On the Word “Everlasting

From a MS. dated February 26, 1811, left by Joanna Southcott.

The Spirit of Truth.

Now I shall explain to thee the meaning of the word ‘Everlasting.’ [1] Heaven is a place of everlasting joy,—hell is a place of everlasting misery: for know, I have already told thee, Satan delights in nothing but misery; therefore happiness cannot be where the author of evil remaineth; for, in him is everlasting fire, which meaneth, burning with indignation against God and man. Therefore hell is compared to a fire; and a mans conscience is compared to a fire burning within him, when his crimes have been great; therefore hell is compared to a fire which was prepared for the devil and his angels, when the fire of their anger was kindled against God, whom they rebelled against in heaven. And therefore I said in My Gospel, when I come to separate the sheep from the goats, and give man the kingdom as prepared at the first, before he fell by temptations, then I said, Those that would not that I should come and rule over them, should be cast out as My enemies.But thou sayest, that it is not in the chapter he mentioned. Yet I tell thee, in these things ye must discern My Gospel through, to understand the meaning of My words,—then discern what I said in the Gospel, where he hath mentioned My sayings,—‘Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not unto Me.For what was done to them was done to Me.

Those who reject all My offers of love, and join with the enemy, with him, I tell thee, they must go into everlasting fire, which is prepared for the devil and his angels; because I have told thee it was prepared for him at first. But why is it called fire? Because it is a fire of anger, hatred and malice, against God and man:—but let no one vainly suppose that by the word Fire means that man will be cast into burning flames,—for that is more than man could bear; but it is the fire of mans conscience, and Satans malice, that is compared to a fire. And this I said, men must be cast into who despised all My offers of love, and join with the devil, in every cruelty; with him they will have their part and punishment, as I have already told thee, till the Judgment Day.

[Extracted from Express Leaflet, No. 25.]


An Answer to Persecution

An answer to a Man at Ilminster coming forward in the Mission, and meeting with great Persecution.

Given July 21st, 1811.

The Spirit of Truth.

Let him come to My Gospel, and know it was the Pharisees who made a boast of their religion, that said the parents of the man who was born blind were joined in the deception.

Discern the chapter through, and thou mayest see from it their likeness. For I now tell thee, like the Pharisees of old, who professed to be believers in Moses and the Prophets, but denied Me as being the Son of God, coming to fulfil the words of the Prophets, and to die for the transgression of men, that I might redeem them from the fall; in their likeness stand the Pharisees of this day, who deny the fulfilment of My Gospel, the visitation of My Spirit, and My coming again in power to open the blind eyes of all men that acknowledge that they were born blind from the Fall,—not seeing My ways, or My decrees from the beginning. For this is the perfect state of mankind; and those who discern this blindness, will now receive their sight, and be convinced for what ends the Son of God took mans nature upon him to die—the just for the unjust, to take away the sin of the world. These things that I have explained to thee already will be discerned and understood by those who own their blindness that they could not understand the Scriptures, or clearly see for what ends I died, or how the Scriptures will be fulfilled. Such I tell thee will have the eyes of their understandings opened, in seeing they will see, and in hearing they will understand,—and be like the man who was born blind, received his sight, and then believed. And then they will know for what judgment I came into the world;—for judgment against the Author of Evil that used arts to betray in the beginning, that, as I bore the blame man cast on Me, for giving him the woman, so must the Author of Evil be cast out for betraying the woman, when I come in power to fulfil My Gospel. But now I tell thee, on the other hand, those who are self-confident in their own wisdom, and say they see and understand the Scriptures—that by their knowledge they can discern all things, and know all things—that is the meaning of My words to the Prophets, what were My decrees from the beginning—such who profess to have this light and knowledge in themselves—such I tell thee will go on in spiritual blindness; therefore, marvel not in thy heart of the great persecution he hath already met with.

And now come to My Gospel.—(Matt. v. 10).—“Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.But I ask thee, when the meek inherited the earth? These are things men do not discern what was the meaning of My words then spoken, for the things that are present and the things that are to come. Know My disciples did not inherit the earth—but their reward was in heaven, and so was the reward of all My followers; and this will continue till My coming, then will the earth be the kingdom of God, and the meek will enjoy it. But now I ask thee, what is the meaning of the meek?—Can the proud vain boasters, who judge of themselves more highly than they ought to think—and like the proud Pharisees of old, who boasted of their knowledge and understanding, while they were blind and ignorant, can they be called the meek of the earth? In thy heart thou answerest—No. And therefore I tell thee, it is not by knowledge and the wisdom of men, nor by the power of men, that My Gospel will be fulfilled, and this earth become a place of happiness to be called a blessing for man to inherit. Land back thy thoughts to past ages, and view the shortness of mens lives, then ye may discern if all the blessings men enjoyed were in inheriting the earth, it would not be of long duration. But when evil is done away—and death and hell is swallowed up in victory, and mans redemption has taken place, then men will be blessed that inherit the earth; for none other will be preserved, but such as are waiting for the Coming of the Lord. These things I have explained unto thee, that men may discern from My Gospel what a change must take place to fulfil My sayings, and the sayings of the Prophets.

And now I shall answer thee of his persecution; and let him discern from My Gospel what I went through, then he may discern the words of the Apostle:—“If we have been planted together in the likeness of his death, we shall be also in the likeness of his resurrection.Here let men discern what was the likeness of My resurrection to triumph over death, hell, and the grave; and My enemies had no more power over Me. And so in like manner I tell thee of eternal life, when I appear according to the words of the apostles, to show who is the King of kings and Lord of lords—then cometh eternal life, both spiritual and temporal. And now I shall answer thee concerning him. If he will fight the good fight of faith, he may discern from the Scriptures who he hath to contend with—and know, without such spirit-working in men against My coming, it could not be recorded in love and anger;—for if there was nothing but love in men, longing for My coming to redeem the human race, and bring in eternal life to man; then I could have no enemies to destroy that would not that I should come and reign over them. Therefore let him discern from the Scriptures what is spoken to thee of the end, and My different answers that will be to mankind; then he will clearly discern the persecution he has to go through. And thus I told thee, in the beginning, that great would be the persecution in that place. For now I tell thee, like temporal enemies, when they think they have possession of a place, are alarmed if they judge there is danger of losing the possession they have got; so that a temporal war begins: in like manner was the spiritual warfare.

