The Dream of the Woman & the Red Serpent

For the Believers. The Comforter.

A Communication given to Joanna Southcott on the above in 1793.


I saw in my dream[1] a woman in the air with a serpent closely twisted around her. An Angel was standing close behind with out-stretched wings hovering over her. The serpent held up his head high, and looked red as blood. I dreamt that the people said, they would not believe I had seen it. A man that was a stranger to me, said he had seen it, as it had passed over in a few minutes and seemed clouded; and that it occurred slightly before those people that did not believe it, came up.

The Spirit of Truth.

This is the mystery of the dream: they will disbelieve the truth as it was explained.

For as twas clouded it doth now appear

Blinded in unbelief all people are,

As she enquired the perfect way to know

Deeper and deeper shall My Spirit go.

The Angel guards her by his Masters care,

And her disquietude I say is here:

To see her faith the serpent doth begin,

And round her closely doth the serpent twine.

But by the scarlet dye it must appear

The blood of Christ shall wound the serpent here.

Hovering around her doth the angel stand,

And now the serpent I will surely wound;

For as her faith, to her, t shall surely be—

Thou knowest she asked thee to enquire of Me—

Twas by her faith she surely did believe

I was a God that did not men deceive,

Hearing prayers and answering from on high.

But now comes on the deeper mystery—

I said in Israel I had never seen

So strong a faith as from the woman came—

And now all Israel she will surely shame

When to knowledge all the truth shall come.

Then now My promises I will declare—

My guardian Angel I have fixed him there!

And now the text to her must be applied,

Ill keep her as the Bridegroom keeps His Bride.

This is a mystery thou dost not understand:

Thou knowest the woman is below the man,

And as the man is the head then so am I—

And now comes on the other mystery—

And now that mystery I say is deep,

For as a husband over them Ill keep.

Thou sayest these things for thee they are too high—

Tis but a type for all men to walk by:

For I a husband soon shall be to all

That on My name for mercy now do call,

And all My banished ones[2] I will redeem.

And now the other mystery comes on—

For what she told thee, I well know is true—

Twas I that brought the Vision to her view:

I said her faith Id surely strengthen more,

And now thou art unto the bolted door—

It was the brazen serpent she did see

Hold up his head, and alls a mystery—

And so the serpent lookèd much like blood—

Let all expect the coming of the Lord;

He is nigh unto them, I to thee do say

This is the very year of jubilee.

But thats a mystery thou dost not understand,

For wiser heads than thine must it explain;

And yet tis fables they will surely say—

That is the language I do hear from thee!

It was a fable I did first begin,

And tis a fable I will make an end.

Thoust warnèd Taylor to appear,

Then now the mysteries all see clear;

Because that Taylor thou hast warnèd first

And now the end to all shall burst—

For two went on in faith and fear,

And Taylors dream must now to all appear,

Wherein the serpent she did see like blood—

Now is the time it must be understood,

That by the brazen serpent all shall see

My blood was shed, and now it so shall be

That I will come, and avenge My blood

Upon the serpent: there the Angel stood.

So now let Taylor come and see it plain,

And then shell know the meaning of her dream;

And to her husbands dream you must repair

The broken bridge to them Ill clear;

And then the living waters men will see—

The broken bridge foretelleth the destiny

Of those whose faith is from My Gospel broke;

And there, I tell thee, thousands now will stop

Not to go on as they did go before.

And [3]Fannys dream I at that time will clear,

For then they all will find the chain of gold,[4]

Happy are they that on it now take hold;

Because theres no one now does know the worth

That to your wondrous sight Ill now set forth;

And all your doubts I at that time will clear—

For you like Peter often sank in fear

That on the seas your footing it would sink;

But now deliverance it is near the brink:

For all the doors Ill open to your view

And you shall find your Saviour to be true;

As on the seas you all shall find Me near,

Because the [5]balance every one shall see—

Be ye not wanting in My power there:

A Peters Saviour will to all appear,

For then My arms of mercy all will see—

Be ye not wanting—launch and come to Me.

(Signed) Joanna Southcott.

[Extracted from Two Witnesses, No. 17.]


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[1] This dream was seen by Mrs. Taylor, of Exeter, Joannas friend, and who was the first to believe in her claims.

[2] The Jews.

[3] Mrs. Taylor’s young daughter.

[4] The Word to the Woman.

[5] Foleys dream of the Balance.