Give ear, O heavens! And be astonished, O earth!

The Lord hath a controversy with His people;

I have nourished and brought up children,

And they have rebelled against me.

"Forasmuch then as God gave them the like gift as he did unto us, who believed on the Lord Jesus Christ; what was I, that I could withstand God?" Acts xi. 17.

"Then hath God also to the Gentiles granted repentance unto Life."

Acts xi. 18.

FROM the words of St. Peter I shall begin this book, knowing in whom I have believed, and the strong visitation of the Spirit of the Lord unto me:-What am I, that I could withstand God, when his Power came with his Word to warn the Gentiles, as well as the Jews? Therefore it is time for them to look to that repentance that bringeth them to life: Now the like gift of faith, that the Lord hath given unto me, he hath given unto many true believers, who rely on his promises that are made throughout the Bible. Not only a Life spiritual, but a Life temporal is promised in Holy Writ. Revelation xxi. 3-"And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them, and be their God." Ver. 4-"And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away." Chap. xxii. 19-"If any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the Holy City."

On reading the Bible I am lost in wonder at the madness of mankind; and am sorry to say, in this Christian land many professed Christians are like Herod: because he saw it pleased the Jews that he had killed James, he proceeded further to take Peter also. This wretched principle is too prevalent in our days; or men would never go on in so blind and ignorant a manner, to persecute the Spirit of God; or be so presumptuous as to write against a Spirit, and call it the Devil, before they have clearly searched into every truth, that they might be able, with a good conscience, to justify the things they are doing; but I see mankind are more inclined to be men pleasers (like Herod) than to follow on to know the Lord. From a book that was written against me at Stourbridge, I was ordered first to draw my own judgment, and then the Lord would answer me. My judgment is as follows: His book is entitled, "Plain Remarks, by B. H., a Mechanic;" and I shall shew my remarks as a simple woman.-O vain man, be wise, and hear the word of the Lord, not boast of wisdom without wisdom. If you hear lies do not affirm them; for in so doing you make yourself the liar; which is to be seen in the fourth page of your preface, wherein are lies that you cannot answer to. Let a man not boast of wisdom, before he can assert what he publishes. He should have read my Books first, and heard what the Lord hath said unto me, and what grounds I had for my Prophecies, before he began to draw such wild judgment; then he would have known the truth of my Prophecies, that they were copied off, and put into the hands of ministers, from 1796 to the year 1801, so as they could be able to read them, foretelling the events that would take place in those years. Besides he would have known I told my friends of what was hastening on, as well as what I had written in ninety-two; therefore a man should be clear in judging before he began to condemn, lest he bring his lies upon his own head, as the author of this book hath done. These are his own words-"she makes a scribbling upon some papers, and delivers them to some of her followers, and when any remarkable occurrence happens in the world, she being possessed of a great degree of head knowledge, with a retentive memory, goes to these papers, and pretends to read what has happened, in the same manner as if it had been previously inserted in them; there is a person writes down what she pretends to read, and then it is published." Here the author must have judged me another such as himself; for I make no doubt but such would be the conduct of him, if he could by arts deceive the world, by making a wrong interpretation of the Scripture, as he is now trying to do, that men may wrest them to their own condemnation: for if his judgment be true in the 9th page, where he says-"that when our Redeemer finished the whole on Calvary, it gave the devil, the old serpent, at that time such a deadly blow on the head, that it destroyed him that hath the power of death, that is the devil." Then there can be no more condemnation to the devil, for then all condemnation of sin must come upon man's own head, he having no devil to tempt him to evil; as the world has been as sinful since Satan was destroyed, as before, then of what use can his destruction be to man? Or what honour and glory hath it brought unto the Lord? For how few believe in a crucified Saviour! How few give honour or glory to his name! Oh, ye simple and unwise! Whose tongues go before your senses, without your taking a serious view, how soon the powers of hell worked in the hearts of men to destroy the disciples, in the same cruel manner that they put the Lord of life and glory to death. Then to what purpose is the destroying the power of the devil, if his power still remains the same in men? But this is as false and mistaken a notion, as it is for the man to say, "I only pretend to read prophecies"-Poor, lying ignorant man! Though my handwriting no man can read before me, yet when I shew them my letters and read the words to them, every man can then read them after me; for my handwriting is such that it is impossible for me to deceive any man, when I so read it to them; so this man has asserted a falsity, that he can never make good, and who can be proved a liar by more than forty or fifty witnesses, that have affirmed they can read every word after me; besides, I have learnt some to read my handwriting, and I have lent them my manuscript books, and they have taken out some of my communications. So this wise mechanic has erred as much in his judgment of my writings, as he has of the kingdom of Christ; for he blends all together with such ignorance, that no man upon earth can explain his meaning. He saith-"Christ's peaceable kingdom on earth, certainly is to take place; but it is not a literal or a temporal kingdom that is spoken of; but a spiritual kingdom." Now how can this man explain his meaning? Will he say that that spiritual kingdom took place when our Saviour was crucified? And that his blessed and holy Spirit was then poured out upon all flesh? What then does he make of his Spirit? But if that spiritual kingdom was to come upon earth, it must be temporal as well as spiritual-when the Lord claims the kingdoms of the earth to be the kingdoms of the living God, when he will dwell in every heart, and at whose Name every knee will bow. This wise man saith, "that it is past," and quotes Revelation xx, "that it is to come, when Satan is bound and cast into the bottomless pit, and during that thousand years Christ will in a more particular manner reign in the hearts of his people on earth." Now if this is not a temporal as well as a spiritual reign, I know not what he can mean, unless he supposes the earth to be superior in purity to the heavens, and that they could not have fulness of joy there; and that he will destroy all that are living on earth in a temporal body, and bring the saints down from the heavens for to reign in a particular manner in their hearts, when on this earth; but if these are the spirits of the saints that are to have the spiritual kingdom, without anything temporal in it, I ask how Satan, when he is let loose, is to go out and deceive these spiritual saints again? Now before a man begins to take upon him to lay the Scriptures before the public, he should call reason to his assistance, to know whether it is consistent with common sense; or else, I think, as a mechanic, he had better follow his employment, than try to deceive weak minds like himself: for if the whole temporal reign of man is to be cut off, Satan can have no nations to deceive. He himself allows that Satan is to deceive the nations no more, till the thousand years are accomplished; yet if they are cut off, there are no nations left to deceive at all; then how can Satan ever go out to deceive? Or why is he confined that he may not deceive them, if there be no more temporal reign in man? I must say of this man, as he hath said of me-he must himself know that he is an impostor, unless he is quite out of his senses; but as to me, I can call heaven and earth to witness, I never was an impostor; neither did I ever try to deceive any man. Now this wise man says, the ministers are the "spiritual prophets;" as St. Paul says-"despise not prophecies;" and this man speaks largely of prophecies, that he might go on in his publication with treating on prophecies; now I must ask this wise man, if those who are called the ministers of the Gospel are influenced by the Spirit of God, and are called the spiritual prophets, why do the preachers differ so much in their preaching? And one preacher to write against another? There are some who erroneously say, that our Saviour was an impostor, which is blasphemy at the highest; and yet they preach repentance of sin! Others wretchedly say-he was not the Son of God; yet they believe him to have been a good man! Now these are as ignorant as the writer of the book: for how can anyone vainly imagine that he was a good man, if he told them what was not true, when he said to them he was the Son of God? And before Abraham was he was? And that he came from God, and he went to God? and that he and his father were one? Now if he knew all this to be false, how could they call him a good man? For he spoke as no other man ever spoke; and he wrought miracles that no other man ever wrought; and he left all on record, for him to be worshipped as no other man was ever suffered to be worshipped. Then how can man vainly imagine the Lord God would give him power to work such miracles to be worshipped equal with himself, if he was not what is said of him in the Psalms-Thou art my Son, this day have I begotten thee? Now if he was not what he said, his Mother must be a liar, and his Father the same; the wise men that came from the East the same; and his Apostles the same; for they said they saw the heavens opened, and the Holy Ghost descending like a dove, saying, this is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased. Now if this is false altogether, how can I believe the Gospel? Yet such belief is in many of the prophets of this day, that this wise mechanic calls prophets; I mean the preachers of different sects; for they are universal throughout the world: and is this the Spirit I am not to quench? Are these the prophecies I am not to despise? Then to what pit of destruction must this wise mechanic lead me! I must retort back on his head his own words; he must know he is a bold impostor, who imposes on weak minds to believe such doctrine as this: because a man preaches repentance, that he hath the Spirit of God and is a prophet! ! ! For I have heard these very men, with the sentiments I have mentioned, preach repentance as much as any other men; the reason their pernicious doctrine is believed is, because they mix honey with their poison, and deceive the people by this preaching of repentance, and by which reason these false prophets are believed. There is another set of false prophets among the preachers, who profess to believe the Gospel of Christ in its truth concerning our Saviour being what he said he was, and believing him truly the Son of God, and yet they say-he only died to save those whom the Lord had elected before the foundation of the world, and all the rest were ordained by the Lord to be lost!-And are these also the prophets I am to believe? When it is written-"As I live, saith the Lord, I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but rather in them that repent and turn: turn ye, turn ye, for why will you die, O house of Israel! Saith the Lord." Here the judgment of man must say, the Lord said what he never meant-to say he had no pleasure in their death, if he created them to be lost, and they could not be saved; then they must say it was his pleasure, thus to create them to perish; and if the decrees of heaven were so fixed, why should the Lord mock them, to invite them to return, when he knew he had made them so as they could not return? Does not the Lord say, Oh! that there was such a heart in them as I could wish? But if the Lord made them so at first, and designed they should be so before the creation of the world, or before they were born, then they had the heart that it was the will of the Lord they should have; yet such preachers are common in the world, that call themselves spiritual preachers: and yet their doctrine is full of blasphemy; for they say, the Lord saith what he never meaneth. And yet I know, they would answer, they never said such a thing in their lives. This I grant; they do not speak the words so plain as I have explained it, and yet their meaning is to the same purpose. Now if these are the prophets I am to believe, then what road am I to take? For there are three different roads that are already known to the world from these spiritual preachers; and now I shall point out the fourth: those are they who declare all the power and will to be in man, to do either good or evil, as he likes. Now though this doctrine is not so against the Lord, to point out his cruelty like the former, yet it is a mistaken and false notion in man, to think he hath power of himself to withstand all the temptations of the devil. This, I know by experience is false; for without the Lord we can do nothing; and we are commanded from the Scriptures to seek the Lord and he will be found of us; to draw nigh unto Christ, and he will draw nigh unto us; to commune with God in our hearts, and he will commune with us; but without him we can do nothing; but if we are workers with God, he will be a worker with us; and that faith is the gift of God, and not of ourselves. Then how can man have all power, to will and to do, without the grace of God assisting him? Yet such doctrine I have heard preached; therefore, among all these spiritual prophets, that are called ministers, I never heard one of them in my life but what their opinions led them to err from the Bible in some things; or in others to go from the truth of the Gospel; for I never heard a minister in my life that ever preached to the perfect truth of the Gospel; and since my writings have gone out in the world, I find the ministers themselves, and these spiritual preachers, wrest the Scriptures more than any men, denying all spiritual gifts, and all revelation, and all visitation from the Lord; as though the Spirit of the Lord had entirely forsaken us, ever since our Saviour died. Then the Apostles must be false, who so often affirm, that the Lord will visit us again in the Spirit, and all hidden mysteries, that are concealed from man, shall be revealed by the Spirit of God. But this is now denied by these spiritual prophets, as well as by this wise mechanic; then where is the prophet that I can trust to? But does this wise man observe that spiritual gifts are called one thing, and prophecies are called another? So that a man may have spiritual gifts to teach his people, without having the spirit of prophecy to warn them of what is hastening on; besides, every man must stand in his place; and the Scriptures must be fulfilled as they are spoken. Then how can this wise mechanic, with the ablest English divines, say, that the Woman in Revelation xii, means the church in all its splendour? How then can she be travailing in birth, crying to be delivered from all this splendour, and Satan standing before her, and also the earth persecuting her, that she is forced to flee into the wilderness; and the dragon casting out floods against her; and the earth helping the Woman? When he says the earth is trampled under her feet, and the church of Christ is in all its glorious state, how then is all this persecution to come, when, as he says, the sun of righteousness, "the Lord Jesus Christ, of his righteousness imputed, and imparted, and the moon, that is the earth, and its sublunary vanities, under her feet?" Where is the man can make this join together, that the church is in this glorious state as he mentioned? That Christ hath subdued all vanity? And that all evil is thrown beneath him? And the glorious Gospel and the Apostles shining bright, as they are prophesied to the end to be in this persecuted state, as mentioned in the Revelation? Oh, what an impostor must such a man be, willingly and knowingly to impose on weak minds! Men should discern what they are writing, before they take upon them to correct what they cannot mend, or understand. And now I shall come to the 14th page: Hebrews xi, where he speaks of a living Faith, the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen; and without the evidence of this Faith upon the heart it never can be called a living Faith. Here this wise pretended corrector, with his plain remarks, has turned the weapon back on his own head, and has shewed himself to have a dead faith. But from the evidence that I have had of things not seen, and before they sprang forth I told men of them, and the faith that is planted in me, that I should see the substance of things I hoped for, he assures me this faith is the gift of God, it comes from God, and it leads to God; then he must allow my teaching is of God; for he adds, if any man have evidence of this Faith in the soul, though in ever so small a degree, it is utterly impossible for that man to be lost; then it is certainly impossible for me to be lost, when the Lord hath so strongly implanted that Faith in my breast-that the gates of hell should never prevail against me; and in opposition to men and devils, he would carry on his work in me and by me; and to his honour and glory he has done it; for he that trusteth in the Lord is as Mount Zion, that cannot be moved. But now see what this wise writer says further:-Without this Faith it is impossible to please God. Then where is his faith to please God, if he believes the Lord will go from all his words and all his promises? But when I see the Lord has not gone from his words or promises in the past, I shall surely trust him for the time to come; therefore he might well add-The Lord is the author and finisher of this Faith. Here he brings forward the Gospel to strengthen me; and the life which I now live in the flesh, I live by faith of the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me. This, he remarks, is a true and lively faith. Then now be wise, O simple man, this living and strong faith was planted in me more than thirty years ago; or I never should have had faith in ninety-two, to believe it was the visitation of the Lord, to leave my work to write what was coming upon the whole earth, when there was no appearance of it, if the Lord had not been the author of my faith before to trust in him, and obey his word: and so he has carried me on to be the finisher thereof. Therefore this wise writer might well say, the effect this living faith has upon the heart, is wonderful-and wonderful effects has this faith had upon me. He further adds, whenever this faith is planted in a man's heart, by the operation and influence of the Holy Spirit, there is an effectual change in that man's life:-And I am the witness for myself (and the Lord is witness for me) that I have been dead to the world as to all its pleasures and vanities, and the world to me; and the desire of my soul, for thirty years past, has been to wish to live to God, and to God only; so this man has assured me, my calling is sure; that the Lord hath called me with an effectual call; and that he will save me with an everlasting salvation, who died for me, and has fulfilled the law and made it honourable-that never said to the seeking seed of Israel, seek ye my face in vain: but out of my weakness he hath made me strong, and to war valiantly in the fight; and I fear not but he will turn to flight my enemies, and stop the mouths of the lions, quench the flames of fire, escape the edge of the sword. This he hath quoted in the 16th page, that the Lord will do for them where their faith is strong in him. Then does not this man build up with one hand what he is trying to pull down with the other? As he has pretended to judge of a thing he knows nothing about, as he does not know me; and, I fear, does not know my Master; yet, God forbid I should deal as harshly with him, as he hath with me; for I trust the Lord may, at some places, be working in his heart, to bring forward Scriptures to strengthen my faith, and to clear me, while he is trying to condemn me, that he hereafter may see his own folly, and that he has but a notion of faith, a dead faith, without a lively sense of faith; for if he was acquainted with the Scriptures, and knew what was the duty of a christian, he would never have acted with such gross errors, to pretend to write against my books, and confess himself he had read but little of them. How unjustly should I publish against the man, or condemn his book, before I had read it through and had seen what to condemn in it? I do not condemn the texts of Scripture he has brought forward; but I condemn the manner he hath explained most of them; though I grant his explanations are short; but in the 15th and 16th pages, I confess his explanations are wise and just and perfectly true; which I can prove by happy experience.