And this is Satans working amongst the people, which I warned thee of at first, and which thou mayest discern, is now rising high: therefore, he that will stand the fight, must put on the whole armour of faith—to believe from the foundation of the world, I created man in My own image, and My own likeness, to have power over the whole earth—that I should make all things good—faith to believe from the promise I made in the Fall, that in the end I should destroy that power which made things evil—faith to believe through the Scriptures, that all the promises which stand on record, I shall fulfil in the end, and that My Gospel shall be fulfilled. Therefore by—“the whole armour”—it is the Scriptures through, that must be the weapons of their warfare, who fight the good fight of faith, to take hold of My promises which stand for the end. Thus he must discern from the Scriptures—then he must discern from My visitation to thee, that I have visited by My Spirit, to warn you all the end is at hand. And thus he must discern from the truths that are past, what I have spoken, and already fulfilled—from them he must judge for the time to come, that, in like manner I shall fulfil the whole as months and years roll on. For, I now tell thee it is not as in days that are past, when the visitations to the Prophets that spoke of the end, could not be discerned of their fulfilment in one generation after another, because the time was not come for me to make a final end of sin, and bring in everlasting righteousness to man.

All the promises that stand on record have but been seen through a glass darkly—but now I have already told thee, and I now tell thee again, this present age will see the end of all My promises being fulfilled! And as years roll on they will see My words fulfilled to bring in the promises I have made to establish Peace and Righteousness in the earth. Here let men discern the difference between the faith of the past ages and the present; because I tell thee the present age have a light to walk by, which the past ages did not enjoy. And therefore, different minds were daily arising amongst mankind, where faith was not established in the heart. But now I have told thee I shall go on to bring My sheep into one fold—to have one faith and one belief in the fulfilment of My words; and those who stand out through unbelief, will find the truth of My sayings, when I come to redeem My sheep. Therefore, let no man turn him aside—but let him stand steadfast, according to My Gospel—to be as a good and faithful servant; then he will enter into the joy of the Lord—but I tell thee, the fight of faith every believer has to go through.

Joanna Southcott.

[Extracted from Express Leaflet, No. 30.]


Understanding the Bible Aright

Ms. August 25, 1811.

The Spirit of Truth.

Now I shall tell thee how men may have thy likeness to improve in wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. If they discern it to judge it aright, that it is from the promises made in the fall to cast out the adversary that betrayed the woman, that brings in the new heavens and new earth to man, and this will bring men to the knowledge of the Lord, for here the book stands open to all to be explained what men do not understand.

[Extracted from Had They Had Knowledge, p. 15.]


On Joanna’s Portrait

Extract from a letter written by Joanna Southcott to Mr. Hooper of Topsham, dated September 9th, 1811.


Dear Friend,

As you intend having my likeness when it is done, I shall here send you a copy of the answer that was first given to me, and likewise a Communication given in answer to a letter I received from one of the friends, who thought it wrong to have it done, and brought forward the 20th chapter of Exodus to show it was sinful.

In the first place, some years ago the friends had a great desire that I would have my likeness taken, but I was utterly against it, and said I would not have it done, therefore it was dropped and nothing more was said about it by the friends. But this year it pressed upon my mind that there were women of bad character going about calling themselves Joanna Southcott, by which means I have been represented as being a strange looking woman, tall and meagre, and all manner of descriptions given of my person; and in one of Hanns books there is a figure as a representation of me. All these things worked together on my mind, and I felt inclined to have my likeness taken, and mentioned it to the friends, who were all desirous to have it done. Still I was fearful of doing anything wrong in a spirit of my own, and I had the following answer given me:—

The Spirit of Truth.

Let no one marvel in their hearts, that it was My wisdom and My will to work in thy heart to have thy likeness taken, that the shadow and the substance may both appear whilst thou art living, that men may judge when thou art no more, if any imposition is drawn of thee. But in this I have ends unknown to thee, and what thou knowest not now, thou wilt know hereafter the reason I worked this in thy mind and heart to have it done in the year that I told thee to mark the four figures, (1811).

This answer set my mind and heart at rest concerning it, that if Mr. Sharp[2] could take my likeness it should be done; but I could not think of going to a stranger. And now I shall give you the communication given in answer to the man, who, to show it was not right, brought forward the 20th chapter of Exodus:

The Spirit of Truth.

From this chapter I shall show thee the folly of mankind and how little they understand what they read. Do men suppose it is a sin to draw a likeness? But I shall show thee where is the sin that was committed by the Children of Israel—because they worshipped the likeness they drew, and made them as gods unto themselves. For this was done in Egypt: the Egyptians had idols that they worshipped—images that they had made and set up: therefore the children of Israel wanted to have images to worship such as they had seen in the land of Egypt. Therefore I gave the command unto Moses that they should have no other gods but Me; neither should they make Me into any graven image, or the likeness of any thing in Heaven or Earth to worship, or bow down themselves to idols, that had neither life nor power in them. All these worships I forbad, which thou mayest discern throughout the Scriptures, as it was often set up by the Jews in order to follow the example of the heathen nations. But now let them discern from this: it was the making of images to worship which I forbad by Moses. And so I tell thee of this present age: where images are made and set up, either of things in Heaven or things on Earth for men to bow down to, or to worship, it is a sin that I have forbidden; because the worship of God is taken away from the heart, when it is given to an idol. Therefore I told thee of the Roman Powers, how wrong was their worship: they look to idols that they have set up, and to the men they have set up to pardon and to forgive them; but in heart they do not look unto Me to the ends of the earth to be saved. These are the things that I have forbidden in the past ages and also in the present. And now I shall come to thy likeness that I have told thee it was My will and My wisdom to have it taken whilst thou art living, that no false representation might be made when thou art no more: and now discern in what manner the Bible was placed before thee on thy prophecies.

When Mr. Sharp was taking my likeness we proposed having the Bible to lay open before me as the visitation is to throw open the Bible to mankind. Mr. Sharp said it was not high enough, and Underwood brought three volumes of my books to put under the Bible. I opened it promiscuously to the 65th and 66th chapters of Isaiah, and the words struck me forcibly of the new Heavens and the new Earth. I then looked to see what books were put under the Bible:—

The first volume contained: The Strange Effects of Faith; The Word in Season; and The Word to the Wise.

The second volume had the following: On the Church Prayers; Sound an Alarm; The Warning to the World; The Prayers on the Fast; and The Trial.

The third volume contained: The Parables, and The Explanation of the Parables.

The Spirit of Truth.

