre should not depart from him; and now I tell thee, the sceptre cannot depart from those who act like him, to hold a controversy till the truth is laid before them, and then to acknowledge the truth, as Judah did. Then now let men learn wisdom from Judah; and let them weigh the whole together and judge deep from the type of Judah; and let them mark how the things stand one after the other concerning him. And now remember what is said to Esdras: "It is for thee, and such as be like thee:" so it is for Judah, and such as be like him; but I do not mean as to his vices; I mean his virtue in owning the truth; for when the things were brought before him, he confessed every truth, and laid the blame to himself: so let men do likewise. But I know the pondering of thy heart-If things go deep for types, there is a type thou canst not fathom; yet I tell thee, one way or other, thou wilt see thy pondering thoughts to be clear; so leave them off for the present: it is not right for thee to know, which way thy thoughts are true; yet I tell thee, one way or the other, they are true. But here I have shewed mankind, how the sceptre shall not depart from those that act like Judah, though his hand may be in the neck of his enemies. Now remember, from my Gospel, how the Jews were convinced, that acted like Judah, to look into the truth of my Gospel. And now, I tell thee, it will be the same to those that look into every truth; therefore I have ordered thee to hold a controversy with man, to see who are the Judahs that will own the truth, as Judah did; for there shall the gathering of the people be. As I have already explained the chapter, I shall go no further in that explanation. But now mark Hosea xiv. 5-"I will be as the dew unto Israel: he shall grow as the lily, and cast forth his roots as Lebanon." Joel i. 2-"Hear this, ye old men:" chap. ii. 28-"I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh:" Chap. iii. 20, 21-"But Judah shall dwell for ever, and Jerusalem from generation to generation; for I will cleanse their blood that I have not cleansed." Now mark these words, ye men of learning, and all ye that boast of wisdom: Hath this been in your days, or even in the days of your fathers? I tell you, No. Are my blessings like the dews upon Israel? Are their branches spread forth as the beauty of the olive trees? Is my Spirit poured out upon all flesh? Are these things fulfilled, that are spoken of by the prophet? I tell you, No. But mark the judgments that come before, and the promises that follow after: then know, all ye nations, kindreds, and people, these things must come to pass: then see the sign placed by the prophet-Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy; your old men shall dream dreams; your young men shall see visions. These things I have explained to thee already; yet once more I warn the nations-the signs are before you; the warning is given; and ye see the tumults of war in all nations; then are ye not ready to beat your plough-shares into swords, and your pruning hooks into spears? Are not the weak ready to say they are strong? Discern all these things, how they stand together: then discern the judgments before you, if ye will not know that I am the Lord: but ye shall know that I am the Lord dwelling in Zion: and when ye thus know and confess, then shall my judgments be turned into blessings; for the mountains shall drop down new wine; the hills shall flow with milk, and the rivers of Judah shall flow with waters; for now I will cleanse the blood that is not cleansed; and turn a pure language upon every nation, when I have executed my judgments for the sins of the people. But will ye answer me, my promises are all fulfilled, and the blood of all is cleansed? Thou sayest in thy heart, no man can answer thus: then I answer-I have said it, and I will fulfil it. I have not withheld my judgments upon the Jews; neither will I withhold my judgments now from any hardened and stiff-necked people, that will not turn unto me.

Amos iii. 2.-Chap. v. 10.-Chap. vi. 12.-Chap. ix. 9, 14, 15.

"Now I shall answer thee, from these chapters. I said of the Jews,-"You only have I known, of all the families of the earth: therefore I will punish you, for all your iniquities." Now these were my threatenings to the Jews, as I had done more for them than for other nations; and I had destroyed other nations for their sake; and I had shewed my signs and wonders amongst them; yet they still went on to provoke me to anger. Now see through my Bible, what my threatening judgments were to the Jews for their stubbornness and idolatry; and what a proverb they now stand before you; though I said, they were the only people whom I knew; but mark for what crimes they were threatened, and for what crimes they were punished: they despised the prophets, and would none of my reproof; and when I came amongst them they despised me the same, though I worked so many miracles before them. But mark the following words: "Can two walk together, except they be agreed?" Now mark the Jews; they could not agree with my spirit in the prophets; then how could they agree to walk with me, when I came amongst them? And yet they professed to build the tombs of the prophets, and garnish the sepulchres of the righteous; and said if they had been in their days, they would not have been partakers with them in the blood of the prophets; but know my answer: "Ye are the children of them that killed the prophets." For as they before despised my visitation to the prophets, so they despised my visitation to them. And now I say the same to this present generation: they are blaming my murderers, and my mockers, and despisers; the very same things ye are now guilty of! For as I said of the Jews, I now say of you-Can two walk together except they be agreed? Can you walk with me in my Gospel, and not walk with me in my spirit? In what manner have ye agreed with me, to suffer shame and reproach for your sakes; to be mocked and despised for your sakes; to die on the Cross for your sakes, and be rejected of men?-Will ye agree with me in all these things, and not agree with me to come again in my Father's glory? Then now I ask mankind, how ye will walk with me, if ye will not agree with me, to have my adversary destroyed? to have my Name run and be glorified? to have the Cross become my Crown? That where I suffered shame and reproach for man here upon earth, I may receive Glory, Honour, Praise and Power, to be given unto my Name by all the sons of men below? that I may see the travail of my soul and be satisfied with the sons of men, to shew my love was not in vain? Thus ye must agree with me, in all the records of my power and glory here below, as well as my sufferings and shame below, if ye will walk with me. Now I tell ye, if ye agree with me, ye must agree with me in the Creation, of bruising of Satan's head, who is your adversary and mine; as well as to agree with me, that I was the son of God, and had my heel bruised for that purpose. This must be your agreement with me, if ye will walk with me, and as it is written-the day of vengeance was in my heart, when I suffered for men; so ye must agree with me to have the same in your own hearts, if ye will walk with me, to have God to be all in all! This must be your agreement with me, to all that is written in the Bible concerning me; or how can ye say, that ye walk with me, when ye will not agree with me; but sooner make your agreement with hell, that his kingdom may stand for ever; and deny every scripture of truth that is spoken, of the kingdom's being mine, when I come to claim it for my own; to ask and receive my full demands? Then your agreement must be the same, if ye will walk with me. And now I have warned you by my spirit, and by the prophecies that I have laid open before you, that my kingdom is at hand. Now will a lion roar in the forest when he hath no prey? and will Satan roar so much in the hearts of men, when he hath no prey in them? I tell you, no; Satan is roaring in the hearts of men, that he may make a prey of them; he is crying out in the den like a lion that hath taken a prey; but would this be his cry if he could take nothing? I tell ye, no, ye sons of men: See his roaring and crying in the Jews, when they took me for slaughter, and them for his prey: here he roared; here he cried out to bring on the destruction of both: but shall I stop there? shall I and my followers submit to his malice and never avenge my own injuries and theirs? I tell ye, no, ye sons of men. Trace my Bible deep of the Jews, and see what they have all gone through, as the prophets prophesied of them. And shall I suffer the evil, and not bring the good, that I have promised to man? I tell you, no: I have begun, and I will make an end.

"For now to all I loud do call,

My trumpet's blown aloud,

To tell the nations, one and all,

'Tis time to know their God:

To walk with me they must agree

In every heart and mind.

'Tis time my Bible now to see

Though it has been confined,

I say, from all, both great and small;

As none did understand

The way that they must walk with me,

When I the whole command.

The lion here doth strong appear,

I tell them, every way:

Now I'm the lion they must fear,

That will not me obey.

The time is gone, I tell you, men,

For Satan's power to reign:

Now I'll go on the lion strong-

The type stands deep for man:

From Daniel first the type was placed;

And mark the shadow there:

The lion's teeth could never burst

My faithful friend to tear:

So I'll go on to act like them-

My friends I'll not destroy;

But like the lions I'll appear;

My friends shall me enjoy.

But now come on my foes so strong-

That way they shall be slain;

For like a lion now I'll come,

My every cause maintain.

My prophets here do now appear:

On record all doth stand;

My visitation now see clear;

My Bible all command:

So I'll appear like lions here;

My friends shall be my prey,

That I am roaring now to save;

But all my foes I'll slay.

So they may fear the lions here,

That rise against my word,

No longer shall the serpent tear-

See how I this allude:

The lions first to him I placed,

As roaring for his prey;

But now I say he shall be cast;

I'll bring all round that way.

So now discern how I do warn:

My trumpet all may hear;

You all will find there is a storm,

That all my foes, may fear.

No shadow, see, there is in me

Of turning, at the last;

And from the Prophet you may see

The way the whole is placed:

No wonders here can now appear,

No wonders did I do,

But what I warned mankind before,

And now you'll find it true.

The shadows here that do appear

I've warned you of before;

But 'tis the substance you must fear;

For now I'll tell you more:

I have begun, I will go on,

My Bible I'll go through;

Beyond your skill, in every wheel,

I'll prove my Bible true.

But where's the man that now can come

And answer to my word,

To say my Bible is fulfilled?

Or men do know the Lord?

I tell thee, No; it is not so;

They do not know my Name

From Jah Jehovah all doth flow,

Men's wisdom I shall shame,

And soon confound in every sound;

My Bible must appear:

The truth in all shall now be found-

My prophet's words see clear:

He said, that nothing I should do,

But servants I should gain,

That they before the thing might know:

My prophets, I'll maintain,

Must surely come by my command;

Their words shall ever stand:

My Gospel see alike to be,

And now the whole command:

The word of God you know is said,

I come not to destroy;

Or say the prophets were misled;

No; all I would enjoy,

I told you then, to make it plain;

And plain shall all appear.

So from the prophets now I'll prove

Their words I'm come to clear;

Then mark the chapter, how 'tis placed,

What words were spoke by he;

You ne'er discerned, ye fallen race,

The words were spoke by me.

But from the judgment drawn by men,

That prophecies must fall;

Then wrong my Gospel must be penned,

I now do tell you all.

If wondrous things I do begin,

And tell them not before,

My prophet here must speak a lie,

Or I myself must err.

