The Likeness of Men to the Fallen Angels

The following Communication was given to Joanna Southcott, May, 1801.


May 1st, 1801—The report was, we had gained a victory in Egypt: had taken possession of it for our nation, and turned out the French.

The Spirit of Truth.

Let the justice first appear,

And then Ill fully answer here.

But for the present Ill resign:—

This victory will be in its time;

And then before you all may fall,

And bring a glorious May for all

Who say My Kingdom is at hand,

And judge thy Writings how they stand.

For Egypt you must first possess,

Hath Egypt now been conquered twice?

Then sure My armies shall appear,

When this is true, Ill make it clear.

This is the substance of thy dream:

My armies closely followed them.

Be wise, and do not boast too soon,

For fear thy sun should cloud ere noon.

For if the truth it now is clear,

It is the answer to thy prayer,

For so I tell thee it will end.

The Foreign Nations all shall bend;

For Ill fulfil My every Word—

And those who own it comes from God

Shall see the Foreign Nations fall,

And find your Land to conquer all,

And Satans power I will shake

When once My Shepherds do awake

To call back My wandering sheep.

Then let the goats begin to weep

That deny it comes from God;

Then all shall fall beneath My rod.

For all may see the promise clear

When I begin to conquer here,

And there are disaffected men

Who do not wish to see it plain

That foreign nations they must fall;

And then be sure Ill conquer all.


“The contention will be of the knowledge of God. Every man that Satan can gain to himself must perish with him; and the earth can no more stand together than the Heavens did, whilst Satan’s reign lasted, for I gave him his bounds, 6,000 years, to try him, that when I came to sit in judgment I might be clear when I judge, and just when I condemn: this I shall explain more fully hereafter. And now come to the purpose:—Men are come to the last century; and the time is now at hand that the Kingdoms of this World must become the Kingdoms of God and Christ: or My words could not be verified: “Lift up your heads; for your Redemption draweth nigh,”—that meaneth to be redeemed from the Fall, which is impossible whilst Satan’s power reigneth: therefore, to fulfil all Righteousness, Justice, Equity, and Truth, Satan must receive a just sentence. Earth is now become like the tumult in Heaven—warring one against the other. The French Nation are at war one with the other, and so are the Dutch. But this division will increase: men are pulling down the powers of men, and all must know, they must lift up the power of God.

“Now, when this is made known, there will be many different spirits of men upon earth as there were of the angels in Heaven; for now is coming the Trial for man as it was for the Angels. Man is made a rational creature—and he must be an accountable creature—that meaneth, he must be tried as the angels were, that is to say—Who is for Me? and who is against Me? But thou sayest, can anyone be against My Kingdom being established, and Satan’s destroyed? This thou sayest thou shouldst think to be impossible.

“But I tell thee, perfect as it began in Heaven so it will be now upon Earth, and that all men will find; for Satan hath got such strong possession of some men’s hearts, that he will swell their power so high, that, like Satan, or like Saunders,[1] they will say, “If the Lord will not make us greater than others, we will not thank Him to make us anything: we had sooner die than live.” This will be the pride of some; and their pride must fall, as Satan’s and Saunders’ did.

“Others will judge the power of man, as the angels did the power of Satan—too great to be destroyed; and they will hold with the greater power till they both fall together. So here are the two sorts of people Satan will draw after him.

“Another sort are those, who, obstinate in their own opinions, no arguments can convince them, they will say as thy sister did: the Bible will never be fulfilled any more than it is already; and they will no more believe such a change will take place upon Earth, than the angels believed it would take place in Heaven, after they had been nearly 6,000 years in Heaven, (which was the time they had reigned) they could not believe any change would take place so great—to their ruin. This was the mind of the Angels which Satan drew after him; and they will perish through unbelief.

“Now, there is another Sort of the Fallen Angels, neither hot nor cold, but lukewarm: for as long as they are fed, like the beasts, they will not concern themselves any more than the beasts, and like the beasts such will perish.