And now I shall come to his observation on Sealing. He says, mine "is a new fashioned mode of sealing, which I vainly imagine as a Type of the Israelites' sprinkling the blood:" he says, "that passage refers to the blood of Christ." Does the ignorant man suppose I did not know that as well as he did? A thing I was taught from my cradle, that the sprinkling of the door posts was the sprinkling of the blood of Christ, as the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world; and to sprinkle our hearts from dead works, that in and through the merits of his Blood we might be saved. But could not his Blood cleanse us without types and Shadows? Could he not have saved us if the blood had not been sprinkled upon the doorposts? You will answer, Yes; the Lord could have done it; but he did not choose to do it without setting a temporal sign for a spiritual salvation. Then what have you to marvel at the Sealing, if the Lord should require a temporal love of man, that they should shew their love to God, by subscribing with their hands unto him, to fulfil the words of the prophet? And now to fulfil that word, believers are required to sign with their hands unto their Lord, that they wish for Christ's kingdom to come, and his will to be done on earth as it is in heaven; and Satan's power to be destroyed; then to have a temporal seal, that they are the sealed of the Lord, whereby they are sealed to the day of Redemption; so that the things temporal and spiritual may stand together of sealing, as the things temporal and spiritual stand together of the blood of sprinkling. Now if the sealing be not a temporal thing, why is it said in the Revelation, hurt not the earth, nor the sea, till the servants of God are sealed in their foreheads? He does not say, till they are sealed in their hearts, but in their foreheads, meaning their names are sealed-as every man's name is signed in his forehead when he is baptized; and a particular number was mentioned; but that number can never be known from the heart-who is sealed, and who is not; but by the names the number is known. Now do men vainly suppose, when it is said these dreadful judgments should be prevented until the number were sealed by their names, and that those that were not sealed had the mark of the beast in their foreheads, (which is a thing easily to be understood) they are signed with the sign of the cross on the forehead in token hereafter that they shall fight manfully under Christ's banner, against the world, the flesh, and the devil; but now that they are called forward to fight against the world, the flesh, and the devil, they refuse to let their names be seen in public, that they have a desire for the kingdom of Christ? Though they receive their names in the forehead, to fight manfully for him; but let them know, the cross of Christ came through the sinfulness of the beast; then if they are willing to wear that mark of the cross, but refuse to sign for Christ to come and wear the crown, and possess the kingdom he died to purchase and redeem, they must remain with the mark of the beast in their foreheads; whose mark they are willing to continue, and their pretended love is but hypocrisy. I could enlarge much on this subject, as our Saviour compares things temporal with things spiritual: and the sealing is made plain to me, that it is a command from the Lord to those, who wish for his coming. But I am sorry to say there is one fatal truth in his book-that some of the sealed people are just like the Calvinists, that when they think they are the elect of God, they may commit what sin they please-they are the elect, and they shall be saved. This erroneous belief I have seen in many of the Calvinists, and have heard them say, they knew they were the elect of the Lord, when their lives and conduct have been such as a moral man would have been ashamed to live in, if he had any regard for his honour amongst men. I heard one of them say myself, when he was reproved for swearing: "he was in no sin, it was not he that swore, it was sin that dwelled in him swore." The same excuse I heard made for drunkenness; and another who judged himself elect, for stealing, when he was found out, said-"The devil would tempt the children of God, so the sin could not be imputed to him; for he knew he was the elect, and was sure of being saved." This I have heard and known. All manner of sins and the blackest crimes have been committed by these men, that call themselves the elect, and said, they were sure of being saved do what they would. Now I fear this erroneous and mistaken notion is in some of the sealed; for the net was cast into the sea gathering in good and bad; and to fulfil the Scriptures perfectly, many put their hands to the plough and drew back; that meaneth, after they had signed their names for Christ's kingdom to be established, and Satan's destroyed, they drew back and destroyed their seals. Then how can they be fit for the kingdom of heaven? Now I shall end with one observation more, on page 23, where this wise writer brings every word against himself: how can a man handle the Scriptures so deceitfully, and not have his own conscience condemn him? I shall go from the Scripture he quotes from Jeremiah xiv. 14, 15-"Then the Lord said unto me, the prophets prophesy lies in my name: I sent them not, neither have I commanded them, neither spake unto them: they prophesy unto you a false vision, and divination, and a thing of nought; and from the deceit of their hearts." Here this man must make himself a prophet, whom the Lord hath spoken to; or bring himself under the very character that he hath here mentioned, whom the Lord hath not spoken unto, but who is prophesying out of the deceitfulness of his own heart. Then let him tremble at the following words, which he has brought against himself: "Therefore thus saith the Lord-By sword and famine shall these prophets be consumed." Here he points the reader to Jeremiah xxiii. 16-"They make you vain: they speak a vision of their own heart, and not out of the mouth of the Lord." Now this man, if he does not make himself a prophet that the Lord hath spoken to, must make himself the false prophet, that prophesieth lies in God's name; saying, I have dreamed, I have dreamed; but what a dream, or what a delusion must this man be in, to place the Scriptures in this manner against himself, thinking to make the people err by his lies, and his lightness? If he say, the Lord hath not spoken to him, the following lines condemn him-"Yet I sent them not, nor commanded them." Then if the Lord neither sent him nor commanded him, out of his own mouth he is condemned to be fed with wormwood, and drink the waters of gall. To walk in lies, and strengthen the hand of evil doers, that none may turn from the evil of their ways, he says, they are all unto the Lord as Sodom and Gomorrah-and like the people of Sodom and Gomorrah this man hath made himself: who went to destroy the angels, when they came to Lot, and despised the warning of Lot, till the fire came down from heaven to destroy them. Now if this man had one grain of sense or reason, his own handwriting would come against him, and make him tremble like Belshazzar of old, and his knees smite one against another, with the consciousness of his own guilt-that, he hath either made himself a prophet of the Lord, or he has brought every text of Scripture against himself, to condemn himself: how is he wresting the Scriptures to his own condemnation! Now let him mark Ezekiel xiii. 18-"Thus saith the Lord God; Woe to the women, that sew pillows to all arm-holes, and make kerchiefs upon the head of every stature, to hunt souls! Will ye hunt the souls of my people? And will ye save the souls alive that come unto you?" Here, vain and simple man! With all the art you can invent, you are trying to hunt the souls of those who wish to flee from the wrath to come, and are warned to prepare for the coming of their Lord, that they may be able to stand in the evil day. But you are telling them you can save their souls alive, if they will come unto you; but can you save your own soul in that day, when you have mocked the visitation of the Lord, despised his invitation, and despised his threatenings, and are telling men to come unto you, that you will save their souls alive? Does it not plainly appear that you would slay the souls that should not die, and save the souls alive that should not live-by your lying unto my people that hear your lies? Here what followeth from your own words: because with lies ye have made the heart of the righteous sad, whom I have not made sad; and strengthened the hand of the wicked that he should not turn from his wicked ways by promising him life. Here are the false prophets, that are cheating and deceiving the hearts of the people: telling them no dangers are near, no evils are threatened, but that they will save their souls alive if they come unto them-by prophesying lies unto them out of their own hearts, when they have seen nothing. Let the writer take a serious view of his own works, and conscious guilt must condemn him, that he hath made kerchiefs to lean upon, that must be torn from him, and that never did support him; but I have a foundation stronger to trust to-my trust is in the Rock of Ages, and not in my own weak judgment; though he pretends to compliment me in the beginning of the book, of having a great deal of head knowledge; but I cannot pay him that compliment; for he has written the book so much against himself, as though he had neither head knowledge, nor spiritual grace; and no more understood what he was writing than he understood my books, that he said he had read but little of. But now I shall conclude with his own words-"Let men be careful of the fatal consequence of being found trusting to a refuge of lies." His subtlety exhorts men to flee to Jesus Christ, as the only true refuge, while at the same time he is using all the arts he is master of, to persuade them not to be looking for and hastening to the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ; which in all my writings I am called to warn men of. He pretends to own Christ as the form of godliness, but denieth the power thereof; yet professes to say, that the Spirit of God may be applied to their hearts; that he would turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto righteousness; and teach them to know the Gospel, which is able to make them wise unto eternal salvation; and yet when this wisdom, this knowledge, and this power of the Spirit of God are given, he concludes with these words, that, "you must repent of it all, for it is all wickedness; and pray God to change the thoughts of the heart:" and whereto must they be changed? I must answer, the thoughts of the heart must be changed of him that printed this book: for I perceive, he is in the gall of bitterness, and in the bonds of iniquity.

But here I shall say no further of him, as another book is printed against me by Garrett, a preacher of Zion Chapel, in Southwark, quoting many of the same passages of Scripture as the former; but with more confidence than him. He has filled his book with lies against me, which the reader will see in its place, as I have quoted his own words, which are entirely false concerning me: But when the book was brought to me, I was ordered to read it through, and put it in the Bible without knowing where, which I did, and found it in the Maccabees. The book lay on, 2 Maccabees vii. 19, that I was ordered to pen-"But think not thou, that takest in hand to strive against God, that thou shalt escape unpunished." I was ordered to put my spectacles in my Bible without knowing where, and they were in the first of Revelation and the ending of Jude; but the verse that I am ordered to quote is Revelation i. 11-"Saying, I am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last: and, What thou seest, write in a book, and send it unto the seven churches." Jude, verse 18-"How that they told you there should be mockers in the last time, who should walk after their own ungodly lusts." The third time I was ordered to open the Bible, and it was in the 2 Esdras xi. 41 to the end-"For the earth hast thou not judged with truth. For thou hast afflicted the meek, thou hast hurt the peaceable; thou hast loved liars and destroyed the dwellings of them that brought forth fruit; and hast cast down the walls of such as did thee no harm," &c. These were the places I opened to; then I was ordered to quote the chapter that he had mentioned, Jeremiah xxiii. 1-"Woe be unto the pastors that destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture, saith the Lord." Verse 28 of the same Chapter-"The prophet that hath a dream, let him tell a dream; and he that hath my word, let him speak my word faithfully. What is the chaff to the wheat? Saith the Lord." Jeremiah i. 8, 9-"Be not afraid of their faces: for I am with thee to deliver thee, saith the Lord. Then the Lord put forth his hand and touched my mouth. And the Lord said unto me, Behold, I have put my words in thy mouth." Verses 4, 5.-"The word of the Lord came unto me, saying, Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations."

the answer of the lord.

"Now, Joanna, I shall answer thee before thou goest any further: for out of his own mouth he hath condemned himself, without he can prove I have visited him, to be a prophet to all nations; and out of his own mouth he hath justified thee, from the Chapters he mentioned. Now call to thy remembrance the days of thy youth, and the promise I made to thy mother before thou wast born, and how often I have told thee, no weapon that is formed against thee should prosper. Now mark the words he hath pointed out before thee-"Be not afraid of their faces, for I am with thee to deliver thee, saith the Lord." Now mark the last verse-"And they shall fight against thee; but they shall not prevail against thee, for I am with thee, saith the Lord, to deliver thee." Now here is the wisdom of man, who boasts he is fighting with the weapons of my Spirit, or the sword of my Spirit; but he shall know he is the false prophet, the false priest, that goeth when I have never sent him; that prophesieth in my Name, when I have never commanded him; for he trusteth to a vain vision of his own imagination, and a lying divination from the truth of my Bible; and greatly hath he erred in visions; for know, throughout my Bible, what visions have been shewed in all ages to the prophets; and are not the Revelations visions? Therefore I ordered thee to open the Bible, to shew thee the visions of John: and there thou findest thine eyes, as thou callest them. Now let them see Verse 13 of the visions of John-"And in the midst of the seven candlesticks, one like unto the Son of Man clothed with a garment down to the foot, and girt about the paps with a golden girdle." Read through the Chapter, you will find it a vision; but these visions were seen in heaven by John, in the Spirit; but know it is written by the prophet Joel, in the latter days when I come to fulfil the whole, and pour out my Spirit upon all flesh, that your young men shall see visions, and your handmaids shall prophesy. These visions must be seen here below. But how do men take the word of God in their mouths and handle it deceitfully, without knowledge or understanding? Now mark what I told thee of this man in the beginning, and mark particularly where his book was found; and know that he is now striving against his God; he hath drawn the sword against his God; then how shall he escape the punishment any more than the Jews, who persecuted me in the Body? and he is persecuting me in the Spirit. Now let this Chapter be marked deep: these words were spoken to the king who was making martyrs of the mother and her children. And I now tell thee, he would make worse martyrs of thee and thy believers, were you to follow his pernicious doctrine; for though his power is not like the king's, yet his malice is stirred up by the devil, as the king's malice was against the mother and her children. Now thou knowest in thy own mind how greatly thou wast stumbled to find the book in the Apocrypha, which thou judgest the least of all the prophecies, and the least spiritual in the Bible; but I now tell thee, there is not a place in the Bible that more clearly points out the destruction such men would bring upon believers than that Chapter of the destruction of the mother and her sons.

"For now to ages back I'll come:

And this is just the same-

For know the mother and the sons

They have always put to shame,

In ages past they so did burst,

My prophets felt the blow;

And when upon this earth I came-

My followers, you do know,

Received the same when here I came-

The sons were put to death;

My Mother she received the shame-

Know what the Scripture saith:

The sword appeared against her there,

And so went through her soul;

The children did their sufferings share-

You see her children all,

Where they did come in Spirit strong,

And visited by me;

Their lives they wished not to prolong,

Their fatal end you see,

What did appear, her children here,

My followers they were cast;

And let the martyrs to appear,

How all alike were placed.

So thus to men it plain is seen,

Throughout the Bible stands-

Now think upon thy simple dream,

And thou may'st here command,

Thy throat they'd cut-though thou'st not wrote

The dream that did appear:

But Satan's arts, I say, are deep,

He'll try to cut it here,

Now from thy folly I'll begin:

Thou shudder'st at thy dream,

And thought from Satan it was seen,

But now I tell thee plain,

It was to shew what men would do,

If thou wast in their power,

I brought that dream unto thy view-

And now discern the hour

When thou the book hast read it through;

For Satan's arts were there,

And as an angel he'd pursue

To make the truth appear.

Could he go on in power by men

Thy destiny thou would'st see,

I tell thee, perfect like thy dream,

Therefore I ordered thee

To take the book then in thine hand,

My Bible open here,

And it was put by my command,

'Twas I that guided there,

That thou may'st see the destiny,

The way thy foes do break;

They try to cut the throat of thee,

And make thy children weep.

Like butchers here, I said before,

The shepherds they were come,

And like the sheep for slaughter here

My Flock they're leading on.

So this is plain, if you discern

How they do both appear;

But I shall keep thee from all harm-

Mark how it ended here:

As from the dream I shall explain;

Thou said'st thou should'st not die:

No; 'tis the malice here of men,

That wish thee so to lie;

But now too late is every fate

To act as heretofore-

Thy other Chapter it is great,

And mark what's spoken there:

The eagle see, I now tell thee,

In every age hath been;

For Satan strong hath worked that way,

Where he men's hearts hath seen;

If any call from heaven did fall,

A warning from the Lord,

The eagle strong in man would come

To mock the every word.

But now at last the die is cast,

I'll pluck his feathers here;

For his deceit hath been too great,

In man he doth appear:

No truth or judgment is in man-

I ask when they judged right?

'Tis but believers that can stand

When all is brought to light.

I know the meek how he doth seek

Always for to destroy;

There is no peace men can possess

While Satan doth enjoy,

For to confound in every sound,

Men's tongues he fills with lies;

And so like him they do go on

With arts and with disguise,

For to show clear their feathers here,

In Satan they do shine.

But let them know the end is near:

For now I've told my mind;

The time's at hand, he cannot stand

To hurt the Earth much more;

But while he is supported by Man,

His feathers will appear

In them to shine now for a time,

His malice will be high

Where he can come and dwell in men;

But you may all defy,

If you stand out, not full of doubt,

But let your faith be strong,

His feathers I shall pluck them out;

For men with him do join,

Then them I'll pluck, till to the root

His clothes I'll take away,

So let the mockers now stand mute,

My judgments they will see

To hasten on, I tell them, strong;

For I'll deliver here

From all the violence of such men,

That do this way appear

Judgments shall come; and mercies strong

To those that her believe,

And see what rock she builds upon,

I will not one deceive.

Now mark the head how all was laid:

And will they say 'tis thine?

Then sure their wisdom must be dead,

And thou must all outshine,

To have thy dream near at the time,

And so to place the whole

To shew he'd cut the throat of thine,

And make thy children fall.

And then the last see how 'tis cast,

Thy Prophecies before:

Thy enemies they so would burst

By Satan's malice here;

But know the end by thee is penned,

He shall not now destroy;

I've said that I shall stand thy friend,

And will mankind enjoy;

That wish for me, my kingdom see,

They shall not wish in vain;

The Woman's Fall I've said I'll free-

I made her to be mine.

When at the last the whole is cast,

Then Satan he must fall:

The eagle's feathers now do burst,

But I shall pluck them all;

His claws appear, I tell thee here,

For he doth work in man,

And know I've told thee them I'll tear,

And off the whole shall come.

So now see plain, ye sons of men,

The way this did appear:

I ordered thee to blind thine eyes,

That all might see it clear,

Promiscuously came all from me,

'Twas I did guide thy hand.-

And now the Chapter let them see

Wherein thy eyes did stand;

Then surely men must see it plain,

The visions must appear;

And from the mockers I'll maintain

That the last times are here;

And gone from me they surely be,

My Spirit do not know;

They have no faith for to build up

That I shall come below

In Spirit strong to dwell with man,

My Bible do not see,

Though they pretend to build thereon,

But nothing know of me."

Here ends Wednesday night, Jan. 30.

Thursday Morning.

I am compelled to write the dream that I shuddered to mention. On the Tuesday night, the 29th, I dreamt a man had cut my throat, and put me in an elegant coffin, and carried me to the butchers to bury me; but as I was not quite dead, I thought some of my friends put me into a bed, and I began to recover very fast, and said I should not die, but live. This is the dream that is alluded to in the communication, from the Chapter where I found Garrett's book. Last night I dreamt two men were going to throw me down a precipice, which made me cry out aloud in my sleep, and Townley waked me. After that, in the morning, I had a beautiful dream of seeing horses in the air, and I thought many saw them as well as me.

I was this morning ordered to open my Bible, which was in 1 Maccabees vi. the latter part of ver. 8-"He laid him down upon his bed and fell sick for grief, because it had not befallen him as he looked for."

the answer of the lord.

