A Command to Believers

Ms. Jan 27, 1807.

The Spirit of Truth.

Therefore, if any evil is done by poison, it is by the unbelievers who bid defiance to my commands; and let them know, it is the just and innocent people that my protection is to, but this malicious and evil report arose by wicked designing people against the laws of God and man, who, in the midst of national judgments, national afflictions and distresses, repent not of their evil deeds, but are hardened in their sin as the anvil is hardened to the stroke, and while they are gnawing their tongues with pain they are full of blasphemy against their God, for the poison of asps is in their mouths. These words thou dost not understand what is meant by gnawing their tongues with pain, therefore I shall explain it more clearly. They are pained with the burden and distress of your nation that is felt throughout your land, and yet, in the midst of these judgments, instead of fearing the rod, and Him that hath appointed it, and acknowledging their sins, they have called for judgments instead of repenting. They are going on in fury with inveterate words, full of deadly poison, pained in mind and heart, they cannot get their own vengeance against the innocent that are warning them to flee from the wrath to come, and therefore, their tongues are pained with malice, because they cannot have their end; for, like the fury of those evil spirits that appeared to man, the same fury is in these people, because he worketh in them with malice. So let the believers obey my commands to put a stop to their malicious lies, and let the command be made public amongst them.

[Extracted from Had They Had Knowledge, p. 60.]


The Hand and Heart Must Join Together

Ms. February 5, 1807.

The Spirit of Truth.

Men must discern in what manner the whole stands together if they will learn the song of Moses and the Lamb. (Exodus 15:1.) Moses commanded offerings of the heart and hands, that they may be sealed in faith as heirs of the promise, but without faith their sealing is of no use if the heart is not joined with the hand to enter into a new covenant with me, trusting in my Gospel that your redemption is at hand and discern, from Rev. 14:1, how the sealed number is mentioned to stand with the Lamb on Mt Zion; then let them know for what they are sealed to stand with me, and rely on the promises made in the beginning; for, as the Disciples stood with me to bring in my Gospel, so men must stand with me to bring in my kingdom. And let men discern, from the books of Moses, how I made man an instrument to work by, and so, I tell thee, I shall go on to the end.

[Extracted from Had They Had Knowledge, p. 64.]


Seven Thousand Reserved to the Lord

Ms. February 5, 1807.

Peter Morrison opened to Romans 11:4. Now come to Romans 11:4. But what saith the answer of the Lord to Peter Morrison? I have reserved unto myself seven thousand men who have not bowed the knee to the image of Baal.

The Spirit of Truth.

Now I shall answer thee from these words. Though the persecution in your land against the visitation of my Spirit is like the persecution of the Prophet spoken of when he said they killed the prophets, and digged down my altar and perfect so is the persecution now, though it is not in their power to kill as it was in the days of the Prophets, yet the murder is in the heart of many to do it if it was in their power. But now I tell thee concerning the sealed. If there were seven thousand that have not bowed a knee to Baal, by being led away by temptations to destroy their faith, like pulling down the altars, now, I tell thee, if there be found in your land seven thousand amongst the whole that stand steadfast in their faith, longing for their coming Lord, that the powers of evil may be destroyed, if this number is found among the believers that are sealed, and stand in faith, no enemy can hurt your land by coming within your borders, and your deliverance must be near. But if the number is not found of seven thousand true believers, I now tell thee, then there are those in your land whose hearts are known to me will come in by fervent faith when I have made the things more clear. But I do not tell thee, amongst the sealed, there are seven thousand true believers who have not fallen off by temptations, and yet, I tell thee, there are seven thousand known to me who will come in as true believers in my visitation to thee, and will be desirous for my kingdom of righteousness and peace, and see the evil of sin, while ye remain under the fall. These things will be discerned by many when I have made the mystery clear, then they will find there are seven thousand true believers in this land, which Satans arts cannot destroy to make them long for his power to remain amongst them.

[Extracted from Had They Had Knowledge, p. 154.]


The Manner of the Sealing

Ms. February 17, 1807.

Dear Friend,

I shall give you a short communication given me concerning the manner the sealing is to go out again.

The Spirit of Truth.

Now I shall answer thee concerning the sealing, and the way it is to begin again.

The little book I have ordered thee to print,[1] I give no command to those that are sealed that they must have it, because I have told thee already it is to try them, and those who have hearts desirous to know for what ends they are sealed will of themselves be desirous to have the book, and their hearts will be proved without a command. But this I tell thee of those that are not sealed, they must have the book to judge for themselves, and weigh it with the Scriptures, before any more can be sealed, and they must have the eyes of their understanding opened to see the calling clear before they can be sealed. But thou sayest in thy heart, many may profess it that do not see the calling clear, such, I tell thee, thou must leave to themselves to answer for themselves if they speak wrong, for I know ye cannot judge mens hearts, and therefore, the judgments must be to mens words and actions, and from the book those that have the lists men must be judges of what sort of people apply to be sealed. And now I tell thee concerning the petition: It must be added with the former words to the lists, and every one that is sealed must say they join with thee in heart and mind, longing to have thy petition fulfilled, and the lists must be given to none but such as will be careful who they seal for the future, and this direction must go with the book, because, I tell thee, it is not the number of names that make the number of believers, the believers will be known by their fruits, and their desires to know for what ends they are sealed, and what grounds they have for believing this calling is from the Lord, and therefore I ordered the sense of the sealing should be published, and he that discerns the greatness of the promise to true believers sealed in faith, will discern the pearl of great price, and will dig deep to find it. That meaneth, he will search the Scriptures, and search thy writings, and weigh the whole together, that he may be clear in judging his faith is fixed on a sure foundation, that by faith he may be saved, and stand with triumph in the end.

This will be the conduct of those that are now fit to be sealed, and they will discern from the others that are sealed first, and have stood steadfast in their faith, how they examine to judge for themselves, and how they weighed it with the Scriptures and with the times.

And such were those that stood, while on the other hand, those that came in careless soon went back through unbelief, and their sealing is of no use to them. And this must be pointed out by all those who receive the names, so no more let men persuade people to be sealed before their hearts are sealed in faith. And this is the caution must be given to all, and an enquiry must be made what judgments they have drawn from the Scriptures, where the words were taken from, and what their judgment is of the fulfilment, because, I tell thee, no man can be sealed in faith that does not believe my Gospel will be fulfilled. And here I have given thee a command concerning the sealing for the future, and whereby they will know the hearts of those who are already sealed, by their eager desire to come to a greater knowledge for what they are sealed, and their desire to know on what foundation, whether it be evil or not, from the manner of my visitation to thee. This, I tell thee, believers that are worthy to be sealed will be eager to know.

This communication with the book, is sent to go out that the people may judge for themselves, before any more are to be sealed they must weigh the book, and see what they are sealed for, and be desirous to have a seal before any more be sealed. I have had no orders to send out the lists at present.

[Extracted from Had They Had Knowledge, p. 155.]


On the Lists Going Out

Ms. March 27, 1807.

The Spirit of Truth.

Now I shall answer thee concerning the lists when it went out. First, it went out by my command to invite men to come in, but now discern how few came in by faith, how few came in by love, and how my invitation has been mocked, and my offers rejected by men. Then now, I tell thee, the lists will no more go out by my command before they go out by the desire of the people being convinced the calling is of God, and longing to subscribe with their hands to the Lord. This must be the petition of men, and then their petitions I shall grant by the sealing. I have shewn them what is my will concerning mankind, that they should shew their love and the desire of their hearts for my coming, which I ordered to go out and invite them, but now, I tell thee, I shall wait till the hearts of men begin to be awakened, and have their desires for their coming Lord, to shew it plain by their names. And let the eyes of their understanding be opened to discern in what manner ye sign your names to a petition of any kind for men; then, in like manner, let those who wish to see my kingdom to be established in righteousness and peace, let their desires be to sign, as I have told thee—the petitions for man—because my will is made public amongst them; but this in the beginning could not be a thing in men, as they could not desire a thing they knew not was my will among them. But now my mind and will is made known in what manner their desire must appear to prove I am the desire of nations, and the Revelations to be fulfilled. And now I tell thee, from different places, where there are one hundred people that have expressed their desire to sign for their coming Lord, then the lists will go out again, but, I tell thee, not before. I do not tell thee one hundred people in one place, where the lists have already been, but, I tell thee, from all the places. And now I know thy pondering thoughts, thou sayest in thy heart if there are fifty true believers that should have the eyes of their understanding opened to discern the calling clear, and have a longing desire in their hearts to sign for my kingdom, shall these fifty be refused because the other fifty are not come in? To thy thoughts I shall answer, consider how long the lists have gone out, and the invitation publicly made, and therefore, I tell thee, those that have stood out already through unbelief, when the invitation hath been long, because it was despised by the public, they must wait until the public begin to change with them; but yet, I tell thee, their offers of love, if it be the desire of their hearts, will be kept in remembrance by me before the public are awakened, for, if I put them off for a while because my calling was rejected, yet, I tell thee, they shall not be forgotten.

You see, from this communication, the lists cannot go out for the present, but there are some in London who have said they shall not be at rest before the lists go out, that they may sign their names and be sealed, and whoever applies to you, or any of the friends, that they are fully convinced the calling is from the Lord, and are desirous to sign their names for the kingdom of God, let them give in their names that you may send me word how many we have in Yorkshire, and so they must send to me from other places that I may know when the number is up.

[Extracted from Had They Had Knowledge, p. 156.]


Three Letters

No. 1.

Dear Friend,

I received your parcel safe with [  ] which balances your account. I have now sent your order but am sorry I have not all the Books you sent for. The following Books are out of print; 8th Book Continuation Strange Effects of Faith, 1st Book of Visions, 1st Book of Letters, 1st Book of Sealed Prophecies, Dispute, and Answer. I have sent you rather a Larger order than you sent for as the Expense for the Carriage is the same—you have sent me a melancholy account of the trade, want of money, want of employment, and dare not trust each other. This is the complaining Every where, and yet the mockery of men against the visitation increases amidst all these Distresses, and so they will go on till they feel the hand of the Lord heavier upon them, which I see must be before they will begin to see and fear the rod and him that appointed it. Many wonderful things have been seen lately, and many Storms of Thunder and Lightning have been at different places this winter, particularly on Christmas Eve; and on Christmas Day at night my Sister sent me an account that she was called out to see the Elements, and they appeared like Fire and Smoke, and the most dreadful Thunder and Lightning followed. They asked her if she did not feel a Shaking: She said she did but was so frightened that she thought it was herself. A Lady was sitting in her room with a Rummer and a silver spoon upon the table; the glass was broke and the spoon bent; the Chimney sunk and cracked; the foot man said he lost his sight for some time, and this was felt at different places throughout the kingdom. I was answered as follows: All will find the truth of the words thy Sister sent thee. Like smoke and fire she said the Heavens appeared, with thunder and lightning to follow and a shaking amongst the people; and these things will kindle in your Land, for I shall kindle a fire of Love in many to Quench the Smoke that will ascend from Hell with a fire that Satan will kindle. These things will be in every Land; first Temporal, next Spiritual, to bring trembling to the people and a fear of what may follow.


Then some in Love will burn for me

And then my thunder they will see

How it will sound from pole to pole

My Lightning flash I tell you all

Because thy dream must now appear

For so theyre going on

To persecute the Lord afresh—

Is daily done by man

The mist is over all the Earth

The Smoke they dont discern

How black a shell where Satan dwell

The rage in men appear

To hear the Coming of the Lord

Is now mocked every where

And so the Dream I shewed thee plain

The way men now proceed

To Crucify their Lord afresh—

Again to make me bleed.


I dreamt I saw two men take our Saviour [and] was going to Crucify him. They led him into a place, which I thought was for that purpose, but I was so terrified at the sight, and wounded and grieved within, that I fainted away.

The Spirit of Truth.

Now I shall answer thee: to see me Crucified afresh in the body cannot be, for when I come, it will be in power to destroy my enemies; but to persecute me in the Spirit is what they are now doing. And therefore I shewed thee in the Dream that it was me they were persecuting, and therefore I tell thee, as the fire of hell is now kindled in the hearth of men to burn with malice against me, I shall kindle a fire in my anger to destroy them. But a fire of love will be kindled in many hearts to bring on the Destruction, and to put to confusion those [mine] Enemies. I do not tell thee it is the love of man that will be kindled will bring on the temporal destruction to my [enemies]; but when I begin to work with man to bring on my thunder and lightning upon them, then by my friends I shall shame my enemies; so shall I now tell thee, a spiritual War will be kindled in this Nation before peace and happiness is Established therein. And this you may Discern I have told you before, that it is the Spirits sword must fight; and Shadows have begun in your land, and yet they are but Shadows of what is to come. But do not judge in thy heart what thy Sister saw on Christmas Day alludes to this Nation only. I tell thee, No; it is to shew you all what shall happen upon all Nations; that the fire shall kindle one way or the other, in anger to Destroy, or in Love to preserve. This will go on, and happy will it be for those who are Desirous to know from whence this visitation is, and whether I am Coming in anger to destroy or in Love to Save; but know my Coming is both ways, in anger to my Enemies and Love to my friends. But now thou sayest in thy heart, I have not Answered thee of what is hastening on upon your Nation; but this I have already told thee is not good for you to know.

Here I have given you the above; but must beg the friends to draw no hasty Judgment from it, for now is the time to be silent and draw no Judgment of what may happen, which the believers have done too much; and which has caused great mockery from the unbelieving world, for which reason believers ought to keep their thoughts to themselves. For as you Justly observe, wickedness is increasing very fast, and those who are hardened against the Coming of the Lord will get worse instead of better. Here I must Conclude with our united kind Christian Love to yourself and wife, to John Bedford, Wm. Oldfield and wife and all friends.

No. 2.

Dear friend,

I shall give you an account concerning Mrs. Stanhope Bruce, the Rev. Mr. Bruces Wife. The Rev. Mr. Foley went to see Mr. Bruce—on the 22nd of May I received a Letter from Mr. Bruce and one from Mrs. Foley, wherein they informed me of Mrs. B.s illness—but Mr. B. was in hopes she would recover and expressed great sorrow if he should lose her.—I was ordered to put his Letter in the Bible, and from the place where I found it, I judged she would die, and I was answered my judgment was true: But let not sorrow cast him down, or grieve if I take his partner from him—Because I tell thee his loss will be her gain; and let them discern in the days of my disciples, it was not all my disciples, that lived to see my Gospel established in peace, though they were labourers to establish it, and had their reward in my Kingdom of Glory; and perfect so I tell thee of this present Age—it is not all those that labour in my Vineyard looking for the coming of their Lord, to see my kingdom established in Righteousness and peace, that will live upon this earth till the time, and yet I tell thee their labour of love will not be in Vain—because their reward will be in my kingdom of Glory, with joy that none can take from them.

And this know I have told before; many of the Sealed will come with me in Glory, when I come to destroy their Adversary and the Adversary of Mankind and bring my kingdom of Righteousness and peace—then will the saints rejoice with me, to see the day they longed to see, and therefore let no one grieve if I take her from the evil to come—to complete her bliss, because I tell thee the heart and the love to me, to have my kingdom established in Righteousness and peace, and the desire for my Coming, welcomes them to me, if I take them before the time—and this thou knowest I have told thee of Bruce, that his kingdom of Glory is not in this world—then let not your hearts be cast down if I take her before him.


Theyll only part to meet again

Where joys forever will remain.

So, in this manner thou must send

For to advise him as a friend.


This Communication was sent to Mr. Foley.


No. 3.

On the 30th of May, we had two Letters from Mr. Foley—one giving an account that Mrs. Bruce was much worse, and the other dated 29th giving an account of her death—which greatly wounded me to the heart, for though I was well assured from the Communication before, that our loss was her gain—yet all her kindness and love came to my remembrance, and kindled a flame of love in my heart—that I [could] not refrain from sorrow, feeling for her loss thinking I should never see her more in this world though my faith was strong, in meeting her in a better.

Extract from Rev. Mr. Foley’s Letter.

Inglesham, Glous. May, 1807.

My very dear friend,

I have to communicate to you that, yesterday about five oclock, our worthy and excellent fellow labourer took her departure for the Realms of Bliss, where she will change the Garment of Mourning and Sorrow, for the garment of joy and praise; and to sing our Dear Redeemers love will be her Glory—on Tuesday last she began [to] alter rapidly for the worse, and the last twenty four hours she gently glided away and departed without a struggle and without a groan—I never witnessed a more easy happy Death—some few hours before she died we imparted your truly Comfortable and heart cheering Communication to Mr. Bruce—Who, dear Man, received it with all thankfulness and gratitude from the Lord, after the Ebullition of grief had subsided, he became perfectly resigned, composed and comfortable—

And bless be God has continued so ever since—

T. P. Foley.


Sunday, May 31st, 1807.

I was ordered to open my Bible, and have the two Letters placed where I opened to—the Letter that gives an account of Mrs. Bruces Death was in the 25th Chap. of Isaiah and the 8th verse—‘he will swallow up Death in Victory—and the Lord God will wipe away the tears from off all faces’—the Letter of her illness was in the 2 Corinthians 13th Chapter and 11th verse—‘Finally Brethren farewell, be perfect, be of good Comfort, be of one mind, live in peace and the God of Love and Peace shall be with you,and the 1st Chap. of Galatians 12th ver.—‘For I neither received it of man, neither was I taught it but by the Revelation of Jesus Christ—’

The Answer of the Spirit.

Now I shall answer; it was by the Revelation from me that thou wast taught her death was near, that she would bid farewell to this world of sorrow—and be called to a world of joy, where Death is swallowed up in Victory—and this thou wast taught of me, what Glory was set before her—when she bid farewell to the world.

