The Persecution of the Woman

Ms. 1808.

A Scrap in Townley’s Handwriting.

Rage of the devil must be worked in the hearts of men, but when the fury of the devil was against the Church, we find it is said in Revelation 13, “He made war with the saints and overcame them.” The same is said in Revelation 6, “They cried with a loud voice, saying, how long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?” Here from the other chapters where the persecution of the church is mentioned, it is said their enemies had power over them, but in Revelation 12, it is not said the devil had any power over the woman either to hurt her or to destroy her, only that his malice was great against her, which she was delivered from. So I cannot see how, by learning, can prove this to be the Churches in a persecuted state at the time they were destroyed by the Roman powers; but, take the church out of a persecuted state, how can men prove they are travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered?

[Extracted from Had They Had Knowledge, p. 79.]


The Woman’s Friends to Overcome Her Foes

Ms. 1808.

The Spirit of Truth.

“Thy friends will overcome thy foes, as the earth opened her mouth and swallowed up the floods which the dragon cast out against her. This opening as a flood means men’s words on both sides, as the shadow began between Symonds and Woolland. Perfectly so will the substance end.

“A time means a time God hath allowed for men, to try them, and a time God hath allowed for the devil.

“The half-time is God’s time, that in the end, He will take thy cause in hand so powerfully that He will soon destroy all thine accusers, for they will overcome thy foes by the blood of the Lamb. That means by the testimony of his word, proving all is true that is spoken of him and by his followers after him.

“Then will believers begin to rejoice that the kingdom of heaven is nigh at hand, and the power of God and His Christ, and salvation, is coming unto men that are to be saved, with an everlasting salvation in time and to all eternity. Therefore, it is written, Happy are they who have part in the first resurrection, which was by Christ’s first coming; but those who have part in the second resurrection, death hath no more power, for the sting of death will be taken away, and the power of hell.”

[Extracted from Had They Had Knowledge, p. 87.]


The Temptations of the Devil

Ms. January 10, 1808.

The Spirit of Truth.

“I told thee in the beginning, if they believed my sayings they would believe thy sayings, but if they believed not my sayings they would not believe thine. And now I ask thee, where is the man can say he believes all my sayings when I became flesh and dwelt amongst them, and deny my visitation to thee? Then I tell thee, no man can prove he believes my saying that the devil was a liar from the beginning, that he is the father of lies, if they say he is now become the author of truth, and from him the truth came to thee that hath already followed since 1792. Here are sayings of mine. Can they believe that Satan is the father of lies if they now make him the God of Truth? Another saying of mine, that the Spirit of Truth should come to guide you into all truths, and teach you things to come. Then now, I ask thee, where is the man can say he believes these sayings of mine and deny the visitation of my Spirit? I said the prince of this world should be cast out, and I said he should be judged, and now I have told thee the bounds are set for him as they were set for man in the beginning. For the tree in the Garden of Eden, that was of knowledge, good and evil, was placed as forbidden fruit to man, and he was cast out of the Garden for breaking my commands; perfectly so I told thee of the sealing, that the sealed number were placed as forbidden fruit for Satan to tempt, that he should not tempt any of them, and it is by the sealed people that he is judged for going on and tempting with various temptations to destroy your peace and happiness, that ye may not possess my kingdom within, are his temptations on the one hand, and he is daily working in the hearts of men to be filled with every evil to distress and burden you, without that peace and happiness may not be enjoyed, while the power of your adversary remaineth, and this the believers can judge of. So marvel not in your heart that temptations so frequently follow the believers, neither let the believers marvel they are tempted and tried like other men, that he was the enemy to mankind from the beginning, tempting them to act worse and worse, inventing every evil to work in men to break every command that was given to them; let no one marvel that he should go on to work every way to break the commands that were given to him. But now, I ask thee, how I could come to chain your adversary down, that he should have no power over man, if he keeps the commands that I had fixed, and did not break his bonds as man broke his? Here call reason to thy assistance, and then thou wilt not marvel in thy heart why the believers are tried and tempted, or why Satan should have any power to disturb the peace of those that are found with thee in perfect obedience to do my righteous will in all things, neither marvel in thy heart of Satan’s works and ways to cloud thy mind and fill thee with jealousies and fears as soon as my Spirit left thee. These things thou must not marvel at, if thou knowest and deeply considerest to what bounds the adversary is placed, that he is cast for breaking them; but should I send a strong power of guardian angels to surround you all that Satan’s arts could not come near, that his bounds he could not break, then I must set a stronger guard for him in the ending to prolong his reign than I set for man in the beginning. And here let thy thoughts go deep, that as I did not so strongly and powerfully keep man, that he could not break the command I had given him, I shall not so powerfully keep your adversary that he may not be able to break the command that I have set for his fall; but this I tell thee and all men, he may tempt to disturb your peace, that you cannot possess in perfect happiness for awhile, because temptations may come in like a flood, but my standard is lifted up against him to free my friends from all his power in the end, and then will ye rejoice in your salvation when I come to destroy your foe and overcome the world of evil, and bring in my kingdom of righteousness and peace, for then will my sayings be fulfilled.”

[Extracted from Had They Had Knowledge, p. 164.]


Joanna’s Distress on the Time Being Prolonged

Sunday morning, 28th Feb. 1808, I was much distressed in mind to hear the enquiries of the people; and I had no Communication given me in answer to their enquiries: this made me to ask in prayer, if it was the Will of the Lord to answer me, as in former days, when his visitations were strong, that the Candle of the Lord should shine bright upon me. I was ordered to go down stairs and open my Bible, and then I should be answered. I opened in Eccles. 5th chap; and thought within myself, I had seen nothing, that appeared an answer to me, as nothing struck forcible upon me, before I came to the 10th ver. of the 7th chap; which came as a reproof: “Say not thou what is the cause, that the former days were better than these, for thou didst not enquire wisely concerning this.” Here was a reproof given to me, as an answer from the Lord; as I took it concerning the words, being what I had spoken before.

The Answer of the Spirit.