"Now, Joanna, I shall answer thee. Thou judgest of this chapter as the former, there could be nothing to the purpose in it; but I now tell thee, no more than it happened to the king as he looked for, no more shall it happen to thy enemies as they look for; for I shall be a strong tower and wall of defence round about thee to destroy thy enemies. Now remember thy dream, and how thou wast waked out of it: and now I tell thee, as Townley awaked thee, when thou criedst aloud, and delivered thee from thy fears in thy sleep, and perceivedst all to be but a dream, so, I tell thee, the malice of men shall be no more than a dream unto thee: for as thou dreamedst afterwards the horses were placed in the air, like visions, and clouds before thee, so shall my Power and my Spirit defend thee. And now I shall call to thy remembrance the night thou calledst for the wine, that thou mightest drink deep in my Spirit, and be cleansed from all sin, and by the bread be strengthened by me; know, in the morning I called thee aloud, as Townley called thee to awake thee from dangers; and so shall my calling be unto thee; so fear not them that rise up against thee; for I am thy God, and will be with thee. And now go to the other chapter that he mentioned. 2 Samuel x. 5, from which he speaks thus-"And if this abominable tribe had staid quietly at Jericho, till their beards were grown, the world had never been thus filled with their horrid blasphemies."-Now, Joanna, I shall answer thee from the judgment thou hast drawn of thyself; but do not boast thou art wiser than others. It was I that placed that wisdom in thee, to shew it was the ingratitude, and the unbelief of the children of Ammon, that brought that disgrace upon the children of Israel. Now let them weigh deep what kindness David had in his heart to do unto Hanun the king of the children of Ammon. He thought to have showed kindness to the children of Ammon; but now mark their ungrateful return. David sent to comfort them by his servants, and the princes of the children of Ammon said unto Hanun their Lord, Thinkest thou that David doth honour thy father, that he hath sent comforters unto thee? Hath he not rather sent his servants for spies to search out the city and overthrow it? Here, through their unbelief, and wrong insinuation, they worked upon Hanun to entreat David with ingratitude, unkindness, and shame, and confound them for the goodness of their king. Now this hath been in all ages; through unbelief and wrong judgment the people of God have been put to shame and confusion as David's servants were; but mark what became in the end. The children of Ammon were destroyed for their ingratitude: and now, I tell thee, it is coming to the end, that unbelief and ingratitude shall meet with their just punishment, as the children of Ammon did; for now, like David, I have thought to do kindness to the sons of men, as David did to the children of Ammon; but if they go on with ingratitude, to shame my servants, whom I have so sent out to warn and invite them, as Hanun shamed the children of Israel, they shall be destroyed as the children of Ammon were. So let them all observe, that if the children of Israel were shamed at first, the children of Ammon were destroyed at last: and so now I warn all men, if my servants are shamed at first, who believe in the fulfilment of my Bible, that I am a God that will not lie, they shall be destroyed at last, that mock like the children of Ammon, to say they are spies sent out by the Devil. So here he hath shewed thee the very text that must bring the sermon, to shew how ingratitude, unbelief, and wrong judgment bring on men's destruction; and how ready they are when they have committed a fault, to add one crime unto another, till they have brought the shame and guilt upon their own heads, that they tried to bring on the innocent. Thus did the children of Ammon do, and thus are thy enemies doing: they are trying to shame thee with lies, and calling thy master a liar; but they shall find in the end thy master is the God of Truth, whose heart is now like David's to shew kindness to the sons of men; but they are like the children of Ammon wresting the Truth, despising my Goodness, and trying to stir up all they can against me, and putting my servants to shame; but they shall all find in the end, I will act like David, and turn my love to anger, to destroy the ungrateful sons of men, who judge they are wiser than their maker; that I made a promise in the beginning I never intend to fulfil: as the children of Ammon said by David, so have men said now by me. Therefore they are drawing their pens like swords against me, to stir up war against my people; but they shall find a David here, that will destroy them as David did; for now I tell thee, they are adding one sin upon another, first the sin of unbelief by mockery, to shame my people who believe me the God of Truth; and now they are stirring up war against them, as the children of Ammon did.

"So from their fall, I tell you all,

Destruction fast shall come;

And from that chapter now see all

What unto them did come,

That first did blame and then did shame

The children that were true,

Because that David sent them out

His kindness for to shew.

So now the same, behold my name,

Like David I have done;

And as you put my friends to shame

Your ruin shall come on.-

But I'll end here and say no more;

This chapter let them see,

The way the ending must appear,

The man hath mocked me.

Now to another Chapter go,

That I shall here explain,

And from Isaiah I shall shew

What mis-maze is in Man."

Another Chapter quoted by Garrett is Isaiah xxviii. 7-"But they also have erred through wine, and through strong drink are out of the way; the priest and the prophet have erred through strong drink, they are swallowed up of wine, they are out of the way through strong drink; they err in vision, they stumble in judgment." He further adds in his book: "I trust that the Lord has brought me through the Jordan of a spiritual judgment, and equipped me with the sword of his Spirit, and put an irreconcilable enmity between me and all such awful superstition; my soul, through rich grace shall pay away; yea mine eye shall not spare, till I have exposed to just contempt this abomination of desolation, and as a watchman upon the walls of Zion, I have given a faithful warning to all seeking souls."

"Now I shall answer thee from his words, where he professes 'to give a faithful warning to all seeking souls.' He professes himself a priest and a prophet; but he shall know he is the priest, and prophet mentioned in his text: he hath erred in the sense of visions, in the meaning of visions, and stumbled in the judgment he hath drawn of me; for I have neither called him, neither have I warned him to be as a watchman, unless he would warn my people, to turn them from the evil of their ways, and warn them of the visitation of the Lord; but this visitation he hath denied, this visitation he hath mocked and despised; yet he hath set himself up as a priest and a prophet; then let him tremble at the following words, verse 14 of his own chapter-"Wherefore hear the word of the Lord, ye scornful men, that rule this people which is in Jerusalem. Because ye have said, ye have made a covenant with death"-as though as dangers could not come unto you; but ye are promising life to those that trust in your lightness and in your lies; but he shall know I have laid in Zion for a foundation a Stone, a tried Stone, a precious Corner Stone, a sure Foundation, he that believeth shall not make haste.

"Now I shall answer thee from this chapter. The priests have made themselves the prophets, which thou knowest from the letters of others, as well as from his book; for no man can say he knoweth my mind or will, what I intend to do upon the earth, without he is visited by the Spirit of Prophecy from me; yet the priests profess to be prophets, that they know my will and understand my Bible, while they are mocking the true Spirit of Prophecy that I have given. Now let them answer what is meant by the tried stone, the corner stone, and the sure foundation in thy heart. Thou answerest, that foundation is CHRIST. True is thy judgment; but let it be known unto all men, that foundation was laid in the Fall, and that foundation cannot be accomplished till the Promise is fulfilled. It was a tried stone to the Jews, when I came in the body; and it was a tried stone to the Gentiles; and a precious corner stone, a sure foundation for man's redemption, unless they make agreement with hell, to withstand the Promise that was made, that Satan's head may not be bruised; but what will they do when judgment is laid to the line, and righteousness to the plummet? The line was laid in the beginning, for Satan's head to be bruised, his power destroyed, and the kingdoms of the earth to become the kingdoms of the living God. This is the line through my Bible; but if men make lies their refuge to deny all these promises, and agree with the falsehood of Satan, to cover themselves with him, they will find, when the overflowing scourge passes through, they will be trodden down by it; therefore let them tremble at verse 22-"Be ye not mockers, lest your bands be made strong." And let them answer who is the true prophet, from the following lines: "I have heard from the Lord God of Hosts a consumption, even determined upon the whole earth." Now this prophecy is known to thee, that I have declared unto thee; for thy prophecies go to the ends of the earth, that I have begun and will go on, till I have brought all men to know the Lord: but Garrett says, he knows what God is; then he must know all my decrees, and know more than the angels in heaven: for the angels know not the Lord to perfection, nor what he will do, to make all his ways perfect before men and devils, saints and angels. Then how can a man boast he knows from the Bible what God is? For I tell him, he knows not what man is; neither does he know the deceitfulness of his own heart; though he pretends to write as a priest and a prophet: and let him know, from the chapter he mentioned, he must profess to be a prophet, that hath heard all my decrees, and determination upon the earth, or he must allow himself to be the false prophet, the false priest, that hath erred in the visions he hath seen, and stumbled in the judgment he hath drawn. Let him weigh his chapter deep, and let all men weigh it deep; for I tell thee that chapter stands for the end. And now mark the following, chap. xxix. 9-"Stay yourselves and wonder; cry ye out, and cry: they are drunken, but not with wine; they stagger, but not with strong drink." And the vision of all is become unto you as the words of a book that is sealed. And so I tell thee are the prophecies and the visions unto them that are hardened through unbelief.

"For now to all I thus do call,

The chapter that is here

Foretells mankind their fatal fall,

Where unbelief appears.

The chapter he points out to thee,

False prophets there are come,

And the false priests let them see,

What is the end of them;

But from the true they all must know,

That my decrees do hear,

I never shall give up the blow

Till I have ended here.

So earth and hell they now may swell,

And let their lies go on,

But from the chapter let them see

What fatal end must come;

For line on line, behold the time,

What prophecies are penned,

And from the precept let them see

The way that all must bend.

For backward here do men appear,

And backward they go on;

Back to the Jews, hear ye the news,

For backward so they're come.

So backward all will see their fall,

That stand in unbelief:

The tried stone, I tell you all,

Must end your every grief

That do believe I'll not deceive,

The sure foundation's here;

I am the first, I am the last,

I'll make my Bible clear;

My wondrous counsel all shall see,

My working shall come round,

Till I've destroyed the enemy,

And man shall now be crowned

With peace on earth, the Scripture saith,

That in me do believe,

I am a God that's just and true,

And will not man deceive.

But unbelief will bring on grief

To those that mock my word:

The vision's like a sealed book

To those that know not God.

Therefore with wonder they may cry,

What false prophets are here,

That gave my Bible so the lie,

What priests do appear?

I said before I'll make it clear

The ending so would come;

But one good Shepherd men would hear-

Now mark the words in John."

See John, chapter x. 11-"I am the good Shepherd: The good Shepherd gave his life for the sheep." Verse 12-"But he that is an hireling, and not the Shepherd, whose own the sheep are not, seeth the wolf coming, and leaveth the sheep, and fleeth: and the wolf catcheth them, and scattereth the sheep."

the answer of the lord.

"Now I tell thee, this chapter alludes to my coming in the Spirit, when I come to call my sheep and they shall know my voice; but what other Shepherd did I say, as man, they should depend upon when I compared them to hirelings? And he is a hireling, that denieth the visitation of my Spirit. Now come to the chapter he told thee of in Ezekiel: chapter xiii. 7, 8-"Have ye not seen a vain vision, have ye not spoken a lying divination, whereas ye say, The Lord saith it; albeit, I have not spoken?" Now let them mark verse 3-"Thus saith the Lord God: Woe unto the foolish prophets, that follow their own spirit, and have seen nothing!" Now the chapter he mentions to thee, as being brought against thee, is entirely against himself; for he set himself up as a prophet, following his own spirit and having seen nothing. Then let it be known unto all men, the word of the Lord came unto the prophet Ezekiel, to prophesy against these prophets that prophesied out of their own hearts: and out of their own hearts have all the priests prophesied that prophesy against thee; and they are seducing my people with lies, saying, peace, and there is no peace: they are building up walls, and daubing them with untempered mortar. Now let them see that chapter deep, what destruction these prophets must bring upon mankind, that prophesy out of their own hearts, who are like the foxes in the desert; and like the foxes they are destroying my sheep, crying peace: but I ask them what peace? Now let them mark verse 22-"Because with lies ye have made the heart of the righteous sad, whom I have not made sad; and strengthened the hands of the wicked, that he should not turn from his wicked way." Now I shall answer thee from this chapter: Let the prophets fear and tremble, that prophesy out of their own hearts, and have seen nothing, to deceive my people with their lightness and their lies. Now see how much this is in the hearts of the ministers. I have threatened with judgments, and judgments have come: I have threatened with scarcity and dearth, and the land hath felt it; I have threatened to punish with the war and the sword, and it is still over your land. Yet seeing all these things before them, they are prophesying peace to my people, telling them 'tis a vain vision, and a lying divination, all they have seen and heard; for they are telling the people, from their own hearts, they are the prophets to whom you are to trust: but how fatal will be their end, when they see all the judgments pronounced in that chapter fall upon their own heads, for prophesying out of their own hearts? This was the destruction of the Jews; they prophesied out of their own hearts against the true prophets that I had sent unto them, and so they deceived the people by promising them peace, that nothing should happen to them, when I had threatened to destroy them. Now as I have told thee, in all ages of the world men have been alike, and that likeness will continue, as long as Satan's power reigns; and perfectly as the false prophets are mentioned in that chapter, that they were then, perfectly so they are now; but I now tell thee, their end will be more fatal; because they have my Bible to see what unbelief brought upon man, and how much it is mentioned of the false prophets, prophesying against the true ones. Therefore this last presumption will be more fatal to man than all the former; for where is the man can now come before thee, and say thou hast prophesied lies in my Name? Have not all things been foretold, from 1792 to this day, that have already taken place? And now mark how many men thou hast heard affirm they were called of God to preach the Gospel, whose sinful lives have made thee tremble: as thou hast often said, to do the Devil's drudgery in Christ's livery: and now I tell thee, your land is full of these preachers. Therefore he pointed to thee the very chapter that sheweth his likeness, and the likeness of others. Know, the true prophet was but one, the false prophets were many; and many false prophets are gone out in your land, saying, the Lord sent them to preach the Gospel, when I have never sent them nor commanded them; but out of their own hearts are they gone, and building up walls, daubing them with untempered mortar, that is not tempered with my true word, nor with the Gospel; for know it is written, the good Shepherd must appear, before the redemption of man takes place, or the fulfilment of the Bible is accomplished; but how is the good Shepherd to appear; or how is the Lord to be revealed; or how is the wicked one to be revealed? Will they say, by those prophets or priests that are gone out into the world, and saying, Lo, here is Christ revealed to me; I am sent out to preach the Gospel, by the sword of his Spirit: and another crying out the same, I am sent out by his Spirit to preach the Gospel a different way; For this is known unto thee and to all men, it has been affirmed by the different preachers, that thou hast heard preaching one against the other, and yet both say they are called of God; then what untempered mortar is their preaching my word, to say they are called of me to preach my word when they cannot join together?-

"So now see all, the wall must fall

That's so built up by man:

Untempered mortar is their call,

The prophets false are gone;

Throughout your land they now do stand,

Affirm they are sent by me;

But from their doctrine thou dost know

They no ways can agree;

Then surely here they must appear

False prophets in your land;

Untempered mortar, all see clear,

Together cannot stand.

They mock the warning of the Lord,

They wrest my every word,

And what is left upon record

Hath ne'er to them occurred,

That they are come the prophets wrong,

To say they are sent by me;

Untempered mortar doth go on,

As they do disagree.

So now see clear my Bible here

The way that it doth stand;

Untempered mortar doth appear,

False prophets they are come,

To tell mankind that they are sent

To preach the word for me,

And on their words you must depend

If saved you will be;

To trust to man is all their plan;

But how will they appear,

When the good Shepherd he doth come

And asks them when and where

That I did call, as things do fall

So different from my word?

To say that they are prophets all,

That way they mock their Lord;

Yet they contend that 'tis from men

You everything must know;

They mock the judgments I have sent,

But can they stop the blow?

I tell thee, No; it is not so;

They have not stopped the past,

And fast they'll see the scourge to go,

They'll never stop the last,

But bring it on, proud ignorant men

That say, they know the Lord!

And with their Maker do contend,

As I before have said.

So now comes on that chapter strong-

Let men the chapter see,

Then they must know the prophets wrong

The priests so must be;

And down they'll fall, I tell thee, all

When it goes through the land:

The overflowing scourge is near,

I ask them how they'll stand?

When all begin to tumble down

Their mortar will not do:

The sheep they murder with their sound;

Like foxes, all shall know,

They do appear to mock men here,

To say, they are called by heaven;

Then all these things they'd known before,

And warning would have given.-

But I'll end here and say no more;

The chapter let them see.

Another chapter must appear,

That he did name of thee,

Or of himself; his pride did swell

Like Satan's at the first;

But down, I tell him, he will fall

And on the floor be cast."

See Ezekiel xii. 28 (quoted by Garrett)-"Thus saith the Lord; there shall none of my words be prolonged any more." Now mark his words: But he says, "This wretch and all her fraternity pretend to have power to fix a time, and then to prolong it at their pleasure! Poor devil's fun! They might have escaped many sneers, if they had only fixed the time of the fulfilment of their prophecies a hundred years to come."