"Now let men observe from this chapter, Amos iii. 7, 8, and weigh the words with my Gospel: Matthew v. 17, 18.-"I come not to destroy the law or the prophets." Then if I come not to destroy them, know that prophets must follow after my death, as they did before; or I must have destroyed them. But now observe all men, I come not to destroy the Law of God that was left on record; neither his words that were penned from the prophets; neither did I come to destroy the prophets, that none should arise afterwards, to prophesy in my name; but I come to fulfil their words, and the words of the prophets that were spoken before: then, I have shewed thee from the words of the prophet, that the Lord God will do nothing but he revealeth his secrets unto his servants the prophets. Now, I ask mankind, if I come to make their words null and void? I tell you, no. I did not come for prophecies to cease; but as in ages that are past, so is the present: they hate him that reproves in the gate, and they abhor him that speaketh uprightly. This hath been in all ages of the world, and this will continue as long as the power of sin remaineth: For how can two walk together that are not agreed? Can Satan and I walk together? I tell thee, no: neither can those that are led by his spirit, and these that are led by mine walk together and agree. But thou sayest in thy heart-though believers agree together in one faith; yet they do not agree together in all things. To this I answer, as long as ye remain under the fall, ye have different spirits of your own, that may not agree together in all things; neither will ye, till nature has its perfect change; but what has that to do with your being led by my spirit in one faith and in one belief? If ye agree in your faith, then know that ye are led by me, if ye believe any calling that is from me. Now as thou hast pondered on the one hand, I shall answer thee on the other: Do the unbelievers, that agree together in persecution, and in their unbelief, agree together in all things? Thou answerest, no: And to this I answer as before: Satan may have power to blind their eyes through unbelief, and in that way to lead them on by unbelief; yet they have spirits of their own of different kinds, that his leading cannot change; therefore it is not the disagreement in other things that sheweth always by what spirits you are led; but this doth shew by what spirits you are led; for when my prophets were sent out in the world, no man believed in them that was not led by my spirit; and no man persecuted them but those that were led on by the working of the devil: and perfectly so was it in my days; yet there were many that neither persecuted nor believed; and thy enquiry is, by what spirit then were they led? to this I answer, by a spirit of their own; whose lukewarm hearts were known to me; for they could not bear the persecution of the world for my sake; therefore they could not agree to walk with me, for want of love on the one hand; neither had they zeal enough for the glory of God, to be filled up with indignation if I had been an impostor, on the other; therefore they could not agree to be led by either; and so they walked on in a spirit of their own, that is fallen from God by the Fall: and this, I tell thee, is the case with thousands at this time; and in this spirit they will go on, neither to persecute nor to vindicate: such were the Laodiceans; and such men have been in all ages of the world; and so they will continue to the end. For I now tell thee and all mankind, there is no other spirit in man now, than what hath been in all ages of the world; which if you weigh my Bible deep, and compare their spirits with the spirits of men that are now before you, you may see the likeness in every age of the world. But one thought strikes thy heart-they were not alike when the world was drowned; for thou hearest of no one disputing to be with Noah; neither did any rise up against him to prevent his building the ark; for they only laughed at his folly; and as he had money to go through with the building, he could gain labourers to assist him in that, as well as in other things; but thou dost not hear of any parties being overtaken with any warmth either for or against him. Here the spirits of men do not appear to thee, in that age, like as they were in other ages, and the present. To this I answer: when men were all come to that spirit, of one careless mind, they were all destroyed; and as the world was then destroyed by water, so I tell thee, it would now be destroyed by fire, if there was but one careless spirit in it; which was proved to be at that time, and no one was preserved! But know, since, different spirits have arisen; that meaneth, different spirits have been in men, and different workings in men since the Flood: many have laid it to heart, fearing the same destruction might overtake them again. Had there been but one spirit in man when I came upon the earth, and that spirit was like the antediluvian world, none would have sought my death, any more then, than they did Noah's: so I might have been the Noah, and have gone into the ark by myself, and so have destroyed them all, because they would not come near me; then my coming would have been of no use: the love of man would never have been shewn on the one hand, nor could the fury of Satan have been shewn on the other. For of what use is Satan's working in man, when he thinks he is going to possess the whole, as he did by the deluge? But I tell thee it was different, as I said the deluge should no more go over the land to destroy it, so in all ages of the world hath my working been powerful with man to prevent it; but I now tell thee, my spirit shall not always strive with man; for I will go on to destroy the powers of darkness, as I destroyed the world of old; for know I told thee, they were all of one mind; therefore they were all destroyed; and so of one mind are all the evil spirits, and like them they shall be destroyed.

"Because the ark is made for man-

The Sealed Number so must stand:

And here I say the lines go deep,

For men and devils both to weep,

If they the mystery could discern,

And understand how I do warn.

But of these words I'll say no more-

From types and shadows you see clear-

The way I've placed my Bible through,

And brought the whole before your view:

And so together all must come,

When I do make an end for man.

"But now I shall go on from the prophets. Mark what followed from the words of the prophets to the ages that are past; then judge, if there be no shadow of turning in man, what shadow of turning must there be in me; only to bring all things round like the vision of Daniel, and the wheel of fire. And now discern, how I have sifted the house of Israel amongst all nations, as corn is sifted in a sieve; yet shall not the least grain fall upon the earth: neither shall the least grain of my word fall to the ground; for now will I turn back the captivity of My people, and the waste cities, which I shall go on to destroy, they shall build again; and they shall be inhabited by the house of Israel, which I have told thee-Is the house of Faith. So let not the Jews boast against the Gentiles; nor the Gentiles against the Jews; nor the nations one against the other. For know I have told thee what the house of Israel is-the faith of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob: and all the children of the faithful are what I call the house of Israel; not by the name of the Jews, but by the faith of the Jews, that stands on record. So all they that will inherit the Promise must catch hold of my words, and say, "I am of the seed of Israel, as the seed of faith is sown in my heart:" and these are the people that I will plant in the land, and they no more shall be plucked out of their land, which I have given them by my promise. But how can this be established, till men are established in faith? Have not all nations fallen through unbelief? But here I have shewed thee, in the end, how they shall stand by faith.

Obad. i. 10, 21-Jonah i. 7-Chap. iii. 10-Chap. iv. 2.

"Now I have shewed thee, from Esau and Jacob, the type and shadow of Satan's destruction: and mark, from this chapter, Obad. i. how he is to be totally cut off in the end; that every mount of Esau may be cut off by slaughter, for his violence against his brother Jacob. Here let men look deep and weigh the type of Esau, in the manner I have placed it; but if all things, and all men, were to be cut off for their violence, the violence of Jacob's sons was greater against their brother Joseph, and with less provocation than Esau's was against Jacob. Therefore let men discern how the type is placed, and for what it is placed: for they may see the sins of many, and the violence of many, were as bad as Esau's and yet the threatenings to them were not like his. Then weigh the whole together, with the type of the Promise made to Isaac:-That in him should all the families of the earth be blessed: but how could all the families of the earth be blessed while the malice of men, like Esau's pursuing of Jacob, makes them pursue one the other? Now I shall make it more plain before thee, of Esau's being the seed of Isaac, that was to be destroyed: Isaac came by the seed of faith from Abraham, where the Promise was first made; but know, from Rebecca, Isaac's wife, came the twins; that one was to be destroyed, and the other preserved, as the Promise rested upon him; yet know, from these two Esau's grandeur began to be greater than Jacob's; and Jacob's persecution began to be greater than Esau's. So if you trace deep them both, you do not see that the Promise was fulfilled in either: perfectly so stands the Fall; and yet I tell thee the type stands deep. And now mark from the Fall: the woman's belief of the words of Satan brought the evil fruit into the world; and yet from her first refusal, and casting the blame on the serpent, I promised that that evil fruit should be destroyed; and the Evil that tempted her should also be destroyed. Mark how the Promise stands in the Fall; then mark the type of Esau-how he was born of the woman; yet her love did not cleave unto him; and the threatening was made that he should be destroyed. Now mark her faith: she was not afraid of being disappointed, to gain the blessing for the son she loved. Now I tell thee, as the type stands concerning Isaac; Esau to be destroyed, and Jacob to be blessed, as I have told thee, is the type of the Fall, know that from him all the families of the earth must be blessed, when that type is fulfilled, in the manner I have told thee: which type came in the beginning from Cain and Abel. Here I have shewed thee from types why the curse was so greatly pronounced on Esau: not that he as a man was worse than the sons of Jacob, in their malice concerning Joseph; but these things stand on record, as deep types for mankind, that the blessings, which were promised to Isaac, that in his seed all the families of the earth should be blessed, must be in the destruction of Satan, as I threatened the destruction of Esau. Here let men discern the type, and the words that follow: "For thy violence against thy brother Jacob shame shall cover thee, and thou shalt be cut off for ever:" then know, as the type stands of Esau, the end must surely come to the devil; yet that end did not come to Esau in the beginning, nor while he was persecuting Jacob; for Jacob first bowed unto him; and, as a man, Esau made friends with him; therefore, I tell thee, it is the type must stand for a sign to the end; therefore it is said, Saviours shall come upon Mount Zion to judge the Mount of Esau, and the kingdom shall be the Lord's. Now I ask thee, where are the learned that can explain the mystery of these words? And why it is spoken in that manner of Esau, no man can tell by learning; but I have told thee from the types, that when I come to judge all the ways of Satan, and to cut him off, as it is said of Esau, then the kingdom shall be mine, who laid the foundation thereof, and created man for my own honour and glory; and said, my delight shall be with the sons of men. And now I tell thee, I will not cease, till my delight be accomplished! and know I told thee in the beginning, that Satan stood a type of Esau, and Esau of Satan, before I ordered thee to read the Bible, to know in what manner it was placed; but of what use is my coming to judge a man, and cut him off, to have the kingdom my own? I tell you it is but the type in the man.