“Now I shall answer thee from the words; and call to thy remembrance, what I have told thee before: The prophecies that I have given thee, was, before they sprung forth, I told thee of them, that men might know it was I had spoken; but now they are fulfilling, shall I tell thee of them again? This I have told thee is no prophecy, to tell you what you see yourselves; and therefore thou hast not enquired wisely concerning this matter, to have it be with thee now as in days of old, when I warned thee of what was coming upon the whole earth. And know I told thee where all would End: To the Glory of God and the good of mankind; but know what I told thee concerning believers, they were speaking of a time; but should know no time, when to warn the people My Judgments should be in this Land; because as a snare it should come upon them, in a day they looked not for; and in a day ye look not for, will the warning be given to believers; and therefore I tell thee, this reproof is to thee and them; that ye may not ask what I have told thee, I shall not answer; for know the word is gone out of My Mouth; They should not know the time, till fear come upon them. Then how can ye enquire to know? But here set thy heart at rest, to rely on the Promises that I have made to warn you of the dangers, when they are at hand; but not while they stand afar off: For here I have told thee, they must be even at the door, before the warning will be given to thee. So here I have shewn thee thy folly in enquiring, and their folly to desire to know, what I have told thee, I shall conceal; but when I come to fulfil the warrant that I ordered thee to Seal up against the Root of all Evil, to execute My decrees, that I have made, then the branches that are joined with him, must fly and fall with him. But let not men vainly suppose, because I have told thee My decrees are fixed; the warrant is sealed, that I shall put in execution; let them not judge this is at the door to be fulfilled, before the nations are brought more low, and have the warning, the End is at hand. Let them consider what I told thee in the Beginning, I had begun, and would make an End. But now I ask thee, how I shall come to make an End, before I have brought the nations low? That they have been warned the End is at hand? This I have already told thee, and tell thee again, must take place, before the warrant that is signed and sealed to be executed, will be finished: but then I tell thee when it comes to this warning, they will find the words of the Prophets, and the Apostles, to be verified and fulfilled; for then a short work, and a quick work, I shall do upon the whole Earth. But now I shall come to the Sign I told thee before: That in like manner as I ordered thee to cut out thy work and lay it aside; perfect so I tell thee, stands My work for the present, I shall not go on in order according to the Judgment of men; but as I told thee in the Beginning, My Visitation was from nation to nation, So I tell thee I shall go on. Therefore ye cannot draw your Judgments to form aright of this Nation, before the Light beginneth to appear, and dangers great are in your Land; then I shall visit thee in Power according to the Petition thou hast made, and then will thy parables all be made known.”

This taken from Joanna Southcott’s mouth by Ann Underwood in the presence of and copied by Jane Townley.

[ Memo: See Isa. x. 20–23; xxviii. 18–23; Dan. ix. part of 26 and 27 ver.; Rom. ix. 28. ]

[Printed from a MS. copy.]


The 144,000—The Undefiled

A Communication given to Joanna Southcott on February 29th, 1808, and sent to Mr. Daniel Roberts, the Quaker, on the text “The Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.”—

Rev. xiii. 8.

The Spirit of Truth.

“I said, he that believeth in Me hath eternal life, but how can a man say he believeth in Me, that does not believe all My sayings, that what I said I shall fulfil? Now he that believeth I shall fulfil them, must believe there is a New Song for man to sing, that he shall be Redeemed from the Earth. But will man answer there are no more than 144,000 redeemed in Heaven? I tell thee, Yes, they are redeemed from the Powers of Darkness when they ascend to glory: so the redeemed is not meant there—confined to 144,000 to bring in their first fruits unto God. Here are mysteries beyond men’s understanding, what is meant by the “first fruits.” But thou sayest in thy heart, it is written: they are not defiled with women, for they are virgins (Rev. xiv. 3–5). Here thy pondering thoughts go deep—When was the Age, or where were the people that lived as is here spoken? In thy heart thou sayest, no man that thou canst find from Ages back recorded in Holy Writ, or in the present Age that man lived the life that is here mentioned. Thy pondering thoughts are true according to thy judgment that thou hast drawn: neither can the Scriptures be understood from every word as it is written; neither can these words be understood to say as it is written—the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world—for I was not slain till I came into the world, and was crucified by man. Then you cannot say I was slain from the foundation of the world; yet know that the sentence was passed on Me from the foundation of the world, and from the beginning, when man cast the blame on his Maker, and I was sentenced to bear the blame. So you may say I was the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world from the sentence that was passed, and the decrees that were made. Now here, I tell thee, in like manner, as I was the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world, and not crucified till nearly 4,000 years after, so man may be called not defiled with women, whose eyes are opened to the mysteries of the Fall, and see the justness of the Creation in the sentence that was passed, and who wish to cast it on the serpent’s head, that he may no longer be defiled with the sins of the Fall, but may be made anew in the blood of the Lamb, that they may follow Him whithersoever He goeth.

“Therefore, thou knowest the manner of the sealed—to have their Father’s Name written to be the King of kings, and Lord of lords; that His Kingdom may come upon Earth, and His will be done upon Earth as it is in Heaven, and the power of Satan to be destroyed, that man may no longer be tainted by his sins, but that the first fruits may be established for man to become in the likeness, in the perfect Image he was created for. Now this desire that is in man, if they set to their Seals in faith, that I shall redeem them according to My promise—I tell thee they must be the first redeemed, and then I shall pronounce them as it is written of them—without fault—without blame; for I know they will follow the Lamb wheresoever I send them, to preach the Everlasting Gospel to all Nations, and to every kindred, tongue and people—telling them that the time is come of My judgments upon man, to those that will not give glory to My Name. Therefore, I tell thee, that this nation must be awakened and the power of My Spirit must come upon them, that they may awaken the nations, or how shall the Scriptures be fulfilled? Now mark in the chapter what is said of the End and what destruction will come upon man; and yet blessings are promised to men who believe My Gospel. But this is a New Song, that no man can sing, but those that believe the fulfilment of My Gospel, that what is concealed from the knowledge of man, will be revealed by the Spirit of God.”