“There is another Sort which cannot bear reproof; and when they find they are reproved for their lukewarm spirits, they will grow warm and hot with anger. Such were many among the Fallen Angels; and such will now be among mankind; and I cannot do justice to the Fallen Angels if I do not cut them off, as I did the Angels: for every spirit that is like the Fallen Angels, must fall as they did.

“Now I shall come to the other class of people:—Some will be warm for My Kingdom and say, ‘Just and right are all Thy ways; wondrous and true are all Thy works; wise and good are all Thy decrees; O Thou most holy, right, and just! O God, most mighty!’ will be the hearts and minds of many, and they, like the Angels in Heaven, shall abide for ever in My favour, to inherit the Crown set before them and see the Glory of My Kingdom; for they will turn many to Righteousness, whose minds are like some of the angels, who began with Satan and ended with the Lord: for there is more hope now of many who spoke against thee, than there is of those who say they do not care; and who will not judge for themselves; but they assuredly will be judged of the Lord; for he that is not with Me is against Me, saith the Lord; and he that gathereth not with Me scattereth. Therefore I said, he that loseth his life, will save it, and he that saveth it shall lose it. That means, many will judge they will save their lives by joining with the greater powers of men; whose power will be cut off as the powers of darkness were, and they will lose the “Life of God” and His Kingdom, and fall as the angels did. But he that ventureth his life for My sake and My Gospel shall find that life which he hath lost, and live in Me, as I have promised.


For now I warn and tell you plain,

The war at first in Heaven began,

And then the angels they did fight

As they were angels then of light.

Then down to Earth that War must come

Before I make the Final End.

And tis the Spirits Sword must fight,

I say, to make you Sons of Light.

For the whole Armour first must come

Ere any shots are cast by man—

That is, you all must see it clear

To bring the Heavenly Armour near.

For I will never win the field

For cowards now, if they will yield.

So if the light you will maintain

And stand with courage now like men,

I’ll make the Rebel Armies fly,

And all shall find My shots are nigh.

In Jones’s[2] wisdom now begin,

And say we wish to see it plain,

As he hath spoken by the seal

His wisdom there, Ill now reveal,

That wisely there twas done by man:

I’ll end it by another plan

That is more deep and far more wise,

Wherein no mortal can disguise

To give the Letters to his care,

And he shall find the truth is there.

For now I tell you this of May—

It is begun as you do say,

Because that you have changed the style,[3]

And so your wisdom all will foil:

But when that May as May appears

The truth will make the mysteries clear

Therefore let no man boast too soon,

For fear your sun should cloud ere noon,

And bring a fatal May for man,

If they thy writings do condemn,

That will be printed now in May:

Then hear the words that I do say,

Your destiny is drawing near

That I My Kingdom now shall clear;

For as the War in Heaven began,

The mutiny is coming on.

When thy Third Book[4] doth but appear,

Many will see the mystery clear;

For what will happen then in May,

It is of God will many say:

And others judge it not so clear,

We see no wonders to appear

As we expect will now come on,

We see no fatal May for man;

The greatest wonder is in June;

For thats the way the trees I’ll prune.

And yet I tell thee it shall be May

And come before the eleventh day.

So then the mysteries will begin,

Then judge your country and your King;

And altogether you may weigh,

Then see the dawning of the day.

Then sure disputes will fast abound

From Heaven,say some, is every sound;

While others mock, It is not clear,

It is not May for June is here.

Then see My Soldiers how they stand

To justify thy written hand;

For warmly then will some dispute,

While ignorance will make some mute;

And then both parties will begin

The ruling powers for to win—

That is, I say, the powers of man—

For them to judge thy written hand;

Then like the angels, twill appear,

We see the mystery now is clear;

If this be true what man hath spoke

No more the prophet we will mock,

But with her well join hand and heart

On Satan now to fix the dart.

While others mock, It is not clear

It was her friends that forged it here.