"And now I shall come to the prophet Jonah. See how he fled from the presence of the Lord, thinking not to obey his command, till dangers overtook him; and when the storm began Jonah was asleep; but when they drew lots, it fell upon Jonah, that for his sake the evil was. Now mark from this chapter, the conduct of the prophet, how he tried to flee from the presence of the Lord; and what followed him; to save the lives of the innocent, he confessed his guilt, and consented to lose his life: but mark what followed when he was preserved in the fish's belly; then began his prayer, and his resolution to obey; and then followed his obedience; for he took his journey into Nineveh, in three days crying through the city, "Yet forty days and Nineveh shall be overthrown." But mark, the people feared God, and they believed God that he had threatened; yet they believed if they repented, they might find mercy. Mark their words: "Who can tell if God will turn and repent, and turn away from his fierce anger, that we perish not?" Thus they thought repentance might find mercy with God, and according to their faith it happened unto them; for the judgments were suspended till Nineveh again was hardened; then came on the prophecies of Jonah upon them; so his words were fulfilled at last, though by their repentance they were deferred at first. But know how Jonah's anger was kindled, when he saw Nineveh was not destroyed! Now I tell you all, the prophet Jonah is known unto you. And now I shall go from the types of Jonah: mark in the first place how he was warned; how he fled, and how he was compelled; how he again warned; and how judgments were deferred; and how his anger was kindled. Then look to the type of the prophet, whom I told thee was the prophet Jonah: See how he hath warned; how he hath threatened; how judgments are deferred; and how he is provoked to anger! Here I have shewed thee the likeness of Jonah in the prophet that I have told thee of-but I know the pondering of thy heart; "Jonah did not exalt himself, as Brothers has done." To this I answer, Brothers fled as far from me, and from my Spirit, and from My teaching, when he began to exalt himself so high, as Jonah fled, when he went to Tarshish from the presence of the Lord. Now mark the storm first came on Jonah; and the ship was in danger on Jonah's account, because he fled from the presence of the Lord; then why do ye marvel, ye men of Israel, that dangers rose upon Jonah first; and that ye should be in danger, that joined with him, when I have told you he fled from my Spirit to exalt himself? Here thou sayest he did not act like Jonah; yet I tell thee he acted worse than Jonah, to exalt himself to what I had never exalted him; and yet I tell thee, they will all find the prophet Jonah is in him; and as Jonah was cast into the fish's belly, by being cast into the sea, so is Jonah now cast into prison. But know, O vain and stubborn men, I commanded the fish to give up his prey, and he obeyed-But I have commanded men to give up their prey, and they refused! I threatened Nineveh, and they repented; I have threatened thee, O England, and thou art hardened: Then now mark what I said in my Gospel, Nineveh should rise up in judgment against you; and against you in judgment will Nineveh rise. But now I shall explain more clearly of the types: If Jonah must arise in the last days, perfectly like the Jonah here mentioned in my Bible; to flee into Tarshish; to be cast into the sea; to be swallowed up by the fish; and then to be brought to land again, in every likeness as Jonah was, then every type and shadow, that stands in my Bible, must come to the perfect likeness the same; then the Jacobs must be like Jacob, to have no other meaning but man; and the Esaus like Esau, to have no other meaning the same; then there could be no parables in my Bible: The seed sown by the way side, and amongst the thorns, could have no other allusion, no other meaning than the words, as they were perfectly spoken; for in that manner they must be perfectly fulfilled. How then could I liken any thing by parables? therefore let the eyes of thy understanding be open, and see the likeness of what I compare things to-for I tell you all, the prophet Jonah is in prison; and he fled from my Spirit, as I have told thee, as Jonah fled from me; for as Jonah's was, by fleeing one way; so I tell thee, by pride he fled the other way to exalt himself to what I never exalted him, which brought the storms and tempest upon him, as Jonah brought the storms upon himself. Here I have shewed thee the shadow of Jonah, and of Nineveh, compared with Brothers, and the nation: but mark what followed Nineveh afterwards, when they began to be filled with unbelief; that Jonah was a false prophet; and that they were not protected for their repentance; destruction came upon them, without another warning from Jonah! And so, I tell thee, it will come upon this nation, though the anger of Jonah is in the imprisoned prophet. Now thou seest the anger of Jonah before thee-"I do well to be angry, even unto death!" and this anger is now in the Jonah where I have placed the likeness. But mark my answer: "If thou hadst pity on the Gourd, should I not shew pity to Nineveh, that great city!" Now I tell thee from the prophet Jonah: in the days of Nineveh many repented; and thousands of souls were saved; the same, I tell thee, it will be in this present age; though thousands and tens of thousands are hardened by lingering judgments, yet I tell thee every wise and good heart will have time to be brought in by lingering judgments. Know what is said in thy writings: "If I pull the weeds too soon, I should destroy the wheat;" so I say by this Nation, should I cut it off by the plague and pestilence, before I begin to cut short the enemy, your Land must be totally destroyed. Therefore I shall go on, as I have told thee, to begin abroad, and end at home, that I may preserve my wheat, and preserve this Land, according to my Promise, that the remnant which are saved, may enjoy the land in peace and happiness, to awaken others! So do not expect to see the fulfilment, before the time that I have mentioned. But now I shall come once more to the prophet Jonah: See what befell him for running from My presence: see what befell the prophet that disobeyed My command; though he listened to the voice of a prophet, yet see, his life was not spared. Then now judge for yourselves, as these things befell the prophets that disobeyed my command, how fatal it is for a prophet to disobey my voice, when I visit by my Spirit, and bid him go and declare my decrees! Shall Man that is dust and ashes disobey my commands, like Adam at the first? or shall a Woman that obeyed the serpent at first, disobey my command when I come to visit her? Then see from my prophets how fatal is their end. Now as their end stands on record for man, let no man judge or condemn a prophet, before they can prove he is not a prophet; and let them be clear in judging before they condemn. Could the old prophet save the young one, when he had deceived him? Then who art thou, O man, to compel the soul thou canst not save? Could the mariners save Jonah, when he disobeyed my command? Could they prevent the storm that arose? They must all answer, No; their attempts were vain and fruitless. Then in seeing these things to arise upon the prophets, if they do not obey my command, leave them to their own masters; for it is by them they must stand or fall. Now you see from my Bible what befell the prophets that disobeyed me; and what befell those that persecuted the prophets; then let the eyes of your understanding be opened; and know, my Bible stands as a looking-glass before you. How many have said of My Bible, there is enough in it to teach you all things; but where is the man that is taught by it? where is the man that will listen to My Bible, or pay any regard to what it contains? Now I shall come to reason with man: Am I a God of truth? Thou answerest, Yes; and where is the man will answer nay, that believes there is a God? Then if I am the God of truth, my truth must follow; but where is the man who can prove all my truths are fulfilled? But if you believe my Gospel, you must believe they will be fulfilled; and all the signs that my Bible contains of the shadows, as the spring are now before you; then say not in your hearts ye believe my Bible, if you believe not in my word; for where is the man who can stand before me, and answer one word of a thousand, when I begin to call forward my Bible? How strict are mankind to observe every shadow in thy writings, that doth not appear to their judgment to be fulfilled! while my Bible appeareth as a book that is sealed, as though they discerned not a word that is there; and yet they boast of their knowledge of the Bible!

"Then now to men I bold may come,

And bid them look and see,

What I to Jonah now have done-

The storm came first on he;

But know at last how all is placed,

From Nineveh see clear:

By their repentance you are cast;

Like them you would not fear;

Yet there are some, to me 'tis known,

Believed my word at first:

And though the judgments that were shewn

Did not so hasty burst,

Yet they went on, their faith is known,

When others did appear-

The truth before them then was shewn

To make all mysteries clear;

That still behind my Hand they'd find,

Though Jonah fled from me;

Another here they saw more clear,

And how the end must be.

My prophets come, must hasten on,

As they did all foretell,

And my disciples, 't must be known,

Shew I must all reveal.

My Gospel see, it must agree

With what I said before.

But how a Jonah could you see,

To make my Gospel clear,

Had he not come in such a form

To make the shadow plain?

If to the substance he had come,

And in the fish remained;

Then all must come, be 't known to men,

As I had said before;

Your houses build upon the sand-

You'd ask what fools were there,

To build them so! you well do know,

No man will this begin;

Because the raging seas, you know,

They're always hastening on;

And so the sand they do command,

Then no man will build there:

Or on the rock how can they stand,

That in the seas appear?

So now see plain, ye sons of men,

The likeness I have placed;

The rock of ages I did mean,

Where you cannot be cast;

Because the sand, you may command,

Is quickly washed away;

You have no footing there to stand,

To guard the raging seas.

But see the rock; keep on the top,

The waves can't swell so high!

So here's the faith that you must hope-

And mark the words I say:

My parables are all the same;

The ground I meant was man,

Where I did say the seed was sown;

But 'tis my word must come.

So now see clear, from shadows here,

The way I've placed the whole:

And see how Jonah I've compared,

To shew how he did fall.

Had he not gone beyond my line,

No storms could then appear,

For him a prison now to find,

Like Jonah's fish, see clear,

But though the man I still do blame,

For going from my word

Yet still the Fish may you all shame,

As he obeyed the Lord,

Jonah to free from misery,

When I did him command;

But men I see won't act like he,

Nor will they understand.

It was to make the mystery plain

That I commanded so,

That thou should'st write to learned men,

To let my Jonah go,

And him to free; as I did say

Unto the Fish before;

But this mankind would not obey;

Then of the seas take care

For if the sea did me obey,

And fishes that were there,

And men would not, then see their lot-

Now of the seas take care!

I warned you then, you simple men,

The sword was hastening on:

And if you would not me obey,

You'd find the plague to come.

And so abroad you've seen my word:

The seas brought on your grief;

But still I know you mock your Lord,

And will not give relief

To Jonah there-though it is clear

The way that he is cast-

But as the Fish more faithful were,

See how the end must burst.

And now discern how I do warn,

The shadow's deep for all,

If you can see from Nineveh,

And judge a Jonah's call;

And how the man I here have placed,

That fled from me at first;

But know that Jonah he was cast,

And how the storms did burst;

Against the man, I tell you, strong

The storms did so appear;

And when to draw the lots they came

A Jonah's lot fell there.

So you may see the mystery-

The Prophet's grief came first;

But if they had not him obeyed,

Themselves must all been cast;

But they began, and they went on,

And all did me obey;

And from the Fish, it must be known

He proved so in the sea.

Then Nineveh, you all did see,

Relied upon their God:

In sackcloth they did come to me,

So I kept back the rod.

I tell you plain, 'twas kept from them,

They did not feel my blow,

Till unbelief brought on their grief

In future years, you know,

But now this land, see how you stand

Just like the Jews before;

You'll find your houses on the sand,

And of the seas take care!

I said the Sea did me obey,

As there the Fish was placed:

Now from the word that's on record,

Mark what I said before.

And how the Jews received the curse-

Let Nineveh appear;

Against them then they might begin

In judgment for to rise;

But now observe, ye sons of men,

Look deep and now be wise,

What by the prophet here is spoke,

Pronounced a curse to be;

Then how can men so proudly mock?

My Bible none do see!

A curse on them 'tis said should come,

No visions to appear

To know the things were hastening on,

In darkness all should err.

So darkness came, you know, to them;

And do you wish the same,

To have no visions to appear,

Or knowledge of my name?