Joanna Southcott.

Written from her mouth by Ann Underwood.

Witness: Jane Townley.

[Extracted from Two Witnesses, No. 17.]


Strengthen One Another

Ms. March 1, 1808.

Extract from a letter.

Strengthen the hands of believers, in that they will do well, because we are commanded not to forget assembling ourselves together to strengthen the hands of each other, as we see the day approaching. You complain of Satan’s working, and this we see, fulfils the Scriptures. We have the fiery trial to go through, and Satan is come down in great wrath, because he knoweth he hath but a short time. And here I see the wisdom of the Lord why he should permit Satan to have had such power at different times to try and tempt men, but had this never been permitted before, the believers might be cast down, that he was permitted to try and weary them, but when we consider he was permitted to tempt the Lord of Life and Glory and all his followers, we have nothing to marvel at, that we, for awhile should endure temptations.

[Extracted from Had They Had Knowledge, p. 86.]


Temptations Strong in the End

Ms. March 15, 1808.

Extract from a letter.

I am very sorry to hear from your letter that you all suffer by the temptations of the devil, which is plain is from his working to cause horror and misery within, as his working was with me when I was at Leeds at the time I sealed up the lists, which you may call to your remembrance; and in like manner, hath Satan’s working been often with me, therefore, I do not marvel that his working is strong with you, and I must call to your remembrance the Apostle’s words, “Think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing had happened unto you, but rejoice, inasmuch as ye are partakers in Christ’s sufferings, that when his glory shall be revealed ye may be glad also with exceeding joy.” Now here we must consider what Christ’s sufferings were, and what fiery trials he went through; forty days he was in the wilderness tempted by the devil; therefore we have nothing to marvel that we should suffer temptation within, when we find our Lord and Master, who came to take man’s nature upon him, and yet he was without sin, but he suffered temptations from the devil, persecutions of men, and all manner of shame and reproach. Then, if this were done to the Master of the house, can the servants expect to be free before the Lord cometh to avenge us of our adversary, the Devil? What is in the Revelations? “The hour of temptation shall come upon all the world to try them that dwell upon the earth. Behold, I come quickly; hold fast that which thou hast, that no man take thy crown from thee. Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God.” But, without temptations, what have we to overcome? And know, it is written, “In the time of temptation many fall away.” Therefore it is plain temptations would be strong in the end, and believers have the hours of trial to go through, of temptations of the enemy within, as well as persecution from the world without; or the servants could not be like their master. But this is our comfort and consolation—He that is for us is stronger than all that is against us, and yet sorrows may endure for a night, yet joy cometh in the morning; and though we have sorrows to go through while the power of darkness has his time to tempt for a while in this dark benighted state we are in at present, yet joy will come in the morning, when the Sun of Righteousness arises with healing in his wings to avenge us of our adversary. But how could he be called an adversary if we suffered no temptations from him? Consider his arts concerning Job. In what manner did Satan condemn when the Lord began to justify? And how did Satan provoke the Lord by his arts? He gave Satan the power to try Job, that he might be clear in justifying the man, and condemning Satan, for the false accusations against believers.

[Extracted from Had They Had Knowledge, p. 201.]


Believers Must Hear When Warned of Dangers

Ms. June 4, 1808.

Mr. Joachim was shot through the heart in going home, between eleven and twelve o’clock, across the fields from Lisson Grove to Camden Town on the 1st of June. He was intimately acquainted with Mr. Spring. This the believers are much hurt to hear, as they thought the seals were a safety from all dangers. Soon after I heard of his death I was informed that his wife and daughter had been great mockers of the visitation, and had been very warm with him for his belief; it then struck forcibly on my mind that he died by the hands of the evil powers, which they wish not to be destroyed, but continue to reign. Mrs. Field informed me that, some time ago, Mr. Joachim told her of a dream he had three times the same night. He dreamt that he saw three men with crepe over their faces, and he thought to himself, if he went forward he should be murdered, and if he went back he could not escape. The above is what I can remember that Mrs. Field told me of her dreams.

The Spirit of Truth.