For so I tell thee, twill go on

And bring a fatal May for some,

That now are sickly and lukewarm,

That now despise to know the storm;

And careless say, We do not care

When it comes we all shall see it here.

For by that spirit many now will fall

That do not care for Heaven or Hell

While they can careless sit at ease;

And coldly they their God did praise

But would not stir to take My part;

Then Satan soon possessed their heart.

And now on Earth twill be the same,

My Soldiers must be Men of Fame—

That is—in Words you all must fight,

If you will now be Sons of Light,

Or else in Darkness youll remain,

The Promised Land youll never gain;

But like the angels now youll fall

And empty places leave for all

That now will fight and win the field,

For I shall make the cowards yield.

The Heavenly War must first begin

Amongst the fallen sons of men,

If from their Fall they wish to rise,

I will not now with man disguise:

If every victorys gained by war,

You know in Heaven it did appear;

And if on Earth it first begins—

I say on Earth tis sure to end

And now on Earth it shall come on;

For to the purpose now Ill come

And from that man I’ll now begin,

The Fallen Angel is in him,

He said thy Writings are too low

To come from God: it must be so;

That is, the way that he doth mean,

Then now the whole I will explain

That very way the Angels[5] fell

Their pride too high in Heaven did swell;

For they first judged I stooped too low,

And too much freedom I did shew

With all the angels who were there.

This freedom Satan could not bear

To judge Me for his Lord and God—

In power superior with My Word,

Nor yet in power for Me to reign,

And shew such freedom unto them.

Then sure My Equal he must be,

For heres the hidden Mystery—

He wanted grandeur to assume,

And have the Angels stoop to him,

And to be placed above the rest:

And here the pride swelled Satans breast—

He judged a God, who stooped so low,

Could neer have power for to shew—

His Works and Miracles Divine—

Could neer be in an humble mind.

So too much freedom bred contempt

Till I the Heavens in sunder rent.

So this is now the state of man:

They judged it freedom from My hand

To let My Angels stoop so low,

In words to plead for man below,

That judge like Satan, they are wise;

My freedom they do so despise

Until they make Me rid the whole

And empty leave the stubborn soul—

For pride is but an empty thing.

And now to reason Ill begin:

This empty pride did first appear,

And Satan judged he wiser were

To govern in the Throne above—

Contemned the humble Son I loved,

Because in Spirit He was mild,

And I with Him was reconciled

To govern all the Host of Heaven;

And Angelspraise to Him was given,

Which soon did heat the pride of Hell,

And made proud Lucifer [6] rebel;

For that was first the devils name,

And so in fame he thought to reign

Above the Father and the Son.

But soon he found I was a God

That how to govern better knew

For to be loved and honoured too:

And bring the mystery to thy view

By shewing I to all was mild,

Then Heaven in Love was reconciled,

And a true Harmony was there.

I ask what Heaven could now appear,

If men like Satan do begin

To swell with pride too great for man

And in some empty grandeur boast?

Like Satan’s pride must all be cast,

As he did blast their harmony;

And so I say it is with thee,

A harmony in all is here,

If man could see the mystery clear

The Angels coming from above

To speak with men in perfect Love,

And little differ now from man.

Which way shall I direct thy hand

To get the praise of simple men

And all admire the Heavenly strain?

Should I in verse this way begin

In language like the sons of men,

Then like them I must sure appear,

I ask what angel can be here?

Or if I speak in an Angels tongue

Unto a nation quite unknown—

Then Greek and Latin must appear,

For in that tongue Ive spoken here.

So if the Words you do despise

Go with your leaders now more wise;

For this is from the AngelsTongue

In all the Language as tis come

Language by all is spoke in Heaven,

That unto thee in words are given,

And if men do not them approve,

Because theyre spoke to man in Love,

But want it in a higher strain,

Then how can learnèd men explain

A tongue that they did never know?