Let men discern in what manner the Book is opened before them: for this I tell thee was My Wisdom to show them from the Scriptures, that it is the promise made to the woman in the Fall to cast out the adversary that betrayed her at the first, that bringeth in the New Heavens and the New Earth to man—a new Heaven, because they will experience heavenly joys flowing upon the mind and heart, without the temptations of evil that cloud the happiness designed for man. It is known to thee and to all men, that heavenly joys are now clouded when they are experienced for a while, because the Powers of Darkness are always working to spoil their happiness where it is fixed on heavenly joys. But when that Evil Power is done away with, then will abiding and new joys be experienced by man, such as have never before been experienced in this life. And so I tell thee of the saints in glory: know I have told thee, that without guards of saints or Angels, ye would be wearied more with Satans Power: but when that power is done away, then all things become new, and the Earth will become new to man when I have fulfilled My promises to do away with the Evil and to establish the Good, and to bring in the Redemption of man. And let men this discern, what were the prophecies in thy Books that were placed together under the Bible, and let them weigh deep what is the promise and the threatenings in the chapters where I directed thy hand when the Bible was placed on thy Prophecies. Let them discern how the Books stand open before them. Here I tell thee, if men had wisdom to discern the whole together, they would see My wisdom in working in thy mind to have thy likeness taken. And now I tell thee, how men may have thy likeness to improve in wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, if they discern it to judge aright, that it is from the Promise made in the Fall to cast out the Adversary, that betrayed the Woman, that brings in the New Heavens and the New Earth to man. And this will bring men to the knowledge of the Lord: for here the Book stands open to all to be explained, what men do not understand. In this, if men would judge aright, no idolatry would be made of thee, but they could see My mercies and goodness to pity the weakness of the Woman in the Fall, from the Promise I made to free her in the end; and this bringeth in the Redemption of man. So if men judge aright, it would draw their hearts to long for My Coming to rejoice in My people; that sorrow and sighing may be done away. Thus mankind, if they draw a right judgment, would be longing for My Coming to fulfil the Prophecies; and they would know that there was no more power in thee to fulfil the words, or to establish happiness upon the Earth, than there was power or life in thy likeness that stood before them; as in that, all must discern, there is neither life nor power. Then what have men to worship in seeing thy likeness, in which I have told them, there is no power to accomplish any of the Promises that I have made? But let men look to the Scriptures and to the Prophecies I have given to thee, then I tell thee, their hearts will be drawn to long for My Coming to fulfil the whole. So that if man draws a right judgment, no idolatry would be in the heart to look at a shadow without a substance, but My ways and decrees would be discerned in placing the whole together by the way I worked round to have My Bible opened to all.

Here I have shown thee how men may get wisdom and understanding by what I have ordered thee to do, without any idolatry, but a regard that I have commanded, to love them that love Me and keep My commandments.

But now I tell thee, on the other hand, if men look at thy likeness only as an idol, to worship the creature, whom I have visited by My Spirit to warn you all that the end is at hand and to throw open the Scriptures plain to their view—those that draw no wisdom nor understanding from it, but only worship thy likeness, without discerning it was My mercies and goodness to warn of the end, and it is My power must fulfil it (for without Me thou canst do nothing, and without My revelation and My warning thou hast no more knowledge than others)—those that do not thus meditate in their hearts to give unto the Lord the honour and glory due unto His name, but set up thy likeness as an idol in their hearts—such I tell thee, will commit sin in having thy likeness if they look at the shadow and not the substance. Because I have told thee the shadow is in thee, in pleading the promise that I have made, but the substance must be in the Lord to fulfil it. Therefore let men discern from thy likeness that thou hast no more power of thyself to fulfil the Words I have revealed to thee, than the print that stands before them. And where men this discern, it will teach them wisdom and not folly; they will see My wisdom in working in thy mind and heart to have it done while thou wast living, to tell them all there is no power in thee to fulfil the promises; therefore their trust must be in the Lord, and what I have promised I shall fulfil. So let no wrong judgment be drawn by man when they look at thee as a shadow that hath no power, but let them look at the substance, and judge from whence the warning came. For I now tell thee, the end is at hand, that I shall fulfil all that I have spoken by the mouth of My Prophets, and the words that I have spoken to thee; for here the Books are open to all and it is to them men must look.

But now I shall come to the different judgments of mankind:—Those that judge it a sin to have thy likeness taken—to them it is a sin to have it in their houses, because they do the thing that they judge to be sinful. But those that judge another way, and do not think it any sin, but out of regard to thy memory, wish to have thy likeness when thou art no more, and out of love to thy Master they regard the servant—in love to their Creator they regard the creature, whom I have visited by My Spirit to warn of the promise I made at first that I shall fulfil it at the last, that what I said in the beginning I shall fulfil in the ending—those that judge it in a right light to regard thee as a Servant of the Lord—to such it is in love to the Lord that their regard is placed, and to them it is right to have thy likeness. But on the other hand where they look to the creature and not to the Creator, to such I tell thee it is sinful, because it is looking at the shadow, and not to the substance. Therefore thou must give them a caution not to look unto thee, as the creature having any power in thyself to complete that happiness and blessing that I have in store for man. They must look to the promises I have made, and to the Scriptures that are open to their view, with the desire fixed in their hearts, that they may be the people that I shall rejoice in, whose sorrows I shall take away, and whose names may stand before Me, that they may be of the New Jerusalem, that cometh down from Heaven to man—these thoughts being placed in the heart will take away all idolatry from thee. And let them that reprove answer when the New Heavens and the New Earth took place; when the Scriptures that are open before them were fulfilled and accomplished? Is Jerusalem a rejoicing and her people a joy? Let them prove when this was fulfilled, and let them discern from the beginning for what ends I told thee this Visitation was; to fulfil the words of the Prophet where I directed thy hand.

The above taken from Joannas mouth:

Ann Underwood.

[Extracted from Two Witnesses, No. 27.]


On the Comet

A Communication given to Joanna Southcott on October 22nd, 1811.

The Spirit of Truth.