"Now I shall answer his words. Had the art and deceit been in thee, to pretend thyself a prophet when thou wast none, thy art and deceit would have been like his, to have fixed to a time that no one could tell whether it was true or false, to mock thee till thou wast no more. This is the art of Satan, and this is the art of a man that is lifted up by him; but let all men know, it was never the art of thee, thou dealest faithfully with God and man: for I told thee all was at hand, and that all was at hand thou toldest the public. So if it had not come on the devil could have had no fun with thee, if he had come in my name to prophesy; for Satan does not know with what I mean to visit the nations, nor what I intend to do upon the earth. So had thy visitation been from the devil, to cast thee up high by his prophecies, he would soon have brought thee down to the floor again, as the fall of Garrett will be. And know what I told thee by the man's prayer, that mocked Carpenter's praying to the Lord, as he called me the devil, so Garrett hath mocked the Spirit that leads thee and called me the devil; but every soul that mocks thee shall know thy Prophecies come from the God of Truth; whether they live to see the fulfilment or not, Satan will be ready to tell them, after he hath cast them up on high by swelling their pride, that he hath brought them down to the pit with him, by working in their hearts to persecute the Spirit of the Lord, and doing despite where I have sent it: for let it be known, from my Gospel, he that offendeth these to whom my Spirit is sent offendeth me; but these offences must come to fulfil my Gospel. And now I shall come to the purport of his chapter: and know I have told thee, he handles the word of God deceitfully, to blind the eyes of the ignorant, and to deceive the simple. Can a man dare to preach my Gospel, and say he is furnished with rich grace, that doth not understand what he reads? Will he dare to say none of my words are prolonged? Then the Bible must be fulfilled when John wrote the Revelation for know what is written in the last chapter-And he saith unto me, seal not the sayings of the prophecy of this book, for the time is at hand. Then if it was not prolonged, that time that was at hand must be immediately, and the Spirit and the Bride must then appear to bring the final end to all; but how are men taking from the Scriptures! How are they adding to the Scriptures to bring on their own destruction, and take their names out of the Book of Life, that they may have no share nor lot in the matter! Now write verse 22 of the chapter he mentioned, what the Lord said unto the prophet-"Son of man, what is that proverb that ye have in the land of Israel, saying, The days are prolonged, and every vision faileth? Tell them therefore, thus saith the Lord God; I will make this proverb to cease." Now I tell thee, like the present age so was the past, because judgments are not speedily executed the hearts of the sons of men are set to do evil. But shall I be a God to destroy and devour at once? Then to what use is my sending prophets to warn them and threaten them, if I go out immediately to destroy them, without giving time to try them, whether they will hear or whether they will forbear, whether they will repent, or whether they will be hardened? It is to try them that I warn before I strike; and this warning had come to the prophet. Now mark what I ordered him to do, in verses 5, 6-"Dig thou through the wall in their sight, and carry out thereby. In their sight shalt thou bear it upon thy shoulders, and carry it forth in the twilight: thou shalt cover thy face, that thou see not the ground: for I have set thee for a sign unto the house of Israel." Verse 11-"Say, I am your Sign: like as I have done, so shall it be done unto them: they shall remove and go into captivity." Verse 15-"And they shall know that I am the Lord, when I shall scatter them among the nations." These were the prophecies given to the prophet, telling what judgments should befall them for their disobedience and rebellion; and he was a vision as a sign unto them; but seeing these judgments not immediately executed, nor these dangers come upon them, they began to mock the prophet, as they now are mocking thee, that the fatal judgments, mentioned to the unbelievers and the mockers, that shall come upon them, are not fulfilled; and the proverb is now in your land, as it was with the rebellious house of Israel, the days are prolonged, and the fatal judgments are not come. Thus they provoked me to anger in the days of old, and mocked my warning, because I gave them space to repent, and they repented not, but hardened their hearts the more; therefore I said, my word should no more be prolonged, because they had provoked me to anger, to bring on their destruction; for they had hardened their hearts through unbelief. And now I tell thee, it is the same: these very men that profess they are as prophets called of me, to go out with the sword of my Spirit, they have drawn the sword against me, to prophesy out of their own hearts against the prophet whom I have called; they have set up their own wisdom and their own invention against my Spirit; and now they are ready to say, like the Jews of old, where are the threatenings fulfilled? Are they not prolonged? Mocking the visitation as not being from the Lord. Here is the perfect likeness of Jews and Gentiles; and now they may fear the perfect likeness of the fulfilment! And know how they have mocked thee of the Mis-maze, and thought no more of it as being a type to the nation, of what Mis-maze and confusion they will be in, when I bring upon the land all the judgments I have threatened, than the rebellious house of Israel thought the type of Ezekiel's digging down the wall and carrying out the rubbish was a type unto them, how they should be carried into captivity. Now let these ignorant men, that mock the Types and Shadows, I worked in thy heart to do, answer me, why I should order the prophet to dig through the wall, and carry it out in their sight, as a sign unto them? Could I not have carried them into captivity, without setting that sign by the prophet? And was I now to set the like sign, would it not be as much mocked as it was by the Jews? I tell thee, Yes; and much more; then how can he dare to say, that the free, sovereign and unmerited and unsought-for Grace of God in his soul, compared with that all sufficient fund of divine knowledge contained in the Bible, is sufficient to inform him what God is? Now the very chapters that he hath mentioned must come as a swift witness against him; for how can he mock my speaking to thee, when thou wast cutting of paper and making a Mis-maze, and see in the chapter he pointed out, from the 3rd to the 16th verse, what I commanded the prophet to do, how I conversed with him to set signs for the children of Israel? Then what knowledge can he have of his God? Or what knowledge hath he of my word? But I now tell thee, as the prophet was set for a sign before them, by doing the things that I commanded him, so the Mis-maze that I worked in thy heart to cut, shall be an awful sign of what Mis-maze shall come upon men that mock the visitation of the Lord, despise my invitation, and laugh at my threatenings; but those whose eyes are like the diamonds, that begin to see the Pearl of great Price, and dig deep through faith to find it (that meaneth going on in their faith nothing wavering), they will find it a Mis-maze of joy that never entered into the heart of man, but hath been locked up in the bosom of the Father, concealed from men and angels, till the time of its fulfilment. This is a Mis-maze unto all men-

Therefore I worked in thee

That simple thing for to begin,

That all mankind might see

My wondrous working unto man

A Mis-maze doth appear;

There's no one doth discern my plan,

Although my Bible's clear,

To shew at last I so shall burst,

When I have all went through.

I shewed the prophets at the first,

What shadows they should do

To shew to man how I should come-

Ezekiel's shadows see,

The way I bid him to go on-

And now I'll answer thee:

Dig through the wall, I tell you all,

The wall stood then for man,

And from the rubbish now I call

To carry out to them,

When he digged through I told him so,

That carried out should be,

And he the sign, call all to mind,

How they their end should see.

So from the sign let all discern

The substance did appear,

And will you say you know your God,

And mock the signs are here?

The sign to Israel was foretold,

Which they all mocked at first,

Until their hearts with fear grew cold,

To see the sign to burst;

But through the wall, I tell you all,

It never ended there,

Until I came in love to man,

To have the wall appear.

But now within thou dost begin

To ask, how this can be,

That I could come a wall to them,

That they dug through to see?

A mystery here, thou canst not clear

Thy pondering thoughts within,

To ask how I can make it clear?

To reason I'll begin:

I was the wall, I say, for all,

Whereby the end must stand;

But when unto the Jews I called,

Thou'lt say 'twas my command

To bid the prophet to dig through,

And so I told them all;

For if their prophets they had known,

They'd seen from whence their call;

That I was come a wall to man;

But they would not believe,

And this before to me was known,

The wall did them deceive.-

But here thy pondering thoughts I see;

I have not made it clear

The way that I the wall can be,

My prophet dug through there,

That as a type and shadow stood,

I tell thee, of the end.

The wall was me; the substance see;

But now mark how't did bend:

Thou knowest the Jews believed in me,

A Root that should appear;

A branch of David they should see,

To bring their kingdom here;

That is, I Israel should restore,

They'd see a conquering king

That unto them there must appear,

And honour great to bring.

This they believed there would appear,

A great deliverer come;

And all my Bible shews them clear,

This end must come to them.

But when I came, it must be known,

No grandeur they did see;

But like a wall prepared to fall,

And so they digged through me,

Until my death they had brought forth:

They see the wall was gone;

And they like rubbish were cast out-

Their hearts to me were known.

Now from the wall, I tell you all,

Though 'tis a mark to man,

But from the building, see, to all

By what it there does stand:

From brick or straw, you all must know,

Or stone, it must be laid;

And 'tis by man the wall must stand-

By shadows I have said:

To build it first by man is placed;

But this thou dost not see,

There is no way it can be cast,

If that the wall is me.

Then how can man the builder come,

To build upon his God?

This thing in man it may be done-

But mark what here is said:

Man was the builder of the wall,

A shadow placed of me;

But yet the substance known to all,

Look deep and you may see,

The wall by man first placed his plan,

I tell you, in the Fall;

That is the way, to all I say,

That I became the wall;

As on me first the blame was cast,

And so the blame went on;

Yet they expected at the last

Their ransom it would come;

That their redemption they should see,

According to my word,

Forget the other prophecy,

That I must shed my blood.

And first to fall, I tell them all-

Then now the wall you see;

The prophet digged there the hole,

To shew my death must be,

I tell them first, ere I do burst

To be a wall for man,

And make the Serpent lick the dust,

And have no power to come

Within the wall, I tell you all,

When I have made an end;

But as he carried them through all,

A mystery deep to man,

What he digged out, can you now doubt,

To carry in their sight,

A mystery no man can find out,

Till I bring all to light?

My blood was shed, be not misled,

That I then gave for all;

But as the Jews were so misled,

They perished when I fell;

That is, my death was then brought forth,

But they'd not trust in me,

And so, I say, they were dispersed-

The last error, now see

Did then appear worse than before,

But now the wall you see,

My open side must so appear

Just like the hole to be,

That he digged through, they all shall know,

That Type stands deep for Man,

But now the Gentiles, like the Jews,

Must to destruction come,

If they maintain that now again-

"We'll dig the wall once more."

Then I do tell them in the end

Their ruin must appear:

For on the Jews the stone did fall,

That they digged out at first;

But if you now dig down the wall,

Upon your heads it must burst.

So now in me your building see,

And let your faith be good;

Or else your ruin you will see;-

Like rubbish I allude

The faith of man, where it is wrong,

And wrong the Jews' was placed;

But to the Gentiles now I'll come,

To shew the end at last.

So I'll end here and say no more,

But let the Gentiles see

What from the Jews they have to fear-

And know the wall is me;

A type to Man the wall doth stand,

As I have said at first;

And by the unbelief of Man

The Jews were surely cast."

Another quotation from Garrett-All visions and prophecy necessary to instruct the people of God are sealed up in Christ. Daniel xi. 24. Now put down verse 23-"After the league made with him he shall work deceitfully: for he shall come up, and shall become strong with a small people." Verse 24-"He shall enter peaceably even upon the fattest places."

"Now thou hast read the chapter through, quoted in his book, and judged it impossible that any man could be so void of reason, to allude that vile person, which is mentioned in the chapter, and comes forward in the text, which is verse 24, that he hath mentioned, alluding to Christ; thus thinking it impossible that any man could be so blind, or full of blasphemy, made thee turn to Chap. ix, judging the I might be placed wrong by the printer; and in verse 24 thou hast found the prophecies of Christ mentioned, which thou judgest is what he meant. Now I tell thee, as great as the mistake was made of the chapter, so great is his mistake to judge thou art led by any spirit, but the Spirit of the living God. By his mistake he hath placed the Spirit of Christ, in the fulfilment of his mission, to be the vile person, as he quoted the xi Chapter instead of the ix, perfectly so is his mistake; for should it stand for the chapter mentioned, as he hath put in his book, he must make me the vile and deceitful person. And now I tell thee, this he hath made me throughout his book concerning thee; for there is not a greater mistake of the chapter than there is of the judgment he hath drawn of thee, and of the Spirit that directs thee. Now come to his words: he saith "a woman who beyond all doubt is one of the vilest impostors that ever tainted with infectious breath the wholesome air: But I have not sent them saith the Lord; yet they prophesy a lie in my name;" therefore he adds, "Joanna is a false prophet," in page 9 of his book. In page 5 he saith, "she saith the Lord talks to her, and she remembers it all; but the being that she calls the Lord, any man that knows the truth would call a liar; for Jehovah is a God of truth; but this being that talks to Joanna persuades her that she is without sin." These are the words spoken by Garrett; and from the last observation I shall answer for myself. If he hath not made a mistake in the word, as he did in the chapter, to say one thing and mean another; as I cannot suppose any man so void of reason, to quote Daniel xi. 24, to allude to Christ, therefore I judge he hath made a mistake, mentioning the xi and meaning the ix; so he must have made the same mistake by me; meant that I was a sinner, instead of saying I was without sin; as it is said in my writings, when I was pleading my own unworthiness to be called to so great a calling, I was answered by the Spirit that leads me-

"I know thy life what it hath been,

Like Adam's seed tainted with sin;

But bring me now the man that's free,

I say, from sin, I'll answer thee."

But this I knew was impossible to plead for any man. Now if he hath not made a mistake, he must be an abominable liar; as I can prove him in many places, where he hath mentioned me, that he is a wilful liar, as though he came from his father the devil; for he hath affirmed many things in his book, saying I said them, that never once entered into my thoughts; nay he hath boldly and erroneously asserted to the world the following words: "this also (the similitude of the barren woman), Joanna applies to herself literally, and declares that Jesus Christ is to leave his throne in heaven, and to be carnally married to her." Now I must appeal to any man's conscience, what they can think of a man, that can so boldly and publicly sign his name to such an abominable lie? When in all my writings it is so clearly explained of the Marriage of the Lamb, as to the shadow with one and the substance to all, means the heart entirely given up to Christ, for God to be all in all. Therefore a man that can so erroneously turn the truth into a lie, what a preacher must he be, but the false prophet and false priest that are mentioned in the chapters he quoted? And how abominable are his falsehoods, to say I am an impostor? Doth he judge me another such as himself? Or doth he know what an impostor is! An impostor is a liar and a deceiver; but I can call heaven and earth to witness that I have not acted deceitfully towards God or man in my prophecies. I judge of the Spirit by the truth: and the truth hath followed my prophecies from 1792 to this day; and I faithfully put the letters in the hands of the ministers, foretelling the events of years before they took place. Had they not come true the ministers would have detected me; then how dare a man presumptuously to say the spirit that leads me is a liar? The book of my Trial will clear my innocence of my upright dealing towards man. Another abominable lie that he hath put in print in page 4 of his book, he says, "when the Lord first began to reveal himself to her, as she calls it, she informs us she was troubled with wandering thoughts, consequently she cut a number of pieces of paper into the shape of diamonds, and doubled them up." Here is a most erroneous lie; for such a thought never entered in my head. When the Lord first visited me in 1792, tears and prayers were then my private companions, fearing I might be led by a wrong spirit, as everything appeared unlikely, that was revealed unto me at that time, to take place, as all seemed flourishing in our land; and I saw the truth of my Prophecies hasten on from 1793 to 1800, before I published them to the world, that I might not impose upon any one, to publish prophecies, till I was clear from the truth that had followed, they came from the God of truth: and that I believe these false prophets, that prophesy out of their own hearts, and out of their own spirits, nothing but deceit they will find to their sorrow, while believers that are longing for the coming of their Lord will find it true to their everlasting joy. As to my cutting of paper it never entered my head till 1804, that I was ordered to throw down my pen.

the answer of the lord.

"Now, Joanna, say no further,

I for thee shall answer here:

Wrong as he hath named the chapter

Full as wrong his judgments are,

To say that Satan leads thee on,

Or any Spirit vile;

For to the chapter I shall come,

And show how he is foiled:

Whatever chapter in his head

He had before his view,

'Tis from the chapter I shall plead,

And all shall find it true.

To name me there I must appear

A vile person to be,

And perfect so he hath named me here,

The judgment drawn of thee:

He saith the spirit leads thee on

A liar must appear;

He'll find his judgment to be wrong,

And full as much to err

As in the chapter he hath named-

Let his mistake appear;

For I shall put him sure to shame,

And shew how men do err.

As he began I say of men,

They place the Spirit wrong,

As from the chapter this is seen,

I now to man shall come;

For all the same, I say, my name

They've surely placed it wrong;

And blasphemy in Man I see,

Against me now they're come;

And their mistake they'll find it great,

As in the chapter penned.

I told thee, men were but deceit,

But I shall stand thy friend;

They all shall see thou writ'st from me;

Thy heart and soul I know,

And unto heaven thou may'st appeal;

For I well know 'tis true,

Thy written hand would never stand

In print for to appear,

If I had not commanded thee,

And made the truth so clear,

That it was I who dwell on high

Direct thy every hand;

But know the words that I did say,

Satan would come in Man,

And so he's come, I tell thee, strong-

And now the chapter see:

Vile as the Man is mentioned there,

So vile is the heart of he;

Against his Lord he'th drawn his sword,

And artfully goes on,

Thinking for to destroy my word,

But his mistake will come.

I tell you plain, you sons of men,

Like him you all mistake

And for the Serpent do contend,

Though you discern it not.

Had he discerned how he did warn,

To name the chapter there,

He would have righted that mistake

It might not so appear;

So many men to me are seen,

If they the right did know,

Then their mistakes would not go on

Such madness for to shew.

The chapter through I bid thee read,

That thou may'st see more plain

How in it there he was misled,

Though he did never mean

The thing to do, I well do know,

And thousands are the same;

'Tis by mistake men do go on,

And do not know my Name.

But now the chapter I shall name,

To whom thou dost allude

Must be the chapter he did mean,

As wrong the I then stood

The other side, be not misled,

Would brought it to the nine;

And now, I say, 'tis so by me-

Thy writings are divine:

From his mistake see how't did break

The vile person appear;

But turn the I the other way,

The nine must now appear;

Wherein you see the words of me,

What he don't understand,

The way I'll make an end of sin,

And finish all for Man.

But in my bosom 'twas sealed up

What in the end I'll do;

Then let men's wisdom now to drop;

Can they pretend to shew

The mind of me? It can never be,

I tell thee, done by Man.

Wrong as the chapter he did place,

So wrong his judgment came;

Out of his mouth I'll him condemn,

As I have said before;

For if in me it was sealed up,

Can Man so bold appear,

For they to say another way,

This knowledge is in Man?

No; wrong as he did put the I

The judgment is of men,

To think my Bible they do know,

When 'tis sealed up in me.