Therefore I directed thy hand to the Scriptures in this Manner, that all men may discern in what likeness are my words that stand on record—with the words I revealed to thee, and this let them deeply discern. And now I shall answer thy feeling heart that is so kindled with love, calling to thy remembrance all her kindness and love to thee—and these things are quick to thy remembrance, as soon as thou heardst of her departure—but remember what I have told thee before, thy spirits are often worked up by me to shew thy feelings, either for love or Anger, which I have told thee are shadows; and perfect so, I now tell thee, from the love that is in thy heart for thy departed friend, is but a shadow of my love for her.

All she hath done in love to me, is strongly remembered by me. And now I tell thee cometh her reward; therefore Death is swallowed up in Victory to her, where the tempter can never come, and where her Joy will last for ever—and all tears wiped from her eyes. Therefore let them discern this Chapter and let them discern her faith; for though she hath bid farewell to all her friends below, let them discern from the following words—they must discern what was her mind; and now I tell thee, from this it is a caution to all—it is a warning to all to be of one mind with her, whose desire was for the coming of her Lord to be with you here below. But now I tell thee, she is gone to be with her God in Glory—and let this be a comfort to all that, whether they live, or whether they die, their happiness and peace is in the end sure if they follow her faith and Example. And let her Faith be made known, and let the Chapters be discerned, for now I tell thee, from the first let them discern what she was waiting for, to have Death swallowed up in Victory, and the rebuke of my people taken away from off all the Earth. In this Faith she lived, in this Faith she died, and in this she bid farewell to all; and here I tell thee is a Caution to all to be of one Mind, live in peace and the God of love and peace shall be with you—and from the feelings of thy heart, I have told thee my Love to her; but not to her only, but unto all those that love my appearing and are longing for my Salvation—but these things I shall explain to thee more fully hereafter—but shall try their Judgment from the words I revealed to thee at first, and from the scriptures where I directed thy hand. So let them be of Good Comfort to look forward to her Joy; and let not Bruce lament his loss, that I have told thee is her gain; but I know whereof ye are made, and I know from your nature and what spirits ye are of; ye cannot refrain from some sorrow when ye lose a friend ye love;—therefore I tell thee it is not a command that Bruce shall in no ways Grieve for his wife; but from the joy that I have set before him, let his Comfort be in the midst of sorrow, they are only parted to meet again where joys for Ever will Remain.


[Printed from MS. copies.]


The Third Part of the Stars

Ms. June 1, 1807.

The third part of the stars drawn to the earth by the powers of darkness (page 3) where it is said you will find four out of the twelve that had three seals cast to the earth already; but this alluded to men I had been writing to, to invite them to come as some of the twelve, but they broke themselves off by breaking their seals when they were forbid, and you know Mr. Basil Bruce began to waver in faith and died. So these fell off before the twelve were brought together, and you have no grounds to believe, either from my writings, or from the Scriptures, that any more than one of the twelve would ever fall off from me; and you may discern, to keep the number of the twelve, that the twelve stars may stand at last. There were thirteen with the child, and now there are twelve remaining. But to draw the third part of the stars to the earth by the four is part, but it does not stop there, because it alludes to the sealed people in general, that the great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, will draw the third part to the earth. This means the devil, and he has now begun to work in seven heads together, and so, in like manner, to make them fall from their faith that are not steadfast in it.

[Extracted from Had They Had Knowledge, p. 104.]


The First Redeemed

Ms. June 2, 1807.

The Spirit of Truth.

Then shall these nations stumble that are in darkness, and the shadow of death before I have opened the eyes of their understandings in the Scriptures. These were redeemed from among men, being the first fruits unto God and to the Lamb, and these were the number of the hundred forty and four thousand who were redeemed from the earth. Here are the words no man of understanding, no man of learning, can make them out, why the new song was sung by them before the throne, and no man could learn that song but the sealed number, having their Fathers name written on their foreheads. If they were commanded to make it out and explain it, I tell thee it is more than man can do; but mark what followeth from the words thou so much stumbled at, In their mouth was found no guile, for they were without fault before the throne of God.From these words thou ponderest in thy heart they must be without sin, or they cannot be without fault, but, I tell thee, there is no man without sin, and yet he may be called without fault before God, when he hath a single eye to the honour and glory of God, and in all his words acknowledge the wisdom, and goodness, and justice of his Creator in all his ways and works, then there can be no guile in his mouth against his Creator. And now I shall come to reason deep of man. Do not the professed Christians find fault in their Creator, as I have already told thee, from one part who say I created man to sin? Will such say there is no guile found in their mouths when they are laying every fault upon me? Can I screen such men in the last day to say they are without fault? I tell thee, no. For how can they say, just and holy are all thy ways, righteous are all thy decrees, to decree men and determine them for destruction when I have created them as it was impossible for them to turn? These, I tell thee, cannot sing the song of Moses and the Lamb, for Moses taught them to turn unto me and I would turn unto them, to repent of their evil, and I would repent of their judgments, I would heal their back-slidings and love them freely. This was Mosesteaching to the children of Israel, and in my Gospel I taught them the same. Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest, I came to seek and to save that which was lost. Now he that preacheth another doctrine cannot learn it from Moses and the Lamb.

[Extracted from Had They Had Knowledge, p. 65.]


The Type of Mrs. Wilmot

Continuation of a Communication on Mrs. Wilmot’s illness,

and her being a jewel, etc.

From a Communication given to Joanna Southcott on Sunday morning, June 7th, 1807, left in MS. by her.

The Spirit of Truth.

They know not the sense nor the meaning of a jewel, which is an ornament for the body: and perfect so I tell thee, as a jewel, which ye admire, gives lustre to the body, because it is an ornament to beautify—perfect so I tell thee of those who are desirous to set forth My honour and glory, to have My name adorned by men as a jewel adorns your bodies. And this is known to thee was the state of Wilmots mind at the time I gave the Communication. Call all things to thy remembrance, how eager she was to awaken them all, and how eager she was for My coming, and all her kindness to thee. Then remember her own fears at that time, but remember the words I said to thee in years that are past, which were never understood by thee:—


All thy jewels I have sealed them Mine,

For men would steal them if they brighter shine.


Then from these words you may all discern the truth of My Gospel—ye may begin in the Spirit and end in the flesh—that meaneth ye may begin to set forth My honour and glory to have My Name adored by men, as a jewel adorning your bodies: but as I told thee, a jewel may be stolen from thee—perfect so I tell thee from Me.

But now consider what the woman said to thee of the Scriptures: she never could believe the Prophets, because they spoke so highly of David, whose crimes as a man she clearly discerned, without discerning the type of David, that never was understood by man, neither was it explained by man: and therefore I tell thee, thousands like her are stumbled at the Prophets; and therefore I have brought forward many characters that men may stumble at the same to make the mysteries clear to all, and to bring My Bible out to men that they may discern on what conditions and for what types and shadows words are spoken.

And now come to the Communication that I gave thee of Wilmot, which you yourselves may clearly discern. The Communication goes to those whom thou didst tenderly love in thy heart, and are taken to glory before thee. And this I told thee of Wilmot, if thou never seest her more, thou shouldst meet her in glory, that she was a jewel to Me, that should shine in glory if she had died at the time her heart was warmed with a desire for My honour and glory. For know what I said to the people in My Gospel, He that is without sin, let him cast the first stone,and know I promise forgiveness to all returning sinners. Therefore let no one be stumbled at what I said of Wilmot at the time her heart seemed joined with thine for My honour and glory to set it forth to mankind, that My Name might be adored by all, because it is those I call My jewels in every age of the world who wish to have My Name adorned as a jewel adorns your bodies. And this thou knowest has been done by instruments in every age; and this thou knowest was done by David, which thou mayest discern from the Psalms. And this was begun by Solomon to set forth My honour and glory when he built a House to My Name. But how soon did the fine gold become dim, and how soon was the jewel lost to Me, when he began to worship other gods, and departed from My honour, and departed from the paths of his father David. See how soon the jewel was lost and the crown rended from him. Then now discern from the Scriptures, for what reasons were My changes to mankind, when they began to change from Me. Discern how great were My promises to Solomon if he had continued in My statutes, and obeyed My commands. But from his departing from them My promises departed from him, and the same of Eli. They that honour Me I will honour, and they that despise Me shall be lightly esteemed.Here were My changes in ages past—here is My change for the present—those that seek for My honour and glory, longing to see My Kingdom established in righteousness and peace, that all the Earth may praise My Name, are as jewels to adorn My Crown, because they wish to see it shine. And this at first was Wilmots mind, but now thou seest she is gone from Me:


I ask what jewel she can be

For thee to meet in realms of bliss—

Oh, theres a jewel thou must miss

Because I tell thee she is gone,

A jewel lost can never shine.

But I shall further tell My mind,

Twas but a type I placed her here;

When she in faith did strong appear

And love and kindness she did show

And filled thy heart with love I know.

And perfect so shed been to Me

Had she continued to this day:

Because My Bible Ill fulfil

Returning sinners come:

The crimson dye Ill wash away,

And call the sinners home,

If like the Prodigal they return

My offers to embrace

And to repent of what theyve done,

Theyll see my smiling face.

So heres a shadow deep for all,

The words you do not see

The way the sinners I do call

If they return to Me.


For now discern in the time of her illness when she feared her sickness might be unto death, and had told thee her fears and her faith, thou knowest I did not upbraid her, but invited her by words of love to follow on to know My Name. But now discern her ingratitude is the greater. And perfect so I tell thee of all Carpenters house: I did not upbraid any of them with their past crimes, but invited them by love to turn unto Me and I should turn unto them; and if they honoured Me I should honour them. Therefore, I tell thee, their sins are greater in departing from My commands. And these things I have brought forward to show men My Prophets, whom men despise, because of the changes of My promises of great blessings being afterwards turned as a curse unto men, which appears to the wisdom of men not consistent with the wisdom of a God, or the justice of a God, that these changes should take place. And therefore I have worked by instruments where the changes have taken place in man to show the reasons to mankind why My promises were turned into threatenings. For now I tell thee, if you discern the Scriptures through, these changes stand on record. And yet I tell thee, where the promise stands for one it stands for all, if My commands are obeyed. For now I shall come to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Know the type stood in Abraham from his faith in offering up his son. And yet know it was but a type, as Isaac was not slain upon the altar; but know that I was offered up for the transgression of man, crucified on the Cross: then here discern from the shadow where the promise was made, that in Isaac all the families of the Earth should be blessed.Discern how great the promise was made there, but I tell thee, thou must come to the substance to see it fulfilled. And now discern between Bruce[2] and Wilmot—both at that time were dear to thee, and the sickness appeared in Wilmot. But now discern the death was not in her at that time to go to glory for thee to meet her there, and see her no more in this world; because thou hast seen her to part in anger here below, and your separation hath taken place. But now I tell thee what I said of Wilmot is fulfilled in Bruce. You two parted in love below, with a desire to see each other again; but this desire of meeting below I have separated by death. And thy sorrows have been great, though it was but of a short duration to hear of the death of thy departed friend. Then now I ask thee, who is the jewel that is near and dear to thee that thou wishest to meet in glory? In thy heart thou answerest that Bruce is in the perfect likeness to thee now, that Wilmot would have been, if she had died at that time.

Then now discern the words are fulfilled in the one that were spoken of the other. And perfect so I tell thee of the end: the promise that stands to Isaac to have all the families of the Earth be blessed in him, shall now be as perfectly fulfilled in Me, as the words I spoke of Wilmot are now fulfilled to thee in Bruce: Because every feeling of love with a much stronger passion was kindled in thy heart at Bruces death than it would have been at Wilmots. And here is a shadow stands deep for the End.

But now I shall answer thee from Foleys observation—how could the type that stood in Isaac stand in her without her being an innocent character, is the meaning of his words. To his words I shall answer, and let them discern how first Abrahams seed departed from Me, and let them discern from Esau, that was Isaacs son, how they all departed, and the promise was not fulfilled to men in any of Abrahams seed, that all the families of the Earth were blessed, because thou knowest they were cut off. Then here let your thoughts go deep from where the promises were first made, how they were cut off by their rebellion, and by their sins. Then what have ye to marvel at of My placing a type and shadow in one that is cut off the same. And yet, I tell thee that promise stands good for all, whose faith and love stand steadfast unto the Lord, as the shadows of faith and love, appeared in her at that time.

But now let them discern in what manner she is fallen back from her faith and from her love. And this was the case with Abrahams seed; it fell from the shadow, but will be fulfilled in the substance. And now discern the Communication was given of a woman, who at that time was dear to thee. And now discern amongst all thy believers, that now are near and dear unto thee, for thee to lament their loss, who is the first that has departed that thou in thy heart hast grieved for? Thou answerest, Mrs. Bruce: then now discern it is in a woman the words are fulfilled. So let them not stumble at the Communication, because I tell thee, it is to bring men back to the Scriptures to discern in what manner they are spoken, and in what manner they must be fulfilled that I have spoken things in such a mystery to thee, not to understand them before they are fulfilled, and to show you plain they were not fulfilled to the person of whom they were spoken. But the perfect likeness is fulfilled in others, as I have told thee of the death of the one, and of the living that hath fulfilled the other. See the both fulfilled in women. And here let the eyes of your understanding be opened; then you must discern from the Fall how the Promise that was made to the Woman of bruising the head of her adversary must be fulfilled to her at the last when I come to redeem you from the Fall.

And now let them answer how this came to pass—that what I spoke of women at first in the letter I ordered thee to send to Bruce is now fulfilling in love by women. And in the Communication I gave thee for grieving in thy heart for the loss of a woman, that I said thou shouldst meet in glory—discern the first thou hast grieved for is a woman that is gone to glory. And now discern how the perfect likeness appears in woman of what I told thee at first.

*  *  *  *  *  *

Here I am answered I should open My Bible, and have the former Communication concerning Mrs. Wilmot, and this Explanation which is now given, and the Communication concerning Mrs. Bruces death put into the places where I opened to. The first put in was the former Communication concerning Mrs. Wilmot, which was found in Ezekiel vii. 5 and 6. “Thus saith the Lord God; an evil, an only evil, behold it is come; an end is come, the end is come.

The Communication given in explanation of the former Communication concerning Mrs. Wilmot was in St. John xviii. 2. “And Judas also which betrayed Him knew the place where Jesus often resorted with his disciples.The Communication concerning Mrs. Bruces death was in [3]Judith viii. 16. “Do not bind the counsel of the Lord—for God is not a man that He may be threatened, neither is He the son of man that He should be wavering—therefore let us wait for salvation of Him.

The Spirit of Truth.

Now I shall answer thee from where Bruces letter was found, and the Communication that I gave thee of her. And let the eyes of your understanding be opened clearly to discern what was the language of Bruces heart when thou saw her last, and told her thou should meet shortly. Know her answer was like Judiths, not to expect it hastily, but to wait for My salvation was the language of her heart: for this is known to thee and to others in what manner she joined with her husband, not to be so hasty in your judgment to limit the time of the Most High: neither be dismayed nor cast down, if it did not come according to your judgment at a time ye had expected. This thou knowest was her reasoning, like the advice of Judith to her brethren. And now discern what her reasoning was, when they began to give up in despair, if they were not delivered—Know her answer: Who are ye that have tempted God this day, and stand instead of God among the children of men? Ye cannot find out the depth of the heart of man, neither can ye perceive the thing that he thinketh: then how can ye search out God, that hath made all these things, and know his mind, or comprehend his purpose?” (Judith viii. 12–14). Now discern the reasoning of Judith, and how much Bruces heart was like it in all her reasonings concerning My ways and My decrees. So from the chapter judge for yourselves where the Communication was found that I told thee Bruce was freed from the power of the enemy; and know how Judith conquered the enemy. Here I shall leave man to judge for themselves, to discern in what likeness the both appeared.

And now come to the other where the Answer was found that I gave thee of Bruce and Wilmot. And here let the eyes of your understanding be opened to discern from My Gospel how I was betrayed by one of My own disciples that went from Me. And now discern in what manner I told thee Wilmot was gone from thee, then you may discern the likeness together and the truth of My Words from where I directed thy hand. But now I know thy pondering thoughts—thou sayest in thy heart it was never mentioned My love to Judas, and yet it was mentioned thy love to Wilmot. To thy thoughts I answer: Ye that are but dust and ashes can but judge by appearance, and from appearance. Call to thy remembrance the words of David, the love that I had for them. But now they take the contrary part, and therefore I tell thee, thou hast nothing to marvel that thy love for her should be mentioned. And know the words that I said unto thee in My Answer concerning Bruce, that love and anger in thee are often worked up by Me; and so I tell thee were thy passions worked up by Me concerning Wilmot to set the type clear for another; that where thou lovest to the end, to the end I love the same; and know it is written, He that endureth to the end shall be saved.And now discern the end is come of the Communication I gave thee spoken of Wilmot, but fulfilled in Bruce, because your love lasted to the end.

And now discern deeply where the Communication was found, that as the end is come to her and thee, that thou hast loved her to the end, till the separation came by death, for thee to meet her again in glory when the morning is come to thee, that meaneth the morning of thy resurrection, when thou art risen from the dead. Then now discern from the chapter what all nations have to fear, and discern from all nations what is upon them at the time Bruce fulfilled the Communication that I gave thee, and from the chapter I shall leave men to judge for themselves what the abominations of this nation will bring upon their own heads. And as I directed thy hand to the words of the Prophet where the Communication was found that speaks of the end of one by death, whom thou in thy heart should tenderly love before the greatest evils come upon this land: to the words of the prophet I shall leave them to judge for themselves. Now come to the Scriptures I bid thee to search, to point out to mankind, that they may discern from the Scriptures in what manner they were spoken, and in what manner they were fulfilled.