Then you like them will surely come,

And Nineveh will rise,

I say, in judgment against you-

'Tis time for to grow wise.

The sea before, 'tis time to fear;

The ocean let men see;

The way the Jews did err before,

A pattern deep for ye;

For all the same shall know my name,

That now do mock my word-

No shadow, see, there is in me;

Then turn and fear your Lord!

"Now mark from the words of the prophet Micah iii. 6-"Ye shall not have a vision;" this was said as a curse to the prophets, and to the people, because of their iniquities, and because of their sins; for though they called themselves prophets, as the people now call themselves prophets, that are your teachers; so the teachers called themselves prophets then, and despised the prophets of the Lord. Therefore mark the words that were said unto them-the day should be dark over them; the seers should be ashamed, and the diviners confounded; and they should have no answer of God. This was pronounced as a judgment to them, spoken by the mouth of my prophet unto them; but mark what followed to the prophet: he saith, "I am full of power by the spirit of the Lord;" and from his mouth were their judgments decreed. Mark his words and look at the Jews: then tremble for yourselves, who mock my warning, as the Jews did; saying, "Is not the Lord among us? no evil can come upon us." But mark what followeth, and what followed them, then judge for yourselves, if ye act like them. For now I shall come to reason with all men: Did I not threaten with the mildew and blast in their days? and did I not send all for judgments? did I not send the sword and the pestilence for judgments? Then for what purpose have I sent them now? Have all these things come together upon your heads without judgments? I tell you, no: and did I not promise blessings to them that obeyed me, by saying, their barns should be filled with increase, and their vats should run over with new wine? Have I not made the same promises now, and fulfilled them? Then where is the shadow of turning in me? I tell you, none: I am the same yesterday, to-day, and for ever. Now look at the Jews, who are as a proverb before you, and tremble for yourselves, that act like them, and who now persecute me in the spirit, as they did me in the body; and who now persecute the prophets, the same as they had persecuted them; for I now tell you cometh the end; and mark what the prophets speak of the end, from Micah iv. 1.-but mark the chapter through; and also Chap. v. 2.-Chap. vi. 2, 9.-Habakkuk i. 5.-ii. 14.-Zeph. i. 5, 6, 12.-iii. 9.-Haggai ii. 7.-Zech. ii. 3.-iii. 8, 9.-Chap. viii. 5, 22.-Chap. ix. 9.-Chap. xi. 12.-Chap. xii. 10.-Chap. xiii. 9.-Chap. xiv. 5, 9-Malachi ii. 1.-Chap. iii. 1, 6, 16, 17.-Chap. iv. 1.-Now I shall answer thee from these chapters. Here is the judgment of man drawn right of the establishment of Christ's Kingdom; but mark what the establishment of my kingdom is, from the prophet Malachi: all the wicked shall be as stubble, and the Lord will leave neither root nor branch; then know, ye sons of men, the root of evil, must be destroyed; for while the root remaineth the branches will spring. How then can the root be destroyed while ye see the branches appear? But know I have said, I will destroy the root; then the branches will wither and die: and the sun of righteousness shall arise with healing in his wings, to heal the nations. Here ends the prophets; and mark what followeth: my birth was after the prophets, to fulfil all they had spoken; but are they fulfilled yet? Is the root of evil cut off? are the nations healed by my righteousness? Thou answerest no; and all men must answer the same. But had not these things been ordained to be fulfilled they would never have been mentioned; therefore, I tell thee the time is at hand, that I will destroy the root, as I have told thee; and my people shall grow up as calves at the stall, and tread down the wicked as ashes under their feet. The days are at hand that I will accomplish these things; and they that fear my name, and speak often one to another of my promises and fulfilments, these are the people that I shall spare, as a man spareth his own son that serveth him; and they shall be mine when I make up my jewels. For I am God and change not; therefore the sons of Jacob are not consumed: but who are the sons of Jacob, is the enquiry? will they answer, the Jews? then I answer, let them look on him whom they have crucified. But if you answer it is the sons of the faithful, who believe like Jacob; then now let their faith be strong in the Lord; for as my messenger was sent before me, when I came in the body, to establish my Gospel, so I have sent it before me to warn you of my coming, to fulfil my Gospel, that I am now coming in might, majesty and power, to fulfil the words of the prophets, according to the promise I made in the Gospel, and according to the words of my apostles.

"Now answer me, ye priests, why all these things were left on record? why I promised by the prophets what I said in my Gospel I should fulfil, if I never intend to fulfil them? Did I not know what was written by them? Judge for yourselves, O ye shepherds, that pretend to lead my flock: will ye not hear? or will ye not lay to heart, to give Glory unto my Name, to say I have spoken, and that I will also do it, to own I am the God of truth? See my Bible plain before you, and how I have ordered every thing to be laid before you: I have laid prophecies before you; I have laid judgments before you; I have laid blessings before you; and I have laid my Bible before you. As the friend of a dead man calleth forward his will to be made known, that it might be fulfilled, so have I now called forward my Bible to make it known unto all men it shall be fulfilled; and as the seals of a will are broken, and everything made plain and open to man, so have I begun to open the mysteries of my Bible, that hath been as a sealed book unto man. Then, O priests, this commandment is for you, to hear and answer, and judge for yourselves, lest I send a curse upon you, as I did upon the Jews. Here I have shewed you from the prophet what the priests are to expect, that will not lay these things to heart; for know what stands on record for one stands for all.