“Now I shall answer thee the folly of believers and the madness of unbelievers, and those who are violent against my coming to destroy the root of evil, for their branches must wither and die, but while the root remaineth the branches will still grow which are joined to the root, so if they wish thus to continue, let them know they wish for the evils that have fallen upon them for the evils ever to remain; so let them not complain. But now I shall come to the believers, who simply suppose their seals will keep them from all dangers. Then, I tell thee, I need not give them a caution, or warn them to flee when dangers are near. But let them call reason to their assistance, and know I have promised to bind the author of evil if he goes on by inward temptations, or work by men in outward persecution in any manner to distress those who are longing for my kingdom of righteousness and peace. But now, I ask them, how could I come, or what cause would there be for my coming, to chain down Satan, the root of evil, if the seals were such a protection unto them that they could not fall into any evil or danger? Then, by the sealing, my kingdom might be established in righteousness and peace. If Satan never came beyond his bounds that I have fixed by the sealing, then I could not have told thee that my coming was at hand to chain him down, to fix his bounds that he could not break. Then, here let the eyes of your understanding be opened, and discern what is said of the sealing, and for what ends these bounds are fixed according to the laws of your land; for now, I tell thee, as these men who have committed the murder, and escaped for a while, yet by the laws of your land, they are condemned to death when justice overtakes them that they are found, because they have broken the laws of men, and I tell thee, the laws of God. But now, I tell thee, as the branches stand to be cut off by the laws of man, perfectly so stands the root to be cut off by the laws I have made when I come in might, majesty and glory, as a judge, to pass the sentence, for there, I tell thee, is the perfect likeness between men and devils, for as the laws of men are fixed for the one, so is my law fixed for the other. And now remember what I told thee before, the eagle must be destroyed, as well as his feathers be plucked, before the earth can be refreshed and be at rest. And now call to thy remembrance how strong was Satan’s working to thee, and how great did he fill thee with horror and misery before I came with power to break in upon thee, and then I told thee what should be his end; but know, it was at a time thy spirits were sunk in despair that my visitation was so strong to thee to condemn the author of evil that had so strongly assaulted thee; and perfectly so it has been explained to thee from the second chapter of Esdras, that the eagle is the author of evil, the feathers, those who are joined with him. I tell thee, my fury will break in the end, when Satan’s fury has discovered itself to men to seek their ruin, as his fury at that time was working in thee; therefore, marvel not in your hearts because one that was sealed hath fallen into dangers that he, from the warning of his dream, did not avoid. And now call to thy remembrance what I have told thee before the sealing. If the command given to man in the beginning was not made too strong for him to break, so, in like manner, I have told thee of the bond made against the author of evil; by the command that I have given it is not made so strong that Satan cannot break his bounds before I come to cut off his power and chain him down. And now let this be a caution to all believers not to run themselves into dangers, but let them remember how often I warned them to avoid danger every way; but if they simply suppose the seals were made as a wall about them, that no dangers could come near them, then my warning and caution would be in vain, but let them all discern from this how dangers are laying in wait for the just and the unjust, for believers and unbelievers will find dangers are hastening on, for, I tell thee, iniquity will fast abound, and men’s love for me will now increase, and they will find my warnings just to caution them all to be careful; and let them discern my Gospel, how I acted after the manner of men to shun dangers when men rose up against me, and after the manner of men I have warned thee to act. And now, from this, let them take the warning, and let them discern the hour in the night, of his venturing alone in this place of dangers, where dangers overtook him; but let them discern his being warned in a dream. And now I know thy pondering thoughts concerning the dead. To thy thoughts I answer, their fury can go no further, the malice of devils can go no further; but, I tell thee, as a swift witness this, in the end, will come against them, so let not believers be stumbled, but let them be strengthened to know the caution I gave them was just, that, while ye are all surrounded with dangers by men and devils, ye must be careful to keep yourselves from dangers. And let them remember what is written, “Woe to the inhabitants of the earth, for Satan is come down in great wrath, because he knoweth he hath but a little space,” and is working strong for man. And now look to the French nation, see how they are worked on by war by the working of Buonaparte, see how he encourages them to go on to make all fall before him; here, I tell thee, in like manner will Satan’s working be strong in man to make all fall before him.”

[Extracted from Had They Had Knowledge, p. 166.]


Astrology and Witchcraft

June 11, 1808.

Concerning Priestly, I have had no communication given me from the Lord; but I have told my opinion in a former letter. And your ideas of astrology are like mine. I think it wrong: and in this, we ought to search the Scriptures for our guide,—not to seek after star-gazers, or astrologers. If Mr. Wadman has formerly studied the Planets, I think he ought to give it up. It is what I would not do for the world. Not that I think Mr. W. would do it, if he thought it was wrong. But, as I have no answer given me from the Lord, respecting it, I can only give you my opinion upon it. We know, in Daniel, it was not the wise men, as astrologers from any science of the planets, could tell the king his dream, or the interpretation thereof. But it was revealed to Daniel by the Lord. And in like manner to Abraham, concerning Sodom and Gomorrah; and concerning his having a son, it was by a revelation of the Lord. And the angels being sent to him, that these things were made known to him. I do not find in the Scriptures that any of the prophets foretold any events by study, because it is said,—‘the word of the Lord came to them:’ and when Hezekiah was in danger of Sennacherib’s army, he did not go to astrology to seek after the planets, to know what would be the events; but he went to the prophet Daniel, and the word of the Lord came to him from the prophet.

The same we may see through the Bible, those who trusted in the Lord, sought the word of the Lord from the prophets. But when Saul rejected the word of the Lord, he went to the Witch of Endor; and those who did not rely upon the Lord, chose astrology to be led by.

And yet we find how they were foiled. For when the Lord begins to work, he will baffle all their wisdom: and if an evil spirit has a ruling power, a strong reliance upon the Lord will counteract it.

In answer to an enquiry made to Joanna, concerning studying the Planets,—she related the following circumstance:—

A young man, who was a minister, and a very religious man, heard that his nativity had been cast at his birth, and that he was born under the influence of an evil Planet, wherein Satan would have power to tempt him to hang himself on such a day, and such an hour. Hearing this, he gave himself up to prayer, relying upon the Lord that he would keep him from falling into those dangers.

When the day was come, Satan’s temptations were strong upon him, to hang himself; but he resisted, by trusting in the Lord. When inward temptations would not do, Satan appeared visibly to him,—and contended with him; and he contended with the devil till the hour was past; and then Satan and his temptations left him.

His friends hearing him disputing with some one in his room, whom they thought was a man with him, enquired who it was? He then related the whole, and said, evil planets had a power over those who did not rely upon the Lord; for his support and protection would counteract all their power. He said his temptations had been very great; and had he not trusted in the Lord, he should have hung himself; but now the time of his temptations were over, and he was happy to be freed from his power.

Answer of the Spirit.

“Now, I shall answer thee, from the parable thou hast brought forward to him, and I tell thee of planets ruling while Satan’s power remains.

“Evil planets will remain. But as thou hast brought forward thy parable to shew him plainly Satan had but his time, according as it was fixed by the planets. Perfectly so I now tell thee, his bounds are fixed, that his time must be over for all.

“And then these evil planets will fall. But here I tell thee, like the man, must be your strong reliance in me, to counteract all the powers of evil.

“But now I ask thee, concerning the man:—What power of evil would he have destroyed, or what power would he have conquered if he had gone on relying upon the planets, to shew him more and more what was decreed against him? Would he not have given room for Satan’s working the stronger to have told him these evils were decreed against him, and he must submit?—dangers were decreed for him that he could not shun. Thus he would have given Satan room to work, if he had gone on studying the planets, and not relied upon the Lord, who had power over all. Here let the eyes of their understanding be opened, from the parable thou hast brought forward, and let them discern from the man the way he shunned the dangers designed for him.