And now discern My words to Peter. Matthew, 16th chapter, 17, 18 verses, Flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but My Father which is in heaven: thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.Now I ask thee what Rock is here meant? It was not the place where Peter was standing that I meant I should build My Church, but the Rock that I meant was Peter’s faith that was revealed to him. And discern the words he said before: Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.Now this is the faith on which I meant My Church should stand in the end, and be built upon, that the gates of hell should not prevail against. And on this faith the Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven shall be given; that meaneth as a key unlocks the door whereby ye enter into your houses, so the Key must come from Me by the revelation of My Spirit to unlock all mysteries, whereby ye may enter into My Kingdom. And now discern the words further: Whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.But these words thou dost not understand. But now discern further: after My promise so great to Peter, discern My words following: Get thee behind me, Satan: thou art an offence unto me: for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men.And this thou knowest I said unto Peter after I said he was blessed of the Lord. Then now I ask thee, to whom these words were meant? I spoke them to Peter from first to the last; and after your own manner of speaking when ye call men devils, ye may say from My speaking to Peter I called him the same, because I said his words were an offence unto Me, though he spoke in love to Me. But My reproof was to the Author of Evil, unto Satan, and not to him, because it was Satan worked it in his mind. And yet thou sayest in thy heart it might be worked in him after the manner of men according to the love and feeling ye have one to the other, and he as a man might have that love for Me when he wished Me not to suffer what I told him I must suffer. But here consider how soon he was wavering from his faith which he himself did not discern, that if I was the Son of the living God, and came to do My Fathers will, His will must be done in Me and by Me. It was not for man to direct, and therefore I reproved him. But let them discern to whom the reproof was meant that was spoken to him, and then let them discern further: Verily I say unto you, There be some standing here, which shall not taste of death, till they see the Son of man coming in his kingdom.And now, I ask thee, how these words can be understood by man, or how they can be explained by man, as My disciples were put to death for Me, and My words are not yet fulfilled of Coming in My Fathers glory with the Angels? And yet I tell thee, they did not taste of death before they saw Me arise from the dead and appear to them in this Kingdom, that I have told thee the Kingdoms of this world shall become the Kingdom of the Living God, and in this Kingdom I appeared to them before they tasted of death. So now let men discern in what manner I appeared to them, and how the Angels appeared to them when I ascended to glory, and told them, in like manner they should see Me come again. But here let men discern from the Scriptures in what manner words are spoken, and in what manner some likenesses were fulfilled of the shadows of the first, which men do not discern, neither do they understand.

But let them answer how My words can be true—that some that were present did not taste of death before they saw Me coming in My Kingdom, if I do not claim the Kingdom My own? So let no man marvel that I have given Communications to thee that appear stumbling to mankind, before they see it clearly fulfilled in a way and manner never thought of by them. But this I have done to bring men to the Scriptures, and to open the eyes of their understanding from the way and manner I speak words to thee, and the way they are fulfilled, not according to the wisdom of man; but according to My ways and wisdom discern how My words are fulfilled. And now call unto thy remembrance the words I said unto thee:—


Where thou lovest I love the same,

And she shall know my every name.”


Then now judge from thy own heart who is the She, that thou hast loved unto death, wishing to see in a crown of life where joys shall never end, and where sorrows can never come. And now discern My Gospel further: many are called but few are chosen, and he that endureth to the end shall be saved. And here I tell thee, if men could discern in what manner the likeness is fulfilled of women, that I spoke of women, but not fulfilled the way it was spoken, but to the likeness in others, then they would discern in what manner My Bible would be fulfilled.

And now come to the Prophets words: Ezekiel xxxiv. 23, 24. “I will set up one shepherd over them, and he shall feed them, even my servant David; he shall feed them, and he shall be their shepherd; and I the Lord will be their God.Now I shall answer thee, as thou hast discerned from thyself by what Prophet this was spoken after Davids decease; then discern the words could not be fulfilled in him, though they were spoken of him. But now come to the Revelation; I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star; and the Spirit and the Bride say, Come.Rev. xxii. 16, 17. Then now discern who is the David here mentioned to be a shepherd over the people, and to be a Prince amongst them. These things men do not discern, neither the meaning of the words, nor in what manner they must be fulfilled. But now I ask thee, how I could bring men to the mysteries of My Bible, to show them plain that what was spoken of a man, must be fulfilled in a God—not as the words were spoken of man, but as they were meant by Me. These things I could not explain to open the eyes of mens understanding and make the crooked paths straight before them, if I had not led thee on in like manner to have crooked paths appear in thy writings, that men by wisdom cannot explain, neither can the believers explain them before they are explained by Me to show them the likeness in every line—how the words I spoke to My Prophets of old and the words that I have spoken to thee appear as crooked paths to men, that they by wisdom cannot explain before I begin to show them the likeness how they are fulfilled another way that is not understood by men. And perfect so I tell thee of the end of thy life; thy Trial that will be great, and heat different passions in men. Was I to make all things plain to thee, I ask thee how it could agree with My words to the Prophets? Or how could it be said: in the Lord is no variableness or the shadow of turning, but the same today as yesterday and for ever?But I must turn from all My ways and words to the Prophets, if I now bring thy writings in a straight line, for every man to understand. But know I told thee in the beginning from My visitation to thee, that I should throw open My Bible to thee. But now I ask men how this can be done, if all the words I speak to thee were plain and easy to be understood, when ye may all discern the words I spoke by My Prophets were not easy to be understood? But know what I said in My Gospel, I came not to destroy, but to fulfil the words of the Prophets. And now I have told thee the time is at hand that I shall fulfil the whole, but not in a way understood by men, any more than they understood the words I spoke of women. But here I tell thee I shall go on till I have joined the whole together and made a complete covering for man, as thy mind is simply engaged to join thy pieces together till thou hast made a complete covering for thy bed.[4] And perfect so I now tell thee I shall go on in like manner till I have joined the whole together and made a covering for them all whose hearts are longing and desirous for My Kingdom to be established in righteousness and peace, and let them search the Scriptures and compare them together, as thou searchest thy pieces to join them together, and then they will discern the covering must come in the end.

Now come to My Gospel, St. Matthew xiii. 19. “When any one heareth the word of the kingdom, and understandeth it not, then cometh the wicked one, and catcheth away that which was sown in his heart. This is he which received seed by the way side.And now discern from this Parable how strong the likeness hath appeared in believers, who have heard of My Kingdom approaching, and received the words with joy—but not understanding in what manner all must be worked round before My Kingdom of Peace is brought in to be established amongst mankind, they expect as soon as the seed is sown to have the harvest appear, and therefore I tell thee they fall off where the seed hath been sown, and for a short time abides in the heart, and yet it took no root there to remain and grow to the end. And such I told them was the likeness of the Kingdom of Heaven. So let them discern the Parables through, and then they will discern from My Gospel how many would fall away from their faith after receiving the words that My Kingdom was at hand. And these things I have told thee from visions in the beginning—how many would fall off like the fallen fruit from the trees, and therefore ye have nothing to marvel to see many fall away.[5] And discern this chapter speaks of the end, when I come to gather out of My Kingdom all that offend and do wickedly. But these things I have explained to thee already—only to remind you from My Gospel that such professed believers would appear, and fall away after receiving the Word with joy. But here I shall leave thee for the present, and let those that are stumbled at My sayings—placing it to one and applying it to another, showing it was not fulfilled in the persons to whom it was spoken—let such answer from the Scriptures whether the promises were always fulfilled to the people to whom they were spoken? And let them discern from Moses and what were My promises to the children of Israel when I sent Moses to deliver them from the hand of Pharaoh. But let them discern how few of them to whom I sent Moses unto ever possessed the Land I promised them, and yet My promises were fulfilled to the children of Israel.

In like manner let them discern the Prophets through, and then they will understand the meaning of My words, what is said of one is fulfilled in another, because My words stand on record on conditions for men, and it is fulfilled unto those that obey My commands. Therefore ye have nothing to marvel to see the fulfilment does not come unto those it is spoken of at first, because they do not understand the words, nor on what conditions all is placed. Here I shall leave thee for the present to call the Scriptures to thy remembrance, and then thou wilt as clearly discern how things were spoken of one and fulfilled in another.

[Extracted from Express Leaflets, Nos. 28 and 29, with corrections from another MS. copy. See also the Communication dated October 16th, 1803, for the first explanation.]


England Defended From the Foreign Enemy

A Communication concerning the Sealed people being stumbled about the year 1807, and the 74th page of the Warning to the World. Given to Joanna Southcott on the 17th June, 1807.


On reading the Warning to the World, page 74, it is said:—“As false as their saying thou hast been in prison, so false is their saying thy writings came from the devil, or any spirit but the Spirit of the Living God; and that every soul in this nation shall know, before the five years[6] I mentioned are expired.These words I could by no means make out myself, and pondered in my heart how it was possible they could be fulfilled; but I was answered:

The Spirit of Truth.

Doth not every soul in this nation know the great power I have given to Buonaparte[7] to conquer the nations? Doth not every one know how vain and fruitless have been the attempts of this nation to hire[8] other nations to fight against him?—Doth not every one know, do they not feel the heavy burden that is come upon this nation to carry on the war against him? And do they not know that all hath been in vain? Your gold lost and lives lost, in every attempt that hath been made? All these things I told thee before:[9] then now I ask thee if men do not know, if they do not feel the truth of My words and know it to their sorrow, that I the Lord have strengthened the hand of the enemy to conquer,[10] and do not men murmur in their hearts to see the power that is given to the enemy? So now I ask thee, where is the man that can come forward and say he does not know these things are true? Then now let them know these truths did not come from the devil; but those that believe there is a God who ruleth in the heavens above, and amongst the habitations of the earth below, must know and believe, it is the Lord that has strengthened the enemy, to make the nations fall before him, and that all your attempts to conquer have hitherto been vain and fruitless; and this was My meaning, that every soul should know. But did I tell thee every soul would believe that thy visitation came from me the Living Lord? In thy heart thou answerest, no. A man may know what he doth not believe, as I told thee of the harvests of 1799 and 1800. For in like manner I told thee then, if unbelief abounded in the clergy, the two harvests I threatened to be hurt by sun and rain, I told thee every soul should know and feel the truth of My words; but did I tell thee those harvests would convince men of their unbelief? In thy heart thou answerest, no. Then now let the eyes of thy understanding be opened, and remember what was said before in the same book: If I sent the plague and famine, and the most fatal judgments in your land in one year, did I not tell thee all would not believe, but unbelief would still abound? Then how could men vainly suppose I meant from those words that every one would believe and know thy visitation was from Me the Living Lord though they have known the truth of My words, yet unbelief in them abounds; it is but for believers to know from whence it came. But now I shall make it more clear to thee from a parable: suppose thou hadst a present sent thee of great value, wouldst thou not know thou hadst received it, though thou knewest not from what hand it came; but if anyone told thee it came from an enemy, wouldst thou not say thou would not believe it; those that told thee had wrongly informed thee, though thou knewest thou hadst received the present, but would not believe in the person that sent it, if it was reported to thee it came from an enemy? But would thy unbelief from whom it came prevent thy knowledge of the present thou hadst received? and perfect so I now tell thee is the knowledge to your nation, every soul knows and feels the truth of My words that I told thee of Buonaparte; how he hath conquered the nations abroad, and how he is wounding and weakening your nation, and bringing the load upon them, that I warned thee of before that it would come: this they know and this they feel; as I told thee of the present, thou wouldst have a knowledge of what thou hadst received, but would not believe the report that it came from an enemy if anyone had told thee; so that the knowledge and unbelief could possibly come together to thee, if a foe should turn thy friend, and send thee a present in disguise, and thou wast informed it was from an enemy thou might not believe it, that he was turned thy friend. Now in the like manner I have brought it to thee, of knowledge and unbelief coming to thee. In like manner I now tell thee, there is a perfect knowledge of the truth of My words, known and felt to every soul in this nation, and perfect so they are known and felt by the nations abroad, as I mentioned to thee, though they have no knowledge of My revealing these mysteries to thee in the nations abroad; and yet they have a knowledge of the truth. But this nation is like the parable I brought forward of thee, to show thee how it is possible for things to be, that thou judgest impossible. Now I will ask thee one question, and let the question be asked of all thy friends that come near thee—let them take a serious survey of the awful scenes that have happened abroad, and the fatal destruction the enemy hath made in every nation where he hath been, and let them discern how I have kept him from this land; then if I go on to let his ravages be abroad to wound the other nations, and free you from these awful scenes, I ask you whether you will not say this is a happy land, if I free this nation without ever feeling the stroke that other nations have severely felt?

Joanna’s answer is:—When we take a serious survey of the dreadful things that have happened abroad by the sword, plague and famine, and distress of every kind where the enemy hath been, and how he hath twice been preparing to come to this land, but the Lord hath prevented him; he that will not say we have been happily preserved by the mercies of God, from falling a victim to the power of the enemy, that other nations have fallen a prey to—he that will not say we are a nation happily preserved, must have an ungrateful heart, is my opinion in which Townley and Underwood join.

Mr. Sharp came in; we read the above Communication to him; but he said, the happiness that he expected would not be till Christs Kingdom was established.

The Spirit of Truth.

Now I shall answer thee from Sharps words: that happiness ye could not expect in so short a time, for then all the nations must be destroyed, and consider how few are the believers that are come in heart and mind, united together in faith and love: this thou knowest, the numbers are few; and this thou knowest I told thee, the number would be few, before My wondrous working was seen; therefore your judgment must be all wrong to expect what I never promised. But now call all things to thy remembrance: what I told thee should go on from nation to nation. And now bring the words together, and then I shall answer thee why I told thee this should be a happy land from the time I told thee the fatal war would break out again. And now discern how fatal the wars have been to the nations while you have been guarded by My protection according to My promise. But how could men discern this, to see the happy deliverance from the dangers that other nations have fallen into, before years had rolled on, to show them plain in what manner they were preserved, according to the promise I made to thee, that I should shake other nations to try this, to see whether they would turn unto Me or not? But how could ye discern the blessings ye have received above other nations, before ye had seen the ruin and destruction other nations were fallen into. For now I shall come to the purpose to show you from shadows, and then I shall come to the substance with all: A man that has plenty, abounding in riches, may not discern the blessings he possesses, and the happiness of his state, before he comes to the house of misery, to see a man starving for want, with a wife and family distressed around him. It is these objects of misery that show him plainly his happy state of being freed from all their wants, which he could not discern while he was surrounded with the rich in equal grandeur with himself. And perfect so I tell thee of health; didst thou think of the blessing thou enjoyed by health, when thou wast surrounded by those that possessed an equal share with thyself? In thy heart thou answerest, no. Thou never thought what happiness thou enjoyest by thy health, before thou seest others did not enjoy that happiness. The same observation thou mayest make from all things. Did Harwood think of the happiness he enjoyed of missing the coach, that broke down, before he heard it was broken down; then he saw the happiness of his escape. Perfect so I tell thee of this war: men could not discern in the beginning in what manner the war would go on: and know how often the enemy hath threatened coming here to this land, and yet discern how I have prevented him according to My promise; and see what ruin and destruction he hath made in the nations, where he hath been, which ye have all now to reflect upon, and can clearly see and discern. And now I tell thee of this nation: if there be grateful hearts in it to discern their blessings, to discern their happiness, of being freed from these scenes of misery that are now brought upon the nations. But I have prevented it from coming here for the present, to awaken this nation to love Me, that they may clearly discern My protection, and be longing for My coming to make your happiness complete, to free you from your spiritual enemy, as I at present have kept off the temporal enemy, of having power to come and destroy your land—if this gratitude be in mens hearts, to discern their happiness and blessings above other nations, then they may expect I shall go on to protect this nation till I have made their happiness complete. For now I shall tell thee the meaning of My saying this should be a happy nation in five years, which if men had clearly understood, they would have understood no enemy would come into your land in that time; but I should go on to fulfil My words upon the nations abroad, and defend this nation from the power of the enemy coming here, that all may discern the truth of My words, My promises and My protection, and know the days of their visitation, that My Kingdom of Righteousness and Peace is at hand. But I ask them how they could discern this, for the nation to see their happy deliverance and the blessings you enjoy, while others are surrounded with every misery? This they could not discern before the miseries of other nations were laid before them. And this I tell thee of the unbelieving world: if gratitude be in their hearts, when they hear the miseries abroad, they must discern their happiness at home, that in the midst of all these dangers, they are freed from the destruction of the enemy coming here. This I tell thee would be discerned on the one hand if gratitude was in men, and that gratitude is in thousands to discern their mercies in the midst of judgments, and think themselves happy to be freed from the misery that they hear is upon the nations abroad.