"Now mark what is said in Zechariah-first I would gather all nations against Jerusalem to battle; but know it is said after, that the Lord shall go forth and fight against these nations. Now open your eyes, ye blind, and unstop your ears, ye deaf; see how I fought against Jerusalem, and the families of the Jews, that despised the prophets; and see how I fought against them, after their persecution to me and my disciples, till they were destroyed and dispersed. But know what I have promised after, that I should go forth and fight against these nations; "and the Lord my God shall come and all his saints with thee." Here are the words of the prophet; but how are they understood by man; for when I do these things, the Lord shall be King over all the Earth in that day, and there shall be no more destruction; but Jerusalem shall be safely inhabited. Now weigh these words together, and see they are for the end, when the fountain is opened for the house of David. Now who is the house of David? let it be answered; or who is the King who shall be over all the Earth, one Lord, and his name one? Now mark Chap. ix. 9-"Behold thy king cometh unto thee: He is just, and having salvation; lowly, and riding upon an ass." In this manner, ye know, in my Gospel it is mentioned that I came to Jerusalem riding upon an ass, when the boughs and branches were cut down; but know, then I did not come as a king exalted, but I was cut off; as is mentioned by the prophet, they weighed for my price thirty pieces of silver; so the Staff of Beauty was cut asunder; then now mark how I was then cut off; and how it was cut asunder from my people at that time; then say not my Bible is fulfilled; or that my Name is exalted, either as a King, a Prince, or a Saviour, amongst all nations, as being a King, one Lord, and his Name one. But how can this be with mankind now? The Jews say they have one Lord to worship, even God the Father; and by the Gospel ye say, ye trust in the Lord your Saviour Jesus Christ; then how can ye say there is but one Lord, and his name One, while ye are divided by the Law and the Gospel? But know I told you, I and my Father are one; and when my kingdom is established in righteousness, all men will worship the Godhead in one. For how can men vainly imagine that I took man's nature upon me to divide the Godhead; for know, I said I honour the Father; and if ye honour me ye will honour the Father also, without dividing the substance, without dividing the power, might, majesty, or goodness; for when my Kingdom is established, know it is called the kingdom of the Lord; that the kingdoms of the earth shall become the kingdoms of the Living God. And how they are united together is unknown to man; yet they seem divided by the Jews and the Gentiles; then how can the prophet's words be fulfilled, while this division remaineth-One King over the whole earth, one Lord, and his name one? Then how can ye say ye know the Lord, and understand my Bible, when ye cannot explain the mystery how ye divide the Godhead, by the Jews and Gentiles; and how they are united; and how it will be fulfilled for all men to own the name of the Lord is one? Here are mysteries no man can explain; and here are the mysteries stumbled at by the Jews, who understood from my Gospel that I taught them to worship two Lords; and this is known to thee from the words of the Jews; therefore the mysteries of my Bible cannot be understood by man, till the other Staff is cut asunder, even Bands: here is a mystery no man understands, the meaning of cutting the two staffs: but I now tell you all, the bands of the wicked must be cut off; the bands of Satan must be cut asunder; and the bands that ye are bound with by the Fall must be broken off; for as I was cut asunder, and the people were divided, and my price was weighed, see how the Staff of Beauty was cut asunder by Man! and my Covenant was broken off from Man, that I had made with my people the Jews, whom I said were the only people I knew. But know how my coming in the flesh cut this asunder, and they were no longer a people to have signs and wonders wrought by them to convince any nation; but they were cut asunder, only to stand as a proverb to all nations. So as the Staff of Beauty was cut by my Death; and my Covenant with them was cut off; so must the Staff of Bands be cut the same, to bring all men to the knowledge of their Lord. But thou sayest in thy heart, I have not made it clear to thee, how men shall come to the knowledge of the Lord, to join the Law and the Gospel together, to say the Lord and Christ are but one. This is a mystery that will be clearly understood by man, when the mystery of the Fall and Man's Redemption is clearly understood; but I now tell thee, men could no more look into that mystery, as they stand at present, than they could look in the fervent sun, shining in its brightest splendour at noon day; yet know, ye can look in the rising sun, ye can look in the setting sun, but ye cannot look in the noon day sun; so, I tell thee, like the sun in the firmament are these mysteries, too bright, and too dazzling for man's understanding: so do not desire to know what thou, nor no man can look into; but in the end all will be made clear to man, how God and Christ are one; one Lord and one Lawgiver; and how the Redemption of Man will be accomplished: and know, from the rising and setting sun, it is seen to rise, it is seen to set, and yet these two agree in one, that hath passed through the fervent day; and yet from this thou hast drawn no judgment; neither can the Jews or Gentiles draw their clear judgment from my Bible. Now mark, from these words, after all the desolation, and the destruction of Jerusalem, it shall be revived; and there shall be old men, and old women, dwelling in the streets of Jerusalem, every man with his staff in his hand for very age, and children playing in the streets thereof. Here are the promises made to my people; and is it marvellous in the eyes of the remnant, that these things shall be renewed in the last days, as they were in the first? yet these things I have promised in my Bible, and these things I will fulfil; or how shall the saints dwell with me the thousand years upon the earth, as I have promised? For I now tell thee and all men, ten thousand times ten thousand is no more than the drop to the bucket, of the saints reigning with me in glory; therefore I have already told thee, and I now tell thee again, thousands that live to see my Kingdom established will live in the last ages, as they lived in the first: and mark the age of Adam, that was the first man created, for my honour and glory; and though he fell from my honour, and his own happiness, yet mark his age; then if he lived so long, after the fall, marvel not that men shall live as long after they are redeemed from the fall. And now I shall go to the ponderings of thy heart: in reading of Daniel, how didst thou ponder! it seemed incredible to thee for such men to be as were there; and the same thou thoughtest by the Gospel, how was it possible, before thou lookedst around thee, and saw the same spirits in men, and the Jews are a standing proverb before thee, which convinced thee of the whole; then marvel not of ages to come: if the present age was all cut off in a few years after my kingdom was established in peace, and none remained but new born babes, how would my Bible appear to them but as a novel or invented story, for men to marvel at? Neither would they know what they were redeemed from; but it is the living will lay it to heart; therefore it is said in my Gospel, those that were labourers in my vineyard, when I came to give them their reward, I would make them rulers over many cities when they entered into the joy of their Lord. But do men vainly imagine I am going to make them rulers over many cities in heaven? I tell them, no: but mark what is said by the prophet, Zech. vi. 13-"He shall build the temple of the Lord, and he shall bear the glory, and shall sit and rule upon his throne; and he shall be a priest upon his throne: and the counsel of peace shall be between them both." Here is the establishment with God and man; when my kingdom of peace is established, I will reign and rule in the hearts of my people: but men must be the branches, to obey my command. Yet I am the builder who laid the foundation at first, and I shall be the builder to establish it at last; for where is the man who can build men anew, or change their hearts? Then who is the man that shall bear the glory to sit and rule upon my throne? for where is the man who can be the counsel of peace? Mark all ages, and judge the present; are not men more the counsel for strife than for peace? then how can glory be ascribed to man? No: I tell you, vain men, you have not shewn in any of your conduct, either in my days or since, that peace can ever be brought in by man. Have ye not in all ages been warring one against another? then know the power is not in you: but I taught you to pray to your Father, which is in heaven, for he hath the power to deliver you from evil; and to him you must give the glory, for he hath the power to build the temple of the Lord; that meaneth, to build his temple in man, and to place his kingdom in every heart: then will the earthly buildings be completed by man. But how will man explain my Bible, how, or in what manner these things will be accomplished? This, I tell thee, is impossible for man: and the believers first will be men wondered at, as my disciples were at first; but how much more are men wondered at now, that believe the truth of my Bible, that I shall accomplish all I have said? Let men answer for themselves, whether they can prove these things have been fulfilled. Thou answerest for man, they cannot. Then I answer, who is true, God or man? let them judge; and let them answer, which way, by their wisdom, they will come to fulfil my Bible; or which way they will bring me to be the desire of all nations, as it is mentioned in Haggai ii. 7.-Will you say it was fulfilled when I came upon the earth? I tell you, no; for how then was I despised and rejected of men! persecuted and put to death! I could not be the desire of all nations then; but I tell you, it is at my second coming, to bring in my kingdom of peace, that I shall be the desire of every nation, when the knowledge is made known of my coming, and men have felt the fatal effects of sin and sorrow; and the eyes of their understanding are opened, that there remaineth a peace for the people of God, when sin and sorrow is to be done away; but they must feel their misery before they will wish for their deliverance. Now how can men bring me to be the desire of every nation? Out of their own mouths will I condemn them, as they deny the fulfilment of my Bible, and mock the visitation of my Spirit; then they cannot create a desire in men's hearts, that they tell them can never be obtained; therefore, I tell thee, it is by my Spirit, by my visitation, and by my wisdom to throw my Bible open before them, and place the desire in every heart to see the fulfilment. Now it is known to every man the shadow is begun; and the desire is deeply fixed in the hearts of many, placed by me, that never was placed by man; drawn by my wisdom, that never was done by the wisdom of man. Here you see the shadow of my Bible begun: and shall I stop here? I tell you, no; I will not quench the smoking flax; neither will I break the bruised reed; but I will go on to bring the smoke to a flame; and the reed that is bruised by men and devils, and who confess they are bruised, shall not be broken by all the malice men can raise against them. Know what is written by my prophet; Zech. i. 10, the answer of the angel who told the prophet, they went to and fro the earth, and they saw all the evils that were done; yet they wished to make intercession for man. And now I tell you, O vain men, my angels walk to and fro, and see all that is done upon the earth; and all is laid before the throne, and the desire of men's hearts are known to me. Know what I told thee in the beginning: the sins of the nations were come up before me; and the time was come that I would begin and make an end; then my Bible must be revealed by myself, and not by the wisdom of men, who never could tell in what manner I should come into the world by their wisdom, or in what manner I should go through my first office, to bear the transgression man cast on me; then how can men vainly imagine they can tell the way I shall bring in my Kingdom, or redeem Man from the miseries of the Fall? Yet know it is written, I will shake all nations; and I have begun to shake them; but the end is not yet; for I shall shake the heavens and the earth, the sea and the dry land: Know that all these things must first be shaken, then cometh the desire of every nation, to fill the house with the glory of the Lord: For the latter house shall be greater than the former; for then cometh the peace of the Lord; then will ye see the fulfilment of my coming much greater to bring in your redemption, than when I died for your salvation; for then will ye see the words of the prophet Zephaniah fulfilled, iii. 9, 17.-I will turn to the people a pure language, that they may all call upon the name of the Lord, and serve him with one consent.-Then is the Lord thy God in the midst of thee;-he will rejoice over thee with joy; he will rest in his love; he will joy over thee with singing. Here is the fulness of my salvation to rest upon man in love, when I have destroyed all the works of the devil. Now mark, and weigh my prophets through-the glory of the Lord covered the heavens, and the earth was full of His praises; but know what must come before: he driveth asunder the nations, and the everlasting mountains are scattered, the perpetual hills do bow: his ways are everlasting. Hab. iii. 6. Hear, O man, and consider; weigh deep My prophets together. I ask you what perpetual hills must bow before me? I ask you what everlasting mountains must be scattered? But I tell you what perpetual hills have stood before me: Sin, as mountains, has been perpetually standing before me, by the influence of Satan; but now I tell you the mountains in men shall be scattered, and the perpetual hills shall bow. Mark the words of the prophet Nahum, i. 9-"What do ye imagine against the Lord? He will make an utter end." Now if I make an utter end, it must be an utter end of sin; mark the words that follow-"affliction shall not rise up the second time." But did not afflictions and sin rise up after my death? See the afflictions that followed My own followers; and the afflictions that have followed them to this day, besides the misery sin bringeth upon the world of sinners. Then now discern, ye blind, the mountains of sin remain; the perpetual hills stand between me and my people; but know from my Gospel, I have promised to make a full end of sin; and here it is said the Lord will make an utter end; then how can affliction rise up after my second coming, to bring you the good tidings of peace? But when were those good tidings established? Then hear the Lord's controversy, ye strong foundations of the earth; for the Lord hath a controversy with his people, and he will plead with Israel; the Lord's voice crieth unto the city, and the men of wisdom shall see thy name; hear ye the rod, and who hath appointed it. Then now discern my Bible, ye men of wisdom; did I not threaten the rod before it began? Before it sprang forth I told you of it, that the rod of mine anger would be stretched upon all nations; then fear the rod, and him that hath appointed it. For mark thy first visitation, and let it be weighed deep with mankind, how glorious I told thee the end should be to believers; for they should see it and rejoice. Now let them weigh this with my Bible, what the promise is in the end to Jacob; and know how I have explained to thee what is meant by Jacob: it meaneth faith in man and the power in the Lord, to fulfil all I have said, that the remnant of Jacob shall be among the Gentiles. Now let men weigh thy first visitation with my Bible, and how I have gone on by thee, to hold a controversy with mankind; let them weigh them both together, then they may see the day appear, that the fulfilment of my Bible is at hand; and the last days are come, that the mountain of the house of the Lord shall be established; and many nations shall come and say, let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, to the house of the God of Jacob, and he will teach us his ways, and we will walk in His paths: and they shall beat their swords into plough-shares, and their spears into pruning-hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more. Hear, ye nations, and consider; learn, ye wise, and understand; this is the establishment of my Kingdom, that formed the heavens above, and laid the foundation of the earth below; that spoke the word and all things were created; that gave thee breath, O man, and thou receivedst life; this is my promise I have made unto thee; I will not always be wroth with man; neither will I always be chiding: neither shall my Spirit always strive with man; but I will destroy the destroyer, for his sake; and I will turn a pure language upon man; and my delight shall be with the sons of men; and they shall sit every man under his vine and under his fig tree, and none shall make them afraid. Here are my words standing on record, that I the Lord of hosts have spoken it, that this shall be in the last days; and these last days are nigh at hand, that I will fulfil all I have spoken; and I will assemble her that halteth, and gather her that is driven out. Now discern the words of my prophet; how could this be fulfilled at My first coming, when the halting Jews were driven out? Then know the last days must come, that a remnant of those that were cast off must be gathered in and made a strong nation.

"As backward here thou didst appear,

So backward all must come,

When I begin to persevere

And make my kingdom known.

It is of peace; all wars must cease,

And tumults all must end,

When man I free from misery,

And stand the sinners' friend.

Their sorrows here I've said I'll clear,

If men do me believe;

But the self-righteous now may fear,

Who judge I shall deceive.

Am I a man, I now demand,

To vary from my word?

I've said my Bible it should stand,

And men should know the Lord.

So I'll go on as I've begun,

Till men do know me here;

But mark what judgments stand between:

Then let the mockers fear!

For when I come to make an end,

I tell them they must fall.

'Tis not by man it can be done,

To bring this peace to all;

No; 'tis from me, you all must see,

And weigh my Bible deep,

And every leaf bring now to me,

I ask which way you'll break?

Can God and man together stand,

And point you to the word?

I ask you how you'll now command,

To prove me as your Lord,

For to appear the truth to clear,

If you the truth deny,

And say the words are spoken here

Did ne'er come from on high?

Then now my Bible I've called forth,

And bid men answer here,

If they can see the ways of me,

The Law and Gospel clear?

For both together I shall bring,

I tell you, in a line;

Then answer me, ye sons of men,

If I appoint no time

For to fulfil my every will,

And so make good my word?