“But here, I tell thee, is a parable stands deep for all in the end. For so has the ruling power of evil his time for a while. But let men trust in me, as he did, and they will find the time draweth near that his power shall have an end, and the ruling powers of evil shall be no more. But, now I know the thoughts of thy heart, and thy enquiry—that is, concerning their seeking to the planets to have a knowledge from them. Is it right, or is it wrong, is thy inquiry? To thy thoughts, I answer.—

“It is not right for men to enquire or rely upon these things for their directions, because I tell thee, if evil be fixed it cannot be altered by the wisdom of man. Yet I tell thee, it may be altered by a firm reliance and trusting in me, according to the parable thou hast brought forward to men. And for this reason, I gave thee no answer before I had worked in thy heart to bring forward this parable, to shew them the way they must shun the power of evil—that hath a ruling power over man, which has continued from the Fall: but, like the bounds fixed to him, so I tell thee, are the bounds fixed to the end, for Satan’s power to fall, and be no more. As it fell from the man.

“Here I shall leave them to draw their own judgment. And from this let them learn wisdom to see the way he shunned his danger,—not by relying on the power of the planets, but to rely on the power of his God.”


Concerning Witchcraft, I am truly convinced it is practised by evil and wicked people, who are in a league with the devil, and without that no witchcraft can be wrought. But I know, that in Devonshire, witchcraft in an uncommon manner, was done,—that plainly proved it was witchcraft that was practised on both the stock and family; so that they were daily losing their cattle in a way that nothing but witchcraft could have accomplished. This continued some years before my visitation, and continued after Mr. Richards being a believer desired me to enquire, if it were the will of the Lord to give me an Answer,—if they could do any thing to prevent these evil powers.

I was answered, they should write on parchment, “Holiness to the Lord,” and put it inside the horses’ bridles and the halters; but it should be worn about the head.

Mr. Richards did it, and they lost no more cattle. Afterwards Mrs. R. was greatly afflicted with a pain in her head, and she wore the parchment with the words “Holiness to the Lord,” round her head, under her cap. And she told Mrs. Taylor and myself, the pain had ceased since that time,—and they had lost no more stock, though they had had the trial many years.

I had a communication given to me concerning it, and that it was like the evil powers, which tormented men when our Saviour came upon the Earth, which he cast out. And that these evil powers would go on with their work now, before the Lord comes to cast them out, and cut them off. I am only telling you the heads of the communication, but I cannot remember the particulars.—

A woman from Bristol was here lately, and told us of a most wonderful witchcraft that was practised near them, which was done by twenty different people, who were formed together; and they had the Methodists to pray for those who were afflicted by those witchcrafts; but I do not find they received any benefit from them. I am giving you this information that I have heard of witchcraft, but I do not know from your account, that this is the case with Mr. and Mrs. ————, as there are many disorders which baffle the skill of medical men; and discern from the newspapers how 500 men in the army of Great Britain died in one month; on which it was remarked, that there must be some extraordinary disorders to cause such mortality. In Essex there has been a disorder, which carried people off in a very short time. If they survived the third day they got well, but very few who were attacked lived so long. The doctors could not find out the disorder; so we cannot say the disorder came from witchcraft, though the doctors may not know how to treat the disease.

[Extracted from Small Still Voice, No. 13.]


Seals Being Put Into Coffins

Extract from a Letter, given July 14th, 1808, respecting the Seals being put into the Coffin with the individual who leaves the Earth.


Dear Friend,

You mention in your letter about the Seals being put into the coffins of those who die.—If a request of that kind be made, it may be granted; but if not, the Seals are to be kept by their friends, if they are Believers; but if their relations are not Believers, let some of their Sealed Friends keep their Seals.

In answer to your inquiry,—whether it is a wrong Spirit that works in men’s minds, to draw their judgments concerning the time of their deliverance.—

I am of opinion, it is first to work in their minds to draw a wrong judgment, that they may be foiled in their judgment, and thereby stumble themselves and others.

It was particularly said, in the “Warning to the World,” Believers were telling of a time but they should know no time before it come. And in the letter that was sent out when the three years of shadow was placed of the type of the child, and after that, as the clouds gathered in after the type was over at the child’s funeral. So it was said they would gather in over the nation after the years of shadows were past.

But we see how all is going on as foretold. The clouds gather heavier over the land, and Spain in a convulsed state, as was said so many years past, they would be. So, every year brings more and more the truth of the prophecies; but I know many have stumbled themselves, by drawing too hasty a judgment; and those who come in by judgments of others, will most assuredly fall back again. Therefore, it is by reading the book to discern how things are spoken, and how they are going on to be fulfilled, is what will keep people to stand steadfast in their faith.

But I do not blame Believers, when they are alone by themselves, for drawing their judgment,—because this is natural for all men; and I have often drawn my judgment, but never found I drew it right; because I see my writings come more true than ever I could form a judgment.

And now I come to draw no judgment at all, the Believers have often been ordered to draw their judgment, on particular Communications; but they never draw their judgment alike, neither did any draw it perfectly right; and yet they were ordered to draw it, that they might be convinced men could not draw a right judgment from the ways of the Lord; and how men erred concerning the Scripture in the different judgment they draw.—

*  *  *

The time of my awful trial, has been always said in my writings, would come upon me unaware. So that no one will know the time.

The meaning of discerning the date, when my name is put up in the coverings,—is a mystery we shall know; but must mark what happens when the date comes to four figures, as it began when the figures were three.

Mr. Turner will let you see the Communication that was given concerning the ten years mentioned in my Book: pages 36 and 37; given in 1808.

I remain your sincere friend,

In the work of the Lord,

Joanna Southcott.

[Extracted from Small Still Voice, No. 31.]


The Meaning of the Sealing

Ms. September, 1808.

The Spirit of Truth.