And now I shall come to believers: let the eyes of their understanding be opened to discern in what manner all was spoken, and in what manner all is fulfilled to prove the truth of My words, and to make My calling clear; then they would see this was a happy nation to be visited and warned of the Coming of their Lord, to fill their hearts with joy, while other nations are bowed down with sorrow, without help and without hope: this I tell thee true believers will soon discern, how great is their happiness above all other nations. But now I know thy pondering thoughts, thou sayest within thyself, the wisdom of the believers appears to be hid, that they did not observe in what manner the first threatenings were mentioned, and the heavy judgments to fall on the nations abroad, though it was printed and published, and yet they seemed to be blind, and warned the people of these judgments and threatenings coming here, that I plainly told thee would be in the nations abroad to awaken this nation: yet thy blindness thou marvellest at as well as the believers. But now I will tell thee why your eyes were all darkened, that in seeing you could not see in what manner the words were here spoken, at what time the threatened judgments alluded to this land, because I tell thee, it was My wisdom to try the hearts of the people, and out of their own mouths to condemn them. For now I tell thee, contradiction there is in man, and the provoking spirits Satan works in them had they been warned that all the judgments would be abroad, no dangers would come into this land; but that I should defend this nation from the foreign enemy, and that the rolling stone would roll on abroad, while ye were happily preserved at home—had this been the warning given to the people, they would have provoked them another way, and pointed out every sorrow, every distress, and every burden that this nation is loaded with, as I told thee it would come upon them, and this they themselves would have pointed out as judgments, if the believers had discerned to point out My promises and protection to this nation for a while, and to bring the judgments on other nations to awaken this. But now out of their own mouths let the believers condemn them all, if they deny the happiness this nation enjoys above others, that they see are sinking with sorrow. For here I tell thee was My wisdom to try what is in man, and what ways they will turn to plead with arguments, when the believers point out how My threatenings were abroad, and how the judgments are in the lands, while this nation to this day has been kept from the destruction that other nations have fallen into. Then let them answer if they do not judge this a happy land that hath been preserved for five years from the destruction of other nations: let this be their enquiry, and let them give their answers that have mocked the judgments; and then I shall answer thee again; for this purpose I prevented thee from writing to Turner, and ordered thee not to send Middletons letter, before I had answered thee, as I saw thou hadst no judgment of thy own to make the mystery clear before them; but I have not cleared the whole to thee, but wait to hear the answer of men.

Now from this Communication we may discern we cannot draw a clear judgment in what manner things will be fulfilled, and yet if we had deeply discerned the 47th page of A Word in Season to a Sinking Kingdom, we might clearly discern the fatal destruction that would be abroad in other nations, while we at home should be kept from dangers, because it is said:—


“—Because the trumpet youll hear first for war—

That foreign nations they will fast appear

I say for battle: you will hear the sound,

A dreadful battle will in all lands abound

While you may stand within the Gospels pole;

And let this music now awaken all:

And fatal wars will soon be oer the lands:

The Revelations tell you how it stands—

That first a power to the beast is given—”


The Spirit of Truth.

Now I shall answer thee from these words: Had men understood what they read, they would clearly have understood, this nation would be preserved from the foreign enemy the five years I mentioned to thee, and let them weigh it with what I had said before, that I should shake other nations to awaken this. And now let them discern their protection, and awake as men out of sleep, or they will find the truth of the words that I showed thee in the vision, that as it hung double, so it will surely be; let them discern the vision, let them discern the words, page 83, second part Strange Effects of Faith. Now let men begin to read back the prophecies, and then they will discern how wrong and hasty they have drawn their judgment, to think My awful judgments would come into this land, before I had tried them, and proved them, by the fulfilment in the nations abroad: and let them consider the words I told thee; In a day and an hour unaware, when men looked not for, your dangers would be in this land. And now let them discern, men have been warning them of a day and hour—that meaneth they have fixed the awful scenes that have been abroad, to have been in this nation by May—this very year hath been fixed by man: then I ask thee how My words could be true, to have it come at a time they were not warned of; but now I tell thee, they shall fix times no more, because I shall conceal from thee, and from all men, the time and season that My hand shall be felt in this land unto those that have mocked the warning. So now let them point out the blessings this nation has received above other nations, while My judgments are abroad in the earth: and tell them, now it is time to learn righteousness and to forsake the evil of their ways, lest they provoke Me to anger, to bring the stroke upon them. In this manner it is now right for believers to warn men to repentance, and leave the prophecies. When they are with those that mock, let their arguments be, of the ingratitude of this nation, to go on hardened in every sin, while they see I am punishing the iniquities of other nations; then let them fear what may come upon this. And now let them clearly discern the day and hour is past when any time can be fixed by man; because I have told thee none whereby they may fix for the future. But now I tell thee and all men, full as wrong as the believers have drawn their judgment from the words I said to thee, full as wrong have the believers in My Gospel drawn their judgment vainly, to suppose that I came down to die for man, and suffer on the Cross for the transgression of man in the Fall, to let the whole be finished there, and suffer My name always to be reproached, despised and blasphemed by the sons of men: then I ask them how My Gospel could be fulfilled, or wherein I am honoured or My Father honoured by My death, if I suffer all things to remain as they are. So let not the unbelieving world boast to see the wrong judgment that is drawn by believers, because I tell thee, full as wrong is the judgment of all men drawn from My Gospel. So let them not be ashamed to own they have drawn their judgment wrong, without discerning in different places in what manner words were spoken, that they could not draw their judgment clear, before they saw in what manner it was fulfilled: and perfect so stands the Bible: It is impossible for man to draw his judgment clear in what manner I should fulfil the whole; and therefore I tell thee, I have foiled the judgment of men, to convince mankind they cannot draw a clear judgment of My decrees, at what time I shall put them in execution in any nation, because thou knowest, and all men know, I told thee in particular what should hasten on, and that the power of the Beast would appear abroad, while ye were preserved at home; but did not tell thee at what time My judgments would be in this land, neither did I tell thee what nations he would go on to conquer; but left men to draw their own judgment. And here I shall leave thee for the present, before thou hast heard the answers of men, and then I shall reason with thee again.

This taken from Joanna Southcotts mouth by Ann Underwood, in the presence of, and copied by, Jane Townley. June 17th, 1807.

(Taken from the original MSS. of the unpublished Writings as left by Joanna Southcott, in the handwriting of Jane Townley.)

[Extracted from Two Witnesses, No. 39.]


The Shadow of Freeing the Sealed People

And of the sudden Coming of Christ among us; as Joannas going to Tozers house was not known to the people, before she appeared amongst them.


July 6, 1807.

My friends were delivered[11] June 24, 1807, according to the promise that had been made me before; and I was ordered to go the first Sunday in the month to return thanks in Mr. Tozers meeting, which I did on Sunday, July 5th; being the first Sunday in the month. I was remarkably happy and felt the Love of God strong in my heart, and my heart was filled with praises and thanksgiving. I was in a private room with Underwood till the Service was over, and it was concealed from the people of my being there. When all those that did not stay at the Sacrament were gone, Mr. Tozer came down for me, and when I came out and saw the multitude of people that was there waiting to receive the Sacrament, to set forth the Lords death till his Coming, and that subscribed with their hands unto the Lord—they wished for his Coming to establish the Earth in Righteousness and Peace, with a longing desire, waiting for the time; this filled my heart in Love to them, and kindled a lively flame of Love to the Lord. My heart seemed too full, to bear my own feelings of Love, Joy and Happiness that I felt. After receiving the Sacrament we came down to the same room I was in before, and those that received it with us came down also: this kindled a fresh fire of Love in my heart. After I had spoken to them we all were silent, and I was pondering in my own heart, the Love I felt for the people, and the Love they expressed to me. To my thoughts I was answered:—The Shadow was deep; the mystery was great; for as the Love was kindled in my heart for the people, because I knew the desire of their heart was like mine, longing for the time when the Lord would be All in All: perfect so was the Love of the Lord kindled towards these, who were longing for his Coming, and as the Shadow of their Love appeared to see me there, which is but a shadow of what the substance will be, kindled with a flame of Love, when the Lord comes to redeem them from the power of death, Hell and Sin; and there will be a heavenly union between God and man, which that day was a shadow of. And as suddenly and unexpectedly as my coming was amongst them, known but by a few, so sudden and unexpected, would the Coming of the Lord be; in a day they looked not for him, and in an hour unaware. But here I was ordered to call reason to my assistance that all might see the calling clear. Suppose I had gone to another church, where the people had no knowledge of me, or I of them; could that flame of Love be kindled in my heart towards them, or their Love towards me? In my heart I answered, No. It was knowing they had a love for me, and the eager desire many had expressed of seeing me, that filled my heart in Love to them; and perfect so I was answered, this was the way the Love of God would be kindled to man, to come and visit his people, and redeem them: seeing the hearts of those that believed in the Visitation of his Spirit were warm with Love, desirous for his Coming. But how could this Love be kindled in their hearts, if the warning had never been given, any more than the Love of people would be kindled to see me at the Altar, that had no knowledge of me; but it was by the warning, believing in the Visitation of the Lord, that he was Coming to redeem his people, kindled the Love in their hearts to the Messenger to whom the glad tidings were revealed: here stood the Shadow, to shew us all that without the warning of the Lords Coming, the hearts of the people would never be prepared with Love and desire to be waiting for the Coming of their Lord. For his coming to visit a people that were not waiting for his Coming, would be like my going to another place, to receive the Sacrament with Strangers, who felt no Love for me, and I had no knowledge of them.—This truly convinced me there was a necessity of the Lords warning, before his Coming to kindle Love between God and Man, and prepare their hearts with Love to receive it. And this I was ordered to speak to the people, which I thought at first I could not go through, as my heart felt too full of Love and Joy, to give utterance to my Speech; but I now found that was taken away, and utterance was given me to speak to the people the words that had been communicated to me in the house. After I had spoken a few minutes, we all joined in singing a Hymn. I then went down stairs: I penned my direction that was given me, and we returned home in peace and safety, and was driven home by a Coach man, that was a true believer, and had had a longing desire to drive me. I have felt a heavenly Joy ever since, and this morning Mr. Tozer came and said his Joy had made him like a man that was drunk with wine, that he is fit for no labour, only to be walking about.

The Answer of the Spirit.

Now I shall answer thee from the Shadow of the day and Tozers feelings. And know what I have told thee before—No more than your eyes can bear to look into the fervent Sun, no more are your Spirits strong enough to bear the power of My Spirit for the present, to be in a Land with an unbelieving world; for this I tell thee of Tozer, it was my Spirit working with his Spirit, that kindled that flame in his heart, to make the Joy appear so great. For now I shall explain to thee a mystery, which I tell thee in the End will be discerned, and fulfilled by Jews and Gentiles. And now reflect with thyself, how from thy own country man,[12] whom thou loved and delighted to hear, and for a long time had listened to thee, know how he refused thee the Sacrament, and forbad thy coming there; but now discern from thy own country man,[13] what Joy he expressed to have thee come and receive the Sacrament from his hands: here is a shadow I tell thee, is deep, which I ask if thou canst explain?

This I think is a type of the Jews, as they were called the Lords people, and from the Lineage of David, our Saviour came, and yet he was despised and rejected of them. But if the likeness come to the Jews, I think in the End with raptures of Joy, they will receive their Saviour, whom their forefathers rejected and despised: this is my opinion and Townley and Underwood join with me.

Now I shall answer thee; what is plain ye can easy discern, for this I have told thee before, of the Jews: With raptures of Joy many will return in the End; and what I have told thee of thy own country man, thou hast drawn thy Judgment clear, and clear is all your Judgments concerning the Jews. They were my own peculiar people, and from whom I came into the World to dwell with man; it was from the Jews, as Pomeroy and Tozer were thy own country people, and in the perfect likeness of Pomeroys rejecting thee, publishing to the world thy visitation was from the Devil, perfect so were the Jews at first; and this is a likeness ye can all discern. Then now discern in what manner I have worked round to bring the likeness at last, of what I have already told thee will be in the Jews; which Tozers Joy is a shadow of. This ye must all discern in what manner this was brought round, and how Tozer left his country and how thou hast left thy country; so that it is not in the same place this thing is done; but know it is in another place that the likeness is fulfilled by Tozer, of what I told thee of the Jews in the End. And from this, let all men discern it is not in Jerusalem, where I was crucified, that the Jews will return back to be convinced there; I tell thee, No. They must be convinced before they return, or they will never return at all; therefore I tell thee, vain are their hopes, to put any trust in man, that by his power and his armies he will gain the country for them, ever to establish them as a people. This I tell thee will never be; because the Likeness stands in Tozer; he had no knowledge of thee in thy own country; but know it was in another part of the kingdom he came to have a knowledge of thee from the Prophecies that were given. And perfect so I tell thee from the Jews; it is from the visitation of My Spirit, and the prophecies that are given, that will awaken the Jews, whose hearts respond, to come to be believers in a crucified Saviour, to fulfil the words of the prophets, and to fulfil the words that I have spoken to thee; and then I tell thee, when they are thus convinced, Tozers feelings and Compassion is but a shadow of them, to what their Joy and their compassion will be in the End; when they believe their Lord is at hand, whom their forefathers so rejected and despised. And here I tell thee the type goes deep, therefore I have said so much to thee of Pomeroy; I have warned him, I have visited him, I have threatened him, I have called him; but he hath despised the call through unbelief. But now discern in what manner Tozer was called out from all; and what different judgments he hath drawn of himself before the things were made plain before him. And then with Joy he embraced the Truth; and here I have shewed thee the likeness of the Jews which will be fulfilled in the End by them; in the perfect likeness it hath appeared in him. But now I shall turn to the Gentiles, as ye call yourselves Jews and Gentiles, without a knowledge from whence ye came; but I shall come to the professors of my Gospel, whom I call my own, as I did the Jews; and as I have told thee of thy own country man where I have brought the parable of the Two, to compare with the Jews. I shall now bring the likeness to the Professors of My Gospel; for though I have been despised in the Spirit, and my visitations have been mocked and despised by thousands and as greatly rejected by my own professed believers in the Visitation of my Spirit now, as I was rejected by the Jews, when I came in the flesh amongst them. And here I tell thee stands the perfect likeness with the professors of my Gospel and the Jews; and therefore my visitation was rejected at first by those who professed to be my friends and followers.

The likeness of Pomeroy appears in thousands; but I tell thee, in the End, the likeness of Tozer will appear in tens of thousands; and this will be clearly discerned in the End; so if thou art rejected for my sake by one of the professed christians, who profess to be my friends, as thou wast rejected by thy own country man, yet I tell thee in the End, there are thousands will be like Tozer truly awakened and convinced I am come to warn in the Spirit, that My Kingdom is at hand, to prepare the hearts of men to be longing for my Coming, and have their hearts filled with Love, and an eager desire for me. For here I tell thee the type goes deep of thy being rejected by one, and so gladly received by the other, that were both alike thy own country men: this is a shadow that will fill all your hearts with Joy, when I bring in the substance, and awaken my own people. And now let them deeply discern from the day, it was from a knowledge of my visitation to thee, that filled them with Joy, when thou camest among them unaware, and it was from the knowledge thou hadst of them, that they were all desirous to see thee, that filled thy heart in Love to them; and so I tell thee, in perfect likeness it is from the Visitation of my Spirit, to warn them all, my kingdom is at hand, that will now warm the hearts of Believers, to fill them with Joy when I come; and it is their Love will kindle mine, if my Love kindle theirs; that meaneth: If my Love is not despised and rejected by men; but if they kindle to a flame, the Love that I have offered them, they will find mine in return to come in Power and in Glory, and to free them from their Enemy, as I freed thy friends in the Shadow; but all these things are but shadows, the Substance is behind. And let the particulars of the day be kept in remembrance, [and] know I told thee to return, and not stay till the Evening, and remember who came in the Evening; thy decided foe, to be thy friend: so mark every shadow of the day.

In the Evening after we returned from Mr. Tozer, Mr. Hows came, who said when he came to Paddington, he came there my decided Enemy; but went away prepossessed in my favour, and is a friend to this day.

Now I shall answer thee. In like manner will many foes become thy friends, when I begin to work a way unknown to thee, and all men, to make myself known to mankind, that it is I the Lord hath visited thee; though concealed from every Eye, as thou wast concealed at the meeting from the People; but they knew not for a while, that thou wast there: it was only known to those, to whom thou hadst revealed it, before the appointed time was come, for thou to make thyself known amongst them. And perfect so is the Visitation of My Spirit: It is concealed from thousands, that I am come to visit in the Spirit, and unbelief bolts the door before my working appeareth to make the calling clear to men, as thy presence was clear to the Believers. And this will be done at a time thou knowest not of. And in a day and hour unaware to the Believers, shall I make thy calling clear, that it may be seen by all, that have heard of My Visitation to thee. They may clearly discern in the End, my wisdom and truth to appear, as they discerned thee to appear in presence amongst them. Here is a Parable stands deep to the End, to shew them all in what manner, unexpected I shall appear, to fulfil the whole, that I have spoken to thee concerning thy Awful Trial. And in like manner will my Coming appear to complete the Joys for man. And let them discern at what time this shadow appeared in thee, to be in the House with thy friends, and refused to let them know thou wast present, before the hour appeared for thee to make thyself known in the breaking of Bread: that meaneth—To come to the Altar, where my death is set forth till my Coming; but now I ask thee and all men, how ye can set forth my death to be waiting for my Coming, before ye are warned of my Coming? Here I tell thee are mysteries men do not discern; that no more than thy appearance in a Church where thou art not known would have had any effect upon the hearts of the people, no more would my Coming unaware, without giving a warning of my Coming, have any effect of Love in man, was I to come in Might, Majesty and Glory, to destroy the Powers of Darkness, and bring in the Redemption of man, without giving the warning, and revealing to man, for what my coming was; it would but appear like the day of Judgment to men, and all hearts would fail them. Sinners would tremble; Saints would fear, and judge the awful day was come, for all to receive their final doom; but no one would rejoice to see the day appear, should I come according to the wisdom of men, without revealing to them, for what ends my Coming is; to Redeem men from the miseries of the Fall. And here let men discern clearly, as thou hast pondered in thy heart; how the Love of men could not be kindled to rejoice at my Coming, and receive me with Joy, without being warned before for what ends my Coming is, as the Believers were warned before: by thy Petition and Obedience the Promise is pleaded, that I promised to fulfil to free the Woman of the Fall, and bring in the Redemption of man, if they Join with thee in hand and heart. But how could this Love be kindled, before it was revealed? And perfect so I tell thee of My Death for man: the great ends for which I died was never made known to be understood by men, before the mystery was revealed to thee; and when I come to fulfil the whole, then will the hearts of men be inflamed with Love, to see my Love for man, that I died to redeem them from the Fall.

