Deliverance Draws Near

On the liv. Chapter of Isaiah.

Given in 1796.

Joanna was ordered to place three pens (quills) in the Bible. The first was in Isaiah, chapter liv.

The Spirit of Truth.

“Now thou sayest thou hast read it

I said ‘ ’Twas finished there,’

Let My flock break forth in singing

Your deliverance now draws near.

Now the chapter I’ll explain it

Though from man it is concealed,

Know the Bridegroom is approaching!

By the Bible must be revealed.

As perfect God I said I was,

And perfect man would be;

And of a Woman I was born

To show the mystery:

Brothers and sisters I did call,

And now I’ll call the Bride;

So let the Warning come to all,

And canst thou be denied?

Now as the waters of Noah were to Me,

So is it now a certain type to thee

That all thy children shall be taught of God

To know His laws and to reveal His Word.

And great Peace on earth will surely be

When all’s fulfilled that I have said to thee:

Enlarge thy borders, I say, everywhere—

My chosen Shepherds let them to appear;

One to direct there is already come

And to the other I would have thee send;

Because My Gospel it must fly abroad

And every nation they must know their Lord.

And when ‘ ’Tis finished,’ I to thee do say,

Unto the church they all must give the day

Because I tell thee they believed at first.

And in the altar shall the glory burst.

But for this chapter I shall make an end

Until I hear the judgment now of men,

But if they turn the words another way,

I’ll surely answer them another day.”

Joanna Southcott.


[Extracted from Southcott Despatch, No. 15.]


Prophecy of Easy Communications at the End

Answer to Joanna when the six broke the Seals, 1796. (See Strange Effects of Faith, p. 10.)

When the six broke the Seals I was answered as follows:—

The Spirit of Truth.

“This was the truth thou wast foretold

But did not understand;

But now the perfect truth behold

And bring it to your land:

So perfect here it will appear

Like Leech’s coming be,

I tell thee it is unaware

Your dangers you will see.

The chosen men but half did come,

Nor were they warnθd then;

Just so I tell thee by your land

You will not all go through

To see the shore when danger’s o’er

The bars I’ll take away.

And perfect as thy paper stands

I’ll make the troubled sea—

That is your land will so become

To go from shore to shore

No barriers in your way shall stand

When I have ended here.”

Joanna Southcott.

[Extracted from Southcott Despatch, No. 15.]


Man’s Power to Return by the Bride

Ms. 1796.

The Spirit of Truth.

“Weak the wisdom is of men,

And here’s the mystery,

For when I threw him in a sleep,

To make his bliss complete,

The very rib I took from him

Shall strike the tempter dead.

I weakened then the strength of man,

And equal did divide,

But when that power I do return,

It must be by the Bride.

‘Unworthy me’ is all thy cry,

And all may cry the same,

Every star is not so high,

But every star may climb.

And every star you may behold

With lustre bright to shine,

Then when the truth I all unfold,

They all alike are mine.”

[Extracted from Had They Had Knowledge, p. 11.]


The Lion of Judah

Ms. 1796

The Spirit of Truth.

“The lion must be known to man,

His roaring in the dark,

And in the moon his kingdom is,

As I did say before;

But down his kingdom it must fall,

And drown within the shore,

For as a lion he will hunt,

And try to get his prey,

But Judah’s lion will appear,

And gain the victory,

And many battles will be fought

As I have said before,

And many things will come to nought,

And every nation fear.

So here the prophecies go deep,

And do with them agree,

For every mystery that is here

Is sealed before by thee.

I said my kingdom was at hand.”

[Extracted from Had They Had Knowledge, p. 98.]


Answer to the People on the Harvest

Ms. 1796.

Communication in answer to people saying this was a harvest to be had in everlasting remembrance.

The Spirit of Truth.

“Then now the mystery I’ll explain,

So shall my sun so gaily shine,

The clouds I’ll all dismiss.

But when my wheat is gathered in,

Strange things I’ll bring to pass.

Now as the shadow does appear,

The substance it will be,

I’ll prove that I have spoken here,

And shew the mystery.

And with the days I’ll first begin,

The whole was twenty-four,

That in the end brought on the rain,

And men shall know my power,

The four and twenty elders there,

In glory bright shall shine.