'Tis all beyond the learned's skill

For to direct the Lord.

Now from the words are placed by men

I bid them all to see,

Against their learning they contend;

But who can answer me?

Now mark the word that's on record,

I'll answer thee again."-

The words that I am to observe are the contents of the chapters, placed by the wisdom of men. The contents of Micah iv. are thus placed: The establishment of Christ's kingdom: the peace of it: and the victory of the Church. Chap. v. The birth of Christ foretold: his kingdom: his complete conquest over his enemies. Zechariah ix-Zion is exhorted to rejoice for the coming of Christ, and his peaceable kingdom. Chap. xiv-The coming of Christ, the grace of his kingdom, and the restoration of Jerusalem.

"Here stands the wisdom of man, placed and approved of by the learned; but now answer me, ye learned, when my kingdom was established in peace? when I had the victory over all my enemies? when Zion rejoiced at my coming? when my complete conquest was? Look to yourselves, all ye inhabitants of the earth, and see if these things were ever accomplished, which the judgment of men hath placed to be accomplished. Is my kingdom established in peace? Is Jerusalem restored? To all these things you must answer, No: They are neither accomplished to the words of the prophets, neither are they accomplished to the judgment of men. So men are risen up in judgment against their own judgment, and in spirit against my Spirit; for I tell you all, I am come in Spirit to throw open my Bible before you, to bring all things to your remembrance; to shew you I went through my first office, to bear all the persecution of my enemies; but tell me, O ye sons of men, when did I come in Might, Majesty and Power, to have the victory over my enemies, as it is left on record for man? But know, O man, all these things I promised to accomplish; and now I tell you all, if they perished in the wilderness through unbelief of seeing the promised land, and the Jews perished in my days, through their unbelief, according as it was written by the prophets before; (for all their destruction stands on record) then know, O vain men, your destruction stands on record the same, when I come to make a final end. Now come to my Gospel, and compare it with the Law. Matthew xxvii. 21-Which of the twain will ye that I release unto you? they said Barabbas. John iii. 29-He that hath the Bride is the Bridegroom.-Now I shall answer thee from the Gospel, of the enquiry made by Pilate-Which of the twain will ye that I release unto you, Barabbas, or Jesus? and now the enquiry is made by thee, which of the twain shall I now release? or which of the twain will men wish to continue; as I have already told thee, the time is come that my Bible must be fulfilled, and no longer stand as a divided kingdom between the power of God and the powers of darkness; the kingdom must now be established for one; and which of the twain? is my enquiry; which of the twain, hath been thy enquiry, Satan's power to be destroyed, and my power established; or Satan's power to remain, and my power over the whole earth to have the hearts of all men in my possession to be destroyed, as it hath to this day? This is the enquiry made by thee, if men understand what they read; and the answer of thee, and of all thy believers is-Satan's power destroyed, and Christ's kingdom established. But the answer of the unbelieving world is like the Jews of old, who cried out, Barabbas! Just so is the language of the world, that the murderer of mankind may still go on. But now come to the Gospel of St. John-He that hath the Bride is the Bridegroom. Then it must be known unto all men, I am the Bridegroom, that hath placed this desire in the woman's heart, and in the hearts of all believers, that wish me to come as the Bridegroom. Now before I go further with the explanation of my Gospel, let thy judgment appear what thy belief is of me, and of my Gospel; then I will answer thee again. Thou knowest the different judgments drawn by man, and now let thy judgment appear."

From the judgment I have heard of mankind, many have affirmed, and thousands are the believers, that our Saviour was no more than a mere man, born after the flesh, as others were; yet they believe he was a good man, and a prophet. This is an idea it is impossible for me to believe; as it appeareth erroneous and madness to believe he could be a good man, and a prophet, without being the Son of God, when it is affirmed by St. Luke i. 28, of the angel's visitation to Mary, and assuring her she should have a Son, that should be the Son of God. Read on to Ver. 35; weigh the chapter through, in what manner she affirmeth her being with child at the time her cousin Elizabeth was with child with John the Baptist, equally strange as the birth of Isaac. After this confirmation by Mary, it is said Matt. i. 19, 20-When Joseph found she was with child, he thought to have put her away privily; but the angel appeareth to him, and tells him not to fear to take Mary his wife; for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Ghost. The angel appeareth to the shepherds, as they were watching over their flock by night, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them, and tells them there is born in the city of David a Saviour, that is Christ the Lord; he shewed them the sign by the star; and the star went before them till it came where the young child lay, and they found him as the angels had told them. In Matthew ii. you find, when Herod was worked upon to destroy the child, though with false pretences that he might come and worship him, it is said the angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream, and ordered him to arise, and take the child and his mother and flee into Egypt, till the death of Herod. Here the angel makes known to Joseph the deceitfulness of the heart of Herod; and by this wondrous working preserves the life of the child that was born for the salvation of man. The truth concerning Herod was soon proved by his killing all the children, that he might be sure to destroy the Son of God, if Joseph had not been warned before. In Matthew iii. 16, it is said, when our Saviour was baptized, they saw the heavens open and the Spirit of God descending like a dove, lighting upon him, and a voice from heaven saying, "This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased."-Now when we weigh all these Scriptures together, and the different witnesses they were affirmed by, and the miracles that were wrought by our Saviour, to confirm the whole; there is no man can believe the Gospel without believing he was the Son of God, according to all the words that our Saviour spoke of himself. When we take a survey of the Gospel, and consider in what manner all was testified at his birth, we see, like a length of chain, the whole is united together, according to the words of Simeon-"Mine eyes have seen thy salvation, the light to lighten the Gentiles, and the glory of thy people Israel." It was revealed to Simeon by the Holy Ghost, that he should not see death, before he had seen the Lord's Christ. Now where is the man endowed with a grain of reason, who can see all these wonderful assertions made by so many witnesses, and by so many miracles, affirmed by our Saviour himself, to join the whole together; where is the man who can part them asunder? To me it appeareth madness; and yet of such madmen there are thousands in the world, who believe all those witnesses to be false, and our Saviour's assertion of himself to be false, as to his saying he was the Son of God: He cometh from God, and he goeth to God; and before Abraham was, he saith, I am. In all these words our Saviour confirms the words of the witnesses who testify of him, and the truth of the prophets who prophesied of him; and though the whole is joined together as a complete building, yet I know many will throw down the fabric, while they allow at the same time he was a good man, and had power to raise it up again by his miracles; to be worshipped as the Son of God, when they say he was not the Son of God. This I speak of the Arians, whose belief I call erroneous, and sheweth how man is void of reason; for if men would come to reason, and see how the whole is joined together, they would see it was a fabric they could not throw down; or raise up in any likeness, unless it be to the complete building. We must consider what God is: and though he gave Moses the spirit of prophecy, and worked so many miracles by his hand, yet Moses never said he was the Son of God; neither would suffer the children of Israel to know where his body was, that they might not worship him; for he forbad every worship to the body of Moses, as he was but an instrument in the hand of the Lord. Now if men would call reason to their assistance, they would soon be convinced, that the Lord would never have given the working of miracles, in the wondrous manner that our Saviour wrought them, to a mere man, who was supported by false witnesses, that he should be worshipped as the Son of God. This erroneous opinion of mankind proves to me they have a faith without reason, without knowledge, or without understanding, and without the belief of the Bible; or having one thought of the knowledge of God, that the events of all things are known to him; that the Lord knew from the miracles our Saviour wrought, he would be worshipped as the Son of God, by those that believed in him. Then what idea can men have of the Lord, if they think he would give such power to a mere man, that asserted falsehoods, and was supported by nothing but false witnesses, from his birth to his death? In Luke xxiii. 44, 45, 46, it is said, there was darkness over all the earth, from the sixth hour unto the ninth, and the veil of the temple was rent. Here sheweth the wondrous works of God at our Saviour's death, as well as at his birth; again when he was laid in the sepulchre, it is said, Matt. xxviii. there was a great earthquake, and the angel of the Lord descended from heaven, and rolled back the stone; so that the keepers saw and fled. And though our Saviour went through such a death, to have his hands and feet nailed to the cross, the soldiers pierced his side with a spear that blood and water gushed out, which made assurance of perfect death; yet it is affirmed by so many witnesses, and by the disciples that ran the hazard of their lives to preach his Gospel, that he rose again in his perfect body, and often appeared unto them; and he appeared to five hundred brethren at once. After his conversing with his disciples for some time, from his resurrection, it is said, in Acts i. 9 to 11, that he was seen to be taken up in a cloud to heaven; and the angels of the Lord appeared to them, to assure them, that in like manner as they saw him ascend in the clouds, in like manner he should descend again. Now if all these confirmations were false, where is the man that can rely on a word of the Gospel, or a word of the Apostles? Yet of such madmen there are thousands in the world, who believe the whole a fabricated story; and yet profess to say our Saviour and his disciples were good men! This appeareth to me the deepest of insanity; a most wild and erroneous belief, and yet those madmen are not condemned by the worldly-wise; only men that do believe the truth of the Gospel say their belief is wrong, without discerning the depth of their madness and folly. And are these the men whose wisdom we are to rely on? Then we may as well trust on the broken reeds of Egypt, as trust to the wisdom of men, who believe it to be madness to rely on the written word of God, and the visitation of his Spirit, as he hath promised, and the beauty of the Gospel; as it is joined together. This men call enthusiasm and madness; but to have a belief they have no grounds at all for, is not judged madness in men; for I see these Arians, in every part of the kingdom, looked upon as reasonable, sensible men, and only judged wrong in their belief, by those that believe the truth of the Gospel. Here I have shewed my firm belief that these Arians are madmen; and were my belief in our Saviour so erroneous, and were I visited by a spirit that taught me such doctrine, then I should believe it came from the devil; because it is inconsistent with sense or reason to believe the Gospel can be true, if all the witnesses of our Saviour were false; but if the witnesses are true, as I believe them to be, no man endowed with reason, can have a doubt of our Saviour's being the Son of God, who is spoken of in Psalm ii-Thou art my Son, this day have I begotten thee. Here I have shewed the inconsistency of the Arians, on the one hand, in faint colours, (for I might fill a volume with the madness of their folly, in what they profess to believe); and now I shall come to another sect of people, which are the Calvinists, that from a few texts of Scripture, which they cannot understand, have wrested the whole Bible to their own condemnation. But I know they will be ready to answer me, they have placed the Bible for their own justification, that they were elected before the foundation of the world to be saved, and all the rest of the world were ordained to be lost. So they have picked out texts for their purpose, which they do not understand; because it is written-Jacob have I loved, and Esau have I hated before they were born; but they know not why that type was set in Jacob and Esau; nor what is meant by election and reprobation; but they go to St. Paul, whom they say was a chosen vessel of God, though he was a great persecutor at first; but they know not why he was a chosen vessel; yet from his own epistle, we might clearly see his heart was good, though his belief was wrong; and of that wrong belief the Lord convinced him, as he had a single and zealous eye to the glory of God; and for his honour and glory the Lord chose him. Here I believe, with all the Calvinists in England, when the Lord has any wondrous work to do, knowing the hearts of all men, he chooses instruments to work by. The foreknowledge of God must be allowed by every Christian believer; therefore in any work he has to do, the Lord certainly knows who is calculated and fit for the work: the Lord knew, when Moses was born, what he would be; therefore he preserved his life in a strange manner, and for a strange work; he knew the perverseness of Pharaoh's heart, and instead of cutting him off in his sins, as thousands are cut off, he prolonged his life to shew his wondrous works in him. Thus we see the Lord, knowing what is in man, chooses the objects on both sides, to shew his wondrous works; but does this affirm, the Lord knowing what is in the heart of man, that it was his determination, before the creation of the world, when he created man, that he designed to create the major part of the world to be in opposition to his will and command? that he chose and ordained men for that purpose? Then I ask them what they make of the Bible? I shall come to the Revelation first-Whosoever will, let him take of the water of life freely. But here the words must be turned by the Calvinists, and say-Whosoever the Lord hath ordained are to take of the water of life freely. So the will must be put out of the question. Chap. iii. 21-To him that overcometh I will grant to sit with me in my throne. But what hath man to overcome, if he be ordained what he shall be? Then man hath nothing to overcome; if the decrees of the Lord are fixed, that he is born to go to heaven, all things are overcome for him; then why is he counselled to buy gold tried in the fire? that he may be made white? and anoint his eyes with eye-salve, that he may see? Here are Scriptures mentioned in the Revelation, that are wrested and turned by the Calvinists. Do men vainly imagine that the Lord invited men to mock and deceive them? Weigh deep Chap. iii. and hear what the Lord saith to the churches-that no man may take their crown from them: But who can take the crown from a man, if it be firmly fixed by the Lord unalterably, that cannot be removed? In Chap. ii. 26, it is said-"He that overcometh and keepeth my works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations."

