On Channon

January 3rd, 1795.

A Communication Given to Joanna Concerning Mr. Channon, who was a worthy young man, but so harassed by the powers of darkness, that he lost his senses, and often seemed as though he was fighting with the devil. But on January 3rd, 1795, the following words were given to Joanna concerning him, when Mr. Channon came into the Room where she was, and seemed as though he was disputing with the devil.

The Spirit of Truth.

“Now, Satan, stand and hear thy final doom;

I say already thou art in this room,

And if unto this house again thou’st come,

I say like lightning thou shalt sure fall down;

For out of Eden Adam he was sent

For disobeying My Command:

So if the Moon a Place thou there hast got,

By My permission speak if it is not;

Then as he is silent and must own it true,

Then to the fall of Man thou back must go.

I say that out of Eden he was cast,

His joy was ended and no more did last;

But what to him from Christ did then appear?

Now Satan this is sure thy final doom;

The fall of Man thou ownest to be great,

For his repentance it did come too late,

As Adam out of Eden he was cast

By disobedience, and his power was blast’d;

He conquered all things then before the fall,

Now in himself he conquereth Naught at all.

This Very Man his Nature it is good,

’Tis Mr. Channon to be understood;

He conquereth Nothing, Satan doth assume,

To conquer in him all his reason’s gone;

Now from this Very day I do declare,

And by Myself—I can no greater swear—

That if thou troublest Channon any more,

That I will cut thee Short of all thy power,

And from thy Glory thou shalt surely fall,

Thou hast No Christ to Intercede at all.

Man’s disobedience was thy every boast,

And said that Man must die and turn to dust,

Or else My Honour could not perfect be;

A God so great, how could I ever lie?

I keep My Honour and my every word,

And thou shalt find and know I am a God

That will not lie, nor ever will deceive

The humble soul that doth in me believe;

Out of My Mouth the word is surely gone,

I say like Lightning thou shalt sure fall down

If to this house thou ever more dost come,

Or trouble those on whom I put My Seal;

And now of Channon I shall seal him up.

Thou knowest thy doom and hast no room to hope,

My word is gone, and never shall go back,

And in the Woman now I’ll break thy neck,

And in the Woman now I’ll all proceed

To cut him down and break the Serpent’s head.

Thou’st ended here—adieu, I’ll say no more,

The time draweth Nigh, that you will Christ adore;

Life’s fleeting Moments you will certain see;

The doubting hearts of Men are known to me


This Letter I was ordered to have sealed up, and the words given to me, to put on the outside were as follows


For Mr. Channon, and the time draws near

The truth within it plainly will appear.

Joanna Southcott.

[Printed from a MS. copy. See the further explanation given in the

Communication dated July 20, 1803.]


The Driving of the Lord

Aug. 1795.

The Spirit of Truth.

“For My driving is now like Jehu’s,

Jezebel I shall throw down,

Though her witchcrafts are so many

In this world of sin is found.

But I bid you look to Mary,

She did wash My feet with tears,

Now the Woman I’ll redeem her,

As she wiped them with her hairs,

All your hairs I say are numbered,

You have nothing now to fear,

But My servants must not slumber,

Till My soldiers do appear.”

[Extracted from Southcott Express, No. 5.]

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