Your Bibles they have placed them so,

Which baffles all the learnèd men,

For who My Bible can explain?

Then surely I must stoop more low,

If I My mysteries mean to shew,

And shew you words that are more clear

Ere men with Angels can compare,

Or men with Angels cannot join

To echo in One Glorious Strain

Till Angels first do lead the Way,

And partly join in Words like thee.

So now in print it doth appear

In broken language you say here,

And in a sound you cannot praise,

Youre fallen from God and all His Ways,

And if His Word you dont admire,

No more do you your God desire.

So heres My Answer unto Men

That do reprove thy written hand—

Their hearts as well as tongues I know

From Jah Jehovah all doth flow:

For Satan in those men doth shew

To mock their God is not divine.

He stoops too much, He speaks too low

From Satans language all doth flow,

And if with Satan you go on,

Youll surely fall as he hath done.

For now must come the Devils fall,

So men and Devils hear the call,

But Man did fall to rise again.

He never stood; the truth is plain,

For he was born under the Fall

Of Satans Reign I tell you all,

Which quickly brought the fall of man.

But now the fatal fall is come,

That Men must Rise and Devils fall,

For nows the Calling to you all.

But I shall first contend with man

Before I fatal lay My Hand,

And then My Fury all shall see

If they do long contend with Me.

For tis with Me they all contend,

It never came from thy weak brain.

So now I say Ive ended here

And every Mystery soon Ill clear,

And tell thee from the Sons of Men,

Which way the tumult it shall end:

As first in Heaven it did begin,

And enmity there soon was seen,

And enmity there is in man

That now like Satan lay their plan.

For tis the picture true of Hell,

A God too low, they did rebel.

Then theyre too high to tarry here,

And so on earth Ill now appear,

If men do say Ive stooped too low,

I’ll never stoop with them to go;

That is, My Spirit shall not come

To dwell with them that do condemn,

For all My Bible men do blame,

And sure My Son they did the same.

But now no more shall Adams guilt

Be cast on man, his own is felt,

And every man shall feel his own,

And he that sees My sentence just,

A full Redemption he shall taste:

It is the Answer to thy Prayer,

For so I tell thee it will end,

The foreign nations all shall bend.

For Ill fulfil My every Word,

And those that own it comes from God

Shall see the foreign nations fall

And find your land to conquer all:

And Satans power I will strike

When once My Shepherds do awake

For to call back My wandering sheep,

Then let the Goats begin to weep

That do deny it comes from God,

They all shall fall beneath My Rod,

For all may see the Promise clear,

When I begin to conquer here,

And theyre the disaffected men

That do not wish to see it plain,

That foreign nations they must fall,

And then be sure Ill conquer all.

[Extracted from Southcott Express, No. 3.

See also Two Witnesses, No. 24, and Small Still Voice, No. 6.]


The Different Spirits Answered

May 27th, 1801, Whitsun Week.

A Communication given to Joanna in consequence of her having received a letter from the Rev. Stanhope Bruce in London, approving of her writings, as coming from the Spirit of God: and in consequence of her hearing herself the same day she received Mr. Bruce’s letter of Faith, greatly cursed by those, who were full of unbelief, and that she was an Impostor.

The Answer of the Spirit.

“Now I shall come to the purpose. The letter thou received from the Minister, was sent thee by the influence of My Spirit, and as he hath begun, so will the ministers go on, who are influenced by me. Thou wilt receive many such letters from abroad, and soon the ministers will begin at home, who are serious, good men: but here is the perfect state of mankind; and the true picture of the Spirit of God, and the Spirit of the Devil. The Letter sent thee from the Minister sheweth the love of God towards thee: the other sheweth the envy and malice of the Devil against thee; who knew he cannot vent out his malice any other way, but by working in the hearts of men against thee: so this May hath brought the shadow to thee—and many like the minister may grow wise, and bring a glorious May for them; while others go on in confidence, and bring a fatal May to them. For such as persecute thee, will persecute me and My Kingdom. They will laugh at My Coming, and I shall laugh at their Calamity and mock when their fear cometh. Now when May is over to the Old Style, bring all before me, that hath happened this May concerning thy writings abroad, and at home. Spread the letters before me, which thou receivest, and all the words thou hearest spoken against thee, and what the weather is; but this I shall end for the present, and shall indite a letter for thee to the Minister.—” [Which is now in print to the Rev. Stanhope Bruce.]