Now I shall answer thee what hath been the desire of thy heart, to know the meaning of My visitation in the Comet, that is so called by man; that I ordered thee to mark the time thou sawest it appear after opening the Bible on thy Prophecies; and know how near it seemed to appear to the house where thou dwellest, a sight that was never seen before by thee: and why it was ordered to be marked—in thy heart thou hast wished to know: and the enquiry that was made of the man concerning it, who wrote the lines in the Birmingham paper, and which are printed in Turpins Book—signed A Lover of Truth;and which thou judgest to be just. To his enquiry I shall answer:—

The sign is great both ways. I have called to thy remembrance many things that followed since ye saw but a shadow appear (alluding to the comet in October, 1807) which thou knowest could not be discovered by thee: and now thou hast heard by the public at large, that was but a shadow of light to the great light that now appears. For I now tell thee, this light which appears to thee like light from a fire issuing forward with a light flame as though the substance of the fire was behind—in this likeness it appeareth to thee; and perfect so it will to mankind: it is the light appearing to show mankind the Signs in the Heavens in this day of their Visitation. But as thou judgest from the appearance it seemed as though a fire was behind; so will the nations find My anger to break out; for as the enquiry was two ways whether for blessings or judgments to man, so in like manner two ways they will find the events to follow. The light from Heaven is revealed to man—My just decrees are made known to man; and the Scriptures I have thrown open to their view, which they may see as clearly before them how My Gospel is fulfilling—the words of the Prophet are fulfilling—and what I warned thee by My Spirit is hastening on. This they may as clearly discern is fulfilling in the nations abroad and at home, to be a light to lighten mankind. As the light that is in the firmament is seen and discerned by the eye to be a different light from the stars that appear in their courses, that always appear to your view and is common among mankind—but let men discern how different this light appeareth which all men can see with the eye, how different it is from the common light. Now perfect so I tell thee of the times—I have now given a greater light to men to warn them that the end is at hand, and that the Brightness of My Coming is greater than they understood before from any knowledge they had of the Scriptures, and the way and manner I should fulfil them. But I now tell thee, as the mist covered the light that ye could not see the brightness thereof; perfectly so is the mist over the hearts of the people, that in seeing they do not see, nor in hearing do they understand in what manner I warned in My Gospel what the end should be; and how the Spirit of Truth should come to guide you into all Truths, and teach you things to come, that My Parables may be fulfilled, to have the wise virgins waiting for the Bridegroom—but this men do not discern, but what I warned of false prophets, that men should beware of—this is clearly discerned by mankind, so they see the one and not the other.

But now call all things to thy remembrance at what time I ordered thee to mark the events when the four figures[3] came in, viz., 1802, and what happened at the end of the 10th year by the thunder and lightning; and what were the clouds seen in the firmament which I told thee was a sign to all nations. This let men discern of the beginning of the year, and how I ordered thee to mark the events of the year through, which I tell thee, if men had wisdom to discern, they would have known it was a prophecy given to thee, that some particular events would happen in the year I warned thee of before, and commanded thee to mark through: but had these signs been nothing to man more than the events of another year, I should not have warned thee so long before to mark the events of this year more than another.

And now let men discern what hath been the events upon the earth—of storms and tempests—of thunder and lightning by sea and by land; and what consumption hath been by fire that ye have heard of in different places—these things let men discern on the earth below, which I have told thee at the end of this year—all these events must be placed together, and let them discern at what time this unusual light appeared in the Heavens. If these things were clearly discerned by men, all enquirers would be like him (the Birmingham writer) wishing to know whether the sign was come to warn of severe events as a scourge to mankind, or whether the Sign was of blessings to show mankind that I should change the scenes of sorrow, and bring a glorious harvest to man. For this is the sense and meaning of his enquiry, which way, or for what ends, the Sign appeareth? And now I tell thee it is both ways: It is a sign of blessing to those who not only enquire into the meaning of this appearance, why such an unusual light should appear in the heavens; for though men have given it a name that they say hath often appeared, but I tell thee it is a sign of much greater events than have ever yet taken place. For they will find as the light appeared forward to be seen by the eye, so is the fire of My anger concealed behind, to destroy Mine enemies that reject My Gospel and My Coming. But as a light appeareth to man, so shall I now enlighten those who seek to know the days of their visitation, for whether they will hear, or whether they will forbear to listen to the warning I have given to thee—yet, if men now search the Scriptures and understand My sayings what I spoke of the end; then men would begin to enquire from them what were the Signs of these times, and how near the end was at hand. Then their enquiry would be like his who wished to know for what sign this light appeareth in the Heavens. And so if men discerned My Gospel, they would see in what manner I warned them of the end; and what visions I showed John, and how they are now fulfilling together—this would be deeply discerned by men, if clouds and thick darkness were not over the hearts of the people to cover the light from them as the clouds and thick darkness often cover the light that is in the firmament from your view.

Now let the words be penned that men have said in mockery of the stars. They said it was some old stars that were worn out, gathered together, and burning out like a candle in the socket. To their mockery I shall answer thee, and out of their own mouths will I condemn them. And let them know when old things are worn out and burn away to be consumed, new things must be put in their places. And perfect so I have told thee—old things shall be done away, and new things shall now appear. So that the things they have mocked they will find to be hastening on upon them, for I now tell thee, My patience is worn out—my forbearance is worn out—and My appointed time to put an end to the evils of sin, is hastening on, to be worn out likewise. So let not men mock the old things being worn out, or that the stars in the firmament that I placed as lesser lights for man—let them not mock their being gathered together or worn out, for let them know a new and greater light must appear. But I ask them how in that day such mockers will appear, who pretend to discern and understand that the stars in the firmament that are placed as lights for man, are now wearing out. O vain and presumptuous man! Know with them My anger will be kindled to consume and destroy such men. Therefore, I tell thee, the Sign is great, and mens mockery will kindle the flames; and yet from their mockery I shall answer thee from the Bible; that the time is drawing near that the words of the prophet are wearing out to be fulfilled: for know when I bring in the New Heavens and the New Earth all the old must be done away, and all things become new. Therefore the evils of sin must be done away—its powers and the author thereof that is daily kindling a flame in the hearts of men to be at enmity against God and one the other—this, I tell thee, will gather together and burn out, and I shall kindle a fire in My anger to consume them.