This taken from Joanna Southcotts mouth by Ann Underwood, in my presence and copied by me, Jane Townley.

[Printed from a MS. copy.]



The Jewish Messiah?

A Book was printed by the Jews in 1807 in praise of Buonaparte, hailing him as their “Messiah” upon whom the Spirit of the Lord rested.

The Great Storm of July 24th, 1807.[14]

The Archbishop of Besançon, in France, has addressed a circular letter to the clergy of his diocese on the subject of the dreadful tempest which on the 29th of June, laid waste six districts of the Department of Saone. The Archbishop describes in the following manner, the event:—‘The tempest began at five oclock in the afternoon. The weather was dark and cloudy, and in certain places here and there, streaks of light were discernible. About five minutes before the storm burst, everything looked like a total eclipse of the sun, and a sort of smoke became perceptible, like that which escapes a blazing fire. Immediately, the thunder began to roar in a frightful manner, especially towards the West; the winds seemed to contend with each other with a violence as loud as thunder, and the bosom of a black cloud being ripped open by the blast, torrents of rain fell. This cloud exhibited a variety of colours, but in general, like those of the rainbow. These colours were reflected upon the faces and hands of the spectators. The greater part of the hailstones were the size of a turkeys egg; they were in form—square, flat, oval, circular, etc.

In the little parish of St. AmoyHauteSaone, two persons were killed, a third, whose case was thought desperate, has given some hopes of recovery; more than fifty others have been grievously wounded, and a horse was forced into the river and drowned.

In the Communes Polincourt and Revellines particularly, several men were killed; in a small wood at Formy, one thousand nine hundred trees were torn up by the roots. The cattle that were there, fled, and pursuing the suggestion of their instinct, for several days the cattle would not eat the grass. It is only since a heavy fall of fresh and pure rain, that they have been seen to graze as usual; they are all frightfully lean.

Several churches and a great number of houses have been blown down; none of the carriages caught in the storm could resist it, and several of the drivers belonging to Besançon, who took shelter in their carriages, were crushed to death. The loss of several of the Communes is immense; St. Amoy and Besançon, the victims of two fires in ten years, are absolutely ruined. Their zealous pastors have neglected nothing to comfort and relieve their unfortunate flock.

The Spirit of Truth.

Now I shall answer thee first, concerning the Jews. Thou hast discerned already how they are fulfilling the words of the Apostles, in that they are worshipping the Beast and giving honour to him; and just so they fulfilled the words of the Prophets, when they clamoured for My blood and preferred a murderer before Me. This was done by the Jews at first, and this is done by the Jews at last; and from this I shall show them why My just judgments have been upon them, which they complain of, when I bring upon the French Nation the just judgments I have threatened, because they are ascribing all honour and power to a man, worshipping him for destroying the Nations, and for weakening them. But they do not consider that this power is given him to show them all the power of the Beast—in what Manner he would conquer all and make them all fall down and worship him, if all Power was given him.

For now, I tell thee—just as Buonaparte is going on to weaken the nations, so is Satan, in his fury, working everywhere to weaken and destroy all that he can. Therefore I tell thee, it is time for My powerful Arm to appear; for it is not valour or strength of arms in men that will awaken the Nations to be convinced of My Visitation—that I am come to warn them that the End is at Hand.

No conquering arms of men will awaken the nations to discern this, and therefore I tell thee it is My Wisdom to let the power appear first in man, and let men boast as the Jews are boasting of Buonapartes power; and then to show them from My Power, that he is but a man, and must fall like them. I now tell thee, that what thou hast heard of the dreadful thunder in France, and the destruction that happened there, is but a type and a shadow of what I shall bring upon that nation.

But now I know thy pondering thoughts—possibly it is not true—because all these things have not appeared in the French papers. I answer that whether this report be true or false, as thou dost not know for a certainty, I shall leave thee for the present; but greater things than these—more violent storms and more awful Judgments you will surely hear of hereafter in the French Papers. These I shall bring upon that nation, to show them all what the man is, whom they have set up as a God amongst them.

But they will find he is a man and no God, in the day that I shall visit them; and all will find My Words are true that I ordered thee to put in the hands of the Rev. Joseph Pomeroy[15]—that France will be desolate of most of the inhabitants, and then will the nations begin to be awakened to know My Visitation is in the Earth, when they see that the man, whom they have set up as a God amongst them, has no power to deliver them, when My Power is shown amongst them to destroy them. Then they will know they must trust to a greater power than that of man, if they will be saved.

So here I have shown thee from Types and Shadows, and from what thou hast heard—what the Substance will be that will awaken the Nations and show them plainly that My Bible is true; that My Gospel is fulfilling, that I am come in the Spirit to warn you of the End.

But how could this be discerned before they had seen his power, and discerned they had been worshipping the Beast?[16] These things they must discern in what manner My Gospel is fulfilling before they will be convinced of the truth thereof. Couldst thou discern in what manner the Parable and the Scriptures that I told thee would appear concerning thy friends, before they were fulfilled? Now perfectly so I tell thee of the Jews—they do not discern in what manner things must take place to fulfil the Scriptures, but when they see the Fall of Buonaparte, and what I shall bring upon the French nation, then will the eyes of their understanding be opened, and where the hearts are good amongst them, they will clearly discern in what manner they themselves have been fulfilling the words of My Prophets and My Apostles—and then they will discern as thou hast discerned, two different ways must take place in thy friends to bring it to the likeness of the Parable for the robbery to appear in the loss, and the Scripture of the children in the fiery furnace—because in them it was not like the credulity in thy friends in hustling them as it was in King.[17] This thou hast discerned how the perfect truth of My words appeared—and perfect so, I tell thee, of the Jews—many of them will be clearly convinced of the truth of the words of the prophets and the apostles, how they are fulfilled together in a way and manner they never understood. But now, I know thy pondering heart. Thou hast been marvelling why I permitted they should stand out so long in unbelief, when everything is so plain before them; so thy thoughts I shall answer. Know that man was pronounced dead to knowledge[18] in the beginning, and when I began to give knowledge to the Jews to warn them of My ways and My decrees—know how they began to murmur against Me, when I delivered them from the hand of Pharaoh—and let thy thoughts go through the Prophets, and discern how they despised the knowledge of a God that was revealed to the Prophets.

These things ye must discern through, and then come to My Gospel—Had they believed in Me as the Messiah spoken of by the Prophets, they would have murmured as in the Wilderness. Therefore I tell thee, a knowledge to them of My being the Messiah spoken of by the Prophets, would have provoked them to sin by their murmuring, as they murmured in the Wilderness before; and therefore, I tell thee, a knowledge of Me in the beginning would be of no use to them that stood out in unbelief, because their hearts were known to Me. But now, I tell thee, the thoughts of thousands are like thine concerning the Jews, and therefore, I tell thee to ponder in thy heart, as thou hast thought within thyself, it was in My power to convince them—and these thoughts are in thousands.

But now consider of the Jews—and consider of My Apostles—How eager they were to have My Kingdom brought in and established, that the words of My Prophets might be fulfilled! For this, I tell thee, were the thoughts of the Jews that had no knowledge of My dying for the transgression of the Fall, to have My heel bruised, that the other promise might be fulfilled, for the Serpents head to be bruised likewise; and had this knowledge been revealed to them, they would have expected it immediately to be done—for know My Disciples expected shortly that I should come again in Might, Majesty and Glory, to destroy the works of the Devil, and to establish My Kingdom in Righteousness and Peace. (See Romans, xvi. 20.) But these things not being hastily done, would have filled the Jews with the same murmuring and complaining as in the Wilderness; and therefore, I tell thee, a knowledge of Me before the end was at hand, would be of no use to the Jews that stand out through unbelief; because they look back to the Promises made to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; and the wondrous works I did in Egypt by the hand of Moses, and how I delivered them from the hand of their enemies—and the wondrous works I have wrought amongst them. Then what greater deliverance would they say they had received from Me and My Gospel, if their happiness was not made complete? And had their happiness been made complete before the Redemption of man had taken place, that the works of the Devil were totally destroyed, pride would swell their hearts to look with contempt on all but themselves, and therefore I permitted them to be blind—and opened the eyes of a people who were blind before to any knowledge of a God, and therefore with joy they received My Gospel to look unto Me for Salvation, which the Jews boasted of they had obtained before. So now let the eyes of thy understanding be opened clearly to discern why I did not work according to thy wisdom, to open the eyes of all the Jews when I became flesh and dwelt amongst them.

But now I tell thee, by their unbelief they are waiting for My Coming to fulfil the words of the Prophets—while the others (the Gentiles) that believe My Gospel—judge that all is fulfilled already. Now I know thy pondering thoughts—Thou sayest within, if they look for My Coming according to the Prophets, how can they place Me as Buonaparte? To thy thoughts I shall answer: If they drew their judgment wrong at first, I ask thee, how they should draw their judgment right at last? If they did not discern in the beginning in what manner the Prophets prophesied of Me, to come and be wounded for the transgression of man, I ask thee how they shall understand the Prophets to know in what manner I shall come in the end? Therefore thou hast nothing to marvel at the Jews. It is to show them their blindness that I let them go on for awhile to place Buonaparte in My stead—and trust to him as their Deliverer—but when they see his Fall, then the Jews will begin to tremble that they have set him up as a God. And now let the eyes of all mens understanding be opened to discern at what time—when the six thousand years are so nearly expired—All these things have happened together, to shew the Revelations plain before you, that My Bible is a Book that must be revealed, and thrown open to man, and the truth must come before them, that I may set judgment in the Earth, and the Isles will wait for My Law.

Here I shall leave thee to thy pondering thoughts, and see if thou canst discern My Wisdom, why I did not work according to thy judgment to convince all the Jews in the beginning.

Signed, Joanna Southcott.


This taken from Joanna Southcotts mouth by me, Ann Underwood, in my presence, Jane Townley.

[Extracted from Southcott Express, No. 12.]


On Prophets

Ms. August 31, 1807.

The Spirit of Truth.

Every man of wisdom may now be as good a prophet, and as true a prophet, as thou couldest be to warn them, now that dangers are so near. All would say of thee, as Pomeroy said of the physician when the bishop was dying, and pronounced so by the physicians. He said he was as good a prophet as thee, because he saw it was near. And, perfectly so, I tell thee, of all men—they would say the same of prophecies now, and, therefore, my answer is to thee and to all men, as thy answer was then to Pomeroy,—Did the physicians tell of the bishops death at the time thou puttest the letter in Pomeroys hand, when the bishop was in perfect health?

Here, thou knowest, he answered, no. Then it was no prophecy to speak of his death when he was dying; but he allowed it a prophecy, though he could not see of what use it would be to the nation to foretell the bishops death, which thou toldest him was for a sign in small things, that he might believe and be a judge in greater. Now, perfectly so, I tell thee, of the nation; they are all prophets to see the great power that is given to the beast, and the dangers they were surrounded with; now they see thou standest before them, like that of the bishop, when the physicians judged he could not recover. This is one likeness as seen by man, but no more than he saw in the beginning, when I ordered thee to put the letter in Pomeroys hand that the bishops end was so near, no more did the wise men of your nation see, in the beginning, how vain and fruitless would be their attempt to conquer the power of the French nation, and how their armies in whom they trusted would fall before them; but this, thou knowest, I told thee before, and it would be no prophecy to be given when fulfilled. But know what I have told thee of this nation, they shall know no time, day or hour, when dangers will come upon them; but if thou hast wisdom to discern in what manner I have compared the type together of the bishop and the nation of the knowledge of the physician, and the knowledge of the wise men, then ye may discern what lies before you; but know, from the physician, he could not tell what time his death would take place, though he said he was sure he could never recover and, perfectly so, I tell thee of the nation—they see their dangers, but cannot tell at what time it will come upon them; but know the promise that I have made to thee, when they are near thou shalt be warned, and thou shalt find my words are true, as thou judgest of the bishops death at the ending of the year.

[Extracted from Had They Had Knowledge, p. 78.]


The Danger of Mocking the Sealing

Ms. August 31, 1807.

Extract from a Letter to Mr. Turner.

The number of names required is up for the sealing, and the lists will be sent the first parcel that goes to Leeds, but you may give seals unto those you judge are true believers and are desirous to be sealed, and set down their names; but one enquiry I wish you to make, as I have been informed there is some one who came from Leeds to London said she did not understand about the work, as she had heard it greatly mocked concerning the sealing, and said there were seals made up to be sold for 2/6 each, with a black man representing Satan in the middle, and they were called Joannas seals, and written on the outside, Cursed are they that break these seals.The report appears to me too abominably wicked, and yet, there are some most hardened sinners. I wish you, or some of the friends, to make an enquiry, and tell them their danger if such hardened sinners can be found.

[Extracted from Had They Had Knowledge, p. 157.]


Concerning the Sealing

September 2, 1807.

The Spirit of Truth.

Now I shall answer thee concerning the sealing. Know, I fixed to thee a number that would be waiting and desirous to sign their names for my coming to establish the kingdom in righteousness and peace if they stand steadfast and endure to the end, for it is these, I have told thee, will be saved; and now thou seest there are many waiting, while others that were sealed before have fallen back through unbelief. Here let them discern my Gospel, of the net cast into the sea gathering in good and bad, and let them discern the vision I shewed thee of the fallen fruit that fell off the trees in the dirt, while others stood so high that nothing could shake, and let them discern this was a prophecy I gave thee before of the different fruit that was on the tree, because, as fruit on the trees, stand all the sealed to be made heirs of the tree of life, but here it is known to you all how many have fallen off, as I have shewn thee in the vision before. And let them weigh them with my Gospel, that they may discern on what condition they stand, it is those that endure to the end, whether in death or life; that meaneth, if they are to possess my kingdom established in righteousness and peace here below, to stand steadfast in their faith till the end. And now I shall answer all thy pondering thoughts that thou hast meditated in thy heart. Thou dost not marvel that many are stumbled to hear such a wondrous change will take place upon the earth, but now, I tell thee, as types and shadows every thing stood before, for as the lamb was offered up, as burnt offerings and sacrifices were types and shadows of my being offered up for the transgression of the fall, which sacrifice was done away when I was offered up for men, perfectly so, I now tell thee, as types and shadows of the end stand the thunder and lightning for man, to shew them that evil will be done away when I bring that thunder on the author of evil that hath been awfully felt by some; but now, I tell thee, like the burnt offerings that were done away when I came to be the sacrifice for them, the whole was laid on me; perfectly so will all men find the awful thunder that hath rolled on stands as a sign to man of the end to the author of evil, and therefore thou hast nothing to marvel at this wondrous change I have told thee shall take place, neither have men anything to be stumbled at when they hear my thunder loud and my lightning flash, as types and shadows to shew them all how great my power will appear when it breaks to the end, and therefore, I tell thee, if men clearly discern my Bible, that the pillars of heaven shall be shaken, and the foundations of the earth shall tremble, and look to my Gospel what happened at my death, and then consider the sound of thunder, that stand as warnings to all of the end, they have nothing to marvel that so great a change will take place; but this change no man could bear without being warned before, and standing in faith of my protection, but let those that stumble at the change answer what they judge of the thunder and lightning, and for what sign it is in the heavens. But here I know thy thoughts to this, thou sayest philosophers have answered, it is the different winds meeting together which cause the thunder, and to their judgment I shall answer. If the different winds meeting together cause such loud thunder as shadows, let them be assured, when I come to meet the different spirits that oppose me and my kingdom, it will cause my thunder to break on all; for, as I have told thee of types and shadows, they are all placed to shew you the end, as I have already told you of the deluge, when I preserved none but those that were in the ark, and here I have told thee the shadows to man, for their crimes, will be the substance in the end to the author of all crimes. And let them discern what changes hath taken place since the foundation of the earth, and man was created on it, so when they discern all these changes, and see my power in the thunder, they have nothing to marvel that a greater change will take place in the end, when my thunder breaks, as I have told thee, on the author of evil. But here I tell thee, like thy pondering thoughts, why thou judgest many are stumbled, thy pondering thoughts stumble thousands, the change they think too great ever to take place, without discerning the shadow of my greatness and power in the heavens, that is so often heard by the sons of men. And this is the shadow that stands for the end. And now call to thy remembrance how great thou hast often heard the shadow of thunder and lightning, and how thou hast been informed men and beasts have been destroyed thereby. Then, canst thou marvel at my power when I begin to break with fury on the author of evil? I shall then break off his power and destroy it as I have destroyed men and beasts, which comes suddenly and unawares, will my thunder break in the end when I come to destroy the root, and fulfil the promise I made in the fall; but then, I tell thee, none can stand but those that are warned and stand by faith. (Rev. 7:3.) And therefore I tell thee, by the sealing, people are warned to stand to the end, that, when the shadow comes to the substance, that they are sealed to be made joint heirs with me to possess the kingdom I died to redeem, while those that die before in a true and lively faith will come forth with me in triumph and glory.