“But now I know thy pondering thoughts—what is the meaning of the sealing, that they should stand with the Lamb on Mount Zion, the sealed number that I had mentioned to thee? And yet thou sayest there are so many fallen away like withered fruit. To thy thoughts I shall answer, and shew thee the sealed number from my Disciples. Know, when Judas betrayed me there was another chosen to make up the twelve; and know, I said in my Gospel many should come in from the East and the West, and sit down with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, when those of my kingdom shall be cast out. Now, perfectly so, I tell thee of the sealed people. Those that have fallen away, like the first fruit I shewed thee, and came in as thieves and robbers, though they professed to sign for my kingdom, yet, I tell thee, will come to supply their places whose fruit will endure to the end; therefore I tell thee, the sealed number will be as I have told thee of those that sign for my kingdom, and for my enemy to be cast out, that worked in the heart of Judas to betray me, and in the hearts of men to crucify me, and these are the people I have already told thee, and now I tell thee again, are the sealed people that stand with me to the end, to plead the promise made in the beginning. But dost thou simply suppose, if I had twelve Disciples, and one was cast out, that, amongst the number of 144,000 no man should come in with them that had no devil? That means, to give himself to the devil by temptations, and, like Judas, to betray. How, then, could my Gospel be fulfilled, that, in the time of temptations, many would fall away, but he that endured to the end should be saved? So, marvel not in thy heart that the sealing hath begun by so many imposters, who came in as thieves and robbers, and like the foolish servant I said in my Gospel, that would say the Lord delayeth his coming, and begin to eat and to drink with the drunkard, and to smite his fellow-servants. These shadows now appear, but now, I tell thee, hereafter, by their fall, many will stand who come in their places, seeing the others, though they profess to be as branches grafted into the vine, but they had no spirit, and were cast away because there was no fruit in them. But now, I tell thee, it is impossible, while Satan’s power remaineth so strongly, to have in a sealed number that all shall stand to the end without the enemy sending in some goats among the sheep, and as tares amongst the wheat, and therefore I tell thee, that more than that number will be sealed before the end. But now I ask thee, how the sealing could go on as I have told thee, in all nations, to have a remnant of all to sign for my coming to prove that I am the desire of all nations? This, I tell thee, could not be, for the sealed number would soon be up if all came, according to the judgment, every one a true believer, that stood to the end, and none were cast out, and none had fallen back, then ye would know when the sealed number was up; but this is not for ye to know, neither do ye discern the Revelation in what manner it stands, when the 144,000, are sealed according to the Tribes of Abraham’s faith. Here I shall leave thee to thy own judgment, to ponder in thy heart from my Gospel that it could not be fulfilled, by thy weak head, to think none are called but such as are chosen, none to be sealed but such as must stand. But, know, I have told thee, there is a number known to me that will be sealed to stand to the end. Now I tell thee of the fruit that was ripe, that was on the tree, and some were gathered, and so I tell thee of the sealed people, some are already gathered in by me, who will come with me in glory, as I told thee of Bruce’s wife; I have told thee, if none come in but such as stood to the end, and all that were sealed were sure they were of the number, Satan would soon swell them with spiritual pride, and they would look no further than being sealed, judging from that they were sure, but now, I tell thee, from men’s fall, it will make others fear.”

[Extracted from Had They Had Knowledge, p. 168.]


The Sealed Must Remain Steadfast

Ms. September 11, 1808.

Extract from a Letter.

Dear Friend,

I received the lists safely with Mr. Turner’s. I am sorry to inform you that the number of the sealed altogether does not amount to seven thousand mentioned in my book. The new ones that have signed last are 1298; old ones that have signed a second time, 4673, total 5971. From this small number returned we may see what a falling away there has been among the sealed, when we consider that 14,000 were sealed before; but this was foretold in my writings by the dreams and visions that were shewn me, which was said alluded to the believers, and which I was ordered to bring forward with the parables in the Gospel, and I should be answered.

I was shewn in vision an orchard of trees was standing together, the branches were joined one in the other, and the fruit was fallen; I was going to take them up, and thought the Lord said to me, open the shells, but thou shalt not taste of the fruit, for it is not good; I opened the nuts, for they were like French nuts, withered and dry, and a black veil round them; the Lord said to me, the first fruits are fallen, they are not good, look up, and thou wilt see berries, and when they are ripe they will be good; I looked up, and saw berries like the berries of potatoes. From the First Book of Sealed Prophecies given in 1796, page 47, of the dream that was shewn me, in an orchard some of the trees were full of leaves, without any fruit and withered, others with fruit that fell into the mud, and other trees that had fruit very thick and very high, so that no pole could reach or shake it down, to which I was answered:—

The Spirit of Truth.

“Because that fruit I shall not shake

That steadfast now do stand;

They’ll find my promises are great,

Out of the reach of man.

Under the tree the fruit was fallen,

With dirt it did appear,

And thou mayest easy know it all,

The perfect substance here.”


Another dream Second Book of Sealed Prophecies, page 11. I was shewn in a dream a large plum tree in a garden, the plums were thick and large, and weighed the boughs down to the ground, some were green and some were red, and the people gathered them for plums, but found they were nothing but poppy leaves, and threw them away. To which I was answered:—

The Spirit of Truth.

“The flowers thou didst gather there,

But soon did throw away;

Now here’s the meaning of thy dream,

ll bring it to this day.

The plum-tree will its fruit soon shew,

When men do but awake,

And ripen fast you all will know,

And here is the mistake.

The flowers on the tree will come,

And like the fruit appear,

But to the taste is good for none,

Just like thy flowers there,

Like poppies they will surely be,

That I shall cast away.”


Further continued February, 1805. That this alludes to the sealed people.

[Extracted from Had They Had Knowledge, p. 169.]


Some Impostors May Seal

Ms. November 3, 1808.

Extract from a Letter to Mr. Turner.

I was surprised to hear from your letter, that infamous man and woman Bateman had applied for a seal, and pretended to be believers to reform their lives. I will not lay any reflection on those who were thus deceived by them, though I was greatly hurt when I found they were sealed; yet I know it is impossible for man to prevent imposters coming in as thieves and robbers, but my heart was wounded, to which I had the following answer:—

The Spirit of Truth.