But now, on the other hand, Mine will be a fire of Love to save unto the utmost—those who in heart and life believe in My promises and the fulfilment thereof, that gather together in My name, to kindle a flame of love in each heart, to long for My Coming—to establish righteousness on the Earth, and to wish to see the evil of sin burn itself out—such will feel the heat and warmth of My love, while others will feel the heat of My anger; for I have now told thee from mens mockery, saying the old stars are worn out and gathered together to burn like a candle, so they will find all old things are now hastening together to burn themselves out, and be destroyed, if they do not look unto Me from the ends of the Earth to be saved. For I now tell thee, this Blazing Star is a Sign unto man the end draweth near; and the signs of this year are signs of what the end will be unto those who mock My warnings and My Coming. But as thou sayest in thy heart My warnings cannot be mocked by all, because it is not made known to all, but know I have told thee—that I shall bring heavier judgments upon the nations abroad—pestilence and famine to be in the lands, and by judgments I shall bring the nations low. Then will the warning be given abroad, that the nations may know the days of their Visitation, and how near the time is come, that the ends of the earth must turn to the Lord if they will be saved, and when ye see this begin to take place, then know it is even at the door. Here I shall leave thee for the present till thou hast seen more of the light than thou hast seen in the heavens, and discerned the judgments that are drawn by men of what I told thee of the eleventh year.

This taken from Joanna Southcotts mouth by me, Ann Underwood,

(Witness) Jane Townley.

[Extracted from Southcott Despatch, No. 31.]


Believers to Guard Against Their Enemies

Ms. December 2, 1811.

We must take every precaution in our power to guard against the enemies, as there seems to be a spirit of enquiry amongst the people; so are the enemies stirring up strong against the cause, writing and speaking much against us. But this only fulfils the Revelations, for though they are, as it were, gnawing their tongues with pain for the distress thousands and tens of thousands feel, yet in the midst of all this, they blaspheme against the visitation of the Lord, and this unbelief and mockery will kindle the anger of the Lord against them, to bring on the judgments that are threatened. The Scriptures and the prophecies are fast fulfilling both abroad and at home, the prospect on every side is gloomy for the unbelieving world, trade ruined, scarce any employment for the poor in the manufacturing towns, and every thing rising high, and likely to be a scarcity of bread, and yet they will not hear or attend to the truth to see this is the day of their visitation, but blasphemy and persecution, as far as they can go, is found amongst them, against those who do see and believe. But believers have a different prospect before them, knowing, though they have the storms to go through, yet they can look forward to the glorious prize in the end; that if it please the Lord to continue them in this world, he has promised to protect them through all dangers, and if it please him to remove any of the sealed number, he will take them to a world of Glory, where sorrow cannot come, therefore, all those who stand faithful to their belief, and as far as in them lay act up to their belief, relying upon the Lord for his protection, will find it.

[Extracted from Had They Had Knowledge, p. 61.]


The Two Witnesses

Christ in the flesh and Christ in the spirit.

This Communication was given December 11th, 1811, in answer to an enquiry of Mr. John Hows, concerning Rev. xi. and Zec. iv.

Joanna Southcott said, that she could not see how it was possible that any man could draw a clear judgment concerning the Witnesses, as no likeness of the Witnesses had ever appeared.

The Spirit of Truth.

To thy thoughts I shall answer:—The chapters are beyond mans understanding to explain, unless they go back to the beginning. Now bring forward the promises made in the Fall, and how the Tree of Life was preserved; and then I shall answer thee from the chapters he has pointed out:

Genesis iii. 15. “I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.Verse 24. So he drove out the man; and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubims, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the Tree of Life.

Isaiah xxviii. 16, 17. “Therefore thus saith the Lord God, Behold, I lay in Zion for a foundation a stone, a tried stone, a precious corner stone, a sure foundation: he that believeth shall not make haste. Judgment also will I lay to the line, and righteousness to the plummet: and the hail shall sweep away the refuge of lies, and the waters shall overflow the hiding place.

Zechariah iv. 14. “Then said he, these are the two anointed ones, that stand by the Lord of the whole earth.

Revelation xi. 7. “And when they shall have finished their testimony, the beast that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit shall make war against them, and shall overcome them, and kill them.

Now I shall answer thee from the beginning, and call to thy remembrance all the prophets and apostles; and they have been many. Therefore, concerning prophecy, these Two Witnesses cannot allude to prophecies given to men, but to the promise made in the Fall, to have My heel bruised for the transgression of man, that I might come again in power to fulfil the promise—the prophecy given to the woman, and to cast out the adversary who betrayed her: so that the Two Witnesses is the fulfilment of the promise made in the beginning. And now I shall explain to thee how one is fulfilled already, and why the two are placed together. Know I came to seek and to save that which was lost—and by the Fall man was lost. Know, I came to die, the just for the unjust, to take away the sin of the world.

Here let men discern the first, and who were My witnesses of all the miracles I wrought, and what happened at My death and resurrection. In this thou knowest there were many who bore witness of the one, and whose testimony affirmed that I came to be the Saviour of the whole world, and to be the Redeemer of mankind; for I told them, in the end, I should come in power and great glory, to bring in the Kingdom of Redemption for man. Here let men discern what happened in My day when I became flesh, and dwelt amongst men; and how My enemies rejoiced over My death, and also that of My disciples. So that the first cannot be accomplished to bring in the Tree of Life to man, and redeem him from the Fall, before the Second Witness appeareth, which is the promise revealed to the woman to plead for her adversary to be cast out. And know what I said in My Gospel: The Prince of this world should be judged. And the Spirit of Truth should come from the Father, which was the Comforter, who should come unto you. Howbeit, when the Spirit of Truth is come, he will guide you into all truth, and he will show you things to come.John xvi.

Now I shall answer thee from the Comforter, which is the Spirit of Truth, to warn you that the end draweth near, when your adversary shall be judged and cast out, according to the promise made in the beginning; for which end My heel was bruised, to bring in mans redemption, and to cast out the god of this world, and make the World become the children of the God of the whole earth, who created man in the beginning to be in My own image and in My own likeness; and this I have promised to accomplish in the ending. And now come back to the words of the prophet Isaiah, for now I tell thee from the words of the prophet:—“Behold, I lay in Zion for a foundation—a stone, a tried stone.Know, I was tried and tempted, by all the subtlety and arts of the Devil—to be a sure foundation for Man: for I suffered temptations, that I might know what temptations meant, and of Satans working every way.

Here was the sure foundation for man, when I came to lay judgment to the line, and righteousness to the plummet. Then let them discern what followeth: The hail shall sweep away the refuge of lies.Know, from lies the woman was deceived in the beginning: and in like manner Satan went on to work in the minds and hearts of men, to seek My life, and to put Me to death. Know the words of the Jews and their self-confidence—“His blood be on us, and our children.Here they made a covenant with death, and with hell they were at agreement. But let men discern what followed to them; but the end is not yet.