Here I have answered thy pondering thoughts, the way it is possible for this wonderful change to take place; and this shadow let all the believers keep in view, for here is the shadow of the believers who have been waiting in expectation of the number being up that I warned thee of to have the sealing go on again, that they might be sealed to be made heirs of the kingdom of righteousness and peace they wished to see, and to be freed from all the power of evil; and now thou seest they have not waited in vain, as the number is up I warned thee of.

And perfectly so, I tell thee, of the end, those that long for my kingdom, and are waiting for my coming, will find they have not waited in vain, for as suddenly and unexpectedly as the lists will appear to many to go out again, so suddenly and unexpectedly will be my coming to man; so let the lists appear with the words I gave thee to add, but no longer on Carpenters paper, for there I ordered the shadow to begin, and discern from the shadow how he has fallen back; in like manner thou knowest there are many. But now I know thy thoughts. Thou sayest thy name stands on the paper, and on the paper was thy petition made to have my kingdom established in righteousness and peace, and the author of evil to be destroyed; and on that paper stand the names of all true believers, as well as those that are fallen back in unbelief, so thou sayest all stands in one likeness on the paper of an enemy as he now appears to thee. Here thou sayest the shadow began which I have ordered thee to change, but now I tell thee the reason I ordered it to begin on that paper, because it was made where I shewed thee the furnace in the vision, what I told thee was the casting of Satan that would be bound like a pig I shewed thee, therefore thou hadst nothing to marvel I ordered the list to be on that paper while Carpenter professed to be joined with thee in a desire to have the author of evil destroyed; but, now he is changed, let the paper be changed also, and I shall answer thy thoughts. Thou sayest in thy heart thou wishest all true believers to sign again the new list. To thy thoughts I answer, if it be their desire, as it is thine, they are at liberty all to sign, for then the handwriting will be double again, and those that stand in faith will be known, because there is no one that hath signed can be permitted to sign again without producing their seals; because this is a command, those who sign again must produce their seals, but it is no command that anyone shall sign again. This is left to their own will, but everyone that does sign must be sealed before, and then thou wilt see at the end of the year how many have this desire to be sealed again; that meaneth, to join hand and heart with every petition thou hast made, and this mystery I shall conceal, the meaning of their putting their names a second time to long for their coming Lord.

[Extracted from Had They Had Knowledge, pp. 158 and 160. See also Southcott Despatch, No. 31.]


On Thieves Breaking into Mr. Abbot’s House

September 25, 1807.

In the Evening I was writing [an] answer to Mr. Turners Letter in which it was said Mr. Stake had written three Letters and had received no answer. Joanna was ordered to answer him from the Scriptures he had quoted. We then looked for his letter but could not find it anywhere. I was in much anxiety about the Letters, and went down to my supper. I felt very poorly, in my head and in my stomach. After I had supped I was taken very ill, and was obliged to go to bed immediately. About half past two oclock, Miss Townley and Mr. Abbot were alarmed with a Noise and a Violent Crush, which confirmed their opinion something was the matter. Mrs. Abbot came up for a light, and Miss Townley gave her a light and threw up the sash in her bedroom,—and called out, Whos there? Abbot went down; and went into the Shop—but saw nothing, and called out, All was safe.He then went down stairs and into the other rooms, but called out All was safe;but when he looked again towards the Windows, where he saw the shutter completely forced open, and the window frame and wainscot completely forced and broken, which had caused the Violent Crush, that gave the alarm. When he came to examine the fastenings to the window, it was forced off and the sash up, but being such strong shutters on the inside they could not get in without making a great noise. Had they not been alarmed they would have been in the house in a minute—as they had nothing further to do than to lift up the shutters as the fastenings were forced out. We all got up, opened the shutters in all the rooms, and went about the house and never felt alarmed or fearful, but praised the Lord for his protection. Miss Townley, after hearing the first noise, sat up in her bed to listen, without fear, but when the Crush came she was seized with a sudden tremor all over her; and got up and called to Mr. Abbot, as Mrs. Abbot had just opened her door to come up for light; but after that her fear went entirely off and Mr. Abbot sat up in the Shop the morning. Part of the night it was very dark and rained very hard. We heard in the morning that a chapel had been burnt down in the night at Holloway, and no person had been in it for a fortnight, it being a new chapel.

The Spirit of Truth.

Now I shall answer thee: and discern what I told thee of Types and Shadows in the Book I ordered thee to publish, and then I ordered thee to bring forward the Scriptures that Stakes had quoted in his letter, which they sought to find but in vain. And discern how soon Underwood was ill that a faintness came over her. Now discern what followed; an Enemy tried to rob the house but in vain, and yet discern how near they were come to the end to accomplish their designs before they found the house was alarmed, and Townley called at the window. Then I tell thee their fears were alarmed, and a trembling seized them as great as the illness seized Underwood; for now I tell thee this is the way of my protection when dangers closely threaten, to awaken my friends and strike terror to the Enemy. Which I have shewed thee from this simple Type and Shadow that began in the Evening before; and therefore I ordered thee to call forward a letter they could not find; and struck terror in her heart which was of illness, to shew you the perfect likeness of what followed in the Night. Here I have shewed thee from simple shadows of the past, but now I shall come to the substance; and remember what I told thee before, if any dangers come in the land ye would hear the Noise before the Dangers come upon you; trust to my protection as thou hast trusted concerning this house, that if they made the attempt they would not get in. And as thy faith and fear was, so it hath happened to thee. And now let the believers trust in me as thou hast trusted, and then I tell thee, when dangers threaten I shall protect them from falling a prey to the dangers as I protected this House this Night, for here stands a type and shadow thats deep. And now the thing that has been in thy mind and heart, ever since thou hast come into this house, thou hast this day ordered to be put into execution to guard against the Enemy for the future. And perfect so I tell thee, must the Believers put in execution what I warned them of before, when they see their dangers near; but know their designs were never put into execution before thou hadst heard the alarm of dangers. There stands a type that is deep for all, because I have told thee, after the manner of Men I shall act with man; and it was to shew them in a future time in what manner the sword would be drawn; That I ordered Peter to have the sword, and told them two was enough; I suffered the one and the powers of Darkness should feel the other. But know at that time I said my Kingdom was not of this World, and therefore my servants should not fight; and yet I commanded the thing to [be] done, to shew them the type and shadow of the End that the Ears of my Enemies should be cut off. And now I ask thee, to what purpose was my ordering thee to bring forward a letter which they sought in vain to find, and I gave thee no order to stop before they had brought the whole? And these things thou hast pondered in thy heart, why I should order them to seek for what they could not find. Are they to seek further? is thy enquiry now; to thy thoughts I answer, no. But thou must observe the Scriptures he pointed out to in thy defence; but here I leave thee to thy own thoughts, without answering thee in the Night, that thou mayest discern the likeness of Types and Shadows and in what manner the Substance followed. So now I tell thee, from this simple type and shadow, as sudden and unexpected as this happened in the Night, the very things thou hast long feared, but seeing no dangers, thy fears were forgot as this happened to thee; and therefore thy fears thou mayest write to thy friends; let them appear and I shall answer thee again.

When I came to this house in March, hearing what frequent robberies were committed in London, I wished to have alarm bells put to the Doors and Windows. But Townley told me, this was such a public place of Coaches and Wagons travelling to and fro all night, that she thought all my fears were fruitless. And this I thought in the beginning might be; but as soon as Mr. Abbot began his Shop, here my fears began to be alarmed again, for I really thought they would try to rob his Shop. But as it struck forcibly upon me that the Lord would protect us from Danger, I thought to myself, I would say no more of putting up bells or guarding the house before some [one] had been made to rob it, and then I thought I would put my designs into execution. Now according to my faith and according to my fears, it hath perfectly happened to me, in a night and in an hour I did not think of. But when it came, I was not alarmed, but went to sleep again in peace, thinking the Lord would protect us through, as Mr. Abbot stayed up to guard the House.

The Spirit of Truth.

Now Joanna, I shall answer: like thy thoughts of this house, concerning Dangers and giving warning to guard against them, hath been the thoughts of the Believers from the warning I gave thee in years that are past; and from the threatenings in thy writings, it hath been to Believers like thy hearing of Robbery and wishing to guard against it, and expecting to have it come. But as they have seen time roll on, and all crying out there are no dangers to fear; they themselves like thee that dangers are over; but now I tell thee from this shadow, as sudden and as unexpected as it is happened to thee in the night, that feared the dangers, and to thy friends that feared none, so sudden and unexpected will dangers be in your land at a time ye little think of—therefore let no one judge the storm is over blown, because I tell thee, it is not. And yet the shadow of this night is to shew believers, my protection is in the time of Danger, if they trust in me. And this Type and Shadow thou must send to Turner, and let him shew it to Stake; but let no one be dismayed because I told thee, they had drawn a wrong judgment thinking, so hasty I should destroy this Nation by Judgments, before I have brought things round in a clear manner to convince them of my visitation to thee; and to shew men, in like manner as the believers have drawn a wrong judgment from my words, without discerning one thing with another, in like manner hath man drawn a wrong judgment from my Gospel and from the prophets. And I now tell thee, from their own want of judgment of understanding my words to thee, they will be enabled hereafter to shew the wrong judgments there is in mankind; therefore I do not blame their wrong judgment; but let them not be stumbled because they have drawn their judgment wrong, for then they will give Satan the advantage over them.—Now I shall answer thee from the words of the Methodists who say, their prayers will keep the Enemy from this Land, that no dangers can come here because of their prayers and petitions. But I tell thee, no more than thy earnest prayers that I would keep and guard this house from all Enemies Spiritual and temporal, has the Enemy from approaching your land; no more will the prayers of the Righteous keep back the Enemy from approaching your Land—and yet I tell thee, as I kept this house from the power of the Enemy, so shall I keep my true friends and followers from the power of the Enemy when Dangers are near. But now I shall answer thee further of prayer: How little do men discern my Gospel; what I said of the scribes and Pharisees of old are thousands of professors in your land, because I tell thee, there are many boasters of religion who have [a] desire for their own honour and glory, to say, all knowledge is from themselves, than they have for my honour and glory, to say all knowledge comes from me, and that it is the Lord alone must reveal the mysteries they cannot understand. Was this the Language of every heart amongst the professors of Religion, I tell thee, no more power than the Enemy had over this house, no more power would the foreign Enemy have over this Land. But now consider in this house, all were joined together believers; and now you have discerned your Danger, and my Deliverance by awaking some out of their sleep; and so have I told thee of the Nation, they must awake as men out of their sleep, if they will be preserved as the house was preserved in the night. But here I shall leave thee to thy own thoughts to reflect on Types that are past.

[Printed from a MS. copy.]


A Dream of Mrs. Spring’s

A Letter from Joanna Southcott to one of her Believers with a Communication on a dream of Mrs. Spring.


I shall give you a communication given me in answer to Mrs. Springs dream before her death, which happened, Aug. 1807. She died Suddenly, having left Mr. Spring but a few minutes before in perfect health. She was taken in a fit and died immediately. Some time before her Death, she dreamed of seeing her Mother, who had been dead a great while, walking in the Air, with our Saviour, and the Apostles. This she told to a friend; and she Dreamed she was buried alive. When the news of her death was brought to us, the thought Struck us whether she was really dead; as such things have happened, when people have fallen away in a fit, to appearance dead. But I am answered, she should not be buried alive. This was before we had any knowledge of her dream; but we heard from Mrs. Field that they could not keep Mrs. Spring, which set our minds at rest. Mr. Spring had a very comforting Communication given him, concerning her going to Glory, and after the Son sent me his Mothers dream, I was ordered to open my Bible, and I should be answered. I opened it to 2nd Esdras, 7th Ch. 18th ver. “Nevertheless, the righteous shall suffer strait things, and hope for wide.

The Answer of the Spirit.

Now I shall answer thee from the Scriptures where I directed thy hand, and from the words before thee; sufferings alike is for all, and ye are all sufferers under the fall; and therefore nature is prone to sufferings, pain and sickness, as well as sufferings of other kinds, which is known to thee, and all mankind, is common amongst Men, to the Righteous as well as the wicked; for it is the strait of sufferings which is meant, under which ye hope for broad. Thou must discern, from the Chapter, in what manner at first your entering in was; with Difficulty; which was as a parable brought forward, of entering into the broad parts of the sea; or of a city, if the entering in was narrow, ye must suffer the difficulties at first, before ye can enter in; and these things I compared with the narrowness of the path to man. But now I shall come to the purpose with thee. Know I have warned by my Spirit that my kingdom of righteousness and peace is at hand, when the knowledge of the Lord shall cover the Earth, as the waters cover the great Deep. But here I tell thee, the beginning is made narrow to man, and therefore it is strait in the beginning, but your hope must be to the end, and looking forward to see it widen; before you see my works to cover the earth as the Sea cover the deep: for thou must discern, it was a parable brought forward to the Prophet, and like this parable I now tell thee, must the entrance be to believers; the narrow and difficult paths they have first to go through, before they see the widening of my work begin to appear; and there will then a hope increase. But now I tell thee on the other hand, every danger, and every difficulty, and every distress, the wicked have to fear, who despise every warning and invitation; and yet they will never enter the City, that bringeth the Glorious reward to man. So here from the Chapter where I directed thy hand to, that dangers and Difficulties begin alike to all while the narrow path remain, before I have widened the whole to your view; but discern the end and the difference of the reward. And know what I told thee of Springs wife, and the dream that she had before her Death, seeing the Lord in the air, and that she was buried alive; which fears I permitted to work in your heart, that I might give thee an answer, it should not be so, before thou heard in what manner her body was; that there was no dangers of your fears, in a temporal sense. But know I told thee, in a Spiritual sense was the meaning of her dream; she was buried in a living faith, of being Redeemed from the power of Death, hell and sin; and yet her entering into the City of Glory, was through the strait and narrow path of Death, because I tell thee in things temporal, and spiritual, stands the entering into the City now before you. Those that live to see my kingdom established in righteousness and peace below, will enter into the Glories of the City after they have gone through the narrow path that is at first; which you all may discern as beginning like fire, and water, on the right hand, and the left; that meaneth the fire of mens anger and indignation, on the one hand, which are cast out like Floods of water on the other. And this is the narrow way that ye begin through persecution, to look forward to the City that I have promised you; and the beginning of your entrance must be by faith; but when ye are entered in ye need no faith, because you cannot hope for what you Enjoy. So here I tell thee is the beginning, for those that live to see the New Jerusalem Coming down to man, and my Glory to cover the Earth as the waters cover the great Deep. But those that die before the time will Come with me in Glory down to man; they will enter into the narrow and strait path by Death, and yet they will have a living faith, because all knowledge will be given to them, to a more full extent, than ye yourselves do now discern.

From Joanna Southcott, Jane Townley.

[Printed from a MS. copy.]


Believers Protected in Every Storm

September 30th, 1807.

The Spirit of Truth.

If Dangers do threaten and dangers are near

Now unto my friends they have nothing to fear

For I will protect them in every storm

The Sword of my vengeance is now hastening on

Such signs and such visions to man do appear

Such prophecies past and the truth made so clear

Such dangers before them are now in your land

And men in derision in mockery do stand

Then surely I answer Ill now mock them all

Theyll find that my vengeance with fury shall fall

I tell you [O] England if youll not awake

The day of Destruction upon you will break

Because I shall leave them, as thou hast now done

Thou toldst them thy mind, and from them thourt gone

And so now I tell thee, Ive told them my mind

And none but my friends, my presence shall find

Because of the Blood of the Nation I am clear

All things that have happened Ive told them before

And now Ive told them what is hastening on

And so if they mock, all these things shall now come

In all I have threatened, the truth shall appear

But now the Believers Ill answer them here

I’ll warn them of dangers, before they take place

But then let them know their flight is in haste

For I shall not warn them before it is near

Because not too hasty they may not appear

To flee from the dangers that are in your land

Now mark what I told thee and how it doth stand

Sealed up in thy writings in fables appear

I tell you this land you must fear like the Bear[19]

Who long time was threatened thou knowst by the Child

Till all judged him mocking and so he was foiled

Because that the youth had been mocking before

And so to the nation they all must take care

Because of the fable theyll find in the end

As men are now mockers, it is my intent

To mock them of dangers before they appear

And then to deceive them when they are come near

Because that my warnings despisèd by all

And I say without knowledge the dangers shall fall.

[Printed from a MS. copy.]


How to Contend with Evil Spirits

An Extract of a Letter, Oct. 1, 1807.

You mention Mrs. Scanes being still tormented with evil spirits, but if she answers them, it should be in strong words from the Scriptures, to tell them what a wretched state they have brought themselves into, and to demand in the name of the Lord why they trouble her. For where people enter into a dispute with evil spirits it requires a strength of faith to trust in the Lord, and strong arguments to contend with them, because the devil will come as an angel of light to plead from the Scriptures, and if she finds herself uncomfortable by their coming she must be assured they are evil spirits, because there is a heavenly joy within when we are visited by heavenly spirits, which takes all fear and terror from us. And this I have often experienced when I have been alone by myself in dark nights walking a journey, and fears have begun to alarm me, but immediately the words of the Lord have been to me, Fear not, I am with thee,and all my fears have vanished in a moment. And this I always experienced—my fears to vanish and my comforts to increase when I am visited by the Lord or good spirits; but when the evil spirits came to assault me I always felt fear, terror, and dread, and though the devil may come as an angel of light, yet he brings a horror and fear with him. So, if she feels unhappy when these spirits visit her, she may depend upon it they are not from the Lord, neither are they good spirits, and therefore, she must be very careful in what manner she converses with them, or in what name she indulges them. But these things are common amongst believers and unbelievers. I never heard so many people who complained of these kind of visitations in all my life as I have heard of lately amongst all sorts of people. Therefore, I advise her to be cautious, as these coming under a pretence of the Scriptures, may be done with a design to deceive her. But I understand she is a religious, good woman. The Lord will not permit her to be deceived in the end though she may be foiled for a while.