After the letter was indited I was answered in the following manner:


When it does come unto his hands

It will seem news from heaven,

When he doth read, what thou hast said

And to his hands be given.

I now see clear my judgment here

In no ways led me wrong.

And as his Letter doth appear

So thine will be to him,

He’ll public read what thou hast said

And alls from Heaven divine—

What fools appear in Exeter

That they could not discern

It came from God? that way twas known

Their wisdom did not shine—

She saw more clear, than they did there

What judgment did they draw?

And now the Ministers may fear

When they their names do know.

They will not fear to tell them clear

The calling is from Heaven,

And theyll be bold to challenge here

If eer a challenge is given.

So Ill indite for thee to write,

Another Letter send,

For Ive begun, and will go on

This year to make an end,—

To make it plain to learned men

From Heaven is every sound,

And let the feathered Fowls[7] appear

And hang in curious strain

And now such letters will appear

As neer were seen by man

Admired by all, to see the call

In beauty twice appear.

And you may gaze in such amaze

To see what Letters here

There soon will come from learned men.

Thy name will fly[8] abroad—

Theyll bring the Basket to thy hand

The Birds will soon be known

Whose words will come in such a strain

And Birds thou dost not know

And soon thoult find they will begin

Their feathers for to shew.

So you may gaze in such amaze

As twill amaze you all

To see the feathers how theyll hang

For to bring on the call

Tis from their pen youll see these Men

From feathered Fowls appear, [9]

That they will put in such a strain

As neer was seen before.


“Now I shall answer thee in plain words: The Birds will be changed, and so will the Men be changed from the first chosen Men. Few of them will be chosen. The Birds were unknown, and so were the Ministers. Their feathers were beautiful, and hanged in a most beautiful strain; and written words come from the pens of feathered fowls: but it is men must put it in a beautiful strain; and thou that receivest the Letters, and they that hear them, will say, they never heard such beautiful writers in their lives, nor ever heard such letters. Now mark the Shadow is begun in May 1801.”

[Printed from a MS. copy.]


Letter to Mr. Sharp

Honoured Sir,                                                                                        Exeter, Nov. 16th, 1801.