His wisdom doth him overthrow-

Men's folly let them see.

Now mark the prayer that Daniel made,

Before the answer came,

How much he wished to know my mind

If Israel I'd redeem.

He for the people did intercede,

I tell thee, in his prayer;

But know the angel, it is said

The man that did appear,

Like Gabriel come, the vision place,

Was shewn unto his view;

The words were given for the end,

What I for them should do:

But of the number of the weeks,

No man can understand

When from the time I first begin,

In my great work to man,

To finish sin I must begin,

The vision doth appear

To tell them I shall make an end,

And righteousness bring here;

But how't could be no man could see,

'Tis all sealed up from man;

And this is here allowed by he;

Then can they boldly stand

To say they know how things will go

The way I'll end the whole?

Now to another chapter come,

And see how it will fall."

Romans xiv. 17, quoted by Garrett-"The kingdom of God is not meat and drink, but righteousness and peace." But I shall observe verse 11-"For it is written, As I live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God." This chapter I wish my readers to weigh deep; it is not reading of one verse you can draw your judgment from; you must weigh the chapter through. 1 Corinthians, iv. 20, quoted by Garrett-"The kingdom of God is not in word, but in power." Verse 15 remarked by me-"Though ye have ten thousand instructors in Christ, yet have ye not many fathers: for in Christ Jesus I have begotten you through the Gospel." Hebrews xii. 28, quoted by Garrett. But I must refer my readers from verse 25 to the end, then they will see the meaning of verse 28, as it is written in the 26th-"Whose voice then shook the earth: but now he hath promised, saying, Yet once more I shake not the earth only, but also heaven." Then nothing remaineth but the things that cannot be shaken to receive a kingdom which cannot be moved. Romans v. 21 quoted by Garrett.-"That as sin hath reigned unto death, even so might grace reign through righteousness unto eternal life by Jesus Christ our Lord." Here he adds, the subjects of this kingdom are principally now among the Gentiles, who under the Law were set forth by the similitude of a barren woman, Isaiah liv. 1. Now I must refer my readers from verse 13 to the end; as Garrett has made out this chapter fulfilled by the Gospel, when Christ called in the Gentiles: now it is said, in verse 13-"And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children." This is promised to the barren womb that never bore. Now as I once understood the chapter the same, that it was fulfilled in that manner, before it was explained to me, I will not condemn his judgment here; but when the enquiry was put to me, by the Spirit, to know if all the Gentiles were taught of the Lord, and when this great peace was to them, I was struck silent, as I considered amongst the Gentiles in past ages, as well as the present, sin had abounded with a high hand, and the Gospel wrested by the different opinions of mankind, which hath brought in many religions, and opinions; so that the past ages, as well as the present seem more to be taught of man, than of the Lord; and when I reflect on the persecution of the martyrs, and what they suffered in their days, and the persecution I have read of in other ages, I cannot see this great peace was ever yet established in any past ages; and I am certain it is far from being established in the present: for the preachers of the Gospel themselves seem at war in their spirits one against another, and every man's way seems clean in his own eyes: and Garrett himself hath condemned all religions but his own; and other religions have condemned his to come from the bottomless pit, for making God the author of every cruelty, to ordain one part of the world must go to hell, if they live ever such just and upright lives; on the other hand, there is a set of people, they say, are ordained to go to heaven, if they are as wicked as the devil can make them. Of this Garrett boasts: but I may say, my soul come not thou into their secrets! This convinceth me, the truth of the chapter is not yet fulfilled: but the mysteries I leave to the Lord, that were explained to me, some years past, and are in print.

the answer of the lord.

"Now, Joanna, I shall answer thee, as I said I should answer thee again when thou hadst seen the judgment that was drawn by man; and the judgment of Garrett is the judgment of thousands. I have told thee, the barren woman alluded to the Gentiles, as I came from the house and lineage of David to the Jews; but did my coming then bring the redemption to the Jews? Though many of the Jews were converted and became my Disciples, and went through much tribulation for my sake, and were put to death; and so were the Gentiles brought into the Gospel, that were a barren people before; for which reason the wisdom of men judged that chapter to be fulfilled, without discerning what is said in the chapter before: Isaiah liii. 11-"He shall see the travail of his soul and shall be satisfied." Now thou knowest what I have already told thee, the cruelty that my Disciples were put to death with did not satisfy me, nor did the suffering of the martyrs satisfy me, nor hath all the persecution that hath been satisfied me; but what will satisfy me I have already told thee, and now I tell thee again, is to see men in heart and mind longing for Satan's destruction, as the Jews clamoured for mine; and as eager to have Satan's head bruised as they were to bruise my heel: for this was the day of vengeance that I had in my heart, and this it was written by the prophet I should see and be satisfied; but how could I see it before it was revealed? And mark what is said in Daniel ix. 24-When I make an end of sin, and bring in everlasting righteousness, the visions should be fulfilled, that were to be sealed up till the time to anoint the Most High; then what is sealed by man, and from man, must be revealed by the Most High. Now by the Most High it is revealed to thee, that the Promise made in the Fall bringeth in the Redemption to Man. Now I shall place this chapter with the Revelation-"Be glad and rejoice, for the Marriage of the Lamb is come." But what have men to be glad of and rejoice in, if it allude to one person only? The happiness of one does not lessen the sorrows of another, unless it joins with another, as a mother in distress with the greatest poverty should have a large fortune left her to support her children, then they may be glad and rejoice together, as they are all benefited by it; just so is the Marriage of the Lamb; if it alluded to one Woman only, that it was revealed to, to claim the Promise, and the Lord would give it to her, and it rested upon her only, there was no room to be glad and rejoice, for the sake of one; but when it stands as I have told thee, the woman, that is the mother brought to distress by the Fall, and Christ the Mediator come to be her Redeemer, to free her children from all the sin and sorrow that they have suffered to this day from the Fall, and to bring in a kingdom of everlasting peace and happiness, and sin and sorrow to be done away; then they may be glad and rejoice, to see the woman's ransom come; then will her children be taught of the Lord, and great will be the peace of her children. But now let them mark the chapter: This peace doth not come in her days, but it is to her children that are believers, that this perfect peace shall be established, and which no man living can prove ever was established. Now thou hast been reading the judgment of men drawn from these chapters; but I now tell thee, their judgment is as wrong as the Jews' was of their prophets; they drew a wrong judgment first, and the learned now go on the same. The Gentiles being called by the Gospel appears to them to be the fulfilment of the chapter, as my saying it is finished, when I died on Calvary. Now mark the commentators there, and I shall answer thee again-Now thou hast looked and there is no judgment drawn from my dying words; and now I tell thee, they might as well have left all their judgment they have drawn; they have drawn their judgment as men, but with no more knowledge of what they have drawn, than thou canst gain knowledge from what they have drawn from my Death, and that is none; and now I tell thee thus it is in all the rest; for the fulfilment of the chapter can never be accomplished till the end. The calling of the Gentiles is meant in that chapter; but is the calling of a thing the fulfilment? I tell thee, no: no more than the dawn of the morning, or the break of day, or the rising sun, can be the ending of the day, to bring the setting sun; just so is that chapter to the Gentiles; they had the dawn of day from the Gospel, and the Sun of Righteousness arising to shine unto them, as the sun riseth to shine in the firmament. Yet still they went on, to suffer persecution, to be tossed with tempests, and not comforted to that full and perfect peace that is said in the chapter, for all her children to be taught of the Lord, to be established in righteousness, to be kept from oppression, to fear no terrors, and have great peace, and no weapon to be formed against them to prosper. Where is the man by learning can prove this hath been the happy state of the Gentiles, or the happy state of any Church? And when will they prove, that all the Gentiles were taught of the Lord, when they tell you, you must be taught of men, for the Lord hath left teaching his people ever since the prophets ceased? Then where is my Gospel fulfilled, of the Revelation of my Spirit? Now mark these commentators, who place that chapter to the Gentiles being established in that peace and happiness that are there described; and from the Revelation tell you, the Dragon, the grand adversary of mankind, hath in all ages opposed the Gospel among men; then where is that happiness established that is here mentioned? I tell thee, No; they have seen but the shadow of the chapter, the substance is not fulfilled. Now mark Isaiah liv. 9-"For this is as the waters of Noah unto me: for as I have sworn that the waters of Noah shall no more go over the earth; so have I sworn that I would not be wroth with thee, nor rebuke thee, neither shall the covenant of my peace be removed, saith the Lord, that hath mercy on thee." Now if this chapter was fulfilled to the Gentiles, all their iniquities must be done away, and all their sins must be pardoned, and their peace must flow as a river. Now mark deep this chapter, Isaiah liv; see the shadows; see the substance that is spoken in that chapter. Now let men mark deeply what hath followed the Gentiles, what hath followed the Christians, that believed in the Gospel; then they must see they have been afflicted, tossed with tempests, and not comforted; their sorrows have been great by the martyrs, great was the persecution to my disciples, and great hath been the persecution against Christians to this day; then when will they prove their stones were laid with fair colours, they were established in righteousness far from oppression, and that no terrors could come near them? This, O vain men, was never fulfilled to the Gentiles, nor in any age of the world; yet it stands on record to be fulfilled: for as the bow was set in the cloud for a sign to Noah and all posterity, the water should no more destroy the earth, so this chapter stands for man, that a time of redemption shall come, for man to be redeemed from all these sorrows that ages have gone through. Now place my Bible together and see in what chain the whole hangeth: now mark these words in Isaiah liv.-"And thy Redeemer the Holy One of Israel; The God of the whole earth shall he be called-With everlasting kindness will I have mercy on thee, saith the Lord thy Redeemer-And all thy children shall he taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children." Now come to the Gospel of St. John viii. 47-"He that is of God heareth God's words: ye therefore hear them not, because ye are not of God." Chapter vi. 39-"This is the Father's will which hath sent me, that of all which he hath given me I should lose nothing, but should raise it up again at the last day." Chapter xiv. 26-"But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my Name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance." 1 Peter v. 4-"When the chief Shepherd shall appear, ye shall receive a crown of glory that fadeth not away." Revelation xxii. 2-"The tree of life, which beareth twelve manner of fruits, and yieldeth her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations. And there shall be no more curse." Verse 12-"Behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his works shall be. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, the first and the last. Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life-The Spirit and the Bride say, Come. Let him that heareth say, Come.-Surely I come quickly." Now let men compare these Scriptures with the words of Isaiah-"All her children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of her children." Now I have shewed you from the Bible, how this chain hangs together, from the Law and the Gospel, to be fulfilled. Now mark the words-"Blessed are they that do his commandments." But without the revelation of the Spirit, how shall ye know my commandments? To what purpose did I tell my disciples that the Holy Ghost the Comforter should come, to bring all things to their remembrance, if I did not intend to send it? O vain and simple men, that profess to preach my Gospel, and do not understand it; and when I reveal it, ye will not believe it. Was I not in the Body with my Disciples? And did I not draw them to obey my commands? And did I not after my ascension send the Holy Ghost unto them, to strengthen and direct them? And did I not promise to raise it up again in the last day, that ye might have everlasting life? Now what do men understand from these words? Did I not promise my Disciples that I went to prepare a place for them, that where I was they should be also? Then know they are sealed with me in glory: but the meaning of my words are, I should raise up men in the last days by the visitation of my Spirit, and the power of the Holy Ghost, to obey my commands, as the Disciples did. Now by whom were the Disciples taught? Were they taught of God or of man? Had they been taught of man they would follow the doctrine of the Jews, and never went on to bring in my Gospel; but they heard the word not as from man, but from God, and went through all opposition and all persecutions, to establish my Gospel; and now to fulfil my Gospel, and bring in my kingdom of peace, men must be enlightened and drawn by my Spirit to be workers with me, as my Disciples were; then cometh the end. I was the first, and I am the last: I was the first in the prophecy at the beginning, and I must be the last to fulfil that prophecy in the ending; I gave my life for men's salvation, that in the end I might accomplish their redemption; that they might have their part in the tree of life, that obey my commands; but what commands can men obey, before my command is given by the Spirit, as it is written? Now I shall come to the purpose with all men: ye say the Spirit and the Bride alludes to the church; I ask you what church? Will you answer the established church of England? Then I ask you, why you dissent from it? If you place it to another church, why do you not all follow it? O, ye blind leaders of the blind! Know the Spirit and the Bride must testify of the end. Mark the chapter through, weigh deep every line; mark what is said before; mark what followeth after; and mark the end-He which testifieth these things saith, surely I come quickly: then who is to testify these things but the Spirit of the living God? Will you dare, presumptuous men, to say it must be testified by you, that you come quickly, and your reward is with you? Then what reward will ye bring to give to every man according to his works? Or, what tree of life is in your power to give to man, spiritual or temporal? What leaves can you bring to heal the nations? If this can be done by man without the visitation of my Spirit, and without the directions of my Spirit, why are not the nations healed already? Have ye had eighteen hundred years to be finding out a way, and never found it out yet? Then as it never was found out by your forefathers, will ye say, ye are wiser than them, to find it out now, without my aid and assistance, without my Spirit to direct you? Then I tell you my Bible must be false, my words must be false, when I pronounced man dead to knowledge: for it was to knowledge man was dead; and every age of the world hath proved it: but the just have lived by faith; and now I am come to try men to the end, and place my Bible plain before them, and he that believeth will obey my commands, and have his part in the tree of life. Now thou sayest in thy heart, what must men believe to obey my commands, and have their part in the tree of life? To this I answer, let them believe my words in the beginning, when Man was pronounced dead; let them weigh, in all ages, how dead to knowledge men have been, without my Spirit to visit and direct them. Then let them believe the Promise that was made in the Fall to the Woman; let them believe the tree of life was preserved for man in the end, with the sword to cut down the powers of darkness, according to the promise made in the Fall; then let them weigh my Bible through and see the promise that was made to Abraham, then they will know it is by faith, and not by knowledge, they must gain the promise: Abraham had no knowledge that I should preserve his Son; yet he had faith to believe I should fulfil my Promise.

"So thy enquiries I have answered:

With my Bible all compare,

Then they'll know 'twas not by knowledge

Abraham did the Promise share;

And so to all I now do call,

Men's knowledge will not do,

Because that I've concealed from all

What lies before my view,

Before I come to make an end,

And every mystery clear.

Did Abraham know how things would bend

Before I called him there,

To say the Son should not be slain?

Now to Isaiah come;

And from my Bible I'll maintain

That knowledge men have none;

The prophets prophesied of me,

But who could understand

The way that it fulfilled should be?

The Jews could not command:

Then sure to knowledge man is dead,

As I've said before:

It was by faith that men were led-

See my disciples there,

The way they came by faith 'tis known,

For knowledge they had none;

The way I should arise again,

Is in my Gospel known.

Then now again I will maintain,

To knowledge men are dead;

My Bible never was so plain

Before mankind now laid,

As it is here and doth appear,

The way 'tis hastening on:

The budding leaves do all appear

To shew the spring is come;

Yet man is dead, as I have said,

For knowledge they have none:

It is by faith the Scripture saith,

And now 'tis faith alone

That makes believers to appear

To judge their summer nigh,

That I shall come the whole to clear,

As I before did say;

And all my prophets prophesied,

For this they did foretell.

The Law and Gospel I've applied,

How in one chain must fall;

So now the chain it does remain,

The links I've made them clear:

'Tis not by knowledge this is done;

'Tis faith must join them here.

So faith will come the whole to join,

And I shall make them good,

And tell them all my strict command

Is to obey my word,

And now believe I'll not deceive,

Like Abraham to go on:

It is by faith the Scripture saith

Must bring the life to man.

So now discern how I do warn,

And my command now see;

It is my Bible to trace through,

As I've commanded ye;

For there you'll find my every word,

As I have mentioned here:

Men have no knowledge of their God,

'Tis faith the whole must clear.

Now faith, you'll see, is a gift from me,

But if you it refuse

You'll see your knowledge all to die,

And perish like the Jews,-

But here within thou dost begin

To ponder deep, I know,

That my command is said by men

I've placed for them to know

But my command can never stand,

If men do it deny;

Judge of a thing they do not know,

Is no command from me,

Quench not the Spirit I command,

From my disciple given;

Despise not prophecies is said;

The Holy Ghost from heaven,

If you allow it came to they,

Then all their sayings hear;

If their commands you do obey

You'll see my Bible clear:

The prophecies they were foretold

That they would surely come.

Another day I shall unfold

My Bible clear to man;

But I'll end here and say no more:

If men do weigh all deep

They'll see my Bible it is clear,

And prophecies must break;

For I must come in Spirit strong

To break the truth to all;

And dead to knowledge must be known

That men are by the Fall;

So by their heads if you are led,

Then monstrous heads will come,

I say, to keep you in the Fall,

And Satan hold you strong."

Here ends the Explanations of the Scriptures quoted by Garrett and another.

A continuation of the Explanations from the end of

Part III.

Philippians ii. 10, 11-"That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father."

the answer of the lord.

"Now let the learned answer, when this was done-

That every knee did bow to me,

And every tongue confess

That Jesus Christ the Lord must be?

No Man can answer this,

'Twas ever done, I tell you plain,

But know it must be so.-

And now from Pomeroy I shall come,

For men like him do do;

Farrago here, let men appear,

My Bible so they make;

And as the words were spoken here,

So I to men shall break;

So they must pen the words of Man,

What he did write of thee,

And then again I'll answer them,

That so they act for me."

The words of the Rev. Mr. Pomeroy concerning Joanna are, "I shall be ready at all times, and in all places, to maintain my opinion with respect to the farrago of sense and nonsense, of Scripture and blasphemy, contained in her pretended prophecies; that such incoherent matter never could proceed from a sound mind, or from the pure Spirit of Wisdom."