Now discern what follows: (verse 18) Your covenant with death shall be disannulled, and your agreement with hell shall not stand; when the overflowing scourge of hell pass through, then shall ye be trodden down by it.Here let men discern from these words of the prophet, what the end must be, when I come to make an end of sin: and let them discern what I warned in the beginning: The Lord shall rise up in Mount Perazim, he shall be wroth in the Valley of Gibeon, that he may do his work, his strange work; and bring to pass his act, his strange act. Now, therefore, be ye not mockers, lest your bands be made strong: for I have heard from the Lord God of Hosts, a consumption even determined upon the whole earth.Isaiah xxviii. 21, 22. This I warned thee in the beginning that My visitation would be to all nations, and this men may see I have begun, and shall go on to make an end till I have brought it to the words of the prophet: Bread-corn is bruised, because he will not ever be threshing it, nor break it with a wheel of his cart, nor bruise it with his horsemen.

Now I shall answer thee from the words of the prophet. Know, I have told thee—“My Spirit shall not always strive with man, neither will I be always threshing and afflicting my wheat, because of the chaff.Let men understand the words of the prophet, and they will discern that afflictions cannot last for ever; but My threshing must last before My excellent working begins to appear; and the wonderful counsel that I decreed from the beginning.

Now come to Zec. iv. 2.“I have looked, and behold a candlestick, all of gold, with a bowl upon the top of it, and his seven lamps thereon and two olive trees by it.

Here I shall answer thee from these words. The Golden Candlestick appeared when I became flesh, and dwelt among men—but the bowl, which is on the top, signifies My coming again in power and great glory, to triumph over My enemies—to destroy the power of death, hell, and sin, and bring in the two olive trees of peace to man. And now I will tell thee why they are two:—My blood being shed for the transgression of men, that they may look unto me, to the ends of the earth, and be saved, is the one—and the casting out of the adversary that betrayed the woman, is the other. Therefore these two must be joined together, to bring the olive branch of Peace; for as the sword turned one way to cut Me off, so it must turn the other way, to cut off the author of evil, and bring in the Tree of Life for man, which was preserved in the beginning by the promise made in the Fall. Therefore, it is not by the might, nor by any power of men, that can destroy the great mountain of sin that stands before you; but by my power, and by my spirit, it shall be done. I have laid the foundation in the beginning, of what I shall accomplish in the ending. Therefore, let no man despise the day of small things; for they shall rejoice, and see the fulfilment of all My words and promises, when I lay judgment to the line of sin and righteousness to the plummet, according to My words.

Now go back to the promise, and let them discern how it was first made, and how I have gone on to fulfil the one—and how I have warned, by My Spirit, I shall go on to fulfil the other: then they would discern who are the two anointed ones, that stand by the Lord of the whole earth. Know I came to do the will of God, in giving up My life for the transgression of man.

And now I have revealed to thee the meaning of the promise made in the Fall, how that must be pleaded to be fulfilled, for Satans power to be cut off, and My Kingdom of righteousness to be established, that God may be all in all. This is thy petition and thy request from My visitation to thee; so that it is by my power and by my spirit that promise will be fulfilled in the end. And now I shall come to the Revelations that thou hast stumbled at, of the awful judgments that are to take place in the days of the prophecies of the Two Witnesses.

But here men do not understand the meaning of the words of what they read. Look back to My Gospel, and discern the prophecies that I spoke of the Jews, that I spoke of Jerusalem being trodden down of the Gentiles, and their being cast out into all nations, and how My Disciples would be put to death for My sake. But were these prophecies fulfilled while I dwelt with them, or while I gave the words unto them?—In thy heart, thou answerest, No.—Yet, after that, thou knowest all was fulfilled. Therefore, when prophecies are given, the time must come for their fulfilment:—and so time ran on for the Jews to bring upon themselves all the evils I had pronounced against them, because I had power to fulfil My words. But know their malice and cruelty first appeared, and My power and just judgments followed after; for as they put Me to death so I brought on them the just judgments I had pronounced against them. But now I ask thee, when was the time that all these awful events took place, while My two Witnesses were prophesying of them? Thus men do not discern the meaning of the words—“in the time of these Witnesses”—that a time must come to fulfil the words; because I have power to fulfil My promises and threatenings.

Here let men discern the past, what was My power in My resurrection; what was the power I gave to My disciples to work miracles by the power of My Spirit, that they might see I had not left Myself without witnesses of giving power to men. And after that fulfilled My words in the destruction of Jerusalem, as I told them before, to show My power, according to My words. But now let them further discern what I told them of the end, and how Jerusalem should be trodden down of the Gentiles till the end drew near. And now I tell thee why it is spoken of the Gentiles; because they were like a heathen nation before they were convinced and brought into the fear of the Lord by the preaching of the Gospel. Then they no longer stand as being called Gentiles, but as Christians, being brought nigh by My death to the knowledge of God; which meaneth, to believe in a God they ought to worship; and by the Gospel they are brought to the prophets to declare the ending from the beginning. But know, those that believe are now called the Promised Seed, which I have told thee is the Seed of Faith, that what I have promised I am able and willing to perform. And now I have warned by My Spirit, that the end is drawing near, wherein I shall fulfil all My Gospel, and the words of the prophets: to swallow up death in victory; to wipe away tears from all eyes; to bring in the New Heaven, and the New Earth; to cast out the Prince of this world, and bring in the redemption of man: that I shall come in power and great glory to fulfil all My sayings; this I have warned thee of by My Spirit, that the time is hastening on for Me to fulfil all My sayings. And the nations may see before them the signs that I warned them of, the distresses and perplexities of nations, which would take place before their redemption would be accomplished: these things I spake in the days of the flesh. And know, I warned thee in the beginning, that the wars I had spoken of at the end, were now hastening on to be fulfilled, till I brought all the Earth to know the Lord: to have the heathen for My inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the Earth for My possession. Now here stand the Two Witnesses of My Spirit,before mankind—the one stands on record what the end should be, when the end was drawing near of My coming again in power—the other, is the warning I gave to thee, that these were the wars that should bring in the end, different from the wars that had been before. And now let men discern, how both of these Witnesses are slain through unbelief. Is not My Gospel denied—as to the fulfilment thereof—that it never will be fulfilled, according to My words and My sayings? Is not the Spirit of Truth, which I said should come to guide you into all truths, and teach you things to come, is not this denied by mankind? Then know, My Witness must be slain by the unbelief of men, because it is denied and rejected of men. Therefore marvel not in thy heart how both can be slain and compared together without having two prophets together in one likeness to be slain. (See Book 56, pages 48, 49. Answer to Thomas Paine.)