I believe all will find my prophecies to be hastening on fast upon this nation. And, therefore, the prosperity you speak of, of the unbelievers, will not be of a long duration, though at present they may not discern what this nation is bringing on their own heads, but it is greatly discerned by the unbelievers in London and other places of the kingdom that the very things spoken of in my prophecies are now hastening on. For though they do not mention my prophecies, yet they say, the very thing spoken of in my prophecies are now hastening on. So that unbelievers see with as clear an eye what is coming as the believers concerning the judgments coming on the land—but they have no discernment of what will follow the judgments, or whereto they will end. Neither do they seem to have a desire to know—and yet there are some here and there who begin to be awakened and enquire into the truth, and I have been informed by letter that mockery begins to cease in Yorkshire and other places, and by the judgment of men which appears daily in the newspapers, they must mock their own judgment if they mock my writings. But I discern deeply how true the words are hastening on of the letters I sent to the Clergy at Exeter, and I clearly see prophecies given now would be of no use, as it would only be prophesying what everyone knows.

Joanna Southcott.

[Extracted from Small Still Voice, No. 33.]


Communication on the Patchwork

Extract of a Letter sent by Joanna to Mr. Owen

this Sunday the 18th October, 1807

We received your kind Letter this day; wherein you mention of Miss Harpars telling you, I mean to make you a present of the works of my hands, which is real; but your pride may be to see the likeness fulfilled: as you have had the care of the works of my hands, in correcting the press; I wish to make you a present of the works of my hand; as it is singularly explained, in what manner the Lord will go on to make a complete covering for all: how he will cut in sunder, and join together, as I have done [  ].


This Communication was given to be sent to Mr. Roberts, the Quaker; as I was ordered to send him the first covering I made, to send out of the house, as he has the whole body of Quakers to stand against, and is come forward, as a bold champion in the cause, which you will see from the Book he has published, which I shall order Field to send.


October 18th, 1807.

The Spirit of Truth.

Now I shall answer thee, from the works of thy hand: And let them discern, in what manner thou hast begun to place thy patterns, like their dress (the Quakersbrown); as thou chose out their colours; but then discern, in those colours thou hadst not enough to go through thy labour, to make a complete covering for man; and therefore thou hast joined all sorts together, to make thy covering large enough: Here is a shadow thats trifling, and yet I tell thee the Substance is deep; for hadst thou went on to join together but one colour, that is brought to thee, besides the white, thy covering would have been too short for a man to stretch himself upon it, and too narrow to wrap himself in it.[20] As thou hast taken thy covering from what was brought to thee, thou hast taken some of all sorts to complete thy covering: now perfectly so I tell thee of mankind, there is no sect or party, that profess themselves believers in me, and My Gospel, that are in one body united together, to believe in the fulfilment of My Gospel, that I shall fulfil it to make a complete covering for man; neither do they discern in what manner, all the words of the Prophets must be brought together, and joined together, for me to fulfil them, as I said in My Gospel. These things are not discerned by any one body of people, that are united together in one profession: but they will no more join together in one belief, that I shall join the whole together, to fulfil the words of the Prophets, with My Gospel, and that all mysteries must be revealed by the Visitation of My Spirit, to warn of the End; how all will be fulfilled: this is no more seen and discerned by one sect of Professors joined together to believe in My Bible, that I shall fulfil the whole, than thou couldst find pieces enough of one sort, of what was brought to thee, to make a covering for man; therefore let no one marvel at the different sects, that there is not found believers enough in any one, to join together in My work; and therefore I tell thee I shall do as thou hast begun: Cut the whole asunder, and join all sects and parties together; because I tell thee, when I bring in mans Redemption, and fulfil My Gospel; then all men will be brought together to the knowledge of the Lord; and then I tell thee, all will be joined together in one Body. When I make a complete covering for man, I shall join all nations, kindred and people, in one heart and mind together of those that will turn unto me, as thou hast joined together by the works of thy hands, what hath been brought to thee, from so many different people; and therefore the shadow of what I shall do upon the Earth, they may discern from the works of thy hands. And let him discern in what manner, thou hast placed thy works; to bring in the four Corners. For I now tell thee, in like manner I shall go on to bring in the Four quarters of the Globe. And let him discern, how thou hast placed what thou callest an Hour-glass, to bring in the four Corners; and perfectly so, are the Sands running on; and My hours known to me; how fast the sands will run, that I shall cut in sunder, and join together, in the perfect likeness of the works of thy hand; and therefore I worked in thy heart to place thy labour in such a form, as all men may discern the End, to see what I am doing, and in what manner my sands are running: and let them discern how I am cutting all nations in sunder; and I have begun to join some together in heart and mind, to subscribe with their hands unto the Lord,[21] to have the Power of Evil destroyed, that Righteousness and Peace may be established on the Earth: then I shall make a complete covering for all. So let no one marvel, what I have worked in thy heart to do; to shew them from the Shadow where the Substance will End. But let them discern from My Prophets, what I commanded them to do, to set signs for the people: and so in like manner I have worked in thy heart to make a Covering, to set a sign for all.


Now I shall answer thee, from thy name being worked with thy own hair; and let them all discern the date when this is done; for here I tell thee, thy name stands deep for man, from the works of thy hands, wherein I have shewn thee, the End: in what manner I have begun, and in what manner I shall go on to cut in pieces, and join together, in the perfect likeness as thou hast done. And now discern from thy Hair; and let them weigh it with thy Prophecies; then let them come to My Gospel and know it was the woman, anointed My head: so let them discern that thy name stands in the middle with hair; wherein I have shewn mankind the perfect likeness of what I shall do upon the Earth. For, as thou hast cut in sunder, and circled in, in different manner thy work, and so went on from one to the other; perfectly so, I shall do with mankind of different religions. I shall cut them asunder, and join together those, that will be joined by me, and then I shall Circle them in, as thou hast done. And now call to thy remembrance the dream I shewed thee of squaring the Ground;[22] and let them discern in what manner thou hast went on to square thy work in the perfect form and likeness I shewed thee, of the Ground, in what manner the Earth should be squared by me. And know from thy dream the Hedges were bare, because the Trees were cut down; perfectly so I tell thee of man; those that will not be joined in by My hands, as the work is joined by thine, will be cut down as cumberers of the Ground, and cast away, as thou castest away the works of thy hands, that cannot join together; for here is the perfect likeness to all men, of what I shall do upon the Earth, from the works of thy hands; and as thou hast completed thy work, by gathering in the Dark to join with the light, to make thy labour appear complete; perfectly so, shall I go on, till I have brought in the dark benighted minds to be enlightened by My Spirit, and to be joined with me, as thou hast joined them in thy labour: and this they will all discern in the End, when I come to establish My Kingdom in Righteousness and Peace; that the ends of the earth shall see My Salvation and Peace. In this manner will be the End to the Nations; but one sign I shall give for Roberts, which he will clearly see hereafter.


I know the thoughts of thy heart, when thou began to form the middle for him: thou thoughtest to do it with plain colours, according to their appearance in dress; but thou hadst not enough to go on, and therefore was forced to join it with others; but know before thou made an end, thou hadst more brought to thee, to make a complete finish. And like thy labour Roberts will find; though he have but few to assist in the beginning, he will have many to join the Ending, whose eyes of their understanding will be opened, clearly to discern, they must come to the New birth, if they will be joined with me in Righteousness and Peace, to possess My Kingdom, when I bring in the Redemption of man. So let him discern in the Beginning from the work thou hast placed, and the colours thou hast chosen, that came to thee at different times; then he will discern, that many of his friends, will join with him in the Ending, that do not come, in the beginning: and let him discern, if thou hadst brought the colours thyself, this type could not have appeared to him; but as it was sent to thee at the last, and not the first, at the last thou hast joined them in. So here is a shadow to him; but the substance is to the world at large,—to all nations, kindred and people, in what manner they will be gathered in by the Light of My Word, the Light of My Truth, and the Light of My Spirit, which I have purchased with My own Blood, as thou hast purchased the White. Here I shall leave them to draw their own judgment, from the works of thy hand, and what I have said: and now let all men discern the date when thy name appears worked with hair, to shew them from the works of thy hand, what I shall do upon the whole Earth.


When you receive the Covering, I will send you a Communication that was given me yesterday concerning the Sealing. The Lists are not to be called in until the 2nd September.

You will see in the Communication, in what manner I have formed my Covering; but you will be a better Judge when you see it; and I will send it any time you wish to have it, as it is a token of Love to keep in remembrance of me. Till yesterday I have had no Communication for a great while; but I am promised that no dangers shall come into this land, till I am warned.


You complain of making no Converts; but that fault is not in you. The Nation will not awaken, before they begin to feel the Rod; and then they will remember they were warned before: and then they may say, as a Gentleman said by his dog, that had been barking all the Night, that thieves were coming into the house; but the Gentleman took no notice; and when he arose in the morning, he found his house had been robbed. He then said to his dog—“O! poor Dido! Thou hast done thy part, to give the Alarm; but I have neglected mine.And this may be the language of many, when they see the dangers appear: then they will praise you as the Gentleman did his Dog.—[Here follows matter of a more private concern.]


I lately received a Letter from my Sister, who has written for a Seal, informing me, she is truly convinced my Visitation is from the Lord; and is very glad I never took her advice in giving it up. Now as trouble brought her to read the books through and be convinced, so will trouble bring the nation. I need not enter into particulars, as you have heard them already, respecting her and her husbands separation. It was Eleven years agone, that a Communication was given me, wherein it said she should be convinced. Mr. Sharp took it out of the sealed writings at Paddington, and brought to me when the Letter came. These particulars you will know more of hereafter. We all join in kind Love and every good wish to yourself, Mrs. O. and family. And I remain your sincere friend in the work of the Lord, from

Joanna Southcott.

This taken from Joanna Southcotts mouth by Jane Townley.

[Printed from a MS. copy. See also Voice in the Wilderness, p. 255, Express Vol. 2, and a Dissertation on the Patchwork Covering in the undated section.]


Communication With the Hour Glass

The following answer was given to the Scriptures, Sunday morning, October 25th, 1807.

The Spirit of Truth.

Let them discern what scriptures are brought together, to shew the Ending from the Beginning, and the Promise made in the Fall to be fulfilled; which I tell thee would not have been right for thee to go further, according to thy own will, but now discern where thou began from the words spoken in the Revelation, and the Promise made to the woman in the Fall, and the curse pronounced on the serpent was thy beginning, and how it will be fulfilled thou hast brought to the ending. Here let all men discern in what manner thou hast placed the whole in the form of an hour glass to run on one way, and as it turned round to be fulfilled on the other: And perfect so the sand ran on till My heel was bruised for the transgression of men, and they will find they are running on to fulfil the Promise made to the woman, and cast her betrayer, according to the Vision seen by John, which thou hast placed the sand for the End; for this is the Comforter that I told them should come, and abide with you for ever; and let them remember, I told them it was another; which My Disciples did not understand. The other Comforter was the fulfilment of the Promise made in the Fall; neither did they understand when I told them to ask, that I would give them, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. Now here let all gainsayers stand still, and every mouth be stopped, and every tongue be silent, and let them discern from My Gospel, I bid them to ask, and said I would give it and do it for them. Then here let all men discern what thou hast asked; what stands on record what I shall do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son, is thy Petition given out to man; this let men discern and then let them discern, thy Judgment of placing one, as the powerful Helpmate for man, that I was born of the Woman, and I was born for the Woman to fulfil the Promise made; but then know all men the Woman must be born of My Spirit, as I was born of her in the flesh, when I come to fulfil the promise in the End, and shew how the sand hath ran for all; and this let men discern, in what manner from thy Judgment, thou hast placed the Scriptures; then they will discern thou hast given every honour, every praise, and every power to thy Maker and Redeemer, ascribing nothing to thyself, but trusting to the Promise that I have made. And now I ask them where are the wise men? where is the Scribe? And where is the disputer of this world? with all their boasted wisdom that have so clearly discerned the Scriptures to place them together, as thou hast done in so small a compass, to declare the Ending from the beginning, and to shew man plainly, that as the devil was in the Serpent to betray the woman at first, I must be the Helpmate for the woman at last: to cast her betrayer, and bring in the Redemption of man, and then will be fulfilled the words of the Prophet, where I directed thy hand this day; The ransomed of the Lord shall return and come to Zion with songs and everlasting Joy upon their heads; they obtain Joy and gladness, and sorrow and sighing shall flee away:Isa. 35 ch. last verse. But let them that reprove answer the chapter through, and let them answer the Scriptures thou hast brought together, and why the Sand ran on to fulfil the one, but will not run on to fulfil the other? This let thy accusers answer.

But this I tell thee and all men, perfect as thou hast placed the Scriptures, in the form of an Hour-glass, perfect so the sand is running, to accomplish and fulfil the whole; for I shall bring all things round, as ye must turn your paper round to read the words as thou hast placed them.

Here I shall leave men to draw their own judgment from what thou hast done, before I shall answer thee further; and this, Roberts is at liberty to shew any gainsayers that come to reprove him; He is at liberty to shew them what thou hast done, and in what manner thy Judgment is, of the womans being made a Helpmate for man, when he was pronounced not good alone.

[Printed from a MS. copy.]


On Isaiah Chapters ii and ix

[ See Feb 21, 1798, for the first Communication. ]

A Communication given to Joanna Southcott on October 26th, 1807.

The Spirit of Truth.