Ephesians iv. 30-"And grieve not the Holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are sealed unto the day of redemption." 8-"Wherefore he saith when he ascended up on high, he led captivity captive, and gave gifts unto men." 9-"Now that he ascended, what is it but that he also descended first into the lower parts of the earth?" 10-"He that descended is the same also that ascended up far above all heavens, that he might fill all things." Chapter i. 10-"That in the dispensation of the fulness of times he might gather together in one all things in Christ, both which are in heaven, and which are on earth; even in him." These texts of Scripture Joanna was ordered to add to his words.

"Now I shall answer thee from these texts of Scripture. What sense and nonsense does Pomeroy make of the Bible? Let him mark the verses penned before, and then let him see his own words follow; and the texts that I have mentioned. How am I to fulfil all things? Or how are all things to be fulfilled, in the dispensation of the fulness of the times, and gathered together one in Christ? Now if all things must be gathered together in me, my Spirit must come to visit; for where is the man who can gather all things together of things in earth, and leave out the things in heaven? Can Pomeroy gather together all thy believers to join with him in his belief? Then if he cannot do the least, let him know he cannot do the greater. Then how dare he to exercise himself in things too high for him? The way that men make out my Bible, they make of it sense and nonsense; and my disciples full of blasphemy, to place all these Scriptures of me if they are not to be fulfilled. So he may call my Bible as he called thy writings, pretended prophecies; for no better than pretended prophecies do men make of my Gospel, as the Jews made of the prophets of old. Now let Pomeroy answer Ephesians i. 17-"The God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of Glory, may give unto you the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation in the knowledge of him." Now if this be given by the Lord, the Revelation of Jesus Christ, let him answer, how it can be given by man? And let him answer why you are to pray for it, that God will give the knowledge of himself? Why did my disciples teach a doctrine that never could be, nor ever was expected to be? Now let him answer, what is meant by living in the Spirit, and walking in the Spirit? 1 Cor. xv. 22-"For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive." Ver. 24-"Then cometh the end, when he shall have delivered up the kingdom to God, even the Father; when he shall have put down all rule and all authority and power." Verse 25-"For he must reign, till he hath put all enemies under his feet. The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death."

"Now unto man I bold will come,

Like Pomeroy to appear;

Just as the words were spoke by him,

The shepherds I see here;

They make the same my Bible come,

My prophecies, I see,

In sense and nonsense they go on

And make it blasphemy.

My Gospel here no man can clear,

The way that they go on;

What wisdom in your God appears,

I ask the sons of men?

When that this earth I did bring forth,

And formed it at the first,

From my Apostles it is placed,

I'll do it at the last.

Now Adam, see, is said by ye,

Died in the Woman's Fall;

And so you all must live in me,

When I to her do call;

For just the same, you see my Name,

You must be made alive,

As he did die, I now do say,

Then how can you contrive

Another way? Then answer me:

For blasphemy is here,

What my Apostle then did say,

If you the thing can clear;

Another way that this must be,

In Adam you did die,

And by the Woman's hand, you say.

Did my Apostle lie,

To say in me your life should be,

As Adam's death did come?

What sense and nonsense do you make

Your Bibles you condemn;

For blasphemy was spoke by he

If I don't make it good,

The very way that he did die,

From her 'tis understood;

Then now the same, know ye my name,

My Spirit strong is here,

That she the Promise now may claim,

And make my Gospel clear.

The strength's in me, you all shall see,

The ending now is come;

And as my Gospel here is placed

I tell you, so't shall come:

The enmity destroyed shall be,

The power of hell I'll shake;

To tread him down I'll now be found,

And all his power I'll break.

As he began I now shall end,

After his manner here,

The Woman was his bold intent

To make the guilt appear;

But known to me his arts to be,

The way that he betrayed;

Therefore the Promise I made she,

Her seed should bruise his head.

But can it come, ye simple men,

Till she the Promise claim?

Then her I'll free, you'll live in me,

That do with her contend-

"Our Bible's true, before our view,

And it he'll now make good:

The Power of Christ all this can do

To bruise the Serpent's head.

Then now we see the enemy

That he will here destroy;

By Satan first the death was cast,

But now we shall enjoy,

For Christ to come and him condemn,

And conquer then our Foe:

When the last enemy is gone,

Then all our joys shall flow.

Like Adam's first when he was placed,

And Paradise began;

So when our enemy is cast,

Our life in Christ shall come!"

So men see here my Gospel clear,

How you do place the whole,

In sense and nonsense you can't clear,

Your wisdom down must fall:

My Bible, see, is blasphemy,

The way 'tis placed by man;

And my Apostles they must lie:

The trial none can stand

For to appear, my Bible clear,

Till I do all reveal;

For sense and nonsense men make here

If I must all conceal,

Never appear in Spirit here

To make my Bible good;

I ask mankind how they can clear

My Bible as it stood?

So now from he I answer thee,

My Bible men must blame;

And sense and nonsense they must see

To put them all to shame.

Now pen the word that's on record,

I'll answer thee again."

Ephesians vi. 13 to 17-"Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness; and your feet shod with the preparation of the Gospel of peace; above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked. And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God."

"Now from my word, that's on record,

I bid mankind to take

The Spirit's sword, it is my word,

To make all hell to shake;

To chain him down my word is found,

And will you it deny?

Then sense and nonsense you must make

My Bible as it doth lie:

My armour here I bid men wear,

The armour whole of me;

When my Salvation doth draw near

The Gospel's peace you'll see

In every land it then must stand,

But evil days come first;

Because the unbelief of man

Will make my anger burst.

But those that come in faith now strong,

Judge all my Bible true,

The shield of faith they must put on,

To quench their every foe;

For fiery darts in evil hearts

He'll surely work in man;

Therefore your hearts, you must prepare

In all my strength to stand;

That is, in me your faith must be

My Bible I'll fulfil;

Then you will quench your enemy,

My Bible is your shield

Of faith to stand, as I command,

My helmet shall be near;

In my Salvation you shall stand,

Then what have you to fear?

The Spirit's sword, you'll find my word

Will bear you safely through,

If you do say with one accord,

"We judge the Gospel true,

That Christ will come again to man,

As he did say before"-

And my disciples so did name,

And so doth now appear,

"So we believe that none deceive,

Our Bible's placed this way."

But if in fear men do appear,

The truth they ne'er shall see;

Then they may come, with Pomeroy join-

"What blasphemy is here,

To say that Christ again should come

Our every guilt to clear?"

Then they'll go through, I tell thee now,

And place my Bible wrong,

If they deny my Bible through,

This way I shall not come;

Then I'll appear like Pomeroy here,

And answer from his word:

Your jarring nonsense none can clear

To prove the truth of God;

Pretended here then must appear

My Bible's prophecies;

Because your wisdom cannot clear,

To say they did not lie,

If I don't come again to man,

As they have placed it through,

My Bible they do so condemn,

As Pomeroy said of you:

But he shall fall, I tell you all,

And tremble at my feet;

There's no way he shall shun his call;

For if he'll now submit,

Honour to lose to free the cost,

Your honour you'll maintain;

Because that he like thousands be;

He is a Type of men:

And blasphemy was spoke by he,

That every soul shall know;

So by that man, I say, your land

In blasphemy doth go;

So his reproof may others move,

As they're reproved the same.

If blasphemy is spoke by he,

Then thousands so are come

For to blaspheme my every name,

My Bible all deny;

But Pomeroy now I'll put to shame;

Then let the mockers cry-

"Like him we stand throughout the land,

His honour he hath lost;

Nor can we now uphold the man,

If he in lies doth boast."

But know, vain men, you do contend

In lies as bad as he;

And I shall prove it in the end,

Then trembling you may flee

Your fate to shun, as he began;

For he cannot appear,

(Knowing the lip of truth must stand),

With any courage here.

He will see plain, ye sons of men,

That he hath caused his fall;

And so with men I shall contend,

He stands a Type for all."

Here ended Thursday night, October 25, 1804.

Monday morning, October 29, 1804.

Galatians iv. 4, 5, 6-But when the fulness of the time was come, God sent forth his Son, made of a Woman, made under the Law, to redeem them that were under the Law, that we might receive the adoption of sons. And because ye are sons, God hath sent forth the Spirit of his Son into your hearts, crying, "Abba, Father." Chap. i. 8-But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other Gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed. Verse 12-I neither received it of man, neither was I taught it, but by the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

the answer of the lord.

"Now, Joanna, I shall answer thee: Thou hast never received thine from man, nor hast thou learnt it from any doctrine of man, or any revelation of man; but from the revelation of my Spirit, which is sent forth into thy heart, that ye may be made heirs of God through Christ. Now why do men preach another doctrine, and deny my Spirit being sent forth in thee? Then they must preach another Gospel that was never taught them by me, nor my disciples; but my Gospel was never understood by any man, for they thought the fulness of time was when I came upon the earth, and was born of the Woman; but will men prove I was made of the Woman? I have already told thee, and I now tell thee again, I was made of the Holy Ghost, and became the Son of God, taking man's nature upon me, in every form and fashion as a man; neither was man's redemption then: and the Jews that were under the Law, are under the Law to this day. But what do men marvel at, to think that that Scripture should allude to a Woman in the last days, whom my Spirit should come to visit, to claim the Promise that was made in the Fall, and redeem men from the Fall, when I have told you that that Promise must be claimed by the Woman? But how is the Woman to claim it, without my Spirit coming to visit her? And why does it appear more marvellous to you, that God should send forth the Spirit of his Son into her heart to free the Fall and claim the Promise, that ye may be made Heirs of God, and joint Heirs with Jesus Christ, than it is marvellous that God should send forth the Spirit of his Son into your hearts, thereby crying, Abba, Father, making you Heirs of God through Christ?

"Now here to man I bold shall come,

And let them answer me;

My Gospel no man doth discern,

How all fulfilled must be;

In the full TIME, call all to mind,

The whole I must redeem.

Under the Law, you all must know,

The Promise stands for men;

The Woman's seed must bruise his head,

Then I must sure be here;

And in the Woman strong to plead,

Your great Deliverer here;

To clear the Fall I tell you all,

I in her so must come,

Because her Promise I must clear,

And in her form, be it known,

My Spirit strong this way must come,

Or how could she go through?

I tell you all, ye sons of men,

My Gospel none do know,

The way 'tis placed, ye fallen race,

As none do understand;

You by the Woman me disgrace,

The Fall, you must command,

I tell you plain, ye sons of men,

Her Promise must it clear;

If you discern how I do warn,

In her I must appear

In Spirit strong; and so I'm come,

But could you all see plain,

That God has so sent forth his Son,

In Spirit to redeem,

And you went on to mock her hand,

More fatal now it would be

Than for the Jews, that did condemn

And nailed me to the tree;

My hands again, ye sons of men,

You'd nail them all the same,

In Spirit strong now I am come,

And you the Woman blame,

To claim the word that's on record-

Blind mortals, you must see

It is the Spirit of your Lord;

It can ne'er be done by she;

Yet in her form, it must be known,

The Promise I must claim,

If I do free the Fall, I say,

And all my Sons redeem,

The Promise strong to her must come,

As it was made at first;

I tell you plain, ye sons of men,

No other way't can burst;

The Promise there the whole must clear,

And this I'm come to do;

And yet you do deny me here,

My Gospel none do know,

More than the Law the Jews did know;

They stumbled at the first,

And now I'm come in Spirit strong,

You like the Jews do burst.

Another way, you now do say,

My Gospel here doth stand;

Then can you prove that prophecy

Redeemed the Law for man,

When I appeared in body here,

In person like mankind?

I tell you, no man this can clear;

My Gospel I do find

Like Pomeroy's words, what's on record,

Pretended all to be;

'Tis but pretended prophecies

My Gospel they do see;

Because no man on earth can come

To say I did redeem

Them from the Law; you all do know,

The Jews in it are seen;

And so they stand, I say, for man

A proverb of the Law;

And you must know they're not redeemed;

Then can you prove it so,

That at that time the thing was done?

Then how can you appear

To say my Gospel true is come,

The way men placed it here?

No, no; 'tis I, who dwell on high,

My Gospel must reveal;

And in the Spirit now, I say,

My Gospel I'll fulfil;

To make you sons and heirs I'm come,

My Spirit I've sent here;

And yet, I know men do condemn,

Though they can never clear

The truth at first it so did burst-

Like Pomeroy men go on,

Pretended prophecies at first,

They say my Gospel's come;

Can man appear the truth to clear?

They all must answer, No;

And own the Jews do now appear

Strong in the Law to go;

For unto me they do not flee,

To make my Gospel good;

And so, I say, like Pomeroy,

My Gospel men allude

In nonsense here for to appear,

As they can't make it true;

Nor yet a word can they now clear

I've laid before their view.

My Spirit strong I said should come,

As my Disciples penned-

God sent the Spirit of his Son

Into your hearts to rend

The every veil, that now doth stand

Betwixt mankind and me.

If you will gain the promised land,

And now like sons be free,

Made heirs of God, as it is said,

And joint heirs with the Son

Then claim the Promise as 'twas made:

In Spirit you must join,

I tell you here, with her appear,

For to redeem the Fall,

For that's the Law of God you know,

The Woman he must call,

Her Promise claim for to redeem,

And have the Serpent cast;

For interwoven must be seen,

There is no seam to burst

To part the two, you all must know,

For both alike do stand;

And as the first on me was placed,

The second I command

My Father's will for to fulfil,

And now fulfilled shall be;

Therefore I'm come in Spirit strong,

To claim it now in thee.

Ne'er taught of man behold thy hand,

For no man this did know,

The way my Gospel here doth stand,

Till I revealed it so;

So 'tis from me, all flesh shall see,

'Tis I've revealed the word;

My Spirit strong to thee is come,

As in my Gospel said.

So learned men may now begin

To place a different way,

And by their learning may contend,

Pretended prophecy

My Bible here, that they can't clear

The thing was ever done;

But if I do not so appear,

The truth can never come;

So see the first, and judge the last,

How men will make it true,

That man's redemption then did burst-

Bring all before your view:

As I have said, the Jews misled,

And so the Law doth stand;

No learning here the thing can clear,

My Gospel to command,

To say 'twas then, ye sons of men,

Nor can you say you're free;

That in the Spirit strong I'm come,

To make you heirs with me:

No, no; behind, you all will find,

Those words are hastening on;

But in the Spirit, all shall find,

To clear the whole I'm come.

The chapter through I bid men go,

And now discern it deep;

The travailing Woman you may know

That thus alike does break,

To have you come her children strong-

And now her children see:

I am her husband, 't shall be known,

To make you heirs with me.

So Sarahs here you must appear;

The seed of faith must come;

The Hagars I shall never clear,

For I shall cast out them.

So Isaacs, see, you all must be,

The Promise now to claim;

'Tis from the Woman that is free,

When I her cause maintain,

The Serpent cast, my Spirit burst,

I tell you in her strong;

This was my Promise at the first,

And so I say 'tis come.

So men dispute; but at the root

The whole is cast by she-

The Promise claim, ye sons of men,

And I shall make you free.

So I'll end here and say no more;

Let learned men dispute,

And if they say another way,

I'll surely strike them mute;

More marvellous here does this appear,

To have my Spirit come,

The Fall in everything to clear,

Than of her to be born."

Tuesday evening, October 30, 1804.

1 Corinthians iv. 5-"Judge nothing before the time, until the Lord come, who both will bring to light the hidden things of darkness, and will make manifest the counsels of the hearts: and then shall every man have praise of God." Romans xvi. 20-"The God of Peace shall bruise Satan under your feet shortly." 2 Corinthians v. 19-"To wit, that God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto himself, not imputing their trespasses unto them; and hath committed unto us the word of reconciliation."

"The promise of reconciliation is made by the Gospel; but how can that reconciliation take place before Satan is bruised under your feet? Then how can you judge before the time that I come in the Spirit to bring to light all the hidden things of darkness and make manifest the counsels of the heart? But when were the hidden things of darkness brought to light, or made manifest to man? Or, how can it be done by man? For who knoweth the counsels of the heart, but God only? Man scarcely knows the counsel of his own heart, so changeable is man in his being. Now I tell thee, all these Scriptures stand on record for my second coming, that they may appear plain to man: all this was prophesied before, that I should reconcile the world to myself; that I should bruise Satan under your heel; and bring to light the hidden things of darkness.

"Now where's the man on earth can come

To say 'twas ever so,

That I the world did reconcile?

You all must answer, No,

Unto the Lord, with one accord,

You know 'twas never done;

Yet, from the apostles you do see,

In Christ it so must come;

And Satan, see, he bruised must be,

As oft is mentioned here;

Look through my Gospel, and you'll see

How oft 'tis mentioned there.

Then how can man so boldly stand

Against me to dispute?

My Bible no man will command,

To fix it to the root:

But he must fall, I tell you all,

My Gospel so is placed;

And now I'm coming to you all,

My Spirit you may taste;

For I'll reveal, and not conceal,

My coming so must be,

And then the sight I'll bring to light,

Dark sayings, you will see,

Will be revealed and not concealed,

For I'll reveal my word;

But there's no man on earth can come

To make my Gospel good,

Till I appear in Spirit here,

The whole for to reveal;

And now my Gospel I shall clear,

And nothing will conceal.

So praise to me from man shall come,

When I have all went through;

And when my Gospel's all made known

I know the stubborn Jews

Will then return, in sorrow mourn,

When they the end do see;

That it was for the Fall of Man

I died upon the tree;

The Promise claim that I did name,

The Fall was at the first;

But this they never did discern,

But marvel I was cast.