But now I tell thee the two are as one—My sayings at the first, and the Visitation of My Spirit to warn mankind the time is at hand, is the last. Yet these two are as one:—because it is two different times—two different warnings, that I have given to mankind. And as the malice was at the first, so the malice and rage of hell are at the last: for both alike are trampled under foot by the sons of men, and counted as a dead letter unto them, having no life or power, as being from the Spirit of God, to be fulfilled.

In this fury men will go on, and rejoice in any destruction they can bring upon thee, because they deny the Visitation as being from the Spirit of God, as having power to fulfil His words. But they will find all the power mentioned in the chapter is in the Spirit that visits thee; but as a prophet, there is no power in thee to fulfil the words I have revealed to thee.

But let them discern from the past, when I told thee I should hurt the harvest by the sun—I had power to shut the heavens, that the rain did not come in the time I warned thee it should not; then let men look to the past; and then let them judge how the Heavens will be shut, when I bring a total famine upon the land,[4] that I have threatened. And now I shall tell thee the meaning why it is said these Two Witnesses tormented them that dwelt on the earth?Know from My Gospel, how the Jews were tormented at My sayings, and how they rejoiced at My death, before destruction came upon them; and now thou seest the same in mankind. Is there not the same hatred, malice and fury in men now, as though they were tormented to hear thy sayings, as there was in My days, when men were tormented to hear mine? For whatsoever provokes men to malice and envy, rage and fury, is as a torment to their minds, or such indignation could not appear. This is the meaning of their being tormented; because Satan works in them with malice and envy against any visitation that is from the Lord: therefore it is said:—“The Beast that ascended out of the bottomless pit shall make war against them, and shall overcome them and kill them,which means, to reject all their words and prophecies which are given, making it appear as a dead thing unto man, that can never have power or life to be fulfilled.

And now I shall reason with thee after the manner of men, to make it clear before thee. Do not false Witnesses take a mans life, if they bring a murder against him, which the man has never committed? This thou knowest has been done by men, when judge and jury believed the false reports to be true; so that the innocent man became dead by the laws of men, because they believed in a false witness. And perfectly so I tell thee of the prophecies: false witnesses and false inventions will make the Word of God as a dead letter before mankind—as a false witness will make a man dead, by the law; so that a thing may be spiritually slain through malice and envy, as a man may be temporally slain. And this is the meaning of the witnesses being slain, in a spiritual sense: but know, I was slain spiritually and temporally: of this I shall leave until the end.

Now I shall explain the words thou so much stumblest at—“how all people, and kindred, and tongues, and nations, shall see their dead bodies three days and a half, and shall not suffer their dead bodies to be put into graves.This thou knowest cannot be fulfilled according as the words are spoken in a clear and straight line. But I now tell thee of prophecies, they are not spoken in a clear and straight line, for all to be fulfilled according to the words: yet I shall explain to thee the meaning of the words. Know I have told thee, through unbelief this would be as a dead letter unto men in this nation, before more of My wondrous working begins to appear. And so I tell thee of all nations, when thy writings go abroad though they may be believed by some, yet as a dead letter will it appear to the nations in general; and as a dead body will all be despised and rejected at first.

But now I shall tell thee the meaning of not suffering their dead bodies to be put in graves: know, according to the law of nations, men are allowed to be buried and put into graves, unless something be brought against them, that makes it disallowed by men, and they judge some punishment is due to the body. And so in like manner will the unjust sentence be passed by thousands, when the threatenings to the nations are first sent abroad; and men will rejoice to see the threatened judgments not so hastily taking place.

But then they will find as it is written—“The Spirit of life, from God, entered into the Witnesses that were slain, and they stood upon their feet; and great fear fell on them that saw it.So, they will find the truth of My words begin to rise like life from the dead, that men may stand on the truth thereof, and then will fear fall on the nations, when they begin to see the truth that they were warned of, and which they mocked and despised: and this at first will appear like a man that is dead and hath no life in him. But the meaning of the life being revived, is when all My threatened judgments begin to be fulfilled: then will men see by an eye of faith, that it came from Heaven, from the Spirit of the living God, when the Witnessesare then ascended.

When earthquakes and famine, in an unusual manner begin to take place—then they will see the woes that are past that have come upon men; and the third woe cometh quickly, as I have told thee, upon the Devil. And the seventh Angel will begin to sound, and then voices will be heard in Heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever.This rejoicing will be first in Heaven—knowing it will shortly come upon Earth.

Here I have given thee an opening of these Scriptures, and it is after these Two Witnessesappear to finish their testimony of the Scriptures and prophecies of the end, that bringeth in the reward to them that believe; and discern what is to follow after, that My servants the prophets and saints, to whom I gave rewards, are many; but the Witnessesare called but two. And discern from the Scriptures, that I was the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world, because the Promise was then made, and the curse was then pronounced on the serpent, which is the Devil, who, with lies, betrayed the woman; so that she was slain from the beginning, and cast her guilt on her betrayers head.

Here, if men have wisdom to discern, they will see the Witnesses” clear.”


Joanna Southcott.

[Extracted from Two Witnesses, No. 2. See also Express Leaflet, No. 5, and Small Still Voice, No. 8. A further explanation is given in the following Communication, and in A Continuation in the undated section.]


The Seventh Angel Sounded

Printed from a MS. dated Dec. 17th, 1811, left by Joanna Southcott.

I shall give you a further Communication from the Revelations xi. 15. “The seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, the kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever …”

We give thee thanks, O Lord God Almighty because thou hast taken to thee thy great power, and hast reigned.

Answer of the Spirit.

Now let men mark from these words, in what manner the vision was seen, that the kingdoms of this world should become the kingdoms of the living God. When this sound came from the angel, and the four-and-twenty elders worshipped God for taking the great power to reign, the nations were angry.

Now mark from these words, and weigh them with this nation, how their anger is kindled to hear the kingdoms of this world are becoming mine—for me to reign. But can men suppose that my kingdom will never come in this world for me to reign here, to be all in all?

This, I tell thee, is folly in man to place the Scriptures this way, to think the nations could be angry for the great power I have taken in heaven, neither have they a knowledge thereof; but it already appears the anger that is in this nation to hear the kingdoms of this world shall become the kingdoms of the living God. And though they see the wrath that is come and kindled upon the nations, yet professors are hardened through unbelief. But let them mark how all these things are come together: the wars, the tumults, the distresses and perplexities, the visitation of my Spirit, and the revelation of my Bible, according as it is written—my coming shall be revealed. Now let men mark the following words:—“And the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth.