the answer of the spirit.

"Now I shall answer from the pondering of thy heart. Thou sayest, as the Arians err from the truth of the Gospel, just so do the Calvinists err from the truth of my Bible. This I know is thy pondering heart, from all the Scriptures thou hast read; and I now tell thee, the pondering of thy heart is worked by me, to shew the madness and folly of mankind; therefore I tell thee, without my visitation to come and open the eyes of the blind, to unstop the ears of the deaf, the madness and folly that is in man would soon make my Bible to be but a form; for as thou sayest from the Gospel, if they make every witness of mine false, and all my assertions false, they must make my Gospel false; and this, I tell thee is done by thousands, while on the other hand there are many that profess my Gospel to be true, and yet deny the truth it contains. Now let men answer me, why I wept over Jerusalem, and said I would have gathered them together, as a hen gathereth her brood under her wings, but they would not? Why did I say, I came that they might have life; but they would not come unto me that they might have life? Now I tell thee, as much as the Arians err from the truth of my Gospel, on the one hand, to make me, and my disciples, the author of lies; just so do the Calvinists make my Bible the same; therefore I worked in thy heart to differ in thy opinion from the opinions of men; and now I bid thee search the Scriptures-and where are the men who can answer for their belief on the one hand, any more than the Arians on the other?"

After I had searched the Scriptures I found them full of the threatenings of the Lord against his own people; and the invitation of the Lord, to have them turn unto him that they might live. Now mark the words of the Lord, what he saith concerning the children of Israel-Oh, that there was such a heart in them as I could wish! As I live, saith the Lord, I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but rather in them that repent and turn: turn ye, turn ye; for why will ye die, O house of Israel! saith the Lord: all day long have I stretched out my hand to a disobedient and gainsaying people: the ox knoweth his owner, and the ass his master's crib; but Israel do not know, my people do not consider. Now mark Jeremiah xxii. 5, the threatenings of the Lord if they would not hear. Let them mark Isaiah lv. 6-"Seek ye the Lord, while he may be found; call ye upon him, while he is near. Let the wicked forsake his way and return unto the Lord and he will have Mercy upon him. For my thoughts are not your thoughts; neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord; for as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways; and my thoughts than your thoughts."

the answer of the spirit.

"Now I shall answer thee from these words; and enquire of mankind what they make of me, and my Bible? Should I invite men to turn unto me, and promise them mercy if they did return, if my decrees had been fixed they should not return? How then could my anger and indignation be kindled against a people, that had done the things I ordained them for? Remember what I told thee concerning Pharaoh; and know for what ends I have said, the wicked was prolonged: to shew my judgments, that the living may lay it to heart; but if my ways had been like the ways of men, and my thoughts like the thoughts of men, that say the sinners are ordained so by me, to what use is my shewing judgments in this world, that the living might lay it to heart? O, vain and simple men! do you judge your God another such as yourselves? I tell thee, the Arians no more wrest my Gospel, and make all my apostles false witnesses, than the Calvinists wrest my Bible. What do they make of me and my prophets, any more than the Arians make of my Gospel, who make the witnesses all false, and make me another such as them, by saying I was not the Son of God? And yet they allow me to be a just man, which they can by no means prove in the way they have fixed the Gospel. And now I ask them how they will prove me a just God by the way they have fixed my Bible? If they bring the whole together, as thou hast brought the particulars of the Gospel, they must see the perfect likeness. One parable I shall put for man, and let him answer for himself: Does a father condemn his children because he places them to different trades if they behave alike in their trades, every one as their father hath placed them? But if the father should take his children as soon as they were born, and determine to put one part from him, never to see or know them; and bring up the other part in his own house; who can blame the children that they do not regard their father alike, when he hath refused one part to have any knowledge who is their father, or to shew any love unto them? Should he threaten them with judgments because they did not love him, like the children that had a knowledge of him? In this thou sayest the father must be cruel: and I answer thee, perfectly so; and to that likeness have men compared me; that I have refused them any knowledge of me, every influence of my Spirit, every call of grace; and yet they say I have punished mankind, that they would not receive what I would never give! How then can I wait to be gracious? How can my Bible be true? How could I say, turn unto me, and I will turn unto you, if I have made men so that they could not turn unto me? I have already told thee, and I now tell thee again, their doctrine came from the influence of the devil, to lead one part in presumption, the other in despair! But thou sayest in thy heart, many good men are filled with that doctrine: and I now tell thee, there are many good men full of errors, as well as the wicked; or how should I have pronounced in my Bible that the wisdom of the wise men should perish, and the understanding of the prudent men should be hid, to prove that man was dead to knowledge as I pronounced him? Therefore I tell thee all these evils are amongst mankind; know it is written, the righteous man falleth seven times a day, and know what I said in my Gospel, when they had done all, they were but unprofitable servants: and no man should glory and boast in my presence. But I know the pondering of thy heart-Is man lost for his wrong judgment? I tell thee, no, if his heart be good; for they do not discern what they do; and no more discern what they make of my Bible, or what they make of their Creator, than the Arians discern what they make of me and my Gospel. And this is permitted to fulfil the Scriptures, that there is no knowledge in men before I come to redeem them from the Fall; for as men are pronounced dead, the end will prove them dead to knowledge. Mark Isaiah lvii. 14-"Take up the stumbling block out of the way of my people:" But where is the man who can take the stumbling block out of the way of my people? Have I not said, it is I the Lord, the Holy One, that dwelleth on high, do revive the spirit of the humble and the heart of the contrite ones? For I will not contend for ever: neither will I be always wroth. Then know, all men, it is I the Lord that must take the stumbling block out of the way of my people, which it is impossible for man to do. Now let men read Chap. lviii. and weigh it through, then they will see unto whom the light shall break forth as the morning. Chap. lxv. 2-"I have spread out my hands all the day unto a rebellious people:" Have I then spread out my hands to a people that I had made and determined should be rebellious against me? Should I spend my strength for nought, to go contrary to my own decrees? Did I say it by Pharaoh, that I had stretched out my hand to him to invite him? Did I not say on the contrary, that his life was prolonged to shew my judgments? for this was the meaning of my words; then why will men say I mean to mock them, by inviting them? Know what I said of Esau, I hated him; but thou knowest the reason why I said this of Esau, and why I raised up Pharaoh; but had this been my mind of all men, I would have said it of all men; but know I have not said it of all men; but through my Bible I have invited, I have threatened; then why are men partial in the law? Hath not one God created you? have ye not all one Father? then why do you deal treacherously one against another? Ye are departed out of the way; ye have caused many to stumble at the law: here I tell thee, thousands and tens of thousands have been caused to stumble by such law and by such doctrine.

"Now let men read my Bible through,

And answer my demand,

Why any judgments I did shew,

If that their words must stand?

Then surely all, both great and small,

Have done my perfect will;

I ask how any men can fall

For words beyond their skill?

I tell you plain, ye sons of men,

You bring before men's view

That I've elected what I've not,

The end will prove it true.

The reprobate I've told his fate,

And judge it from the first;

But where's the man that now can stand

To prove my Bible's placed

This way for man? They don't discern

How I have threatened through,

And how my promises do stand,

That sinners they may know,

If they do turn, in sorrow mourn,

Their sins I shall forgive;

This way my Bible all doth stand-

My Promise is to save

All that will flee and turn to me-

And see my Gospel here,

What joy in heaven I said should be

When sinners did appear

To seek the Lord with one accord;

But if the whole was fixt,

I ask what joy it could afford?-

The prodigal is next

That must appear, I tell you here,

To shew the state of man,

How much the Father's heart doth yearn

When sinners do return;

If they could not (discern their lot)

Then I must wrong appear

For to invite, and not to slight

Returning sinners here.

But wrong, I say, I'll shew the way

That I said I am wrong,

If sinners could not turn to me.

To bid them e'er to come;

Some types appear, I tell you here,

That I've placed for the end,

Which I do see make thousands err;

And now 'tis my intend

My Bible clear to make it here,

And so explain the whole;

For men throughout, I see, do err

And make some thousands fall.