“Now I shall answer thee: The very things thou stumbled at, and art grieved and wounded to hear, are the very things I shewed thee before; and know, I have told thee all my Bible will be brought forward now it is drawing near to the end, to shew man in what likeness this present age agrees with the past, and with every age since the fall. This hath been the conduct of men, and now I shall begin with thee from Moses, where I shewed signs and wonders, and brought them out of the land of Egypt. Here, I tell thee, like thy stumbling, the Atheist stumbles at my Bible, that I should preserve the children of Israel from the destroying angel in Egypt by the blood sprinkled on the door posts, and after that, destroy them in the wilderness for the sins and iniquities they committed against me. These things men stumble at, as they stumble now at the sealing, and Moses’ heart was wounded like thine when he saw the iniquity of the people; but now I shall come to reason with thee from the past, and bring it to the present. When I sent Moses to deliver the children of Israel from the hand of Pharaoh, could I send him to deliver one part and not the other, to have told Moses what hearts I knew were good, and what hearts I knew were evil, so that he should call out a few? Then, I ask thee, what deliverance could that be called to the children of Israel, when thou knowest these men, but a few, endured to the end? But know, when I sent to deliver them the command was sent to all, and the same thou mayest discern from my Gospel, when my blood was shed for all. Know I said, he that eateth my flesh and drinketh my blood hath eternal life, which thou knowest from the bread and wine. I ordered it to be drunk in remembrance of me as a type and shadow of my dying blood. Here, I tell thee, stand the two. The shadow that began by Moses was the substance in me, who was the Lamb slain for man; but now discern from my Gospel how many profane and hardened in sin, the woman thou hast heard of, that presume to come to my table, and take the bread and wine in remembrance that I died for them. And now, I ask thee, whether thou judgest they have eternal life because they have taken the bread and wine as I commanded them, and made a profession that they believe in me, that I died to be their Saviour, when they are enemies to me by wicked works? Dost thou think they are saved by the bread and wine? In thy heart thou answerest, no. And yet, I ask thee, where is the man that can judge the heart of another, who is worthy and who is unworthy, who is a returning sinner to repent and forsake his sins, who comes in as a hypocrite, and abides in them? This, I tell thee, is not for man to judge, therefore, as my words stood on record for men to receive those that professed to believe that I died to save sinners, such, I tell thee, thou cannot refuse without proving they are living in their sins. Had my words been left for men to be judges one of another, their wrong judgment would go on in all men, and therefore I left my words from parables from the first to continue to the last. Know the parables I said of the enemy sowing tares amongst the wheat, that both grow together till the harvest; now, perfectly so, I tell thee of men’s taking the bread and wine in remembrance of my dying love, to set forth my death till my coming to destroy the works of the devil and redeem you from the fall; then discern how the wheat and the chaff, the corn and the tares, have been growing together. I tell thee the likeness is great between the sealed number and those that believe in election, and great they will find it in the end. There are many amongst the sealed number whose hearts and thoughts are known to me, they long to be freed from the evils of sin, and from the power of evil that worketh within, and the evils they see without, and they long for my coming to dwell in them and they in me, that I may free them from all the burdens of sin, and establish my kingdom in righteousness and peace. This, I tell thee, is the sincere desire in the hearts of many of the sealed people, and such, I tell thee, will find my protection in the end, for here I have shewn thee the perfect likeness in the one and the other. But know I told thee concerning the sealing, it would go out no more before this nation had felt the rod, and so, I tell thee, such hypocrites as this man and woman are, will surely feel the rod with them.”

[Extracted from Had They Had Knowledge, p. 171.]


The Sword of War

The following Communication was given to Joanna on November 15th, 1808, upon Revelation chapter 6 (The White Horse, &c.) when the book on “The False Doctrines” was printed.—(See Page 31.)

Answer of the Spirit.

“I shall answer thee of the Revelations, that thou wishest to put in print with the other, to make it clear to mankind, how the Revelations are fulfilling, by what I told thee of the Red Horse; and what I explained to thee of the Fall of Babylon, and the Great Whore, that made herself drunk with the blood of the martyrs. These things thou hast been pondering in thy heart, how to place them together to bring them out to men:—and to thy thoughts I shall answer.

“Know, from the Seals being in Heaven to be opened, plainly sheweth mankind, the mystery of the Revelations were sealed up from the knowledge of men, before I come to open up these mysteries by a revelation of my Spirit.

“Therefore, they must know, it could not be a Book sealed to be opened for man to come and see the meaning, when they are revealed to be fulfilled. If all knowledge had been in men to know the meaning themselves; then nothing could be sealed from their knowledge to be opened for men to see. But now let them discern at what time these seals are opened; which meaneth, these Scriptures, which were sealed up from the knowledge of men that are now revealed and made open to them, from the beginning to the ending; that they may see what was my designs when I created man at first; and what are my designs to accomplish it at the last.

“Now let them discern at this time how from the spirit of prophecy things were revealed to thee and laid open before them, what I should do upon Earth. And let them discern that I first ordered thee to seal them up, that every likeness John saw in Heaven, might take place here on Earth: for this, I told thee, was the end of the Revelations.

[Thus far is published.]

“And now come to the White Horse.—vs. 2.

“ ‘And he that sat on him, had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.’ Now, I tell thee, from the White Horse, and the crown being given to him, that he goeth forth to conquer the nations, means—My going forth conquering and to conquer, till all crowns are given to Me; which meaneth, all kings to cast their crowns before Me. This is the meaning of the White Horse.

“But now come to the Red Horse.—This, I have told thee, is the sword of war,—and ‘Power is given to him that sat thereon, to take peace from the Earth.’ But now discern in what manner this began in France:—from a tumult and war between themselves; when they were killing each other, so that the war began by themselves, before they gave power to the Beast to be joined with them, and take peace from other nations. This let men discern, in what manner this war began, and at what time when things were revealed to men, that had been sealed up from their knowledge: this men must know and see, if they will have the eyes of their understanding opened: for wars and tumults have been in all ages, and the sword of war took peace from the Earth, whenever it appeared. But now discern, in a different manner this began,—and men gave power to a man, who had no power as a king to rule over them, before they gave him that power: so he hath the power of men, and the power of the Beast, to go and take peace from the Earth.