The Son of God to them made known,

They well might marvel here,

If for the one my life laid down,

And not the other clear;

But when the two, before their view,

Are plainly proved to be;

Then, I do say, the stubborn Jews

My Gospel plain will see.

So I'll go on, my Gospel strong

I surely shall fulfil:

The fulness of the time is come

That my avenging heel

Shall bruise the head, as it is said-

But thou dost grieve for Man

Who mocked my word, that's on record

And written by thy hand

My word to be, they all will see-

My Bible here is plain:

'Tis in the Spirit I must come,

When all things are made known:

For how to man could this be done,

When I in power appear

To chain the powers of darkness down?

Then earth may tremble here!

Nothing they'd know, I tell thee so,

Should I not visit first,

To let them know how things must go,

When I in power do burst.

Now I'll appear to ask men here-

Suppose this night I come

To shake the earthly pillars here,

And thundering bolts roll on

From shore to shore, like cannons roar,

And earth's foundation shake?

I ask thee how men would appear

If I this way should break,

And they not know it must be so,

To have my Kingdom come?

Then terrors, see, like death would be

The fatal end of man;

Because no love I then could prove

In man to wish me near.

So with my Bible I'll go on-

'Tis time for all to fear;

Because their love I now shall prove,

Men's love I'm come to try:

And those that wish my Kingdom near

Will find their Saviour nigh,

For to redeem from hell and sin;

But those that do it mock

They cannot stand when I command

To bring on all the stroke.

From what is penned mark ye the end,

What prophecies are come:

The church might now be edified,

The truth might be made known;

For prophecies you are bid to crave,

As my Apostle penned,

And prophecies I now do give,

That all may know the end."

1 Corinthians xiv. 1, 4-"Desire spiritual gifts, but rather that ye may prophesy.-He that prophesieth edifieth the church." Read the chapter through. Chapter xii. read through, for there it is written of the Spirit of Prophecy being given, as well as the Spirit of Wisdom, and other gifts. The Spirit of Prophecy is spoken of also in many places in the Gospel, that it is to be given to the edifying of the church.

the answer of the lord.

"Now, Joanna, I shall answer thee: and let the learned answer me what they make of my Bible? Why did my apostle teach them to desire spiritual gifts, and rather prophecies, that the church might be edified thereby, if they are not useful to man, nor profitable to man?

"Then boldly men must answer here,

That my apostle sure did err,

To bid them wish for prophecy,

That spiritual gifts in them might lie,

That when my coming did appear

The church thereby might know and hear

My kingdom it was nigh at hand:

And by this warning they may stand

With courage great, when I appear,

And hearts inflamed to wish me near;

For that's the way that I must come:

It is by the desire of man,

That I shall come your Priest and King;

By your desire my Kingdom bring

Unto the sons of men below.

Now if you trace my Bible through,

No other way I shall appear,

Because my Bible tells you here,

That man's desire I sure must be

Before the nations I do free.

So man's desire I here shall come:

It is the strong desire of some,

And that desire will further go

In many hearts, I well do know,

Until they'll bring my Kingdom near,

And so that way I shall appear;

For in the Spirit I'll go on

To shew my Kingdom is at hand;

And so the hearts of men I'll see,

Of those that long and wish for me.-

But in thy heart thou answerest here,

Thousands do wish it to appear,

But do not wish for me to warn,

But judge't must be brought in by Man:

But if mankind do judge it so,

Upon their heads the blame, you know,

Must surely come, as 'tis not done:

So I'll condemn the sons of men

Who judge't can be brought in by man-

Answer me, why it is not done?

And then again I'll answer thee:

Because no man I'll ever free

If it could be brought in by man,

Because the thing they have not done.

Then know my Spirit must appear

To warn you all that I am near;

But if they'll not believe my word,

That I have left upon record,

That 'tis in Spirit I must come,

I know they'll ne'er believe in man;

Because in judgment men are found

To vary strong in every sound:

Then how can mankind e'er appear

To prove my Kingdom it is near,

Before together they agree,

Confess the knowledge come from me?

And it must come by prophecy,

For so my Gospel it doth lie;

So now together both discern,

And judge the manner I do warn;

From Parables I did begin,

From Parables I'm going on;

Though some say fables do appear-

They judge the Lord would not compare

Them with the things that are hastening on;

Then to the prophets now I'll come,

And ask them, Why I did compare

Such Types and Shadows mentioned there,

And called them all as prophecies,

And yet too deep they all do lie

For any man to understand?

Then plainer words I must command,

For me to place as Types now here-

My fables plainer do appear;

Than what are in my Bible penned.

I see them all too deep for men-

Unto my prophets now I'll go,

The visions unto men I'll shew

And ask them how they'll now explain

The visions that were shewn to them?

"Now let the learned answer the first chapter of Ezekiel, and tell me, why a vision was shewn to the prophet, that he nor any other man ever understood? But of what use is that vision to man if it is never to be understood? Now let them discern the 8th verse-"They had the hands of a man under their wings on their four sides; and the four had their faces and their wings. Their wings were joined one to another." Here is a vision no man can explain; but I shall hereafter explain it to thee; but first I will try the talents of men, what they will make of the vision through; or of what use the vision is, if it was never to be known or understood. Now as men have publicly mocked my directions to thee, let them answer Chapter iv. 4-"Lie thou also upon thy left side, and lay the iniquity of the house of Israel upon it: according to the number of the days that thou shalt lie upon it thou shalt bear their iniquity-390 days."

"Now let the learned answer here,

Why that my prophet thus should bear

The iniquities so great for man?

Mark deep what I did lay on him,

And how his food I did prepare;

That I said after they should bear

The sufferings I did lay on he:

And so the same I've said of thee.

The Type of thee stands deep for all

That now do mock this heavenly call;

And such like thee they shall appear,

When I thy sufferings all do clear;

I'll cast it on the sons of men,

And then their sickness shall be seen,

If now they're sick to hear my word,

And mock the coming of the Lord:

Then sure thy sickness I shall turn

On the ungrateful sons of men;

And so thy sickness they shall see,

Turned back upon thy foes shall be;

I'll make them sick to hear the sound

That in the nation shall abound;

And I shall bring it on their head,

Because ungrateful men do plead

Against my Bible and my word,

Against the coming of the Lord.

For unto man doth all appear,

Just like thy appetite, that here

Thou knowest again 'tis gone from bread,

And so are men gone from my word,

That they no more my word can taste

Than thou hast power for to digest,

I tell thee here, the bread of man;

And perfect so I see the land;

Because the bread, that is my word,

They can't digest, as I have said:

So if this way they do go on,

Then sick like thee they'll surely come;

And weak like thee they'll soon appear:

Thou knowest, one day thou couldst not bear,

I say, in strength to stand the whole;

For on thy bed thou'st often fell,

And canst not stand the day all through,

But on thy bed, thou well dost know,

That every day thou art forced to lie:

And to the nation this I say,

I'll make them weak and sick like thee,

The want of bread is known to me

Makes all thy sickness to increase,

Because that bread thou can't digest:

And so men's sickness will come on-

I've said my word is bread to man,

But they cannot digest it here;

Therefore 'tis time for all to fear,

And tremble much the Type to see

That I have placed so strong in thee,

As in my prophet placed before.

Now let thy sickness to appear,

And both together let them weigh,

Then see the dawning of the day."

After the three months that Joanna's appetite was taken from bread, it was restored for five weeks; and on the 24th of October taken from her again, and she has not been able to eat bread since; therefore she eats but one meal a day, which is her dinner; but is so weak, faint, and sick, that she knows not how to abide up four or five hours together, but is obliged to lie down upon the bed every day, go to bed early, and rise late.

"The Type to man in thee is strong-

'Tis time for all to fear

That now in mockery do go on:

The Type for all stands here;

In thee 'tis placed, and so 'twill burst,

I tell them, strong on man.

Just as the shadows placed at first

Did to my prophet come,

And so 'tis here, the end I'll clear,

'Tis come to thee the same;

Then let the sons of men take care,

That now do mock my name!

For I'll go on; my Bible strong

From Types I placed before,

And so the ending so shall come,

Then let mankind take care

How they do mock the coming stroke.

That I have placed in thee;

And those that do so boldly mock,

Tell me how this could be,

That thou dost here this way appear,

Thy appetite so gone?

I told thee that in the tenth year

The Types would here be strong;

And strong they be, they all will see,

That I have placed this year,

I say, in thee for all to see

What shortly will appear.

So weigh the whole and judge your fall,

If you this way go on,

It is a warning deep for all

That now do mock her hand.

Can you begin, ye sons of men,

To say from her 'tis done?

Her sufferings here that do appear,

And from herself do come,

To make it so? vain mortals know,

Her mockery soon should end;

For I should strike a fatal blow,

She never should pretend

To feign the thing to have it seen

Doth like my Bible stand,

And bring the mystery out to men,

How you may all command.

So now see plain, ye sons of men,

My prophet placed before,

And now in her what shadows are,

The likeness to appear;

Her weakness see your destiny,

She's suffering now for all;

And so will end your destiny,

If you do mock her call.

The shadows here you all may fear,

The substance it will come,

I tell you, in the following year,

If she be dead and gone;

For I'll go on, from shadows strong,

Could ne'er be done by she.

I ask you, why not years agone

This sickness none did see

In her was placed, ye fallen race?

She fasted at the first;

Her appetite, 'tis known to me,

With pleasure meat could taste;

But now 'tis gone, the end's near come,

She'th borne the load for all:

And those that in her faith do stand,

They need to fear no fall;

For they'll grow wise, and I'll chastise

The unbelievers here.

Could things go on by her weak hand

As all doth now appear?

I tell you, No; they all shall know-

The learned may dispute,

For I'll appear in wisdom here

And strike their learning mute.

But I'll end here and say no more;

Thy weakness I do see,

Thou knowest not how to persevere,

Or speak the words of me!"

Continuation of the Bible, from Thursday night, Nov 1.

Sunday evening, November 4, 1804.

"Here I have shewed the likeness with them and the prophet. As in me there is no variableness, or shadow of turning, then why do men seek out so many inventions, to say I must vary and turn from the whole, when I said I am God, and change not? Now let them answer from Ezekiel v. 1-"Son of man, take thee a sharp knife, take thee a barber's razor, and cause it to pass upon thy head and upon thy beard; then take thee a balance to weigh, and divide the hair." Now as I know men are mocking the parables that I have ordered thee to put in print, and mocking the things I have ordered thee to do, by Sealing the People, for their protection, that now are looking to me for redemption; and ordered thee to seal up Satan's destruction; now as all this appears foolish to mankind, and placed as types and shadows of things to come; let them answer me, from the prophet, whether these things, I have commanded thee to do, are more simple than what I commanded the prophet to do? Could I not bring all the judgments upon the people, that I threatened, without ordering the prophet to cut off his hair by two different instruments? Mark the chapter and weigh it through, what I commanded the prophet to do, and how I brought it as types and shadows to the people, of what I should do unto them. Tell me, ye blind leaders of the blind, when I pronounced judgments by the prophets, without setting some type and shadow in them, to set signs before them? Now let this be answered by the learned, why I should do all these things at first, to set types and shadows, from what I should do at first, and vary from them at last? Now let them weigh Chapter viii. 8-"Then he said unto me, Son of man, dig now in the wall: and when I had digged in the wall, behold a door. And he said unto me, Go in, and behold the wicked abominations that they do here." Now let the learned answer me from this vision, what abomination did he hear from the creeping things or the abominable beasts? Yet from these things I shewed him the abomination that was in man: but could I not tell him what abomination there was in the sons of men, without shewing him the vision? Chapter x. 13-"As for the wheels, it was cried unto them, O wheel: and every one had four faces."

"Now let the learned men appear

And answer my demand,

Why all these visions I placed here,

That none do understand?

Yet know at first I so did burst,

And so I shall go on;

These visions all by me were placed,

To shew the sons of men,

From Types at first my Bible's placed,

From Visions to go on,

And so, I tell you, at the last

From visions I shall come.

So here's a wheel beyond men's skill,

The way I shall go round;

And so at first they bruised my heel,

The Promise shall be found;

For I'll go on from man to man

Till I have worked all through;

The different faces, now command,

I unto all shall shew;

The faces here I now shall clear,

The cherub men shall see,

That now do come in heart to join,

And wish to dwell with me;

The face of men may now come on

To turn which way they will,

They'll find the lion now is come

The eagle for to kill.

So now take care, those that mock here,

The vision it goes deep;

My ways to man how could I clear

Another way to break?

Had I said then they should be slain,

And so fulfilled my word,

They'd say no prophecies remained,

The coming of their Lord;

For all was past, as it was placed,

But from the vision here,

These visions strong stand deep for man,

The ending now draws near.

So learned men may now begin

These visions to explain,

And when their wisdom I have seen,

I'll answer thee again.

The chapters through I bid them go

And so explain the word;

But if they say they do not know,

Then let them own the Lord

He must appear the whole to clear,

Who gave them birth at first:

For men in wisdom they do err,

They know not how 'twill burst,

For to fulfil the every wheel

That I'll work round for man;

I know it is beyond their skill

The way I've laid my plan."

Ezekiel xiii. 2-"Son of man, prophesy against the prophets of Israel that prophesy, and say unto them that prophesy out of their own hearts, Hear ye the word of the Lord: thus saith the Lord God; Woe unto the foolish prophets, that follow their own spirits, and have seen nothing."

"Now I'll appear to answer here,

The learned may dispute

In their own spirits they appear,

But I shall strike them mute.

Nothing they've seen, to me 'tis known,

And nothing do they know;

Yet like the foxes they are come,

That in the desert go:

They'll not appear the truth to clear,

And nothing will they see;

The gaps are breaking everywhere,

And down they all may be,

They'll not go up, nor will they stop

The dangers are before,

But still in blindness they do hope

Their dangers will be o'er.

Like Israel here do all appear,

And so their fall will come;

But when my battle doth appear

They'll find they cannot stand;

If they go on as they've begun,

In vanity to trust,

They'll find no rock to build upon-

Men's wisdom must be cast.

I ne'er did clear men's wisdom here,

Nor will I at the end;

For then my Bible all must err,

Should I my Spirit send

From first to last, as it is placed,

If men in wisdom shine;

Then I'd no need to visit here,

If men did know my mind;

But they do not, mark what is wrote,

I've told them all before,

No wisdom in themselves they've got

To know when I appear;

Nothing they've seen, nothing they've known,

But judge their wisdom great;

But I this wisdom shall unthrone,

If they will not submit

To learn of me, I now tell thee;

Though men do prophesy

They know the calling's not from me,

And give thy pen the lie:

Then let them come now in my name

And answer to my word,

What have you seen? What have you known,

To prove it not from God?

Then where's the man that thus can come

And answer so to me?

Will they affirm a learned man

This prophet deep can be?

Then I'll appear to answer here,

A prophet he must come:

But know my people he'll make err,

The thing to me is known;

From his own Spirit he must come,

And from it he'll appear,

Profess himself a prophet strong

To know I am not here;

Then I shall come against the man,

And answer from my word:

Out of your mouth you prophesy,

But do not know your Lord

Pronounced you dead, as I have said,

Then what hath man to boast,

That he can know what I shall do?

His wisdom must be cast.

So I'll end here, and say no more;

But let men weigh it deep,

The chapter through I bid them clear,

If they can answer it;

If they cannot I'll tell their lot,

Just like the end shall fall;

My people I'll deliver here

Out of the hands of all.

Your vanity they all shall see,

How vain was all your trust,

Who nothing here had heard from me,

But of your wisdom boast."

Here ended Sunday night, November 4, 1804.

Monday morning, November 5.

Ezekiel xvii. 2-"Son of man, put forth a riddle, and speak a parable unto the house of Israel." "Now let the learned answer, why I ordered the prophet to put forth a riddle, and speak a parable to the house of Israel? If they judge it sin and blasphemy to put forth riddles now, then what do they understand from the riddle to Ezekiel? Let this be answered by the learned, and I shall answer thee again. Now let them answer Chapter xix. 2-"What is thy mother? A lioness: she lay down among lions, she nourished her whelps among young lions." Now let them weigh my prophets deep, and they will find the parables I shewed to them, and ordered the prophet to bring to them, are of the same nature, the same sense as the parables I have ordered thee to put out to the world. Let them weigh deep Chapter xxiii. 2-"Son of man, there were two women, the daughters of one mother, and they committed whoredoms in Egypt"-

"Now when these chapters you've gone through

And brought the whole before your view,

The parables that here are placed

Are just like thine, the end to burst;

As from the whoredom let them see

The meaning of the words to be,

And then the meaning that is thine,

They'll see the warning to mankind

Doth in like manner now appear;

So if you blame the Woman here,

You'll blame my prophets all before;

As in this land men do appear,

Thousands my Bible here do blame,

And put my prophets so to shame

As they do now shame all thy word,

And say can never come from God,

The simple parables thou'st penned.

But 'tis my Bible to defend

That I have brought it round the same,

To shew all those that mock my name,

They mocked my Bible at the first,

And in like manner now I'm burst

To place the parables the same,

That in the end I all might shame;

For when they find thy writings true,

Such parables before their view,

And they confess came all from God;

As in this land it shall be know'd

Thy every writings came from me,

And then the parables they'll see,

How every thing alike is placed,

And then discern, ye fallen race,

How I my Bible clear this way-

I know what mockery in them lay,

And now I'm come to mock the whole,

And they shall find the truth to fall.