And gather in the earthly crops,

But mark what lies behind.”

*    *    *    *    *    *

“For foolish things I now shall choose

My Bible to make good.

But those who are so worldly wise

Will perish in the flood;

Because in heaven I fixed my bow

And now I’ll fix my dart,

My rain shall like the deluge go,

To pierce the stubborn heart.

Now, as the rainbow it is fixed,

Philosophy must come

The wise man thou may’st now perplex,

My bow is fixed for man,

And arranged as she they’ll surely be,

To make the mysteries plain.

This is the bow, let all men know,

That I have fixed for man;

My deluge shall no more go through,

For I myself shall reign.

Then every tear I’ll wipe away,

For tears of joy shall come,

And deeper than philosophy,

Was ever known by man.

So, for the present, this I’ll end,

Hear what the learned say,

And if that they do give it up,

I’ll shew the mystery;

And every sign that lies behind

I will explain to thee.

The signs that are in heaven placed

Is deep philosophy;

Then to divinity thou’lt come,

And make my Bible clear.”

[Extracted from Had They Had Knowledge, p. 196.]


On Chance

Answer to those who say Chance fulfils Prophecies, given on May the 22nd, 1796.

The language of Joanna’s heart—

My heart and mind were perplexed by the discourse of unbelievers that chance might make true the prophecies, but they did not believe the others would be ever true. This threw my mind into a doubtful and perplexed state which I was ordered to pen. What shall I answer? Is there a thought in my heart or a word in my mouth that is concealed from the Most High?

Is the Lord my director, my guide, and my keeper, and will He still lead me in by-paths that I know not? On the one hand I am unworthy of His mercies, and my unworthiness makes me doubt. Is it possible that a heart which is influenced by the Spirit of God can be so dead or dull as mine? The life of others shames me, and makes me jealous of the truth. I am lost in confusion—buried in thought of all the past and the present. On my early days I look back with shame and confusion. My mind crazed after vanity, and my eye, like the fools, to the ends of the earth. When awakened by sermons on the sufferings of Christ, I promised to live to Him and to Him only, but it was like the morning cloud, and the early dew, which passed away until my mother’s death sank deep into my heart. Since then, I may say I have been desirous to live in the knowledge of the Lord, but to my shame I can reproach myself, I have forgotten Him days without number, and am an unworthy object of His loving-kindness. This puzzles me. Can it be possible that the Lord can reveal His will to one that is so unworthy? On the other hand when I reflect on the divine goodness that it is not our merits, but Christ’s mercies whereby we are saved, and His unbounded love to sinners, makes me lost in wonder, and know not what to think. The manner my visitation first came to me strengthens my faith, and the thousand truths spoken amazes me. Can it be possible that the Lord who dwelleth in the Heavens above and among the habitations of the earth below, would strengthen the hand of a child to go on and to say, the Lord saith, if he had not spoken—to seal up in His name what are His decrees concerning mankind—to write in His name and to reprove in His name, and to explain the Bible different from all the world,—and always obey the Voice of the Spirit at the command of the Lord—and the truth be verified—these recollections fill me with faith and fear, as I find it impossible to disbelieve. But the unbelief of mankind fills me with jealousy and doubts. But why hath my hand been strengthened or the hand of my forefathers, to make me rely so much on the inward knowledge of God, and not be disappointed of their hopes, or I of mine, if He had not wise ends in it that I cannot account for? The unerring wisdom of Jehovah I cannot direct; these things are too high for me, and I have no one who can explain them to me. If I am led by the Spirit of God, I am told my end will be fatal to disobey in one thing. If by a false Spirit I know it will be fatal to obey. In this situation is my heart and mind wounded, and my peace broken; I fear to go backward, and I cannot disbelieve; and I fear to go forward as my faith is mixed with fear. But could I know of a truth by what spirit I was led then I should know what to do, if of God I should go on my way rejoicing, but if not I would burn all my writings, and go back from the false hand that deceived me. But as I stand in jealousy, I stand in sorrow—fearing to go backward and cautious of going forward, dreading I am out of the way. Could I say this before the Lord, I trust He would direct:

The Spirit of Truth.