“But now come to the Black Horse.—‘And he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand.’ Now I shall answer thee from the Black Horse, which I tell thee denotes death; and death, I tell thee, will follow, when I send out my destroying Angel: then the nations will fall faster by death than they fall by the sword of war. But then cometh the balance, wherein I tell thee, I shall balance all, both high and low, rich and poor; and then comes the balance to fulfil my Gospel, that as I was lifted up, the prince of this world should be cast out.

“And discern further what is said of the Pale Horse.—‘And his name, that sat on him, was Death, and Hell followed with him.’ Here I tell thee, from this chapter ye may discern what will go on, to the end; but before the end, great persecution will be upon the Earth, before I come to destroy the destroyers; but their power must remain for a time, because that evil will destroy one the other; and great, I tell thee, will be the destruction: therefore it is said, ‘a measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny:’ and this I have told thee before, how low provisions would come, which I tell thee, will be from the nations, some by sword, and others by plague; because I have told thee, any fatal disease that carries men off hastily like the plague, I have told thee, is a plague to man; and so in the different manner are the Horses here described; which I have told thee is hastening on to be fulfilled.

“But this I tell thee, for the present thou must not put in print only what I said to thee in the beginning from the Seals being opened,—it is a revelation made known and opened to man: that they must discern at what time this Revelation was made known, that men may see what hath followed, and discern what is to follow. But as men boast of their own wisdom, to their own wisdom thou must leave them.

“Here I shall leave thee, to go on with thy Book.”

[Extracted from Small Still Voice, No. 30. See also Had They Had Knowledge, pp. 185 and 186, and Book 51 p. 31.]


An Explanation of the Woman in Revelation xii

Ms. December 11, 1808.

Dear Friend,

I shall give you a communication which was given on Rev. 12, in answer to James Hodgson, a gentleman who disputed it meant the Church, which must be in the wilderness 1260 years and he said it began in 606.

The Spirit of Truth.

“Now I shall answer thee verse by verse. There appeared a great wonder in heaven. Then now discern there appeared a great wonder upon earth, to have a woman clothed with the sun, which meaneth the sun of righteousness to arise to heal the woman of her fall and cast her betrayer beneath her feet; for, though the promise stood in the beginning, no man by wisdom hath discerned it, and therefore it appears a wonder to man how any man can believe that I have visited a woman to fulfil the promise made in the beginning. This was not revealed to the Prophets, neither was it understood by my disciples, neither did any man understand my saying, when I said the woman had wrought a good work on me. Now, as these things were never understood, this appeared a wonder to man. Now I shall answer thee from being with child, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered. This I have already told thee is a spiritual travail pain, that as a woman being with child has natural pains, and wishes for the time of her deliverance, so, in like manner, from my visitation to thee, thou wast filled with my spirit, thou wast visited by my spirit; that worked strong in thee to will and to do all my good pleasure, and yet, from thy doubts and fears, and the jealousy that often worked in thy mind, fearing that thou mightest be deceived by a wrong spirit, thou mayest be compared to a woman with child travailing in a spiritual birth to know from whence thy visitation came, and longing for the time I had revealed to thee whereby thou shouldest know from whence thy visitation came; for as a woman travailing in a natural birth knows not whether she shall have a son or a daughter before the time of her delivery cometh, perfectly so was thy jealousy and fear which made thee long for the time of thy deliverance whereby thou mayest know. But I have already told thee, and I tell thee again, had all things come in a straight line to thee, and no doubts nor fears alarmed thy heart, then thy travailing in birth could not appear to have any pain to be delivered, but know I worked in thy heart to write thy doubts and fears, thy pains of mind when thou wast distressed, that men might see it clear hereafter the way thou hast been travailing in a spiritual birth to bring forth spiritual children. Now come to the third verse. Here thou sayest in thy heart is a wonder thou canst not discern, how Satan’s working can be a wonder unto men. To thy thoughts I shall answer, the wonder stands two ways of him, because it is a wonder to those that believe, after seeing all the truths that hath followed from my visitation to thee so many years, and still going on, as I told thee, the truths rising higher and higher, it is a wonder to true believers how men can be filled with unbelief. But here, I tell thee, is another wonder, that thou thyself hast marvelled at, concerning the men I have chosen for thee to be judges of thy writings. Some, thou knowest, never appeared, and others who did appear, thou knowest, have fallen back, that were placed as stars to shine; but discern how soon their light was gone, and they fell through Satan’s working. Therefore, I tell thee, the things thou hast stumbled at of my choosing such men for thee, is to prove the Revelations clear, and to shew to man how every likeness that John saw in heaven doth appear in my visitation to thee, the manner I have led thee on, and from the manner many were chosen to be as stars to rise and shine, in what manner from Satan’s working, they are fallen like stars cast to the earth, and their light gone. This, thou knowest, hath been a wonder to thee, and I tell thee, it hath been a wonder to many.

4th verse—“Now come to the following words. This, thou knowest, I have already told thee, in a spiritual sense, was Bruce, who became a believer, and know he was chosen as a child to be joined with the others to judge of thy writings and bring on thy deliverance, but how soon Satan stood before him, and in what manner was his working, and know the time of his death, it was as they came to confirm my words from their faith and belief that thy visitation was from me, and this thou knowest I told thee before, one of thy children would die at the time, because, I told thee, he would fall; and yet thou knowest this man thou broughtest forward with the others, as a believer, to judge of thy writings.

5th verse—“Here thou sayest in thy heart, how can this be? To thy thoughts I shall answer, in a temporal sense, it is known to thee the great powers Brothers said he would give him if he denied thee to be a ruler in Jerusalem. This, thou knowest, was the shadow of the man if thou comest to a temporal sense, but now come to a spiritual sense. Hast thou not brought forth me, and the visitation of my spirit proving to the world thy visitation came from me, that I shall destroy thy adversary, the devil, who betrayed the woman at first, and fulfil the promise made in the fall?”

(This Communication given in part.)

[Extracted from Had They Had Knowledge, p. 104.]

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