'Tis known to thee, in misery

That many go that way;

And in despair they do appear,

I've not elected they,

Is said by some, their grief comes on,

And so their faith do spill;

They're doomed to die in misery,

And all their love is chilled,

By doctrine here, no man can clear,

Unless he mocks his Lord;

For if my Bible you read here,

And judge my written word,

You all must say, like thee this day,

They're Arians all become,

That now my Bible place this way,

Election so of man.

Then surely I, who dwell on high,

Am wrong to threaten so;

My prophets you must give the lie;

My Name you do not know;

And therefore wrong you do go on

To lead mankind astray;

I know presumption is in some,

They perish in the way,

That they're elect, and I'll protect

Them in the dying hour;

My word with them hath no effect,

Nor do they feel my power

In any thing to them is known,

'Tis their conceit is all;

Their teachers lead them so astray,

'Tis time for me to call

My Bible here for to appear-

And let men judge this sound:

Suppose my prophets to appear,

In language men have found,

And say that I, who dwell on high,

Had fixt my just decrees,

Determined men in hell should lay;

To warn them of their ways

Was all in vain for to contend,

As my decrees were fixt;

But my elect I should protect;

And this to follow next,

I have decreed, by them is said,

The men shall dwell with me.

Now if the prophets this had said,

Vain men, I ask of ye,

What use my threatenings did appear?

What use it was to call?

Why should I bid the sinner fear,

That I'd ordained for hell?

Ah! simple men, your thoughts are vain:

Your God you do not know,

Your doctrine's laid before my throne,

'Tis time for man to know

That I'm provoked to bring the stroke,

And make an end of all,

Unless 't be those that will not mock,

But own that since the Fall,

That dead to knowledge men have been-

In Adam all did die;

But I shall make alive again

If men rely on me.

Now search the Scriptures, I command,

I'll answer thee again;

Shew where elections so doth stand;

For I shall it explain."

Romans, chap. viii. ver. 29, 30-"Whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son."

"Now I shall answer thee from these words, as touching election. If I had not foreknown what was in men, I never could foretell what they would do; I foreknew what the Jews would be; and therefore I foretold what they would do, when I came upon the earth; I foreknew the working of Satan, that as long as he had power to work he would find instruments to work by; I knew what was the make of all men, and the different make of mankind. It is not all religious men that have a make alike; for I have already told thee, and I now tell thee again, ye have different spirits of your own; and these are known to me, whose spirits are most consistent to be workers with me; and these are the spirits who are chosen by me to be workers with me, as a builder chooseth men that are fit for the building, and a husbandman chooseth men that are fit for his vineyard. All these men are known to man, who are fit for their different callings; then how can I be a God of any knowledge, if I did not know who are fit for My calling, and for My employment in any wondrous work I have to do? I knew what Moses was, as I have told thee, and I knew what Pharaoh was; therefore I prolonged his life to shew My works. But they say I hardened Pharaoh's heart, that I might shew My works by him; but do men consider how Pharaoh had hardened his heart against the children of Israel before? Then if I had designed to harden his heart only to shew My judgments upon him that others might fear, how will men wrong the Scriptures to say, I will the death of him that dieth, when I have visibly worked these judgments upon hardened sinners, that I knew would not repent, to convince others? If men will not look to the beginning, they can be no judge of the ending. Mark what Pharaoh said: Who is the Lord, that I should serve him? I knew the pride of Pharaoh's heart; I knew the hardness of his heart; and where was the difference of My cutting him off, either by death in his bed, as the first-born of Egypt were cut off, or cutting him off in the sea? The difference was none to him; but it was in love to mankind that I shewed these visible judgments, for the living to lay it to heart. But had I ordained, before the foundation of the world, one part should be like Moses, and the other like Pharaoh, My wondrous working in the land of Egypt would have been of no use to mankind; for I could have sent the plague in Egypt and have cut them off, to have delivered My people that were like Moses; and this might be done in all ages of the world, without shewing My wondrous works. But now, as touching election, if all were ordained like Moses; then all must have stood like Moses; and Moses would have had no trouble with the children of Israel; therefore, I tell thee, election goeth for those that are chosen for My purposes, as I have said by a builder, or a husbandman. A member of parliament is chosen by election, to be a guide and director for your nation; but does this argue that all men must be chosen the same, that are the king's subjects? I tell thee, no; and yet ye are all subjects alike in various ways, though not elected members of parliament alike. And now I shall come to the purpose of My visitation to thee. I knew thee before thou wast born, as I said of Jacob; therefore the promise was made to thy mother: and let them weigh the manner of thy life, how I have kept thee for such a time as this. Now I tell thee of My Bible, there is no Scripture placed but I must choose instruments to fulfil, as I have said by the building a house; and consider how many different hands are employed in the building; just so it is by My work; when I have any building to accomplish for man, I must gain my different labourers in the building. Now consider in what manner thine began first; and who were the first chosen to send unto; but know, as a builder may ask labourers that may refuse, and gain others; just so it was by me; yet by the first chosen thy work went out into the world; as a man that hath a large building to perform will advertise for labourers who will assist him. Now tell me, ye worldly wise men, how did my labourers come into the vineyard? or how did my builders begin with me? Thou answerest, by free choice, hearts inclining, and hearts longing to assist in the building for my kingdom, that my house may be established in righteousness; then I ask men, who are my elect members? Let there be first a willing mind is said in the Scriptures, and let men begin to be workers with God; then my promise is to be a worker with man; so you may call it elect members, or what you please; but this you are all to discern, the elect members, whom I sent thee unto, did not come forward in the building; then by whom is it raised up? But did I not know the hearts of all men, that when thy writings went out in the world, I should gain labourers to come into the vineyard, or I should never have sent it out in the world? for I well knew, though thy spirit was willing, thy strength was weak to carry on a work like this: and should I begin a work to send it out in the world, and let it die, like those who began from themselves, or from a wrong visitation? I tell thee, no. See how soon theirs hath perished and come to nothing, while thine hath been rising higher and higher: and higher and higher they will see it to arise, like the sun in the firmament, till it is known to all to be the perfect day; that meaneth the perfect day for your redemption. Then ye may come to the words of St. Paul: Those whom I foreknew would be faithful labourers in my vineyard-when the writings went out in the world, and my visitation was made known, those whose hearts were ready to receive them I have already told thee, they are predestinated to be conformed to the image of the Son. This is the predestination thy visitation is for, that ye might be the first-born among many brethren. But now let men answer me when this predestination took place, that men were conformed to the image of the Son? Bring me the man, bring me the woman, that will prove my image is in them, either in mind, or heart: thou answerest, no man has this perfection in him; yet I tell thee, this they are predestinated for, to have the same mind in them that is in me, to destroy all the works of the devil: that my kingdom may be established in peace and righteousness; that man may become in the likeness of his maker, as he was created for: for know what I said when I first made man: "Let us make man in our image, after our likeness." So this is the predestination that true believers are now predestinated for, to be conformed to the image they were created for; and this is the calling they are called to; and in this calling they are justified by me; and as they are justified, they shall also be glorified; as I have promised in the Scriptures of truth that there shall be a new heaven and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness. And mark what is said in Isaiah, lxv. 17.-"For, behold, I create new heavens and a new earth: and the former shall not be remembered, nor come into mind. But be you glad and rejoice for ever in that which I create." This is the predestination that I died to accomplish for man, to bring him in the end to the image and likeness that he was created for. Now what can men say to these things? Let them be strengthened from the words of the Apostle-If God be for us, who can be against us? And who can be against them that believe my Gospel? For if I delivered up my life for all that believe in me for redemption, shall I not freely give you all things that are promised in my word? Who shall lay any thing to the charge of God's elect? It is God that justifieth, who is he that condemneth? Now answer me, O vain men; bring forward all the cisterns that ye have hewed out to yourselves, that ye are the elect of God, and let all your works appear before me, and where is the man who can stand and say, I am in the perfect image of the Son of God, in his likeness, or in his life? I tell thee, no man; every mouth must be stopped, and every tongue must be silent; and conscious guilt must condemn all men to say-"the image of Christ is not in me; I have sinned and come short of the glory of God." Then where is my predestination for them to be in the image of the Son of God? No man will dare to say it; when the secrets of all hearts, and all their private and public ways are made known, this cannot be proved by men, that the image of the Son is in them. But I have shewed, from the Revelation of my Spirit, what this calling is for-to bring them back to the image they were created for; and this is the desire of believers, to elect me as the only true and living God, united together in the creation, now to come and accomplish their redemption. Then who is he that condemneth? It is I the Lord that justifieth this desire in the hearts of men; and by this desire they are justified; and by this desire they shall be glorified, as their desire is to glorify me, that God may be all in all. Then who shall lay any thing to the charge of my elect, when I have told you in these things, it is I the Lord that justifieth; and these are the elect that shall stand, who have elected me as their King; and I have elected them as my sons, to come to the image they were created for. Now where is the man, amongst the believers, that will boldly say he is this already? This presumption is not in them; yet this I have told thee, they are predestinated for; and I will make them more than conquerors over their enemies, spiritual and temporal; because they confess it is not of themselves, yet they believe the power is in me; then who shall separate them from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus? It is not all the persecution of man can this accomplish. Romans ix. 9 -"This is the word of promise. At this time will I come, and Sarah shall have a Son." So the promise was made by faith, and through faith, before it was accomplished; for Sarah had no son when the promise was made; yet after it was made it was fulfilled; then if the promise of a child was obtained through faith, how much greater must the promise of your redemption be obtained through faith, to them that believe? But now mark what followed from the promise made unto Abraham; and that unto Isaac, of Jacob and Esau-Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated. Here the apostle himself did not understand what he was writing, neither did any prophet in the world, or apostle, understand all they wrote, any more than thou understandest all thou hast written: and that thou sayest is very imperfect; and so imperfect is the knowledge of all men, as by their remarking from the words of the apostle, "before the children were born," that the words spoken alluded to God's election; but know, I have told thee, this election stood by types in Jacob and Esau, being from the seed of Isaac, in whom I said all the families of the earth should be blessed; then there must come a type from him to shew the type of the evil that should be cut off. There was no good nor evil done by the children, when the words were spoken; but there was good and there was evil where I placed the type, from the Fall; and know, the promise was made to man, but not to the devil; for there you know the curse was fixed. So I have already told thee, and I now tell thee again, it is man that I loved but Satan that I hated; and here the promise of election shall stand."

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