“Now stop thy hand, the end is near,

Before the Lord it shall appear,

From types and shadows I did say

The Bishop was a type of Me:

’Tis in the last distressing hour

The Lord designs delivering power;

The mount of danger is the place

Where He designs delivering grace.

And all thy reasons they are clear

’Tis in thy heart, for I am there,

And all thy life I well do know—

Backward and forward thou dost go;

Thy life I will not justify,

Nor yet condemn thee from on high:

I know thy life that it hath been

Like Adam’s seed tainted with sin;

And on the earth there’s none that’s free,

But may complain as well as thee,

All hearts I know—all hearts I’ll try—

And who is he can justify

To say he did never sin?

And now to reason I’ll begin:

Thy family’s faith I’ve tried before

To see if they would fix it here,

And on Me they did all rely,

Nor disappointed were in Me.

Strange things have happened heretofore

To prove that man could never err

That on My Gospel did rely:

Now I’ll explain the mystery

I know thy seed from whence they came,

And strange things in thy family,

That thou a Prophetess must be.

Thy talents I’d never let shine

Because I’d stumble all mankind;

And as a simple worm appear,

That man might wonder as before!

For in the manger it began,

And to the manger now ’tis come:

Therefore thy father I brought low

Thy mother’s family well I know.

So let thy scruples all end here

Until I make the mystery clear;

When all thy writings they’ll burn

When to this nation I do turn:

The truth will then be all confirmed,

And all men’s wisdom will be higher.

So now thyself condemn no more

I want no merit, it is here;

But if the merit were in thee—

Unprofitable couldst thou then be

Because thy merit thou must plead,

’Tis thou that strikes the Serpent dead;

But in thyself thou sayest there’s none;

Then ’tis by Christ he must come down

If in the woman ought I do,

’Tis to make My Gospel true,

From what the Woman did before,

And man shall know when he did err

On me at first to cast the blame,

But know the Woman shall him shame.

Simple at first Eve was deceived—

Simple at last Joanna now believed;

And full as perfect doth obey—

Not one command she does say nay:

Then Satan he must sure appear

The guilty Woman now to clear,

And man on him must cast the blame

Since weak as Woman they have been

To think a woman should go on

To write and do as thou hast done,

If I did not her hand support;

Because My honour she must hurt!

But how such life would I prolong

To make My gospel such a song?

So for the present thou must end,

And mark the lines that thou hast penned;

If unbelief did strong abound

Another place for thee is found,

And all thy friends they must comply

For the command is from on high:

You will not part from it more,

Because the Ark will all be here.

But other people I shall try,

If that My Chosen all deny,

But what thou’lt do thou’lt surely know,

When May is past I bid thee go—

A place for thee I will prepare,

If none be offered thee before.”

[Extracted from Southcott Despatch, No. 15.]


Mr. Woolland’s Dream of the Hearse

Ms. May 22, 1796.

The following is explained from the death of Mrs. Woolland, whose death was foretold in 1794, that she and her son would die, from a dream of Mr. Woolland, a maltster. He observed he saw a hearse with red tassels to it, and it passed before his door, and they were singing most beautiful hymns who were following the hearse. I was then told the dream alluded to the baker Woolland’s wife’s death and that of her son. In 1795 she had a stillborn son, which caused her death in May 1796, which was explained by the Spirit to Joanna Southcott in the following manner. I was ordered to put three O’s over the dream:—

“Over the dream three O’s thou’st put,

And the first O is for man;

But when my anger there abates

The other woe shall come.

Nor for my Gospel I’ll prevent

It’s present coming here,

In Leach’s[1] letter ’tis contained

What surely shall appear,

Though unto him thou’st never sent,

But it is sealθd up,

And altogether ’twill appear,

The curtain must come back,

And all the truth will then appear

Perfect like Woolland’s dream,

Over the hearse the tassels were,

’Tis the red seals for man,

Because the dye will sure look black,

And all with ink is penned,

My promises shall not be slack,

The seals must all appear,

To shew that I was sealθd up

By unbelief before,

And unbelief does still abound

Unto the present day,

But when the seals do all come round,

Fatal their dye will be.”

[Extracted from Had They Had Knowledge, p. 113.]