I now tell thee this second chapter is plain and easy to be understood by all men; and let them know that the last days are come; and let them consider this chapter was never fulfilled. Wars and tumults—sword against sword—nation against nation, have continued to this day. And now I tell thee, the sword is not drawn in vain; for it shall not cease till the cry of all nations is one to the other—Holy is the Lord of Hosts; the whole earth is full of His Glory,[23] for I will not cease till these words are fulfilled, that were spoken by the mouth of the Prophet, whose words were not understood by the Jews; therefore, in seeing they could not see, nor in hearing could they understand, because their hearts were set against all My Prophets. Witness their conduct throughout then you will see they were a people that refused to obey the Prophets: they professed to believe Moses was a Prophet, and I delivered them from Pharaoh by his hand, yet they refused to obey the commands I gave unto Moses; and those that remained in the wilderness, seeing My deliverance, time after time, and after seeing the nations that I destroyed for their sakes, yet, they rebelled against Me, and followed after other gods to their hurt. When I gave them the desires of their heart in giving them a king, and promised them lasting blessings by David, if they would walk in My statutes to keep them, yet they and their kings rebelled against Me; therefore, I said, I would make blind their eyes, that they should not see, nor understand with their hearts, until the city was wasted without inhabitant. (Isaiah vi.) These things I have explained to thee, because I know the pondering in thy heart; why should I blame them when I had decreed they should not understand, neither should they perceive, neither should they be converted and be healed? Now I have shown thee why these decrees were upon them; because they were a people that would not continue in My ways; neither would they have continued in My Gospel, if they had been all brought in; for as many of them wished to turn back to the flesh-pots of Egypt after their deliverance, because they did not presently enjoy the promised land; so they would have turned back from My Gospel, if they had believed, when they saw the Gospel was not fulfilled as they expected. Here I have shown thee the reason why their eyes were darkened, because their last error would have been worse than the first, if they had believed and fallen back, as they had done in all ages; and then no proverb could stand in them. But by the Jews all men must be convinced of the truth of the Gospel and the Prophets, and how the Jews were punished for their unbelief. Here I have shown thee the meaning of the chapter, and discern the words the Prophet said, how long shall this darkness be upon Israel? for that was the meaning of his words; know the answer that was given him; until the city be wasted without inhabitant; and thus they continued till Jerusalem was totally destroyed. But the wasting of the cities is not yet accomplished, for the houses to be without men, and the land to be desolate. But these things are now hastening on, and many nations will be desolate, and houses without inhabitant; for till this be done, the nations will not return. Therefore it is said, the gathering of the people for their deliverance, to bring in their perfect redemption, is in the time of all these troubles and all these evils: for I shall destroy the evil both root and branch amongst mankind. Now come to chapter ix: know it is written, The increase of His government and peace, there shall be no end.But though it is written, the child is born, it is not said it is then established; but that the government shall be upon his shoulder, and his Name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace; of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end. Then know all men, what increaseth must have its time to increase, and is not said to be immediately done; and though I was the Prince of Peace, my peace was not then established. Know what I said in My Gospel, a grain of wheat must first be thrown into the ground, to die away, before it increaseth. Now discern from a grain of wheat, there is first the blade, next the stalk, then the ear, and next the blossom; all this after it is sown, before it cometh to perfection; perfectly so stands My Gospel: It was sown by Me and My Disciples. But know there must spring the blade of My words, the staff of My promises, and the years that were to come with the full blossom of My Spirit, before the harvest cometh, when I shall separate the wheat from the tares, and bring in a glorious harvest to those that are waiting for the Lord of the harvest. And thus men must increase in faith before the Prince of Peace is established in peace. But how could I establish men in peace then? Should I cut off the nations before they had time to see My Gospel and have it established? But now the knowledge of My Gospel hath been made known in most nations, though they have not been seen to understand it; yet, the Name of a Saviour has been spread abroad; and the Jews have had their years roll on, one generation after another, and see that no deliverance is come to them. And those that believe My Gospel are now beginning to fall from My Gospel, which is proved by the Arians; besides the atheists, who believe not My words at all, neither the Gospel nor the Prophets; all seem withered and dying away, as I showed thee by the fruit with a black veil round them that were fallen. Therefore it is time to come and make an end. For I now tell thee and all men, was the world to go on as it is now, for two centuries more, infidelity would so prevail over the hearts and minds of men, that no flesh would be saved, for I should cut them off in My anger, and destroy them in My hot displeasure; as I destroyed the world of old, I should destroy the world now, if it was to go on to the end of these two centuries, to make up the six thousand years. But thou sayest in thy heart, if infidelity prevails, and all these evils that I have mentioned prevail, yet there was never a greater show of religion that ever thou hast read or heard of, than now seems to appear in the land, by the people that rose up in the last century.[24] But know it was perfectly so when I came in the body. And now come to My Gospel—They fasted twice a week, they prayed in the streets and in the synagogues; they were so zealous for their religion, that they reproved My Disciples for plucking ears of corn on the Sabbath-day; they reproved Me for healing on the Sabbath-day, they reproved My eating with unwashed hands; and it was out of zeal in pretence to religion that they put Me to DEATH! as they thought I dishonoured God, by saying, I was the Son of God. And they were strict to keep the Passover, when they had defiled their hands with blood by clamouring hard for My death. Now look through My Gospel and see what great profession of religion was made by the scribes, Pharisees and hypocrites, who sought My life out of a pretence of religion. Then what dost thou marvel at now, if the hearts of men are full of deceit, while the profession of religion is so great, that I should tell thee the hearts of men are now the same. For ye can judge no man by his great profession; the hearts of all men are known to Me, how much they are like Jehu: see my zeal for the Lord of Hosts, while his eye was to the kingdom; and so are thousands of professors; they make a great show amongst mankind, while their eye is to their own honour, their own wisdom, and their own merit; for they study more the praise and applause of men, than they study My Honour and Glory, and the perfect happiness of mankind: for have not I called, and they have not answered? Therefore, they are like the scribes and Pharisees, that persecuted Me they knew not why; neither do they know why they have condemned thy visitation. Let them read My Gospel over again, and see, where I commanded such a religion, or where I commended it? But I will tell thee where I condemned it: 7th Matt. “Judge not that ye be not judged.Let them pull the beam out of their own eyes, that darkeneth all their understanding, before they can see the mote, how to pull it out of the eyes of their brethren. Now I shall show thee the meaning of these words. The Prophets stood as a beam before the Jews, because they had placed their own wisdom before their eyes; so that the words of the prophets were not understood by them, and the beam stood before them. And their own wisdom made them see a mote in the eyes of My Disciples, that they could not clearly discern the Scriptures by an eye of faith as My Disciples did; but they saw by their own understanding. Now this beam stands before them to this day: but know I said in My Gospel, many that professed to believe My Gospel, and to hear My sayings, would build their faith as weak upon it as a mans building his house upon the sand, for great would be the fall in the end. So if men discerned My Gospel, and understood it, they would see there is as much reason to fear the unbelief when it cometh to the end, for those that profess to believe My Gospel, but understand not My coming again, as there was for the Jews to fear for their unbelief when I came in the body. But now I shall explain the meaning of false Prophets, which I told them to beware of, who come unto them in sheeps clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves; ye shall know them by their fruits. Now from these words, men are ready to see them as motes in believers, that they ought not to believe in prophecies because I told them to beware of false prophets. And now I tell thee there are many false prophets gone out in the world; and there are many false prophets besides those, that falsely pretend that the spirit of prophecies is given them; and he is a false prophet who prophesies out of his own heart, that all things will remain as they are, and that My Gospel is already fulfilled—these are false prophets, and yet they profess to prophesy in My Name,—that all My words are fulfilled. But when I come to fulfil them, they will be proved to have prophesied lies in My Name, that say in My Name all is finished, because I said on the Cross it was finished; which I meant was the power of men, and the power of the devil that he had over Me, was then finished. But can they say from these words the whole is finished? how then should the evil spirits cry out when they were cast out of men, Thou Jesus the Son of God, art thou come hither to torment us before the time?Now from these words, men must understand the devils knew a time was to come when they should be tormented, and be cast out from amongst men: but they knew the time was not then come, yet they knew that I was the Son of God that came to die for the transgression of man; and they knew the curse was pronounced upon them; and which they knew they must receive in time. But I know the thoughts of thy heart—if Satan knew from the beginning the meaning of the words spoken in the Fall, why should he be so hasty to work in man to put Me to death to fulfil the one, that he might suffer the other? This folly in Satan thou marvellest at; and so thou mayest marvel at the whole; for if he had never tempted man to evil, after the curse was pronounced upon him; and had he repented of his evil, then I need not have come down to suffer the one, neither should I have gone on to fulfil the other, to cast him out, and take his power from man. But as he went on in the manner he began, he well knew from My words that were spoken, that My Spirit should not always strive with man, but My delight shall be with the sons of men. This was better understood by the devils, than by mankind, that I would not be always wearying myself by striving to keep man from his temptation. Therefore Satan knew the time would come, that he should be cast out from amongst men: yet he expected his reign would be 6,000 years—but know I said in My Gospel, the days should be shortened.[25] And yet I tell thee, it is but shortened like the days in winter being shortened from the days of the summer; yet know it is one year the same: and so I tell thee of Satans reign it will be in the 6,000 years. Here I have showed thee the meaning of My words of shortening the days, to bring on darkness on the Prince of Darkness, that his reign may not go through the 6,000 years, any more than the longest day goeth through the whole year. But now mark how the devils besought to enter into the herd of swine, and they ran violently into the sea, and perished in the waters. But know I told thee, the type was from Pharaoh, when I delivered the children of Israel from the oppression of man. But I showed you in My Gospel by casting out devils from man, how I should deliver them in the End, from the bondage of sin and Satan. So here from the shadow, they perished before: but mark the people of the city—when they saw the men were delivered from the power of the devil, they did not give glory to God, because they had lost their property in the swine (2,000): then how canst thou marvel so much at mankind now, that they do not wish to be freed from the power of the devil working in man, as long as they can enjoy the sins of the world.

Now mark from the swine, the Jews thought it a sin to eat swines flesh, and yet they themselves did not think it a work of God to have the swine destroyed sooner than man. But the people of the city had more regard for the swine than they had for their fellow-men: therefore they besought Me to depart out of their coasts. Then why dost thou marvel now, to see men more desirous after the things of this world than they are for the glory of God and the good of mankind.

[Extracted from Two Witnesses, No. 29. See also Book 53, pp. 601–608.]


On Sealing the People

Extract from a letter from Joanna Southcott, written to Mr. Turner, Nov. 1st, 1807.

Concerning Sealing the people, it is not merely having these two books (Sound an Alarm, and The Caution to the Sealed), and giving their names can admit them to be sealed, but such as have read or heard read, some of the prophecies given that have already taken place, that they might know on what grounds they build their faith to know the Visitation is from the Lord; because a slight faith will soon fall off. But the reason those that are sealed must have those two Books, is to show them for what they are sealed, and the danger of their falling back through unbelief, and to show them that none can stand but such as come in by a true faith. Therefore they are ordered to have these two Books as a caution unto them, but these two only are not enough to assure anyone that my visitation is from the Lord, without a knowledge from the other Books how things were spoken and how they have been fulfilled. Then from the truth they must know it came from the God of truth, or the words would never have been fulfilled. And now I must desire that you would caution them all to be careful whom they seal, and not to invite any one to sign their names before they express that desire themselves by being convinced the Calling is from the Lord. But as to prophecies, or warning the people of danger, I do not know that any believer can point it out in more lively colours than it is pointed out in some of the London papers by the unbelievers, of what dangers stood before us, and what the nation may now expect.

[Extracted from Two Witnesses, No. 34, with an addition from Had They Had Knowledge, p. 154.]


The Sealed Number to be Parted

Ms. December 9, 1807.

The Spirit of Truth.

The sealed number I shall part,

And one part leave with thee,

That are so signed in hand and heart,

My kingdom for to see.

The grief below they shall not know,

That now is hastening on,

For to my kingdom they must go

Before the sorrows come.

But those behind must sorrow find,

And these theyll all pass through,

For now Ill further tell my mind,

What lies before your view

Distresses here will sure appear,

That every soul will see,

But those who live the thousand years

Must bear them all for me,

The fiery trials hastening on.

[Extracted from Had They Had Knowledge, p. 28.]


On the Second Signing

December 31st, 1807.

And now I shall give you a Communication concerning the Second Signing, from which you will see that the Lists are not to be called in till the year is up from the time they went out.

The Spirit of Truth.

I shall answer thee of the Second Signing which is to seal up the names a second time: and know I have told thee, from types and shadows I shall bring forward the shadow of all things to man, to shew them all the perfect End. So now I tell thee and all men, from the shadow of the second signing, that is done by believers, is to shew you the sign of My Second Coming, to fulfil the words of the Prophets, that were not fulfilled. When I came in the flesh and dwelt amongst mankind, I came then to die for the transgression of man in the Fall, and bear the blame he cast on me; but my Second Coming is in Power to bruise the head of the Adversary that betrayed the Woman. But now, as I have told thee, none but true believers that can produce their seals, to shew they have stood steadfast in faith, that are permitted to sign their names a Second time: perfectly so I now tell you, it is but true believers in the Promise that was made in the Fall, and the believers in my Gospel; that I should fulfil My words of Coming again in Might, Majesty and Glory, to bring in the Redemption of Man, and give them the Kingdom as was designed at first. This is the Faith that all must produce: If they will be Heirs of the Promise they must have their faith established to the End, and look to the Second as well as the first; but here I tell thee like professed believers who signed at the first, and not the second, are thousands, professors in My Gospel: they profess to believe my Coming in the Flesh to bear the transgression of man according to the words of the Prophets; but they do not believe in My Second Coming to fulfil all the words of the Prophets, and perfectly to fulfil the promise in the Fall: in this fulfilment many fall away. And now call to thy remembrance how many names stood sealed when the Lists were sealed up at the first; but now it is drawing to the End of the Year, (and by your style it is ended) call to thy remembrance from letters, how few are the Second, when compared with the first: Now perfect so I tell you of believers, that profess they are believers in me and My Gospel; now I am come in the Spirit to try them the Second time, that I am Coming to fulfil My Gospel, and all the words of the Prophets, as I told them I should fulfil; see how many are fallen away from this belief, and how few are the number that profess to believe I ever shall come in Might, Majesty and Glory, to bring in the Redemption of Man, and destroy the works of the Devil. Here is a perfect likeness amongst mankind, that thou mayest discern from the believers, in the different number that were sealed at first, and are now come forward in faith to produce their seals and sign again a second time: this faith is not found in all, though thou sayest in thy heart, they have more room for faith now, than when they signed their names at first, if they clearly discern in what manner all was spoken, and how all is hastening on and fulfilling: the Truth they may see abroad, and the dangers they may fear at home as the clouds seem gathering over your land: this thou hast been pondering in thy heart, they have more grounds for faith now, to be established, than they had at first, if they search thy writings through, and weigh it with all nations: Now perfect so I tell thee of My Gospel, if they search My Gospel through; and know I told them I should fulfil all the words of the Prophets, and send them another Comforter that should abide with them for ever, even the Spirit of Truth, that should bring all things to their remembrance, and tell them things to come. Now if they discern from the Visitation of My Spirit, how I have called all things to their remembrance from the foundation of the world, and the promise that was made in the Fall, and called forward My Bible to men, that they may weigh the whole together, and discern what I told thee in the beginning that I should do upon the Earth to fulfil the words of the Prophets, and My Gospel; now if they weigh the whole together they have more to strengthen them to believe in the fulfilment of My Gospel, than they had in the days of My Disciples, when they went out to warn the people of My Coming again. But now thou mayest discern how many that profess to believe My Gospel, and My Coming at first in the days of the Flesh, to fulfil the words of the Prophets, that are now fallen away through unbelief; that I shall not come again in Might, Majesty and Glory, to fulfil the words of the Prophets, and establish the Kingdom in Righteousness and Peace, and was despised at first. In this belief thousands fall away, and here their faith do not appear to believe in the second, as they profess to believe in the First; but here is a sign unto all men, that no more than these are allowed to sign the second time, that cannot produce their seals, no more will believers in My Gospel be permitted to have any share in my Kingdom when I come to establish it in Righteousness and Peace, and bring in the Redemption of man. Those that do not believe in the fulfilment of my words; of my Coming in Power the second time to bruise the Head of the Adversary that betrayed at first; those that do not believe will have no more share in My Kingdom of Righteousness and Peace here below than these people who have fallen back through unbelief have their names to appear a Second time. But according as their faith is, it will happen to them—that My Second Coming is the Day of Judgment—and like the Day of Judgment it will be to them, that do not believe in the fulfilment of my words, that I shall come in Might, Majesty and Glory to destroy the works of the Devil and bring in the Redemption of man to fulfil the Promise [that] was made in the Fall; for which Ends I died. But those that have not this faith—to Endure to the End, their names will not appear any more than the names of those do now appear that have fallen back through unbelief, and have not come forward to produce their seals, what was given as a signet to them, and a Sign, whereby they might be permitted to sign their names a second time. And perfectly like the Seals that hath been given to man, stand my words and promises made in the Fall, renewed again by the prophets and sealed by My Dying blood which was given for the transgression of man in the Fall; to have my Heel bruised first, that Satans head might be bruised second, when I come to fulfil the Promise made to the Woman. And these promises stand on record of My words being given out to man, as the Seals were given out by thy hands; and as the impression of many have been worn off, which thou hast stamped again the second time, that they may now appear as the first unto those that stood in faith; perfect so I now tell thee is My Coming again in the Spirit, to renew My words, to fulfil My Promises, and to pour My Spirit out upon Man, that they may see the fulfilment of My words, that hath appeared to thousands to be words worn out with long standing, that men cannot see the Print appear; because the fulfilment is not accomplished. But as thou hast renewed the Print upon the Seals to make it appear perfect to them, perfect so I now tell thee I shall fulfil My Gospel, and make the Truth perfect to all Men, and they shall see the Truth of My Gospel to appear and be fulfilled in the manner I told them, when I dwelt amongst them, that I should come again and bring in mans Redemption and give them the Kingdom prepared at first. Here my words stand on record as a Mark not discerned; but now I shall come to fulfil all My words and make them plain to man. So I tell thee, like thy sealing to put the Mark the second time, where the print was worn out, is My Second Coming to renew My Covenant made in the Beginning, to renew My words and fulfil them; that men may see My Bible clear. So here from Types and Shadows, they may clearly discern the End; and from the things that thou hast done, to put the Seal the second time, is My Coming again in Glory to put the Seal on Satans destiny, as they put the seals on My Tomb. But here thou sayest in thy heart, this is not in one likeness like thy Sealing the letters. To thy thoughts I shall answer: My Coming again is to seal the Truth of My Words; that the Prince of this world should be cast out, that if I was lifted up I would draw all men after me; and this I sealed with My Blood to be lifted up on the Cross, and My Adversaries Sealed My Tomb: and now My Friends have Signed to Seal Satans doom, which is the Adversary to God and Man. Then now I ask if thou dost not see no likeness in the Sealing appear? Now I tell thee, the time is worn out for ME to bear the mock of fools, therefore I shall come to Seal the Truth of My Words, and have the Mark fresh appear; that as My Tomb was sealed by My Enemies, so shall My Enemies, and mans adversary, be sealed by the desire of My Friends; for where the Woman cast her blame at first, is the Seal set by her hand at last; and this is a Mystery. Could men discern to weigh the beginning with the Ending, and the Ending with the beginning, the Eyes of their understanding would be opened clearly to see, from what hand this Sealing, as shadows, must begin, to shew you all what the End must be. But now I know thy enquiry within: Must the Lists longer remain than the Ending of the Year old style? is thy enquiry now to know. To thy enquiry I shall answer—Let it remain One Year from the Time it went out; but no longer than One Year: and let them remember I ordered thee not to send it out before many had desired to give in their names, for My Kingdom of Peace to be established, and Satans power to be destroyed. By their desire I let it go out to try your Nation One Year more, and when it hath been out One Year, every List must be returned. But thou sayest in thy heart, thou suppose the Sealing will then stop for this Nation. To thy thoughts I answer: It will stop for a Season; before this Nation hath felt the Rod to fear; but I do not tell you no opportunity will be given more, to be of the Sealed number in this Nation. For I now tell thee, there are many who stand out in unbelief, and many who have not heard of the work of My Visitation to thee, that will have the eyes of their understanding opened clearly to discern the days that are at hand, and see the mystery of the Sealing, and come in with stronger faith, and clearer understanding than many of those that are sealed already. Because I tell thee the fallen fruit is with those that came in without faith and without knowledge. But thou sayest in thy heart, They professed a Faith after the first. But I tell thee it was a Faith without a knowledge of the Scriptures; to know that as the Sealing was spoken so much of in the Scriptures, the likeness of the words must first appear to be fulfilled on Earth, before I come in Might, Majesty and Glory to Seal the destruction of your Adversary.


Here I have given you the communication.

The lists were ordered out the second of last September. The meaning of the seals being stamped a second time is, that some of the believers being fearful to leave their seals at home because of their unbelieving friends, and carry them in their bosom or about them, spoiled the impression of the seal entirely, and they sent them up to me to be stamped again.

This taken from Joanna Southcotts mouth by Ann Underwood and Jane Townley.

[Printed from a MS. copy, with additions from Had They Had Knowledge, p. 161, and Southcott Despatch, No. 36.]

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                       5 years

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