Like whoredom first I placed my word,

When they were wandering from the Lord,

And so like whoredom I've placed here

Thy parables to make all clear;

And so they'll find it in the end

Like Burnet's story thou hast penned:

If like the lady they go on,

They'll find her fatal end to come.

So let none mock thy fable here

Though like a riddle 't may appear;

But 'tis a riddle that goes deep,

If men go on to mock my sheep,

And say blind shepherds do appear,

They'll find their fatal end is near;

For like that lord I'll surely come,

And so their end it will be known

Much like the lady's to abound:

The riddle deep for them is found,

Though well I know 'tis mocked by man,

But 'tis my Bible to discern,

The way I warned them at the first

The way the ending now shall burst.

So with my Bible I'll go on

To bring the mysteries out to man;

So now my prophet you read through,

And then the mysteries you will know,

The way I first compared the whole,

The way I've said the end shall fall.

Ezekiel xxxiv. 2-"Son of man, prophesy against the shepherds-Woe be to the shepherds of Israel that do feed themselves! Should not the shepherds feed the flocks?"

"How shepherds here can you appear

To answer my demand,

And prove my sheep you're feeding here,

While you do silent stand?

I tell you, No; you'll find it so,

My sheep are gone astray,

Which you yourselves profess to know;

But tell me now which way

That they are gone, to you 'tis known?

Will you answer 'tis here,

Who judge the calling is of me,

And you will not appear

To call them back? Then see the stroke,

You must be cast this way.

If you say, No; it is not so,

'Tis other sheep we see

Are wandering on, from me they are gone;

Then how will you appear

When you yourselves so lead them on

To tell them thou dost err?

Can they be free; then answer me,

Which way they this will do?

For all must know, in blasphemy

Some thousands now do go,

As men blaspheme to hear my Name

Is written by thy hand;

My Bible many put to shame,

Then can my shepherds stand

To say they are free in peace to be,

Ne'er seek the truth to know?

I tell them this can never be,

And they will find it so-

What at the last it here was placed,

As in my Bible penned,

Though at the first it now shall burst,

For this was my intend.

All ages, see, were known to me,

And so I shall go on;

From ages past as all was placed,

And so the end will come,

Where I blame man: Let it be known,

That warning stands for all.

So from the prophet you discern,

Ye shepherds judge your call,

From what is said be not misled,

The chapters stand for Man;

As at the first so now at last,

Then now discern my hand.

"Now let them weigh the chapter through and see the threatenings there to the shepherds for the neglect of the sheep; and let them weigh the past with the present, and see the situation of the sheep now; how many thousands believe on the one hand, and how many blaspheme on the other; then is it not for you shepherds to learn judgment, to know wherein the truth lies, and to know wherein the fault lies, that truth and righteousness may be established in your land? This is a command to you, O shepherds; And now come to chapter xli. The measuring of the temple; the breadth of the doors; the side chambers; the breadth of the house. All this mark how it is penned, that every thing was to be measured and formed; the height, the length, the breadth, the depth, how the buildings were to be formed. Then mark chapter xliii. 7-"And he said unto me, Son of man, the place of my throne, and the place of the soles of my feet, where I will dwell in the midst of the children of Israel for ever, and my holy name shall the house of Israel no more defile." Now-

Let this be answered by the learned

But I shall answer thee:

From this prophet none discerned it,

For the end these things must be.

Ezekiel here let men see clear,

His prophecies go deep;

But 'tis the end that must them clear,

When all these visions break.

The chapters through no man does know:

They all stand for the end,

When I these houses build below,

And then 'tis my intend

For to come down and dwell with men,

And then my throne you'll see,

How on it here my feet will stand,

And men shall dwell with me

In peace below, they all shall know

My name defiled no more.

But where's the learning man can shew,

It ever was done here?

I tell you plain, you sons of men,

These things are all to come;

And now I tell you is the time

That all is hastening on.

But there's no man on earth can come

To say 'twas ever so;

And if you say 'twill ne'er be done,

My Bible wrong must go:

But I'll appear to make it clear,

My Bible it is true-

The time for all is drawing near

That men shall find it so.

What's said at first it now shall burst,

My Bible shall come on;

You all shall see it in the last-

The measuring time is come:

In beauty here shall all appear,

For I shall build all new,

Jerusalem's low walls repair;

And men shall find it true,

The prophecies that here do lie

Were ne'er fulfilled before;

For there's no man on earth can say,

According to my word,

But Israels here, that I shall clear,

Are those that judge their Lord

In all is true before their view,

And all I shall fulfil.

Then here's my throne, it shall be known,

Established to my will:

My feet with them shall surely come,

And they shall walk with me;

And then they may discern my plan,

My building all shall see

It shall appear in beauty here,

For I shall walk with men,

And then I know they'll love and fear,

When Satan's power is gone.

But how before can this appear?

Men ne'er did worship me,

As in this chapter doth appear?

That I said it should be.

So where's the man on earth can come

To say 'twas ever so?

And if you say 'twill not be done,

My Bible can't be true.

So answer here to make all clear,

The way 'tis fixed by Man;

In stronger words I'll then appear,

But I've left room for them

For to appear their ways to clear,

The way that they'll fulfil;

And then behind they'll surely find

Beyond their every skill

I shall appear the whole to clear,

And make it whole to man,

That in my Bible they do err,

They ne'er discerned my plan,

What buildings here there will appear

When I complete the whole;

Nor how mankind will love and fear,

When strong my Spirit falls;

My feet with them in glory come,

And my delight shall be,

I tell you for to walk with men,

And men shall walk with me.

So now my Bible I call forth,

For men to judge the sound,

That all may see the prophecies

Are in my Bible found."

Thus far were the Explanations of the Bible given to Joanna before she was ordered to leave Bristol, which was on November 22, 1804.

Continuation of Ezekiel.

London, March 5, 1805.

Here I ended from the Spirit, and read Ezekiel through, but could not understand a word I read. So it goes through to the end, of the building of the house, the temples, the sanctuary, and the manner it was to be kept, which I by no means could understand. Chapter xliv. 2-"Then said the Lord unto me; This gate shall be shut, it shall not be opened, no man shall enter in by it; because the Lord, the God of Israel, hath entered in by it, therefore it shall be shut." Here appear mysteries to me, how men can take it upon them to affirm that the Bible is so easy and plain to be understood. I know it is a thing impossible for any man upon earth to explain the meaning of the chapter, or the verse, that I have mentioned.

"Now I shall answer thee, the meaning of the verse, thou sayest it is impossible for man to answer; and I tell thee it is impossible for any man by learning to explain the mystery of my Bible, which I shall begin from the verse thou hast mentioned: The outward sanctuary that is shut is the outward ordinances of man, it is the wisdom of man; it was shut from the Jews, and they never could enter in by their wisdom, nor by their understanding; for when I entered into the world I was unknown to them that trusted to their outward forms; therefore I condemn them in my Gospel, for being strict observers of the ordinances of man, but neglecting the ordinances of God. Now mark, from my Gospel, how the Jews were shut out, that trusted to their own wisdom; and how they are shut out to this day, from believing in the way that the Lord of life and glory came into the world for the Salvation of Man. Now to mark the second verse you must clearly weigh the first; it is the outward sanctuary that was shut, that I said should not be opened, and no man should enter in by it. Now let the wise and learned appear and answer me from my Gospel, whether the Jews came in by faith, or by knowledge? Thou answerest, the Jews that believed came in by faith; but the Jews that stand out through unbelief are those that trust to their own wisdom, their own knowledge, and understanding, which they have drawn from the prophets: they look to the laws of Moses, but not to the laws of Christ; then I tell thee, here is the outward Sanctuary that is shut; and it is not open to them, neither shall it ever be opened by their wisdom. And now I come to the Gospel: the outward Sanctuary is the wisdom of man, as much under the Gospel as the wisdom of the Jews was under the law: and they that trust to their own wisdom, that they know enough of themselves, without my Spirit to direct them, will be as much shut out as the Jews were; for my coming is not by the outward wisdom of man, but by the inward working of God. Know what I have said in my Gospel, and what I said to my disciples: It was my Spirit must be within them, and it was my Father that spoke within them, and from Him the Holy Ghost the Comforter should come, to bring all things to their remembrance. Now I tell thee it was by shutting up the wisdom of man that I came into the world, and went through all my offices, to die for the transgression of man, which could not have been if their wisdom had not been shut up; for then they must openly and knowingly have crucified the Lord of life and glory. Now I ask them how I could die for men, or how I could Justify that my Death should be for their redemption, if they had been like the devil and fallen angels, knowing whom they had crucified? Then with them they must perish; but here Satan's arts, as in the beginning, worked in men to trust to their own wisdom, that he had filled them up with; therefore their guilt in the end must fall on Satan's head, who worked on them to shut them out. But now I have shewed thee of the Gospel, and of the Jews, how I came in that way to fulfil my office to die for man, I shall come to the end: It is by the unbelief of men, who trust to their own wisdom, that they will be shut out, and my Gospel fulfilled; for my Second Coming, which is left on record, foretells the unbelief that will be in mankind: and this is the way my Second Coming will be; but as the wisdom of the Jews shut them out at first, so will the wisdom of the Gentiles shut them out at last, that they will have no share or lot in the matter, when I come to direct all my buildings to man.-Know the prophet was directed by me, how he should build every thing, and how every thing should stand; but mark the end of the prophecy after the directions are gone through, the last verse of the prophet, and the name of the city from that day shall be the Lord is there. Now mark chapter xlvii. 7, 8-"On the bank of the river were very many trees. These waters issue out toward the east country, and go down into the desert, and go into the sea: which being brought forth into the sea, the waters shall be healed." See the remarks made by man, the remark of man made to the verse refers you to Deuteronomy iii. 17-"The plain also, and Jordan, and the coast thereof, from Chinnereth even unto the sea of the plain, even the Salt Sea." Now I shall answer thee from the observation of man: what hath that verse to do with the healing of the waters? Neither doth man understand what the healing of the waters meaneth; thou hast seen where it is alluded to by the wisdom of man; but I shall tell thee where it alludes to by the wisdom of God: Revelation xxii. 17-"And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely." Now I tell thee, when the waters are healed, that they are called the living waters; the meaning is, Man must be healed. Know what is said in my Gospel-"I was a well of living water; and he that drank thereof should thirst no more." Now I tell thee, the healing of the waters is the healing of the nations: for as the floods caused dirty water, so doth Satan cause the hearts of men; and as the storms and tempests come by floods to bring them on, so do the storms and tempests that the devil worketh in every heart, one against the other, bring on the tempest on man; wars and tumults, malice and envy, discord and cruelty, and every evil that is amongst mankind, are compared to storms and tempests, to the raging sea that foameth up mire and dirt, and to the great water floods. Now let men answer when this was healed, that your peace was as a steady river and a pure stream? I tell thee never: the waters were never healed from being liable to all its furious storms and tempests; mire and dirt, are often seen in the floods of water, perfectly so are the floods of men's lives; compare the one with the other, and all must own it is true. Now mark from these chapters of Ezekiel, how he is directed to go on with his buildings; but were his buildings accomplished there? Did men's sorrows cease there? Have not seas of sorrow overwhelmed them, after the days of the prophet? Then how can man allude the words of the prophet to the times that are past? I tell thee, No.-

Seas of sorrow and seas of sin

In every age, I say, have been;

And from the ages all may see

The perfect truth is spoke by me,

That what was said hath not been done,

The healing waters are not come;

But from the chapters all may see

The way the end for all will be,

That now obey my every word,

And be directed by their Lord,

The prophet was a type for man,

To shew the end how all would come;

But let the learned men appear

And tell me how the house stood there,

Or all these buildings to go through?

'Tis more than can be done by you,

I tell you plain, ye sons of men;

For now to reason I'll begin:

The outward sanctuary was cast

For to be shut, then judge the last;

For if 'twas shut, I answer here,

By it there's no man can appear,

I say, to enter in with me.

The gate is shut, you all shall see,

As with the Jews doth now appear-

'Tis time for every land to fear;

For they will be shut out the same

That boast the wisdom of their own;

But they shall know that I am God,

And by me shall my flock be led.

For now my Bible I'll go through,

And bring it all before your view;

The Law and Gospel must appear-

The measuring times for man draw near,

For I shall come to measure all,

And strong my Bible forth I'll call,

And I will now appeal to man,

When I the prince of peace did come,

And men delight to walk with me?

The knowledge of the Lord, you say,

Doth in my Bible so appear

That all the earth must cover here;

But I do ask when this was done?

You boast my Bible you discern,

While you are blind and cannot see

That all men must be taught of me;

Then if of me they must he taught

The outer court must sure be shut;

That is the outward faith of man,

That never will discern my plan;

That is my Bible to go through,

And bring the whole before your view,

And then you'll own it is by me

The inner court you all must see,

It is by me must be brought in,

It never can be done by man;

If so my Bible all must lie-

You want no knowledge from on high;

Then how my Bible will it stand?

To give your answers I command:

If you as earthly gods do shine,

And want no knowledge that is mine,

But what is left upon record;

Then tell me how you'll know your Lord,

Or how my Bible you'll go through,

To prove to man the whole is true?

But thou dost answer now for man-

They judge the truth will never come,

That all the earth will so know me-

Then there's the gate shut out must be,

The Sanctuary is of men,

That preach my Gospel by their plan,

And by their wisdom make it good,

While they deny my every Word,

That I in Spirit here shall come,

And my delight shall be with men,

To tell them all what they shall do.

The prophet's words before their view

Were but a shadow then for men,

To shew them how the end would come:

When I the waters heal them all,

No more shall storms or tempests fall,

No more the raging floods shall come,

When I have healed the whole for man;

I'll heal their sorrows and their sin,

I'll heal the rage of hell within;

For I shall cast him in the sea,

Where he no more in man shall lay;

For I shall heal the every storm

That he doth work to bring on man,

Like floods and tempests to appear;

I'll cease the raging sword of war,

And all the raging floods bring low,

I'll heal the waters, all shall know,

And then they'd say the Lord is here,

And every stream of water clear.

But can these things be done by men,

By any way they've laid their plan,

While every heart in man I see

Just like the water floods they be,

And every flood in them appear

Against my Spirit they are here?

Then how the waters will they heal?

No, no; my Spirit they conceal,

To keep it back from every man:

They wish to hide the fervent Sun,

And they themselves as gods appear;

Like raging seas men's hearts are here,

Like foaming billows they are tossed,

Yet of my Bible still they boast,

I tell them, like the Jews before,

And like the Jews they all will err,

Till I begin to shut them out

That strong against me do dispute

For all their preaching I do hear,

They'll know my Eye is everywhere;

The heavens no curtain are to me

To blind my Eyes I cannot see;

Nor am I wanting of a guard,

Your words nor ways cannot be heard,

No, no; your preaching I do know;

Your sanctuaries I shall shew,

Where men do go and trust in men

To hear the words that come from them,

And in their words you put your trust;

But know the Jews that way were cast;

Because they put their trust in man,

You know, the gate was shut to them,

And is not open to this day:

You see them restless as the sea,

Tossed to and fro from land to land?

Can they the inner court command?

They would not enter in with me,

And now shut out they surely be;

Then now let all men warning take;

For if I shut the outer gate,

That now will stand in Adam's Fall,

(The type is deep, I tell you all,)

Then to the inner you'll not come

To have your God direct you on;

Then sure with man you may appear-

But can you heal the water here,

That's like a flood in every land?

The raging wars can you command?

The raging seas can you now still?

The raging hearts can you now quell?

That is, the raging passions heal?

I tell you, men, your strength would fail,

And all your wisdom be shut out,

Though with my Bible you dispute,

To say there is enough to see

The every mind and will of me;

But what you see you'll not believe,

And so my Spirit still you grieve;

Then of my Bible do not boast,

To say therein you put your trust;

I tell you plain, ye sons of men,

You preach my Gospel now in vain;

Because my Gospel cannot stand

If you deny the prophet's hand;

For them I said I'd all fulfil.

Now let the learned men stand still:

Did I deny the prophet's words,

And say 'twas false upon record?

No: this was not denied by me;

The prophet's words I then did say

That every one I should fulfil.

So judge my prophets as you will,

Firm as the heavens their word shall stand,

And I will be a light to men,

Till they're enlightened so by me

That they the prophet's words can see,

The way I shall fulfil the whole,

And man I'll free from Adam's Fall,

That now will enter in with me:

The outer gate, you all shall see,

It is the wisdom here of man.-

Now mark the Fall, and then discern

How I at first pronounced man dead;

Then how by man can you be led

Ever to enter in with me?

No: 'tis my Spirit, all must see,

That you must own to lead you on

Till to the standard all do come;

That is the standard of my word;

And then you'll own the living Lord

Will in my temple so appear,

And man my voice shall surely hear-

That is my Spirit to direct,

As I've directed thee;

And then my followers I'll protect

Till they shall all agree

To say the waters I have healed,

The buildings do appear,

My prophets they have never failed,

And own the Lord is here,

For here I'll come in Spirit strong,

And my delight shall be

To dwell with men that now will come

And hear what I do say.

So from Ezekiel now discern

Words ne'er were understood,

The way nor manner I did warn;

But now I'll make them good.

So if my Bible you do know

I bid men it explain:-

But on my Spirit it shall go

To lead thee to the end;

And when my Bible I've gone through

To make the mysteries clear,

And brought the whole before their view,

Then let men answer here

The way that they will all explain,

To make my Bible good.

I know the reasoning thoughts of men,

The way 'tis understood-

But I'll end here and say no more,

But to the purpose come;

Another day I shall appear

To answer thee again."

These Explanations of the Bible are continued in the

Fifth Part.