The Rose of Sharon

“the rose of sharon’s here

From a hitherto unpublished Communication.

First Sunday in June, 1796.

Joanna had a violent pain in her head and indulged herself in lying down upon the bed. Mrs. Woolland and Mrs. Minifie walked into the garden at Heavitree and brought in a full-blown rose, two cherries, and what they called a “lovely stranger.” Simple as this may appear, Joanna was ordered to draw a full-blown rose and a cherry on each side, which was explained by the Spirit in the following manner:—


“Now draw the Rose of Sharon here,

And soon the mysteries I’ll make clear;

Now mark the Rose, see how it stands,

And place the cherries as I did command.

Now by thy wisdom this is done;

The Rose of Sharon soon shall come,

It was thy friends that brought them here.

The mysteries deep I soon will clear,

For in this manner stands the rose;

And soon this mystery I’ll disclose:

White as the flowers[2] on thy breast

I’ll make all souls before I rest.

The stalk is drawn, the rose is here;

The “Lovely Stranger” shall appear,

And on both sides the cherries are,

The Rose of Sharon shall appear.

But yet thou sayest I promise long,

I heard the language of thy tongue,

That did produce what thou didst think,

My promises are on the brink.

So like the Rose I’ll circle all,

That on My Name for mercy call;

And like the cherries placed by thee,

I’ll place mankind as close by Me:

For like thy bowels I do yearn

And wish to see the sinners turn.

And now to writing thou art come

Thy pain did make thee to lie down,

Until thy friends did raise thee here.

Now I will make the mystery clear,

They pulled thee up as thou didst see,

And so My followers all will be:

My friends like thine will not give up

For Me in anguish now to sleep,

But pull My hand by fervent prayer,

Till I shall come and join them here.

So by that way it will come round,

The Rose of Sharon will be found.

Deep in thy heart thou felt it go,

And now I’ll tell thee why ’tis so;

Because My power came with the Word,

In different ways you serve the Lord;

All men like thee cannot go on,

I ne’er command it to be done.”

[Extracted from Express Leaflet, No. 36.]


Healing the Soul

Ms. July 2, 1796.

I dreamt I was going by a church, and heard singing in a most lively manner. I thought I passed by it, and was myself in the air in white apparel, but soon lost the sight. I thought I was caught up to fly along, and came to a beautiful street.

The Spirit of Truth.

“Now, as the pills were brought to thee

To make thy body whole,

Just so my pills will surely be

To cleanse the sin-sick soul.

And now thy dream I will explain,

And to the purpose come,

The church will awakened be,

And sing the heavenly song.

When Zion’s God his sons recalled

From long captivity,

It seemed at first a pleasing dream

Of what they longed to see.

So pleasing will this dream appear,

That Zion may rejoice,

And hear the music in their ears,

’Twill be a pleasing voice.

To those who have believed in Me

Their hearts will be like thine,

And in the heavens those beauties see

The mysteries lie behind.

For much like thee they’ll surely be,

Above the earth to stand;

The glories of Jerusalem

Will soon appear to man.

But now to thee I shall return,

’Twill in that manner be,

For in the air thou’lt appear,

And all these glories see.

But soon of them thou must resign,

And down to earth to come,

And bring such mysteries to light

As ne’er was known to man;

For just like thee I say they be,

And that is just asleep,

And now I bid thee to lay down

For I shall thee awake.”

[Extracted from Had They Had Knowledge, p. 10.]


Darkness Before the End

Ms. August 23, 1796.

I was ordered to look at the sun at five in the evening, and the sun was drawing water with clouds all round it, and set with fiery clouds arising in the East.

The Spirit of Truth.

“Then to the Eastern part now come,

Number the days are past and gone,

Then twenty days the sun hath shone,

And four more must be behind,

If I my jury make complete.

So here the mysteries are great,

For now the water I shall draw,

To make my jury stand in awe,

For every fountain I shall fill.

The four stars in Woolland’s wheel [3]

Shall spread the streamers o’er the land,

But that thou dost not understand,

For I shall fill the fountain high,

And soon will blackness fill the sky.

Let my shepherds now awake,

The rocky hearts I bid them break,

For, like my Bible, I now shall do,

The end is coming to their view.