I received your letter the [  ] Nov. at that time I had a violent pain in my head, that affected my body so much that I could scarce keep life and senses together: so that I could not have the pleasure of hearing your letter read before the Evening; so I could not answer by return of post, as I could wish for. I told my friends I should think myself [ringed] with death, was I not assured the Lord would preserve my life till my writings were proved, and every mystery made known to man, and had finished the work the Lord had given me to do; and blessed be his name, I am restored to perfect health. Your Letter made me enquire in prayer concerning the title of the Book; and this was my Answer:—If it be too late for the first page let it go for the last—“Divine and spiritual letters of Prophecies sent to Reverend Divines and other spiritual good men that are now ordered to be put in print by Divine Command, for the good of the Public, and to try the Wisdom of mankind, to what spirit, they will allude this strange Revelation.” This is to be the title page. Your letter gave me pain and pleasure; pain, fearing you are still increasing your favours upon me. Do I impose on your goodness to receive them? Or should I trust your noble and generous mind, to refuse them? This is the reasoning of my mind and heart, as I do not wish to impose on any friend, only to have it in my power to do as the Lord Commands me. When I had went so far, I knew not how to go any further, and I was told the Lord had friends to assist me; I thought it sin to refuse them, for I saw this must happen to fulfil the Scriptures; but I do not wish for any thing in this world; but to have it in my power that the will of the Lord, may be done in me and by me. And now I am ordered my sixth Book must be in print if possible against your coming down at Christmas, for in that Book Jews and Gentiles must sit in Judgment, to silence the tongues of foolish men. Give sight to the Blind, and wisdom to the prudent man, for then they will see what they never saw and hear what they never thought; nor ever entered the heart of man before. Now as this must be printed, and it does not suit Mr. Reibeau to pay ready money, I shall take it as a favour if the gentleman, you mentioned will lend me ten or fourteen pounds, and I will give him an order to receive it of the Bookseller when he can pay, as I do not wish the money to be given me. And I wish the gentleman’s presence at Exeter with you when my writings are proved, that he may judge for himself; that he is not imposed on by any cunning devised fables. I wish for some doubting Thomas, as well as believing Peters: and I am ordered to call him if he chooses to answer; for he does not know what lies before him. When you send my books please to send a letter informing me who have promised to come, and if you have heard from Mr. Young. I received the Rev. Mr. Webster’s letter, and yours; but knowing you would hear from me, by other friends, I deferred writing till I sent my books to London, and then I intend to enclose letters for you all. I should thank you to let Mr. Reibeau know my Books will be sent soon after I receive yours, and I shall thank him to enclose a letter in the parcel, what number he wants of my 5th Book, and if he wants any of the others. I shall execute the Rev. Mr. Bruce’s orders to the minister as soon as my 5th Book is out; unless he thinks proper to send them from London with the Book of Letters. Now I shall tell you wherein your letter gave me pleasure: viz, To hear Mr. Bruce’s letters are going in print: The Rev. Mr. Bruce seemed afraid to publish them, thinking the ignorant world may blame him. But what have we to do with the ignorance of mankind? It was not his proposal, but Divine Command, and if we are ready to receive gifts from others, the gift of God is greater. If we are ready to receive honour from man the honour of God is greater. How could the Bible be greater? (And) the great regard the Lord had for those that regarded his commands and obeyed them be manifested, if men had feared the mockery of fools? The ways of the Lord are like the time piece you mentioned, which keeps regular time and no seasons alter it; neither doth the least mockery alter the steadfast dealings of the Lord with his people. He doth not vary in one century any more than another. Heat nor cold doth not change the steadiness of his ways. The Lord keeps regular time for all. I am happy to hear it fell to your lot, it seemed ordained for you as being got by a simple child, and by a simple child the Time is gained for all men: for the saints to judge the Earth, and happy it is for mankind it is so. Were fools and sinners to sit in judgment on my writings their last error would be more than the first. And like the people in Daniel they’d heat the furnace seven times hotter than usual, till the flames of their own folly would consume them. For as that judgment is past, when you are all assembled together, to pass your judgment on men and Devils, so it must stand for ever; therefore ye have need of prayer, that you may be shod with the preparation of the Lord, and put on the whole Armour of God, and quit yourselves like men, and be strong to stand in the truth of his words; and the power of his might that he is able and willing to tread down Satan under your feet, for you will find the mystery of the dealings of the Lord, is like your dealings with me; saying you have sent a Box, and sent me a letter; but told me no particulars concerning it. And it is answered me in the following manner.


For so like men I now am come,

And placed a mystery

Before you all, know of your call

My letters are the same.

You first must see the mystery

Ere you can know my name

For just like man, Ive surely done

Thy hand to them appears

Wherein I bid them all to come

But never told them clear

What mystery they all would see

When that the Box is broke

As man hath now concealed from thee

Though he the letter wrote

And just like he, all men will see

My plan is laid for man

For judges here, they do appear

As thou hast judged of man.