Now let men answer me, who it is that destroys the earth, or how the earth is destroyed? In thy heart, thou answereth the comforts of the earth are destroyed by sin: for sin bringeth forth sorrow upon man; and sin destroys the honour and glory of God. These are thy thoughts of destroying the earth and all its comforts.

Now I shall answer thee further—how the earth is destroyed, and all its comforts—not only by the temptations of sin, that destroy it in a Christian, but it is destroyed by those Satan can work in.

Mark how he worked upon Pharaoh to destroy the comforts of the children of Israel; and how he worked in Jezebel, to destroy Naboth. Thus you may see throughout my Bible, how Satan hath worked upon the hearts of men to destroy all the comforts of the earth, and how the earthen vessels of men have been destroyed thereby. Witness my disciples—the martyrs—and the Christians, who have been destroyed by the powers of darkness working in man.

Thus I have shown thee how the earth is destroyed by the servants of sin, as well as by the master, and, I tell thee, by the sins, judgments are brought upon the land. So is the earth destroyed of its comforts, the earth is destroyed of its blessings, that they would receive if they were not destroyed by sin; and my honour and glory is destroyed; my mercies are destroyed in the earth that I created for my honour and glory, and for the happiness of mankind. All this is destroyed by evil; but now I shall destroy that evil that destroyeth the earth of its blessings—me of my honour—and man of his happiness—all this is destroyed.

But now I shall come to destroy the destroyer—that the earth may be filled with its goodness, as the heavens are filled with my majesty. Now let men mark from the words of the chapter, when the earthquake had destroyed a tenth part of the city, and thousands were slain, the remnant that were affrighted gave glory to the God of Heaven.

But how could this glory be given in the midst of judgments and distresses, if they were not warned of the end to know of the glory that should follow? If this was not known to man, fear and confusion must fill the whole—fearing the same destruction that had fallen upon the one might fall upon the other. Do the affrighted nations now, that have no knowledge of the change that will take place, do they give glory to God for what has already happened?

I tell thee, no;—they are only alarmed for fear of the end, and what shall come upon them; but they have no thoughts of their deliverance, and without the visitation of my Spirit to warn man of the end, my Bible can never be fulfilled.

Now mark the words that are written, That which ye have, hold fast till I come. And he that overcometh and keepeth my words unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations.Here let all men discern, how my words are left on record, to warn men of my coming; and to warn them of the end. Those who keep my words, shall have power over all nations.

Now mark from these words, the power must be given to man at the end—power to convince, power to destroy. Therefore, as I told thee at first, I now tell thee again, there must be first an enlightened nation, an enlightened people full of knowledge and full of faith to warn all nations, and convince all nations, and to awaken the nations, that they may be looking for the coming of the Lord. But how can this be done by men without the visitation of my Spirit, to show them clearly the time is at hand, and to lay everything before them.

Now mark what followeth upon the nations—they shall be broken to shivers, as the potters vessel. And these things, I tell thee, must come upon the nations before they will regard the warning, or accept the invitation. Now let them weigh the Revelations through. Behold, I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast—that no man take thy crown.But, did I come in the days of my disciples? Did I come quickly then? Was the warning given then? Was my Bible fulfilled then?—But thou sayest in thy heart, the words were then spoken, I come quickly.”—To this I answer:—If the words had not been left on record; and spoken as though they were to be fulfilled shortly after my visitation, then there was room for the world to dispute, there were no such words on record, for men to dispute.

But they must look to the words before. The hour of temptation shall come upon all the world to try them that dwell upon the earth”—and then followeth: I come quickly.Now, saying a thing shall come, is not saying it is come: therefore, you must mark the words before what is spoken before my coming. Then ye must mark what is said: He that keepeth my words unto the end, shall have power over the nations.But when were the nations broken as a potters vessel, all to shivers? I tell thee, it has not yet been done. The heathen nations have flourished with the increase of multitudes, the Christians have suffered, the martyrs put to death, the Jews are scattered, but not gathered. Then how is my Bible fulfilled, or how are the nations broken, like a vessel that is of the potter, broken in shivers?

This must be known unto all men, was never accomplished; but know what I said to thee in the beginning, my visitation to thee was to all nations, that the end was at hand. And now I tell thee, I shall fulfil thy prophecies, and fulfil my Bible, for they both stand together; for I am now come to call men to discern their Bibles, for they testify of my second coming in my Gospel, more than the prophets prophesied of my first.

Now let men answer me, why the angels warned the churches so much of my coming, if they supposed I never meant to come? How is the New Jerusalem to come down out of Heaven, if my kingdom be never established among men here upon earth? How is the new name to come to man?

These things the churches were warned of, to hear what the Spirit saith, and these things the Spirit warned them they were to expect should come from God, who created all things in the beginning. Now where is the man who can bring forward my Bible to show all these things must be? Do they not appear as a dead letter to men, as though they had never read them; or, if they had read them, never discerned them? Bring all my Bible together, and where is the man can answer before me to say those things were not foretold? Is it not written, Holy! holy! holy! Lord God Almighty, which was, and is, and is to come?

Then cannot men see if I was in the beginning, if I have been amongst men—that I am to come again, and be worshipped by man here upon earth.

By me were all things created, and for my pleasure they are and were created. Then shall I not enjoy the world that I created, that men may give glory and honour to my name upon the earth that I created? These things stand on record, to show mankind what will be.

And now I am come in the Spirit, to bring forward all these things to man, that have been as dead letters in my Bible, that I may open the eyes of their understanding, that they may consider the latter end, and know all these things must be fulfilled on the earth as it is written, Thou hast made us unto our God, kings and priests: and we shall reign on the earth.

Here I have shown thee, from the Revelations, what must take place on the earth.

[Extracted from Express Leaflet, No. 6. See also Had They Had Knowledge, p. 1, and Small Still Voice, No. 57.]

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[1] Matthew xxv. 41–46.

[2] William Sharp, the eminent engraver.

[3] That is, 1811. Alice Seymour notes:—Four figures and no nought occurred in the date 1911, which was a year of great happenings. 1921 is also the end of another ten years, and has again four figures in the date and no nought. We are to mark the end of every ten.

[4] France.