And let the wise explain the psalms,

For the fulfilment is at hand;

For deeper mysteries lie behind,

That thou another day shalt find.

From Potter’s words I’ll answer here,

And tell thee deep’s the mystery,

And why a blast doth so appear,

He caused a mist that brought it here.

Then now to reason I’ll begin,

The mist is in the sons of men,

That every harvest doth appear,

Now I shall make the mystery clear.

Over the earth a mist appeared

When thou thy writings sealθd here,

I said ’twas for the sons of men,

And every harvest it was seen.

I said the stars were sealθd up,

I said not one of them should drop,

And now ’tis coming to the year

That now shall make the mystery clear.

Now for the chosen it doth shine,

Thou little knowest what lies behind,

For now my thunder it will break,

But mark how Woolland he did speak,

To say the moon appeared like blood,

Now let the words be understood,

And know the answer thou dost make,

It was like fire ordained for heat.

Then all these words I say are deep,

Like flames of fire these will break,

And blood and fire they will appear

When I have ended here,

And all the earth the heat will feel,

That will the hearts of thousands chill.”

[Extracted from Had They Had Knowledge, p. 132.]


Christmas Ashen Faggots

Communication given to Joanna Southcott on December 18th, 1796, on the Devonshire custom of burning ashen faggots on Christmas Eve.

The Spirit of Truth.

“Now ’tis come to Christmas Eve,

Then let your joys appear;

If in your Saviour you believe,

Do not deny Him here.

But see the lowly, humble maid—

My servant so must be;

As lords have stooped so low to wed,

I’ll stoop to wed with thee.

And yet my Honour is not gone,

Earth’s honours are too low;

An equal fortune now with man

I ne’er will stoop to show.

If earthly titles I did choose,

I now must equal man.

No—all such honours I refuse;

To reason I’ll begin:

What! Should I change My Heavenly Throne

To seek for earthly bliss?

My Father’s honour then disown,

And think His glory less

Than ’twas amongst the sons of men,

If I their grandeur choose?

I see the folly in mankind—

The Gentiles and the Jews.

Now Woolland’s[4] folly I shall answer:

Does she discommend the thing?

Not in honour to her Master

Will she any tribute bring?

Let them look within the Manger,

And the suffering Babe behold;

Can her heart be such a stranger—

How I suffered with the cold?

If your hearts by Me are warmθd

Keep the shadow up below;

Let your fire be always burning;

Love and gratitude now shew:

Tell Me, if I come I’m welcome

You a fire will prepare.

Is love so cold? I will unfold—

Doth she so much regard the poor?

Am I unto them indebted?

Do I rob them of their store?

Then to this I now will answer.

I shall never rob them more;

For this earth I now shall claim it;

In My chariot I’ll appear;

And I’ll surely change the manger,

Make the chariot to stoop there.

In the manner men do keep it,

’Tis a folly great I own,

But I bid you never leave it

Till the Saviour you do own.

And you say ’tis done in token

Of My long-lost memory.

But the Binds[5] are surely broken,

Men shall gain the victory;

For the Tempter—he hath bound you

With his subtle arts so strong.

But I say I’ll not confound you,

For My wood shall surely burn;

For My fire I now will kindle,

Like the sons of men below;

I shall make the binds more single,

That the tempter now shall know.

Every bind I’ll break asunder

While My Friends may Sit and Sing;

Satan, he may sit in mourning

Like the ashes as they come;

For the Ashes—they are mentioned

When men is turned to the dust;

Satan must drop all contention

When My bonds begin to burst.

Though the words appear but simple,

Yet, I say, the lines are deep;

Man’s Rewards—I’ll make them ample,

Still the shadows always keep;

Till every Band shall fly and burn;

Then man may laugh when this is done

[Extracted from Southcott Express, No. 8.]

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[1] Mr. Leach was a dissenting minister.

[2] White Gillyflowers.

[3] Mr. Woolland’s vision. See First Book of Sealed Prophecies, p. 26.

[4] Mrs. Woolland, the friend of Joanna, objected to this custom, observing that it was better to give the money thus expended to the poor.

[5] Alluding to the cords (several in number) binding the faggots together.