But cannot see the mystery clear

How I have laid my plan

Until the Box is brought to thee

The truth thou dost not know

Until the Box of seals is broke

They [know] not how twill go

Then every time theyll call to mind

And all they will lay deep

We now see clear what time is here

And then rejoice and weep

As thou wilt see the mystery

What present will appear

And they will see the mystery

What time and seasons near

When all do come before their hand

Theyll see all things as clear

As thou will every thing command

To see the Box appear

So Sharp has done as I began

To lead your thoughts astray

Thou sayst no judgment thou canst form

Such mystery he doth lay

Before you all, no judge at all

Thou sayst thou canst not be

Until the Truth before you fall

And then the Truth thoult see.

And so to them the Truth will come

When they My box behold

And all the Seals come to their hand

And every truth unfold

Thoult see so plain my love to man

As theirs to thee appears

And Sharp will see I act like thee

And never told them clear

In all the letters I have sent

That I for thee indite

I have a mystery in the End

And just like him do write.

To puzzle men as he hath done;

For he hath puzzled thee;

As through a glass thou canst not form;

But face to face thoult see.

So dont complain of what he hath done

It was I direct him so:

The heart of Sharp is in my hand

And he my Will doth do.

For all my Bible must come round,

The glass must first appear.


After I had copied out my Letter, the foregoing words in verse were spoken by the Spirit; so I had them copied off and sent to you. You have done right in the manner you have put the pages one after the other like my first Book, and very prudent to leave out your coming to Exeter, as I told you some letters were to be printed in part, and the Lord would incline your hearts to do what was right.

Mr. Taylor will thank you to let his son know, when you send the Books that he may enclose a Letter. They desire his compliments to all friends. I shall write more particularly when I send my Books. I have had no account of the Boxes yet; but expect every hour to have it. As the girl you spoke of, it was for no harm she or her parents have done; but that the works of the Lord may be made manifest in her. Which you will see after your return from Exeter. I have more things to say but must conclude for the present. I return you my warmest thanks for all favours and am at a loss about the Box you sent me; please to give my duty to the Rev. S. Bruce, Mr. and Mrs. Bruce, accept the same for yourself and all friends.

I am with the greatest respect

Your humble Servant

Joanna Southcott.

[Printed from a MS. copy.]


The Sword and the Olive Branch

Ms. December 30, 1801.

The Spirit of Truth.

But sure to some I now will come,

A sword to cut their hearts,

And bring the olive branch to them,

For so I fix my dart.

So do not fear to send it there

For I did all ordain,

And from thy tea, mark what I say,

How sick thou didst complain.

I told thee then as sick as men,

I surely should appear,

Out of my mouth Id spue them all,

Laodiceans here,

Is now become the sons of men;

They care not what they do,

Nor yet whose house is in a flame,

And bring all to thy view.

If men do miss the flames do pass,

To fall upon their heads.

But now the mystery comes at last,

I’ll burn them in their beds,

If they go on as theyve begun,

Strong on the Devils side;

For, all my Prophets they betrayed,

And so the field is wide,

Then now the same Ill put to shame,

For now the sword shall fall,

And all shall see the lines from me,

And so I warn you all.

So Ill end here, and say no more,

Until another day.

But for the man that first appeared

Satan so close did lay,

If one should come to him twas known

In poverty appeared,

Just like the world, thou him would scorn,

And so I tried thee here.

[Extracted from Had They Had Knowledge, p. 198.]

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[1] Saunders, a Wesleyan Local Preacher at Exeter, but not a good man.

[2] Jones, the driver of the Exeter Stage Coach, who desired to see all clearly. He was entrusted with the letters for the Rev. J. Pomeroy.

[3] The calendar was changed in England in 1752, when Sept. 2nd was followed by Sept. 14th.

[4] The Strange Effects of Faith.

[5] The angels, who fell, considered Christ, the Son, was too familiar with the angels.

[6] Lucifer was the name of the Devil in Heaven before he fell.

[7] Strange Effects of Faith, p. 143.

[8] It has since, and is now flying abroad. See pp. 142, 143, Third Book.

[9] Sharp—being a feather from which the world will now receive the heavenly knowledge.